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Power Must Shift To South East (SE) After Jonathan


Power Must Shift To South East (SE) After Jonathan

*Power Must Shift To South East (SE) After Jonathan

By Chief Charles O. Okereke

(Paper Presentation at "Ndigbo in the Geo-Politics of Nigeria, the way foward" Lecture - May 25, 2012 at NUJ Press Center, Enugu, Enugu State.)

Igbo Kwenu! Ohanaeze Kwenu! Ndigbo kwezuonu! Nke onye chiri, ya zara. Ndigbo, Ndi nwem, I stand gratefully here today, in my humble self, to address a nation whom God has abundantly blessed in love, wisdom and unbreakable unity. I stand here today to show my immense gratitude to Igbo who, even in the midst of great injustice and threat to slavery held-on in Nigeria, taking the lead in education and private enterprise. Age, experience and ‘Nzuko Igbo” have taught me that the spirit of Igbo is one that maintains progress in midst of grief and pain. Although it is over forty years since the Nigeria-Biafra war ended, you will all agree with me that, despite the continued unwritten law which militates against Igbo progress in Nigeria, through His Mercies, there still remain reasons to shout, once again, at the top of our voices: “Happy survival!”, “Our time is here!”.

A fair and equitable Nigeria governed by truth and justice calls for presidential power shift to South East Region after the completion of Goodluck Jonathan’s term either in 2015 or 2019 as the case may be. Ndigbo are not slaves nor third class citizens to be rendered impotent in the political equation by those who claim to have won an unjust war that should not have been fought in the first place. All the regions have taken turns in producing presidents that occupied the center for prolong periods. Northern regions (North East-5 years+, North West-15 years & North Central-18 years) have ruled Nigeria for 38 years; and Southern regions (South West-11 years+, South South-2 years & South East-6 months) for 13 years. Under the six geopolitical zones, four zones have had power for more than five years each, South East the least with 6 months. Nnamdi Azikiwe was a President, but he was not Head of Government-he did not form a federal cabinet. Azikiwe was only a ceremonial President. Tafawa Balewa was Prime Minister and Head of Government; he formed the federal cabinet. By 2015 after Jonathan completes one term of office, each geo-political zone with the exception of South East would have ruled Nigeria for at least five years. Equity and fairness call for the South East to take its turn after President Jonathan. After South East presidency, Nigeria can then decide whether or not to discard zoning and rotational presidency.

Nigerian president of South East extraction is a matter of “truth and justice” and not of concession. Nigeria needs a President of Igbo extraction to help stabilize the country from its falter and in addition foster development. An Igbo President will see the entire nation as his own homeland, since Igbos are in every nook and corner of the country. Such a president would evenly distribute developmental projects in the country. This means that if water runs in Umuahia, it must also run in Lagos and Kano.

I humbly, as our father, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu did several times before he passed unto Glory, make these passionate pleas:

1. That Igbo should, and as a matter of survival and living, must come, once again and forever, together in the spirit of Ahiara declaration, assert our basic rights in Nigeria.

2. That the Igbo take it upon us, from this very blessed and memorable day, to champion for Igbo presidency in Nigeria come 2015 or 2019 as the case may be with Jonathan’s full term.

3. That our leaders- in their different capacities- do whatever it takes, in the spirit of true federalism, to prevail upon our friends and neighbors from other tribes and ethnic groups within Nigeria on the need for an Igbo presidency after Jonathan. We, as Igbo nation, have severally, in the past, stood behind and seen to the successes of peoples from other tribes and ethnicities in Nigeria for the post of the presidency - a post no Igbo has occupied since we lost in a “no victor no vanquished” war.

4. That, in other to achieve this, every other matter and reason for disparity and disagreements amongst us should and must be relegated to the background and all efforts, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, resources and time be channeled towards communicating with, educating, and reaching agreements with our people in their different positions and beliefs in Nigeria.

5. That, this time, as a nation united unto eternity, we must speak with a voice to the rest of Nigerians of the need, justice and inevitability of accepting and having an Igbo presidency. Subjugation is not our inheritance and the spirit of slavery in times of great freedom is strange to us.

6. That every politics we play henceforth, no matter the party, be rooted in the conviction and steps towards producing an Igbo presidency after Jonathan.

7. That, in all wisdom, looking at the prevailing party in Nigeria today, and its zoning methods which have always rubbed us of our rights to the presidency since the war ended, it has now become pertinent and expedient to consider coming together and joining talents and resources in a party which agrees to true federalism and which supports, unconditionally, an Igbo presidency.

8. That, unlike decades gone, we should make it clearly understood by all and sundry in Nigeria that the rejection of an Igbo presidency would amount to Nigeria’s unfeeling of the Igbo pains and marginalization for over half a century. And making it clear that, should Nigeria and the elite who have and always would want an incapacitated Igbo in Nigeria, remain adamant on denying us our God-given rights in Nigeria, the only alternative left to us may be to lead our people out of a nation where we have remained rejected, robbed, marginalized and killed- despite our unrivaled competence and contributions towards a better Nigeria.

Thank you and God bless you all. Amen.


Chief Charles O. Okereke, B.S., M.S.
People’s Servant (Ps.)
Publisher, Nigeria Masterweb ( www.nigeriamasterweb.com )
+1 4148070329

Charles O. Okereke and Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

Photo Above: Chief (aka People's Servant) Charles O. Okereke( left ), Chief (General - rtd.) Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu( right )
-Click For Enlarged Photo

 Charles O. Okereke and Ralph Uwaechue

Photo Above: Ohaneze President-General, Hon. Amb. Ralph Uwaechue( left ), Chief (aka People's Servant) Charles O. Okereke( right )

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Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaI am lost to understand, the nature of power shift that is being refered. In a democracy, I mean true democracy, there should be no discussuion of power shift, power belongs to the people, and the people should mandate who present the best alternative. When we talk of power shift, I understand this to mean, choosing from a certain region, be it the choice of the people or not. This is a return to Obasanjo rule of terror, where the people went to the pole in a fake excercise that only materialized to selection by the PDP. Let the man/woman with the heart of the nation first and foremost in his/her mind come forward. Not this fake presentation of polished idea that we have. My question is and has been, is Africa a cursed nation? Inspite of the material wealth, the people stood in fear and allow a handful to steal it all. This is why education has not been mandated, it is a device to keep the people in ignorance. Africans have no knowledge that the natural resources belongs to them, they think the presidents own it all. Hence governors dish out cars, houses, and the rest from public fund and the people looks on for lack of knowledge. God bless the Governor of Edo state, he has used the peoples money well, but the people of edo state referes to the public transportation as "Oshomhole bus." Referencing these buses as if they where purchased from his hard earned money, and donated to the state. Granted he could have choosen to share the state fund with Annenih, and no question asked. He has the heart of flesh, and choose to do the right thing. Lets educate the people, and let true democracy work for the benfit of the people. Oh the prsident should stay out of politics once this mandate expires. He must be true to his words and not become power hungry only to end up like Obasanjo. Subordinates will persuade you, but your will carry the greedy name that befell Obasajo greedy and power hungry intention. He took too much from the nation, and delivered nothing. In 1999 he came to power penny less, today he stands with queen and princes, and the people live in ardent poverty. This man goes to church and pray, and has not thought of the suffering he created. Let somebody else try where you failed My president, and the nation may progress at a faster pace. If you are to your words at the inauguration, that the years of shedding tears were over. No more dictatorship.
05/26/12 @ 12:23
Comment from: Joshua [Visitor]
JoshuaI thought the South East (Igbo) voted for President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan because he is your kins man are the Igbo's now denying Jonathan. You can't eat your cake and have it. too late Mr man of the people
05/27/12 @ 01:23
Comment from: dudu [Visitor] Email
duduI think it is the right of people and region to front their own interest. I dont see anything wrong with the position of ohaneze.
05/27/12 @ 03:26
Comment from: Chuba Obi [Visitor]
Chuba ObiIt is the turn of the Igbo to produce the president of Nigeria after Jonathan. My generation of Igbos who were under 18 years of age or unborn during the civil war have no burdens to bear on the civil war and will NEVER accept second class citizenship in Nigeria. If other Nigerians believe we should be second class citizens, then we will use the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution to seek a lawful referendum for self determination for Igbos in Igbo land. Note that we are not interested in the oil of the Niger Delta area and the area is not Igbo land. So if it comes to constitutional and lawful self determination, we shall only be seeking freedom from slavery for Igbo land which is the current South East Region and the Igbo land areas of South South Region. We the Igbos of this generation are already suffering untold discrimination. Only the South East zone has 5 states, where-as all other zones have 6 states. My generation see this as a deliberate action to permanently put the Igbos at a disadvantage in national elections and revenue sharing. My generation did not cause the war, did not participate in it, most of us were not even born then, and so we will not pay any more for that war. Justice or Justice through the constitution and laws of Nigeria.
My name is Mazi Chuba Obi and I was 4 years old when the civil war started and 6 when it ended.
05/27/12 @ 04:22
Comment from: Kunle [Visitor] Email
KunleThis simply is a confirmation to all Nigerians that all the while we have been going through a lot of pain to register our vote,our vote does not actually count The 'power belongs to the people' slogan is just a consolation to the Nigerian masses who are 'powerlessly' dying in ignorance. What is it about Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and other ethnic groups in Nigeria, are we all not ONE? Even the primary elections are being carried out is not fair because the Nigerian masses are not involved and that makes it wrong-that means dictating for the people and yet we claim this is democracy. With all due respect to Chief Charles Okereke, I think he should instead of discussing power shift, in a nation like Nigeria where we claim we practice democracy, educate the people on voting for the right candidate regardless of where he/she hails from. A simple prayer for Nigeria behind closed doors would have been better than that presentation-this is sincerely from my heart. I love Nigeria, I love Nigerians, one day Nigeria will rule the world, drop all evil devices that could lead to 'war' and keep the faith. God help Nigeria.
05/27/12 @ 14:29
Comment from: Adiele onyekachi [Visitor]
Adiele onyekachiEnough is enough, what ever it will take to have Igbo presidency in 2015 or 2019 as the case may be we are ready. Witout Igbos i can see the suvival of nigeria. So is an insult on our person if we Igbos fail to produce nigeria president. I no ndi-Igbo have all it takes to do this, so let noting stops it. Even if it means hestory repeting its self good and fine lets join hands and see it come true come 2015 or 2019 as the case may be. No tribe like Igbo. I love them. Iam Adiele onyekachi.
05/27/12 @ 15:31
Comment from: Nasir [Visitor] Email
NasirOnce I met with a foreigner and he asked me if Nigeria was a democratic nation and I proudly said yes, and he asked me how we elect our president and other politically elected individuals and i said by rotational governance and he laughed!!!
We have come of age and we are still slumbering in the wilderness looking for a cheap way to attain power. If you are worthy to be elected you do not need to ask people to focus on you, just ask them to do what is right for the Nation period.
Sentiments, nepotism and greed wont bring power to our 'DOOR MAT'.

"Nigerians when eating a chicken remember to chew the bone and suck its marrow"
05/28/12 @ 00:51
Comment from: Frank [Visitor]
FrankMy people of Igbo extraction, do not relent on your efforts and beliefs in the actualization of a south eastern presidency. See, whenever an Igbo man is bent on doing something to change his marginalized status then you hear all other tribes preaching integrity, peoples will etc. Does it mean that we do not have in our fold? What we want is the understanding of an Igbo president after Jonathan then we can choose within ourselves whom the cap will fit.
05/29/12 @ 04:33
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaNigeria need to reconsider "Confederation" as the only alternative, moving forward. A supreme power in the hand of one man, is a curse (dictatorship) that has been used to share wealth to subordinates, and has created underdevelopment, in the nation. The FG choose to hold reign over the NPF, why has they not provided the patrol vehicle, and why have governors short changed the state allocation to buy patrol vehicle, and pose with them on the occasion they are donated. Arrant nonsense, there should be a state police, and the state to help check criminals as check and balance to the authoritarianism of NPF. Maybe, with this pay increase, we will these NPF put the nation first, and pocket last.
05/29/12 @ 08:37
Comment from: CHUKS IBEGBU [Visitor]
CHUKS IBEGBUit is overdue for ndigbo to produce a Nigerian Executive President. Since we have been having a turn-by-turn president in Nigeria , it will not come to the turn of the igbos and stop. No, it must go round first before we talk about merit whatever that means.

chuks ibegbu
05/30/12 @ 07:12
Comment from: Ugwunworoko [Visitor]
UgwunworokoI've read through people's comments on chief Okereke's presentation, and i particularly felt happy when i came across one saying dat we're not interested in d oil of niger-delta. Truly, we're not. We believ in ourselves. We igbos, choose to suffer rejection no more. Dear gud people of igboland, those fools who reject u are not better of
06/15/12 @ 12:43
Comment from: Sam Diala [Visitor]
Sam DialaNwanna, kedu kwanu ka isi bido n'asusu Igbo ma gbaba n'asusu Oyibo? I nwghi ike iji Igbo dee ihe a i choro ide?
03/17/14 @ 06:53

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