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Open Letter to General Gowon


Open Letter to General Gowon

*Nigeria: Open Letter to General Gowon

-Masterweb Reports

Dear General Gowon,

Since you were deposed from power more than 35 years ago, you have understandably been guided in your public utterances, especially about the murdering spree you presided over between 1966-1970. Now you have allowed the euphoria of an award you did not deserve to make unguided remarks about a period in your life that will haunt you for the rest of your life and into judgement day.

In a report/interview in ThisDay Live on 8th May 2012, you were quoted as follows: “It was not my wish or the wish of those serving with me at the time (to prosecute the war). We did everything to make sure it did not happen. ” Haba! Gowon, how can you say this? Were you misquoted? Or were you overwhelmed by an award you did not deserve, or did your memory go into comma? That Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu is late (may his soul rest in peace) does not mean that the war is forgotten nor your 'evil' involvement in it. Millions of people who fought and lived through the war are still alive and still remember it as events of yesterday.

ame write-up, you were also quoted as saying: “My heart bleeds to see that (film) clip with those kwashiorkor-stricken children. God knows how much effort I made to send food to those children, but it was sabotaged by propaganda that the federal troops had poisoned the food. ” (Emphasises are mine.) Oh God! Okay, Gen. Gowon, read these quotations again, did you really say these words? Do you sincerely and honestly believe them to be true? Do you know what, come out of your closet. Calling you a pathological and shameless liar will be awarding you another undeserved award, but that is what you are. You are either suffering from chronic dementia or you are indirectly trying to appease the millions of people you murdered and those mourning them. Instead of you to come out openly and humbly ask God and the people of Biafra for forgiveness for the atrocities you committed; yet you are still wallowing in self pity and self justification. Unfortunately, this will not save you from the catastrophe that will befall you, the wrath of God and haunting spirits of the millions you sent to their early graves. ( Continues below….. ) ( Continues below….. )

Starving Biafran Children

Photo Above: Starving Biafran Children

You see Gen Gowon, nemesis is catching up on you and your co-murderous generals of the "Langtang Mafia" - Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, Jeremiah Useni, etc. Your upper north 'masters' are turning against you and your people with Boko Haram. You allowed them to use you and dump you. Today the Hausa/Fulani north is using you and your territory for dress rehearsal of their islamisation agenda which you don't have control over. The insecurity you are complaining about today is nothing compared to what you subjected Biafran people to in 1966-1970.

Further to your lies, I hope you are not contemplating writing a memoir as you indirectly hinted - it may turn out to be efforts in futility - as it will be lies and complete distortion of historical facts. If you can lie against the death and the living, against 'Aburi Accord' - the most famous historical document of your genocidal war, everything that will come out of your mind, your mouth will be lies, documented lies and lies with references and footnotes. Anything, everything you write will be an 'own goal' as it may turn out to be self documentary that may be used against you. Biafran people and the literary world are lying in wait for you. ( Continues below….. )

Nigeria Ex-Military Head of State Yakubu Gowon

Photo Above: Nigeria Ex-Military Head of State, Yakubu Gowon leaving after attending Late Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua's funeral in Katsina, Katsina State May 6, 2010.

As a matter of fact, the best honour and Lifetime Achievement Award you deserve is for being the highest mass murderer of the 20th century - you presided over the total annihilation of more than 3 million people. How dare you say, "...love Nigeria and believe in Nigeria; good or bad, right or wrong. Bring all your grievances to the table for discussion. Let us get together truly and sincerely and find a solution to our differences.”? Really? Is it not you that reneged on Aburi Accord under pressure from your British and Northern masters? Nigerian leaders of the day got 'together truly and sincerely' and found solution to their differences, as expressed in Aburi Accord; but you later turned it down, consigning it into dustbin of history. Where is the guarantee that another agreement will not turn into 'Aburi 2'?

Bye the way, Gen Gowon, has it dawned on you or have you been reminded that you are the root cause of the problems of instability and division in Nigeria today? If you had not reneged on Aburi Accord - a document that called for and supported return to true federalism; the civil war could have been averted, there would not have been countless military coups, military perfection of corruption, mortgaging Nigeria to few retired generals and their civilian cronies, Boko Haram, etc. In fact, you do not deserve any award for anything, except as a mass murderer, and for presiding over the terminal division and underdevelopment of Nigeria. On top of that, you are lying against the dead.

The purpose of this letter is to cause you to reflect on the burden you are carrying. The burden of the millions you murdered and starved to death; your lies and distortion of historical facts. If you are in doubt, ask yourself, where is Charles Taylor of Liberia, Ratko Mladic of Serbia, holocaust perpetrators and collaborators and all those who had committed genocide crime against humanity? I would be worried, very, very worried, if I were in your shoe.

Thank you for your time.

Dr Chukwuma Egemba (e1504@hotmail.com)

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Comment from: Billy [Visitor]
BillyThanks very much My dear Chukwuma Egemba .
Gowon Knows very well that there is no peace for the wicked ( ISAIAH 48:22), Hand join in hand,the wicked shall not go unpunished (proverbs 11:21).
Gowon must account for the souls he destroyed and the blood of those children that died during the war,will continue to hunt him and all his generation.
05/29/12 @ 11:04
Comment from: UCHE IKE [Visitor]
05/29/12 @ 11:27
Comment from: Amina Ahmadu [Visitor]
Amina AhmaduThis piece of crap can only be written by an Igbo and with such hatred and venom directed towards a former head of state and a section of the country you wonder why other Nigerians shiver at the thought of an Igbo president!.
05/29/12 @ 11:52
Comment from: Adaeze [Visitor]
AdaezeIt is only in Nigeria that people take their guilt to grave. Never for once have i seen nor heard of any of these people that have committed so much crime against humanity and God be brought to book in the international arena or at least their own personal apology or admittance of wrong doing. I do wonder how they sleep at nights with guilt or maybe, they have no conscience. Gowon will surely take his own to grave, no doubt about it but he is living his own hell right now.
05/29/12 @ 13:45
Comment from: felix [Visitor]
felixTo amina ahmadu, it will be a piece of crab , but to me and the rest of my people is reminder of how your people, gowon and co made the children of biafra look like because of his one nigeria.An adege, "WHEN SOMEBODY'S CORPS IS CARRIED, IT LOOKS LIKE A BUNCH OF FIRE WOOD TO U ABOKI" more of those pictures, for gowon and co to see.
05/29/12 @ 14:49
Comment from: Kayode Ojuyenum [Visitor]
Kayode OjuyenumDear Dr. Chukwuma...you are only expressing sentiment in this your write up and you call yourself a Doctor and if I am not mistaken you must be a medical doctor and not a Ph.D holder...(The moment I start reading the commentary I knew it originated from a typical Igbo man) Because if you are a Ph.D holder in other field particularly in humanity or social science you will have a better understanding of what is call war and the need to prosecute war when necessary by any sitting government.

Although it is quite unfortunate that Biafra under Ojukwu lost the war. However going by the antecedent of the war or what I may call the pro's and coin's, you will agree with me that both Gowon and Ojukwu are justified in prosecuting the war from both end.
05/29/12 @ 16:17
Comment from: ben [Visitor]
benWicked Gowon, He will never know peace. if He escape judgement in this Planet earth he will certainly not escape it when he crosses over on the other side of existence. Gowon and the likes should face the court like Charles Taylor.
05/29/12 @ 16:23
Comment from: ishaya [Visitor]
ishayaFrom his language Chukuma is not even a medical doctor. May be a retired biafran soldier. Let me warn him that if anybody nurses the biafran idea again Nigeria will go to war again because we still have patriotic Nigerians like Gen. Gowon in the military.
05/29/12 @ 17:12
Comment from: adex [Visitor] Email
adexIt was rather unfortunate that the igbo people do not know what they wanted. It is paradoxical for them to vigorously pursue Biafra agenda up till date and yet want to part take in Nigeria project in which they did not belief in.
DR. Chukwuma should ask himself if Biafrian soldiers did not kill other tribes when they ran over Benin to Ore in their bids to take over Lagos from Gowon. He should remember that in war situation any thing can happen.
05/29/12 @ 18:31
Comment from: dr. sam emeh [Visitor]
dr. sam emehGowon has murdered sleep and so can never sleep in peace. You must beg the Ibo's for forgiveness.
05/29/12 @ 22:45
Comment from: Bala Mohammed [Visitor]
Bala MohammedI am sure all those casitigating General Gowon are doing so because it is him. One would have expected the Ibos to be eternally grateful to the man. I am sure if it were to be somebody other than Gowon, the story would be diffrent. Because the man proscuted a humane war that ended with no victor nor vanquish. Gowon to me deserved honours upon honours. People should read history and know what happens after any war that ends with a defeat.
05/30/12 @ 01:07
Comment from: Wale Olatunde [Visitor] Email
Wale OlatundePeople like Dr.Chukwuma met history but did not witness it, I will recommend he read "Why We Struck" by Major Wale Ademoyega he will know better and send a beautiful flower of gratitude to General Yakubu Gowon for his magnamity for proclaiming the war of no victor no vanquish
05/30/12 @ 03:02
Comment from: Dr. D.C.Wagwu (Portharcourt, Nigeria) [Visitor]
Dr. D.C.Wagwu (Portharcourt, Nigeria)Whenever the word "Aburi Accord" is mentioned, from comments, one would immediately notice those parasites who are only alive today because of the resources in the nine(9)Niger-delta states. Whether we like it or not, Nigeria shall continue to toe the path of backwardness until every citizen is allowed by devolution of power(Aburi Accord) to put his or her brain into use just like Japan(with no natural resources)is doing. The north wants power to remain at the center so they will continue to live lazily on the Niger-delta. Islamic countries are lazily dependent economically because they detaste individual efforts. It's individual efforts that produced Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Ekene Dilichukwu, Ibeto group etc. The over three million Igbos murdered by GOWON are also over three million Trumps & Ibetos. Whether in living or death, Gowon must be brought to justice because every animate and inanimate thing in Igboland knows about Gowon's atrocities, so, why would some of us brainwashed-low-level people criticize DR.C EGEMBA? Gowon only owes Igbo people an appology because that's the only thing that weakens the devil's mind, and God knows this.
05/30/12 @ 03:54
Comment from: Idris [Visitor]
IdrisI wonder why the Ibos who agreed to fight a war should blame anyone for their defeat. Did they ever wonder what it would have been if they had won the war. How is war fought, anyway, if I may ask Dr. Chukwuma, who forgot to write and insert pictures of what Ibos did to other Nigerians? Now, it was not a Langtang war but Nigerians war against Biafra. Dr. Chukwuma want us to believe that the core north would not have won the war without the active participation of middle belt which is not true, because Gen, Adekunle, Gen. Obasanjo and many more westerners , south- south people who saw the end of Biafra were not from Langtang.
05/30/12 @ 04:04
Comment from: Dr. Fortune Ukonu [Visitor]
Dr. Fortune UkonuGowon has said it time and time again that his hands were tied during the war against Biafrans and this was true. Many hawks from the north in the army and few Yoruba soldiers by then pressured Gowon to allow them finish up the ibos by then. By upbringing, Gowon is human but corrupted in practice by the army as a career.

It was unfortunate the world looked away when the Ibos were slaughtered by the Hausas in the north and by Nigeria soldiers during the war. Such unconcerned attitude exhibited by the United Nations and United Kingdom with USA sitting on the fence whilst Nigeria committed atrocities against a particular race may not not be the case anymore because the world is changing.

Although the old concept of benefiting from prosecuting a war lives in the mindset of the western world but questions are being asked today. In the case of Briafra-Nigeria civil war, it was the oil deposits in the eastern Nigeria. that beclouded the judgement of the western world and they are still suffering from this same ailment today. "Go to war where there is oil but play politics where there is none" because war is an investment in their mindset.

To that effect, those Nigerian soldiers who fought and killed many Biafrans i.e Obasanjo, Babangida, Yara Dua (late)and Danjuma to mention these few were handsomely rewarded with oil well sharing and today they are materially wealthy but spiritually poor with greatly troubled heart. Although, they may pretend not to be worried but inside them their souls are highly troubled. This is the consequence humans suffer when hated by most people, even Jesus never liked it that some people He came to save disliked Him.

Nigeria can say she won the civil war but did not win the peace. The inherent tribal hatred between the north and the Ibos particularly will ever remain but may be tolorated. From research carried out, the Ibos are a proud race, loquacious, talented, courageous, industrious, intelligent and republican by birth and fast-paced therefore can be too ambitious in life. All these made it very difficult for other tribes like the Hausas, Yorubas and many others to understand and live with Ibos.

I hope and pray that the Ibos should leave Gowon alone because he understands their anger and has great remorse in him. He is a man of humble beginning and upbringing but happens to find himself at the `wrong place` at the wrong time. The Ibos should show some restraint although they are hurting looking back in history. In the fullness of time, Gowon will show some remorse about the constraints of the Ibos.

One thing the civil war did to the Ibos is it made them understand who is a friend and who is a foe in Nigeria. Above all the Ibos are today more resolute, stronger in mindset and united in purpose besides some rogue elements in their mist.

My advice to my Ibo brothers is to stop hauling insults and abuse to the likes of Gowon becuase he will at a time in future address the anger of the Ibos over his period as a Head of State and his conduct of the Civil war.

At the moment, the Ibos must be united in purpose, considerate amongs themselves, development-conscious to their land, kind to each other and be brothers` keeper as their fathers before them admonished them whilst contributing to the good of humanity in general given that hatred, bitterness and rancour can get no one anywhere in life but must be as wise as a serpent and the same time as subtle as a dove.

God bless Ibos, God Bless Hausas, God bless Yorubas and every other tribe in Nigeria.
05/30/12 @ 04:57
Comment from: abdul [Visitor]
abdulone nigeria really! Let gowon clear the air on the reason why after the war, reconstruction work started in lagos and not in the eastern states that were bombed during the war, was lagos bombed?
Mumu gowon led the counter coup for aboki, but now they are bombing his people in jos and else where, sorry oh!
One nigeria indeed!
05/30/12 @ 05:22
Comment from: Maren [Visitor]
MarenI strongly believe that it was contingent on Gowon and Ojukwu to fight the war. As national versus regional leader or attacker versus defender - they couldn't do otherwise because Aburi collapsed on its way to Nigeria. The story of Biafra war is different from all other wars that ever took place in the history of humankind - it ended in a 'no victor - no vanquish', signifying lost/victory for both sides. This was in the spirit of unity which was champion by Gowon (a national leader at the time) with the support of some eastern leaders like Anthony Ukpabi Asika of blessed memory. The history of Nigerian sectarianism and divisions goes beyond Biafra war (it precede Gowon and Ojukwu). I'd like readers to think of the first military coup and how some regional leaders (north and west) were killed while others (eastern leaders) were spared. Perhaps the story today would have been different if all the leaders were killed. When we go beyond the first coup down memory lane, then we would soon appreciate that divisions have been part of our history. A lot of literary writers are dwelling too much on the Biafra war (am sorry if this offends anyone) but we need to look forward because we live in the present and look to the future than past.
05/30/12 @ 05:34
Comment from: Vera [Visitor]
Vera@Amina Ahmadu i will not blame you for calling this a piece of crab. It is the wickedness and selfishness of the past Northern leaders that brought Nigeria to where it is today. Ojukwu was the most educated and richest Nigerian soldier as of then, yet, because of his love for his nation he joined the army. Everything was smooth until your devilish northern agenda started which up till today is hunting even you people in the north in the form of Boko Haram.

@Kayode Ojuyenum you are a typical representative of your slippery and not straight forward Yoruba fathers. Wether PhD or Medical Doctor, the truth is that the Igbos are hurt, there is nothing wrong in apologizing to Sansone if you have offended the person.
05/30/12 @ 05:44
Comment from: Eze chijioke [Visitor]
Eze chijiokeDr Egemba has made important points & people like Ishaya & Amina see his write up from sentimental point of view...Lets ask if Nigeria has been any better since after the war..Igbos are peace loving and the most travelled tribe in Nigeria...they are everywhere and ready to invest their money in other peoples' land..proper integration can only be achieved if other tribes can emulate them in this because if a northerner,westerner etc knows that his investment is in the east,the urge to forment trouble so as to loot goods and destroy other people's property will subside...
05/30/12 @ 06:52
Comment from: abdul [Visitor]
abdulone nigeria indeed! I would like general gowon to clear the air on why after
the war, the reconstruction of nigeria started from lagos and not from the "eastern nigeria" that was the victim of bomb blast and distruction of lives and property?
05/30/12 @ 07:12
Comment from: Osk4 [Visitor]
Osk4When you think about it, Boko Haram
has no reason for what they are doing. In
short they don't know what is driving them to kill their Brothers and sisters in the North. It is the hand of God
recking vengance for the blood of innocent their fathers
spilled in 1966-1969. God said , 'the wickedness of of the fathers will be visited unto their children and their children's children to the 7th generation' May the
word of the Lord live for ever and ever. Amen!
05/30/12 @ 07:38
Comment from: Zack Okechukwu [Visitor]
Zack OkechukwuKayode Ojuyenum would, to me, have been the most intelligent contributor here but for his descent to the base "igbo man" name calling. It smacks of prejudice. As for the writer, his appellation of "Dr" is diminished by the nausea exuded by his piece. I, indeed, am surprised Thisday accommodated such ill-informed and uncouth piece. There were mistakes on both sides of the divide in Nigeria between 1966 & 1970 and we should do well to read these things up in the different accounts already published out there. Name-calling and exhibition of bigotry will not get us anywhere.
05/30/12 @ 07:59
Comment from: Enefiok Udofi [Visitor]
Enefiok UdofiChukwuma. Indeed you must be the most foolish individual in life to unleash such insult on a respectable elder statesman. No doubt this is your (IGBO)modus operandi.

Ojukwu (with sincere respect to his soul) led you into a senseless adventure, and you forget (if you were old enough then) the sufferings he led innocent people through and whom do you blame? a man who fought for the peace of our nation which majority of your people including you is now enjoying.

You must learn to repect your elders, else your own children will insult you.
05/30/12 @ 08:17
Comment from: chimezie innocent [Visitor] Email
chimezie innocentAmina Amadu,u can call Dr. Chukwuma's essay a crap or whatever you chose to,but i want to assure you that what Ojukwu faught for in 1966-1970 is what MEND,Boko Haram are still fighting for.The only way we can solve our problem is to realise that we are not one and can no longer pretend to be.we are of different religious,cultural,ethnic and political ideologies.Since our diversities can not unite us it should be the tool for our disintergration.The incessant killings of innocent Nigerians by the notorious Boko haram is a pointer and threat to the unity of this country.If we sincerly search ourselves,we all harbour acrimony in our conscience against each other, it will amaze us how we don't want to remain under this umbrella of forceful intergration.We don't respect our differences-religious,political,cultural views.How do you think it will be possible for you to impose your beliefs on me?You call me an infidel because i don't belief in what u do, and therefore must be extinct. Call me a separatist if you like, the comments above makes it an obvious fact. If Nigeria had not been amalgamated by an insensitive white man for the selfish interest of the empire,if Gowon had allowed the Aburi accord to prevail, if Ojukwu had won, if, if and only if... Is this how we will continue to apportion blames? it is time for UHURU.
05/30/12 @ 10:49
Comment from: Frank Uche [Visitor]
Frank UcheGowon and his supporters here and their unborn kids will never know peace...Amen
05/30/12 @ 11:04
Comment from: Sirajo [Visitor]
05/30/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: tunji [Visitor]
tunjiMy brothers&sisters let's live in LOVE & PEACE I know the pain is enormous .vengeance is of GOD so let see how we can develop the nation Nigeria together since we have no other place.The PAST was bitter but the future will surely be great wasobia
05/30/12 @ 11:14
Comment from: felix [Visitor]
felix@mr, wiseman, enefiok udofi, nigerians need your assistance in the northern bk. region, are u aware of people been mascared? , act b/f is to late. u drived joy in seening biafrans brutalize
05/30/12 @ 11:24
Comment from: sony uche okafor [Visitor] Email
sony uche okaforthere is no country in the world that never expirienced savage stories during its process of launching to greatness,unfortunetly I lost my dad during the war.we present generations must learn to accomodate one another.we lack TRUST,young nigerians are hereby called to duty and forget vengiance and forge together to make our nation a proud of blackrace.
05/30/12 @ 11:44
Comment from: Maren [Visitor]
MarenOnce more I'd like to say this article is well written and also thought provoking - kudos to Dr Chukwuma. The article is far from a crap but it's just a part of the story - we need to understand the circumstances preceding the civil war because a lot of events unfolded which culminated into Biafra. If Biafran war had not taken place certainly some other parts will still be aggrieve (but this is not to say I feel happy that it occurred). So, let's try to understand the whole story. The slogan on which Biafran war was ended indicates that the national interest on which Gowon prosecuted the war was as good as the regional interest that Ojukwu of blessed memory defended. Gowon is being quoted here saying it was not my wish…my heart bleeds to see that…These quotes are apologetic enough from a kind hearted man like Gowon. If Gowon had decided not to feel regrettable until he passed on to glory, no one would do anything. So, why can we (most especially our south-easterners) embrace Gowon's apology as utterances made in good faith. Yes, no one disputes that easterners still feel painful. They do just like any sensible Nigerian does. BOKO HARAM is another thing entirely and can never or should never be equated to Biafra war. Let's put all hands on desk to tackle boko haram which is the present problem that needs to give way for a good future Nigeria.
05/30/12 @ 12:07
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
AlexEhhh, this rubbish, gabbage.........2nd thought for an IGBO man or woman to head our blessed country NIGERIA.NEVER!!!!!.
But, Historians kindly tell me "who started that 1967-70 Biafran war? I need to know PLEASE!!!.
05/30/12 @ 12:31
Comment from: Kumyap Noel [Visitor]
Kumyap NoelKudos to every contributor, you guys have spoken well, but lets not live in regret of yesterday instead of planing for future. North and the East are not exlcusive, we are not in competition but let be shaped by our differences.
05/30/12 @ 13:08
Comment from: Duke [Visitor] Email
DukeOf course such article SHOULD be rightly written by an Igboman. He has suffered for a silly country. A country where the BASIS of its unity is multi-ethnic conspiracy against the Igbos...out of extreme ENVY,PERCEIVED THREAT, INABILITY TO COMPETE FAIRLY, against the most prominent,enterprising, accommodative and forward looking PEOPLE of Nigeria.
Such shaky UNITY is what Nigeria has...the REASON why the corruption is ENDLESS. Simply these other ETHNIC groups have LOOTED the country persistently, and still continue to, as is the CURRENT JOKER in power.Meanwhile their LOCAL ethnic people are WORSE OFF than the IGBOS in spite of all the stuff they have LOOTED and CONSUMED. What does this tell us...The Igbos continue to thrive better than these "pretending Nigerians" and generally have the better IQ...Go check out JAMB/UNIVERSITY admissions or ownership of new THRIVING businesses..SHAME on them, and until an Igboman becomes President of Nigeria to genuinely start correcting our ills, NIGERIA remains condemned to FAILURE!!!
05/30/12 @ 14:24
Comment from: Nasidi [Visitor]
NasidiIgbo should thank people like Gowon and co by looking at their position and wealth in Nigeria. If it happen they were the people who won the war, other ethic will never ever enjoy peace in the country.Does other ethic group enjoy privilege and opportunity like they enjoy in other part of the country? NO
05/30/12 @ 17:58
Comment from: callistus ozoke [Visitor]
callistus ozokeDr Chukwuma Egemba sir,
Your comments on the role played by Gen.Gown in the Nigerian civil war saga are all true.For instance, if Lt. Col GOWN had tried to use the military at his disposal to cuttle the accesses of his fellow northerner in the military and stop the massacre of the Igbos in late 1966, like the Aburi accord he scuttle too,the civil war may not have been fought and millions of life lost would have been saved.Gen,Gown should knows that he fought the civil war for the benefit of the Hausa-Fulani alone,not the entire north nor Nigerians.You can agree with me,that at the end of civil war,if any soldier can't speak Hausa language in the military barracks,you hardly get good posting nor being appointed in good commanding position.Is that why the war was fought?or the so called no victory no vanquish declared thereafter. You may ask any non-Hausa-Fulani soldier that serviced between 1970s up wards. Although ,all these should not be blamed on Gen. Gown alone, because of his age and level of maturity as the general was at his mid -thirty then..Lt. col.Gown , finding himself in an exulted position of head of states , with the support of Britain and powerful northern s was enough to be-cloud his sense of good judgment to knowing which way to go. All said and done ,as an igbo-man,i still credit Gen. Gown as a good man and a true Christan , at least having apologized for what the federal troops did at asaba in 1970.
05/31/12 @ 08:18
Comment from: UCHENNA UMELO [Visitor]
UCHENNA UMELOI appreciate all of you especially those who call IGBO, IGBO, IGBO. The only truth here is let us not cause Gowon High Blood Pressure because am sure he is repentant and also restituting his very undeserved sins. Gowon was extremely too young with sufficient ignorance to have led the country. He rode on the back of some core northern hegemonists and must do their bidding. He surely should take responsibility as a leader but "Okenye ji nganga agbara Efi oso" meaning Elderly person runs away from Bully Cow with style so that children will not demystify him. Gowon has restituted in style by NIGERIA PRAY.
05/31/12 @ 08:48
Comment from: Alex Sunday Yahaya [Visitor] Email
Alex Sunday YahayaWhat Mr. Chukwuma is saying does not arise.
He should remember that he can't help GOD do whatever he intends to do to whoever he wants to do. I thought he should have being thinking on how best we should confront the issue ahead of us. We should be more mature in out approach of certain issues, please.

Alex Sunday Kagoro
05/31/12 @ 09:49
Comment from: Jerome Nwogu [Visitor]
Jerome NwoguNigerians, all of you have spoken well. For this country to progress and prosper, we need healthy discussions on issues that are burning in our minds. These issues may include social, political, religious and at other time matters of conscience.The war was fought almost on half a century ago and both sides learnt a lesson or two on what could have been done to better avert the blood shed on both sides.On matter of principle and law of average, we have left the judgement for The Creator to apportion blame if any.We should all strive for a better Nigeria, a country where hard work is rewarded and honest men and women encouraged for their excellent contributions to the upliftment of this beautiful country.Have the people of this nation been fair to all--NO and NO. Even General Gowon himself (after prosecuting the war on the side of Nigeria and gave Nigerian workers nine months salary for free) was thrown out of power like a dirty water and even declared wanted(DEAD OR ALIVE). It took the big spirit of Shehu Shagari to make him and Dim Ojukwu full fledged Nigerians again.The people that led the war on both sides are retired and dying. The men and women that actually saw the fighting in bushes are in their seventies and sixties and slowly heading towards the final home.Let our concerns now be how to use the beautiful attributes of this nation--different people, religion, language, vegetation to make it great one more time. We strayed and the nation strayed with us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Nigeria but there is something wrong with the people.If we unite, we will elect honest men and women who will lead this country to a glorious era again and shame to the past and the evils it brought on us to bear.
05/31/12 @ 10:06
Comment from: nnabuike chikere [Visitor]
nnabuike chikerewe should calm our nerves when talking about "delicate" matters like this and stop name-calling and abusive words.As a believer in christ, i don't support KILLING OF MY FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS for any reason.As a jewish descendant i count my self lucky to be in the fourth generation that will witness the on-going exodus. 2013,back to the promised land. MARK MY WORDS.
05/31/12 @ 13:11
Comment from: ayorinde [Visitor]
ayorindeSentiments.What baffles me is the way the colonial masters manipulated us to the war.They took our young men then, to destroy our future.The generals and the war Lords then were in their 20s and may be view in early 30s.
We hardly under stood ourselves.Most Hausa/Fulanis believe in religious supremacy of Islam and they must conquare and rule everybody ,this they had done to all tribes in the north and midle belt.The average Igboman believe he is wiser than everyone around, therefore has little respect for others,thats why people like Major Nzegwu(Kaduna),Ojukwu,and others made blunders that led to war.
Mind you if you call any wiseman a fool he/she will find a way to show you he is not a fool.
Likewise the Yorubas will not believe that Hausa man can outsmart him.
Let us forget the mistakes of the past leaders which they made with youthful exuberance,and look at the realty on ground ,solve our problems if truly we are wise.
In any field of endevour today you will find all tribes as gurus and proffessors be it major or minority.
Do you think in Nigeria of today Young lads of 20s can push us to war and prosecute it successfully?
06/01/12 @ 13:29
Comment from: galaxima hamid. [Visitor] Email
galaxima hamid.Gen gowon is a great patriotic uncorrupt general Nigeria have ever produced.he is a god fearing leader who sacrifice all for his country even after he left power he is still praying and working for the peace of his country.long live gowon long live Nigeria.
06/03/12 @ 08:47
Comment from: Jude Iwunze [Visitor]
Jude IwunzeAmina Ahmadu- You are out of your mind. Gowon will definitely answer for the genocide against Ibos (1966-70). If you are one of those involved in it, you too will answer. You have every reason to shiver, president or no president. President of what anywauy?

Kayode Ojumenun - typical cowardly remark from predictable quarters. Why was Gowon fighting and killing Ibo civilians. Were the civilians at war with Gowon?
07/12/12 @ 16:16
Comment from: Jude Iwunze [Visitor]
Jude IwunzeGalaxima Hamid.

People like you will continue to deceive Gowon until he dies a miserable death. The fellow supervised over the murder of over 3 million Ibos in 1966-70. He will NEVER get away with it. He should learn from the fate of Pinochet. One day Gowon will step out into the wrong country and be arrested. At the very least, he will account for the downing of the Swedish Red Cross relief plane and the murder of its crews in 1969; the massacre of 8000 Ibo males on October 7 1967 at Asaba. If you know Gowon tell him. Stop deveiving Yakubu Gowon.
07/13/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: Johnson Babajide [Visitor]
Johnson BabajideThis is the dumbest article of the 21ST CENTURY, so sentimental and one sided, characteristic of a typical educated illiterate. Please research well and write a more deserving article.
10/04/14 @ 21:01
Comment from: Leesa [Visitor]
LeesaOne of one of the most gratifying as well as happiest moments of a person's
life is the birth of their child.
01/14/16 @ 22:27

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