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Israeli police round up African female migrant naked?


Israeli police round up African female migrant naked?

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*Israeli Immigration Police Caught Picking Up African Woman Naked

-Masterweb Reports

Friday, June 15, 2012: In this photo, AFP captures a naked African female migrant described as a prostitute in a series of raids by Israel’s immigration police aimed at rounding up and deporting illegal African immigrants. The scene was recorded on Tuesday near Levinsky Park, in the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, where thousands of migrants reside. The question urgently begging for an answer is why was the woman not allowed to put on clothes before her arrest. ( Continues below..... )

Naked African migrant

Photo Above: Naked African migrant confronted by Israeli Immigration Police without allowing her put on her clothes ( Photo: AFP/JACK GUEZ ).

Israeli authorities on Monday [June 11] rounded up dozens of African migrants slated for deportation, most of them from South Sudan, as the government weighs tough penalties against Israelis who help illegal aliens.

The Population and Migration Authority said in a statement that officers arrested 45 migrants from South Sudan, along with three Nigerians, two Ghanaians, two Chinese, one from Ivory Coast, one from the Philippines and one whose nationality is being checked.

Israeli public radio said that in at least two cases, during early-morning swoops in the Red Sea town of Eilat, women with young children were picked up as they walked on the streets and were driven away.

Journalist and rights activist Toni Lissi told army radio that suspects in the town were picked up on the street, in banks, at their places of work and in door-to-door searches.

"The people arrested were taken on buses to detention centres. Their mobile phones were confiscated," she said.

"Other immigrants are hiding in their homes, not daring to go out until things calm down,' she said.

An Israeli court on Thursday ruled that the lives of an estimated 1500 migrants from South Sudan are no longer at risk in their homeland, clearing the way for their mass expulsion.

Israeli daily Haaretz said that a government committee on legislation had approved submission of draft bills which would raise the maximum penalty for Israelis who employed, housed or transported around the country illegal immigrants to five years in prison from two at present.

The bill is expected to go to parliament for a preliminary reading this week.

The interior ministry says that approximately 60,000 African immigrants have entered Israel illegally, including those from South Sudan, with which Israel has friendly relations.

In the photo above, AFP captures a naked African female migrant described as a prostitute in a series of raids by Israel’s immigration police aimed at rounding up and deporting illegal African immigrants.

The scene was recorded on Tuesday [June 12] near Levinsky Park, in the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, where thousands of migrants reside. The question urgently begging for an answer is why the woman was not allowed to put on clothes before her arrest.


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Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
MikeThe picture does not show the woman under arrest...it shows the woman being confronted by the police ....I am sure that once arrested for indecent behavior she was detained with clothes...and given clothes to cover her naked body
06/16/12 @ 13:22
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaThis photo should be sent to all African vultures that call themselves presidents. This is the handword of their corrupt and arrant looting of the peoples wealth. The nations that these African immigrants are migrating to in seach of a better life, have leaders with heart, that formulated policies to build better cities for their citizen to thrive. All the ingredients to stimulates buisness were put in place, hence share the national cake equitably. Africans governments set in place, policies of subjugation and intimidation, that the people are roobed of opportunity, that they migrate outward to seek a better life. Africa and Nigeria in particular have corrupt leaders that the cites lack better roads, electricity in particular, health centres are lacking, infrastructures in decay that bridges are reportedly colapsing for lack maintenance, school is for the previledged few, and crime thrives unchecked with leaders paying lip services to rein on crime. Inspite of these inadequacies, the leaders jet all over the world and they see how other nations have been developed. Inspite, will not make efforts to correct their mistakes. They come home blindfolded, to the need of their nation they swore to protect. How can a non parforming president claim to be re elected by an overwhelming vote, inspite of non performance. Are the people so mute to their inadequacies, that they can not recognize suffering? Take the upcoming election in Edo state for instance, will it dawn on any body as a fair election, if another party is declared a winner? The people are seeing progress and like to see a continuation. Even the caption can not be compaired to the treatment certain african leaders subject their citizen to endure in their jail cell. This is not to condone what this woman had to endure, lets blame the root of their treatment on the corruption by the untouchable in Africa and Nigeria in particular.
06/16/12 @ 13:33
Comment from: Ehi [Visitor]
EhiIsreali immigration police arrest of an african female migrant naked, shows how much certain human beings in developed countries, who believe they're better, look down on african people. I'm a christian by confession, i do not judge, but register my unblemished displeasure at what i see as a most uncivilized way to go about internal security duties.

This episode debases the african. What i have is not anger; this may stun any african reader of my comment, but a word of wisdom to africans where ever you may be: discrimination of the kinds that are usually visited on africans, boils down to lack of scientific, and technological development of africa. If african political leaders have failed, african citizens must realize it completely. Africans in diaspora, as well as those in our homeland, must shun ostentatious life, and develope a mentality of aggressively investing their resources, lean or otherwise in research and development, and direct aquisition of technology ( from cottage through small and medium scale to large scale industries)to apply to our natural resources. There's no rich nation on earth that overcame poverty, without the application of technology.

Poverty is a consequence of the lack of technological development which africans must pursue.
06/16/12 @ 13:53
Comment from: bashir sani [Visitor]
bashir saniit is not good, at all
06/16/12 @ 14:33
Comment from: Dr. Marty [Visitor]
Dr. MartyMike is right. Actually, when a topless or naked woman is detained in Israel, the first thing domne to is immediately have a female officer cover her with a blanket. She then sits with her until a car is brought.
06/16/12 @ 15:06
Comment from: kologba [Visitor]
kologbaDr. Marty they couldnt give her even the mythical blanket where is our humanity ? Too bad just too bad ! is this how this people are ? ehn ! this is unbelievable ! kai ! kai ! too bad too sad ! haba israel!
06/16/12 @ 17:00
Comment from: oyetadees [Visitor]
oyetadeesNo matter what the Israli authorities write or try to defend themselves the picture shows how crude and cruel that Government can be. The policeman should immediately have left the job for the female police who stood by him if not for the fact that these whites believe they are the only human beings on earth and blacks are nothing. Shame to the Israeli Police.
06/16/12 @ 20:37
Comment from: Akwaraike [Visitor]
06/17/12 @ 04:14
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
AlexState of Israel is a NO GO AREA for Africans and their Arab brothers and sisters.
06/17/12 @ 07:28
Comment from: crisdels- Chris Nnadede [Visitor]
crisdels-  Chris NnadedeThere is no reason whatsoever why that male officer should be there staring down that lady's body even in the presence of a female police. It shows how much Israel respect women, including their own.
06/17/12 @ 07:31
Comment from: Richard [Visitor]
06/17/12 @ 09:14
Comment from: Popson [Visitor]
PopsonThat prostitute intentionally and voluntarily came out naked to confront Israeli Officials. A careful look at the scene would reveal confrontation and not an arrest yet. Send the harlot back to her homeland to practice her profession.
06/17/12 @ 13:17
Comment from: SUNDAY N.O [Visitor] Email
06/17/12 @ 15:35
Comment from: Amowoyagi Johnson [Visitor] Email
Amowoyagi JohnsonI can't believe the woman is arrested without cloth on,probably she is protesting the arrests of illegal immigrants in her own way! The white police officers should have given her cloth to cover her nakedness before taking her picture. The picture is too ridiculous to black race, to Africans. The woman is not mad, why taken her picture in that manner? Israeli Government need to apologies to Black, and to Africans for that degrading picture.
06/18/12 @ 08:01
Comment from: Achodor C [Visitor]
Achodor CThe picture of that naked woman portrays the unprofessional attitude of Israeli police in particular and bad image of Israel as a nation.Whether arrest for prostitution or not, it should not warrant taking a woman naked. After all there are thousands of Israeli women prostitutes in many cities across Africa.In fact that police man wanted to enjoy the natural and beautiful curves of a black African lady. In short he is wicked and God will judge him for that wicked act.
06/18/12 @ 08:16
Comment from: mwangi [Visitor] Email
mwangiThis kind of inhuman act.We hope Israel will realize Africans are not a threat but if managed well they can be the most resourceful beings under the sun.Otherwise I believe anybody deserves a humane treatment even if he is in wrong and is not a threat to your existence.
06/18/12 @ 23:50
Comment from: ocpeace [Visitor]
ocpeaceToday's Israel is not the Israel i read in my bible story . Those myths the believe that God said or do that about them are false. None of today Israeli will inherit God kingdom, young or old.I pity my fellow blacks who frequent there on religious pilgrimage.My people waste millions of public funds to travel to Israel, why? This picture depict the exact slavery that Palestinians are undergoing via Israel oppressions.....+2348057323826
06/19/12 @ 04:19
Comment from: THOMAS [Visitor]
THOMASsuch an huge enbaressement from affrica in general,because this dons'nt have human respect by nekeding that young lady lo matter what.we have many many of there young lady residing in nigeria for prostitution................the cause of all this messs is coruption in affrica.in government in managing our resources very well all this wont happen.even after graduating from school no hope and better future with you.so now every body looking for means to soverve in life.shame to our leaders that called themselve leader!the only interest there have is for there family alone.........my belove sister take easy with them ok.God will definately see you through in life with this temptation your into now.since there don't have human right neked you God will neked them too.is crime against humanity is what there did with you.some times i asked my self continus question.wwhich year and date this affrica will transform wiht this canage were into now?in make your own contery a better place to stay.no need to travel abroad for any reason because your own country in well organise to leave.let all this resourses channel in better direction for development of the country.with this all citizen will enjoy staying around not to travel to a place you will not even recoganice as human beings.affrica need total change both moral and self thinking and self rehabretation in mind to setle all this mess.many of young lady see prostition as anything,and see it is easy way for them to make money quikely.povert is worst decease so far.how can this decease will tacle in our society tody.for creating more job opportunity to our young people to enable them engage in something reasonable in life.wiht this all mess of prostitution will drastiically reduce wiht force.our destiny is in our hand.for betterment of self leaven.
06/19/12 @ 04:44
Comment from: augustine nnamdi [Visitor] Email
augustine nnamdiplease!!!!, enough has been said about the Isreali police, come to think of it, why would a full grown up woman of that nature get her self naked?, yes! we as Africans may feel bad about this scene but the fact still remains that we contribute to how we are being treated, espectially NIGERIANS, cos most crimes being perpetrated oversees has a Nigerian as a culprit. If we want to be respected, lets change our personality, orientation and our love for materialism. Maybe that girl/lady might be a Nigerian if care is not taken and what took her there in the first place. Obviously she doesnt look a student, then someone please tell me what shes doing there. Lets not crusify those police men.....haba mana Africa.
06/19/12 @ 09:32
Comment from: augustine nnamdi [Visitor]
06/19/12 @ 09:37
Comment from: Akerele T [Visitor] Email
Akerele TNigerians is my country and i know every one of us regornise the great potentials in our mother land, but its unfortunate that, the will to settle down and apply our minds to positive and productive ventures is dying away by the day . our leaders are all agents of the devil, with a sole mandate to make africa and nigeria a living hell for its inhabitants, it will stop one day, yes it cant continue for too long, nigerians watch out for patriots amonges us and give them your full support, in what ever way you can, do it. take a look at some present governors of certain states(mostly AD ruling states) you will observer their are upcoming patriots, giv them full support if they find them self in the federal level, us past records to judge them and you will know exactly who to backup, and gradually one of them will stand up for us all to fight the satanic monsters that gather them selves to eat up our oil moni. it will surely come to pass just be prepared, evil will prevale until good men do sometime positive. God bless Africa and Africans
06/19/12 @ 10:14
Comment from: gbemi [Visitor]
gbemiDis is serious
06/19/12 @ 11:48
Comment from: jide [Visitor] Email
jideMathew 7:7, says,'gudge not,that ye be not gudge' only God knows what went wrong between the polices and the woman. Lets look it in this way, if our leaders are consciuos that one day, they will face the dudgement seat and give account of what they did during their tenure on earth, they would have ask God to give them knowledge so to rule the people that voted them into the office, As king Solomon did. LETS LOOK INTO A FAMILY THAT COULD NOT AFFORD TO FEED THE BABIES IN THIER CARE, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE CHILDREN THAT REFUSED TO DIE BY HUNGER?, THEY WILL FIND ALL THE MEAN TO SURVIVE, EITHER BY A LAWFUL OR UNLAWFUL WAY, IF THEY ARE CAUGHT IN THEIR UNLAWFUL ACT WHO IS TO BLAME?.THE PARENT OF THE CHILD THAT DIDNT BEG BEFORE COMING INTO THIS WORLD? Moreover If we( humans)could love our neighbours as our selves this world migh be a happy place to live.
There is a place better than this earth, and if the commandments have no impact in our life, how can we inherit the kingdom of God, 'heaven'?.Africa leaders should meet and find a way out for the 'children Africa'.Starting from our own burders. Cause this is getting out of hand. God's image must be respect. SHALOM.
06/19/12 @ 16:22
Comment from: ONYE IGBO [Visitor]
ONYE IGBOTeribble sight of frustration!She should undergo psychiatric evaluation.
06/20/12 @ 12:00
Comment from: ejykes [Visitor]
ejykesThat woman is a harlot,she wanted to use her naked body to seduce the police man and possibly stop him from arresting her but unfortunately to her,there was a policewoman among the officers.On the whole,the picture is an eye-sore.
06/20/12 @ 16:51
Comment from: WebAntOnYouTube [Visitor] Email
WebAntOnYouTubeI think,in an attempt to avoid the police from arresting her in her house, she ran out butt naked in an attempt to escape them. She may have been having sex or taking a shower when they bust in. They caught up to her in the street and no doubt covered her with something once they got her into custody. I feel the male officer had no duty whatsoever to take his eyes off a potentially dangerous unapprehended suspect even though she was naked. That would have been a dereliction of his duties. Besides, it does not even look like the woman is embarrassed since she is note even trying to cover her breasts or vagina with her hands. Heck,if she was really a prostitute,she may have even hoped she could seduce one or both of them. This is a shame but when you come into a country illegally and refuse to leave voluntarily after things have improved where you came from, this is what you can expect. I can only truly hope that things are really better in the Sudan and she will be okay once she gets back home. Take care.
10/03/12 @ 14:43

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