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This World Of Homosexuality: Expect The Angels Of The Fire!


This World Of Homosexuality: Expect The Angels Of The Fire!

*This World Of Homosexuality: Expect The Angels Of The Fire!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Oh, what a truth! It shall be lighter for Sodom and Gomorrah on that day than the men of this day. “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I tell you, it will be more bearable for Tyre and Sidon on the day of judgment than for you. And you, Capernaum, will you be lifted to the heavens? No, you will go down to Hades. For if the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Sodom, it would have remained to this day. But I tell you that it will be more bearable for Sodom on the day of judgment than for you.” These were the words of the only and infallible truth, Jesus Christ, to a world which has grown cold to the truth, a world where no amount of God’s love will appease those who have signed themselves unto eternal damnation and are speedily dragging others along. Woe to you, peoples of this world! Woe to you governments of this world! You who declare that human ‘freedom’ is to be followed than God’s ordinances; you who prefer sacrifices to obedience, and you who would rather wait to cure than prevent pain, I say, Woe unto you. You have ordained the abomination of Sodom and the filthiness of Gomorrah, and have led those whom you have been chosen to lead into pits of doom. Woe to you lawmakers who have made laws that a man can offer his pride to the filthiness of another man’s excretion. You have declared that it is right for a woman to lust after her fellow woman, and a man, another man – even to the point of the altar of matrimony. Woe to you! You are doomed, you world leaders, who have declared that freedom and human rights start with the rejection of common sense and the reproach of God. Woe to you, citizens and peoples, who have rejoiced at the foundation of your destructions. You have heaped for yourselves false prophets who will tell you what your flesh longs to hear: freedom from the all-wise and eternal God. Woe to you. If God has not, over again, proved Himself amongst you, you would claim ignorance as an excuse. But you have heard the truth and you have rejected it. Therefore, surely, it will be more bearable for Sodom on the Day of Judgment than for you. ( Continues below..... )

British Gay Priest Rev. Colin Coward with Nigerian Gay Fiancé Bobby Egbele.

Photo Above: British Gay Priest Rev. Colin Coward with Nigerian Gay Fiancé Bobby Egbele

You hypocrites, you false prophets and teachers, woe to you! Woe to you, shepherds, who lead the sheep to the slaughter! You would not tend the sheep but you would demand a wage. You would neither listen to the truth nor would you declare it. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees who have occupied the altar of God in defilement. Sodom, even Gomorrah, will take comfort in your judgment because it will be harder for you on that fateful day than it will for them. You have called yourselves when God has not called you, and you have imposed yourselves on God’s flock as shepherds of His sheep when indeed you have come from your father, the devil. Woe to you. You are doomed, preachers, who have declared that the grace of God is an occasion to find faults with God’s perfect laws. You have brought in the abomination which defiles Gods presence in His temples, and you have told the sheep: “Behold! The Lord is in your midst!” You tell a man: Brother, God has ordained you to be married to another man and to have sex with him through his anus. You are doomed! You tell the sisters that God’s love warrants them to abandon their natural use for womanhood and lust after other women. And when they have found each other, you have brought them into the Holy of Holies, and have, in full view of the angels and saints in heaven, pronounced upon them the rights of holy matrimony. Woe to you! You claim to be rightly dividing the word of truth whereas your eyes have been veiled by your lust for the corruption of Lucifer and your desire to overthrow God’s eternal kingdom. I say: woe unto you! You have defiled God’s angels who were assigned to you and you have denied the Spirit of God before great witnesses. You who try to force the times of prophecy when you are not ready, and you who have brought the abomination which causes desolation: you have judged yourselves unto hell. Woe to you!

The power of the flesh is fed from the spirit of man; that’s why no one has any excuse before God. It’s a man’s conscience which bridges the spirit and the flesh of the man. The conscience stands in the presence of the mediation of the blood of Christ – filtering, by the power of the spirit through God’s word, truths which guide every pilgrim on earth. We have all come from God and will one day return to Him; and like the three servants of one master on pilgrimage, each will render the accounts of his life on earth to the king of all – prompting just rewards. Homosexuality, the abomination by a man having sex with another man through the anus, and a woman having sex with her fellow woman, and its culmination in unholy matrimony, is a nature, but not what man understands it as or tries to convince himself it is. Everyone living on earth was, by the nature of sin, born into the guilt of Adam. From the fall of the man, Adam, came the full swing of hell and its repulsive doctrines of perverted truths regarding who God is and how man must relate to Him. And with Adam, every man who has ever come to this world fell – deep into the pit of the perverted truth. God created us by His word which alone is The Truth and The Life. Since man fell, falsehood and death came through the perversion of satan’s knowledge of God’s truths. Therefore, things that were naturally wrong became the desires of men and nature was bound by the unnatural. Why had Cain murdered his innocent brother? It’s the fall of man attained through the nature of sin which was introduced by satan through Adam’s disobedience. Homosexuality, like murder, rape, lies, and all manner of falsehood and injustices amongst others, were the fruits of satan’s perversion of God’s truth before Adam who accepted from his wife, Eve, the voice of a lying tongue. Therefore, just as a man becomes addicted to anything wrong and shameful, even so homosexuals become addicted. Satan’s interference in God’s perfect creation did not only bring perversion, it brought ignorance and, therefore, death. Many people, who claim to be gay by birth today, and their apologists, simply have refused to be true to themselves on how they got themselves into it because, for many, it started with seemingly innocent acts between two or more childhood friends as they were growing up. And for many of these, after having been poorly lectured on the implications of sex with the opposite sex, hanged on to same sex – and possibly those with who he had explored ignorantly. For other children, inferiority complex characterized their introduction into homosexuality. For the women, the story is the same: in girls’ dormitories of every sect, these children were introduced, guided and nurtured in the acts of lesbianism. These are all the effects of satan’s corruption of the flesh through the perverted knowledge which he handed down to Adam through his disobedience of God. It did not come from God as one would count a blessing; it’s simply a nature of sin, just like every other sin, and can be done away with as long as the person involved is willing to receive the truth. Thank God! There is a solution: the act of baptism, which cleanses us from that original sin which has brought man to the level of wild animals. After baptism, a life truly and completely submitted and committed to the word of God and to His Spirit for the purpose of having a life grown and groomed in truths will see to it that victory over homosexuality, as over every other sin, is a permanent testimony. Thus, a generation of conscientious humanity who are in tune with nature and with God’s perfect laws is birthed and raised. Only in the eyes of the spirit can one see and understand the depth of self-destruction which homosexuality poses to a person, and the danger a world ruled by the spirit of sodomy portrays to all. No one who is born of God curses Him and anyone who declares that homosexuality is a right which God has given or a right which man must exert for himself, is of the devil and the truth is not in him - regardless of if he is the head of a church or a state. Although many churches of Christ today are filled with these abominations which cause desolation and the men and women who fuel this mass submission to the machinations of the antichrist, nevertheless, the truth of God remains the same. Homosexuality is an abomination before God, the deriding of His name, and a defilement of His truth. Of these, man cannot be innocent. ( Continues below..... )

 A Christian Church service

Photo Above: A Christian Church service

When the Word calls satan “’the prince of this word,” it did not make satan the king of all of God’s creation; only man was given that charge over all things. And even when Jesus said that the ruler of this world comes, He also added that “he has nothing in me.” This means that, satan has no place in the destiny of those whose lives are hidden in Christ in God. As I address these perverse and abominable leaders of governments, religions and academic institutions all over the world, I make this declaration: If creation was made perfect through the perversion of what is right and good before God and even to nature, then homosexuality may prosper throughout the four corners of the earth; likewise, men who propagate and promote its relevance may be empowered for greater heights on global responsibility. But since the sin of homosexuality, as Genesis 19:1-13 and Romans 1:16 have clearly indicated, is an affront to God, an accusation before God, a perversion of God’s principles for sex (after He has created them, male and female, and smiled to Himself when He saw that they were good), and above all, a defilement of God’s name and an abomination in His ever-present awesomeness, I therefore make these pronouncements: Let God arise, first from His temples, to the ends of the earth, and judge by fire those who have not only become this abomination, but have advised and given others the rights to do so. To those false prophets and leaders who have welcomed into the temple of God such defilements and have consecrated them to God in unholy matrimony, you have aroused the interest of the angels of fire. Therefore, let God bind you, with the same chain with which you have bound these ones to hell, and make you one with shame, disgrace, pains and gnashing of teeth. Let God arise all over the world this day and begin to prove Himself faithful to His word. He is a God whose name derives form from His word and who has exulted His word above all else. In the name of Jesus Christ I have declared. Amen.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: 50yearslater [Visitor]
50yearslaterSaying the author is "bat-shit crazy" would be an understatement.

The truth is, the Western World, has long since passed this "fire-and-brimstone-the-Sky-will-fall-if-gays-are-treated-equally" phase about 40 years ago. They are not debauched or evil in their acceptance of gays but they have simply realized that treating them with hate and exclusion simply made no sense and was a ridiculously cruel thing to do.

And please, educate yourself with the latest scientific literature on the subject you choose to disparage. ALL major scientific health institutions agree that homosexuality is just another variation of human sexuality. Ignorant as your ideas may be, gay people are not looking for sex all the time. They too can form lasting and loving emotional bonds with their partners just as heterosexuals can. But I suppose all this is lost on your Bible-trained and indoctrinated mind. If you even just tried to understand the issue from another point of view without bringing your obvious Christian bias into play, you would understand what I mean.
The point is, your views on homosexuality are massively outdated and archaic, which any sane thinking person would abandon as ridiculous. I bet even your "God" wouldn't approve of you willfully ignoring contradictory evidence and ignorantly pushing your own bigoted views forward. Truth is, the Bible can be interpreted countless ways. But it CANNOT be used as the ultimate standard against which to judge everything just because you believe in it. Treating a class of people as criminals just because of some ambiguous verses in the Book (taken at face value without context or history) is especially despicable.

Maybe , 40 years later, people will look at this post and think what all of this hysterical apprehension was all about.
05/04/12 @ 05:55
Comment from: gambo yau [Visitor] Email
gambo yauHad the God Almighty willed He would have created the entire world with the same sexes, but out of His infinite mercies He created a man with male organ and a woman with female organ so that both can marry each other legitimately.However, among the people of the universe there there are those who go against the wisdom of the Almighty, marrying same sex.Past generation that involved in this mess were messed up and completely wiped out on the face of this world. Those following the same trend will soon meet their waterloo, as the God Who has dealt with those generation is still alive and in control and He will treat them in the same manner. Both Prophets Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them had preach against same sex marriage. Let's stick to the teaching of God's Religion and submit ourselves to Him Islamically. Read the following Chapters in the Qur'an; chapters:11, 27and 29 for more detail.
05/04/12 @ 07:56
Comment from: chuks [Visitor]
05/05/12 @ 01:53
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaThus says the Lord in Leviticus 20:13 "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both have comitted an abomination..." Roman 1:27 "likewise also men leaving the natural use of the woman, burn in their lust one towards another, men with men..." These words were scripted long before the man and woman, that brought 50yrslater into this world, followed the natural law of God. "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold FAST to his wife and they shall become one flesh. It is not too late to do the right thing cause "it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement." Heb. 9:27 Then, it may be too late.
05/05/12 @ 09:46
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaPlease, can someone ask Rev. Coward if he ever come across Leviticus 20:13 in his Bible or Roman 1:27. Maybe he choose to ignore them, for the lust of the flesh. "the flesh profitest thee nothing."
05/05/12 @ 09:53
Comment from: Etuk, Id [Visitor]
Etuk, IdGod purnish all Homo, they think God was stupid by creating male and female. God purnish them
05/07/12 @ 12:42
Comment from: Richard Uba [Visitor]
Richard UbaThis is in response to Mr.50yearslater's post. First of all, i don't think you have any part in this discussion, neither does your comment on scientific literature. I perceive you are well educated, but you lack spiritual understanding, hence you would have deciphered the hand writting on the wall regarding the events of nowadays. in case you did not get what the author of this article is talking about, i would be more than happy to summarize it to you: Homosexuality is demonic, and anyone who practices or supports this practice is of the devil. Have you ever heard of the saying, "don't give to the pigs what is holy" like i said ealier, you need a spiritual cleansing before you can see where the author is coming from and stop trying to use human intellect about research and what have you in the understanding.The word of God is not meant to pacify, but so that what is hidden must be brought to light. Repent, and stop being the devil's advocate. Homosexuality is pervasion and those who practice it or in any way supports those who practice this abomination are of the devil. Period.
05/08/12 @ 00:12
Comment from: haybee [Visitor]
haybeeOver time, man has lost every fear and respect for God and the nature he built us in. If men could marry men, why were women created?
I believe it is a very foolish and outrageous idea for people of the same sex to get married. It is against nature itself because there is no means of reproduction. You guys are really looking for trouble which you can't endure when it comes. Was God being unwise then when he created all living things in doubles? How does it feel to you anyway?
Disgusting. Imagine two men kissing....ewwwww.
05/21/12 @ 22:01

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