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Only Anambra People Can Assess Me, Says Obi


Only Anambra People Can Assess Me, Says Obi

*Nigeria: Only Anambra People Can Assess Me, Says Obi

-Masterweb Reports

Sunday, June 17, 2012: Anambra State governor Peter Obi says he has laid a proper foundation for the solid growth of the state from a near zero situation when he assumed office six years ago, pointing out that only those residing in the state can assess his performance within the period.

Gov Obi who spoke at an interactive session with newsmen in Awka was reacting to a question put to him on the issues raised by former FCT Minister El Rufai in a national daily concerning governance in Anambra State.

El Rufai had in the said publication stated among other things that Anambra was the poorest state in the country, educationally backward, lacked priorities and suffered from poor infrastructural development.

But Obi told probing journalists that only those who had not been to the state and who had poor knowledge of the state’s recent history could say that. According to him his government had nothing to hide and had always been open to assessment which was why the state became the first in the country to hold peer review mechanism where it threw its doors open to independent assessors. ( Continues below….. )

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Peter Obi
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‘We need people to help to assess and validate what we’re doing. We’re on course and we’re doing the right things,’ Obi stated, noting what was happening now was not a surprise as those who lived off the old order were averse to the changes he was introducing and so were kicking against it.

The governor recalled some of the revolutionary strides of his administration which include the state having the best road network in the country and the education and health sectors receiving unparalleled development. He particularly recalled the handover of schools to their former missionary owners and the take-off grant of N6b for their infrastructural development, a feat that was replicated in the health sector with handover of hospitals to mission schools. He regretted that some people preferred to sit in the comfort of their homes to comment on what they did not know and not making effort to know. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

On sports development he said the state’s fortunes had been witnessing a steady rise in recent years at sports festivals due to the state government’s conscious sports development strategy aimed at spotting and grooming young talents to stardom. ‘The emphasis is on the youth; not on adults and we’re marching towards a situation where the state will recapture its lost glory,’ Gov Obi stated.

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Comment from: peter omelazu [Visitor]
peter omelazuEl Rufai is the kind of man our Lord Jesus Christ was illustrating in the Bible who prefer removing the log in another man's eyes whereas himself is burdened by heavy plank that makes him not to see clearly.Its so sad that inspite of the level of poverty ravaging the northern sates including El-rufais's own state resulting in the current insecurity in the region that a discredited person like El Rufai still have the shamelessness of Almajiris to point accusing finger of lack luster performance on a state so economically vibrant as Anambra state is the height of intellectual mischief.We have African adage that says that a man whose house is on fire does not chase rat.El Rufai's obvious display of insensitivity to what is happening in his Bedroom is the result of of aggravated ineptitude leadership of his northern brothers who after over 38 years of mismanaging the resources of this country has left Nigeria poorer economically and intellectually with his northern region the worst hit.He should rather close his mouth and not to forget that he still has a date with the long arm of the law which will eventually catch up with him and rest of is ilk very soon.
06/21/12 @ 05:40
Comment from: Vincent London [Visitor] Email
Vincent    LondonWell done and congratulations Governor of Anambra, it is all well to hear about the progress and claims about the progress and development in the State, which as you rightly stated, can only be assessed by those living within the State! The worrying thing is about your administration slow and sometimes rebuffed response to enquiries and or contacts to those outside the State which appears to be the concern of those who you classify as unfriendly for no just reasons! You then to forget that the government is meant to serve everybody irrespective of his/her political association once you have been elected as the CEO of the State! Reason for this observation being that I have tried in number of occasions to call and also sent fillers to your office after my contact with you in London since November 2009 with my contribution in the publications I handed to you towards your success in the 6th March 2010 election. Even as I write, you still have not acknowledged the contribution from me that made possible your success in the election full-proof judging from past election trends or experiences in Nigeria! It could be rightly claimed (asserted) that it was after that March election and that of Delta in November that year that convinced the INEC to stand firm on the adoption of Option A-4 application in Nigeria's electoral Code/methodology! In the publication I proffered a simple and cheaper methods about the problems of leadership also for Nigeria at the Presidential cadre, which is meant to help us more in the hope that it would be discussed along the advantages derived from Option A-4! That we still have the kind of rumblings coming within/from Nigeria about this political issue is part reason that set me-off to post this comment indeed! In particular so as to save the people of Nigeria any horrible consequences, if they can study the solution, and from the obvious embarrassment already bellowing in the horizon! Another very important observation is the state and or quality of the roods in the State, which although they look accomplished as you said but will start giving (crumbling) in no distant time due to the, the weight of traffic on them, the design and the construction that encourages puddles of water on the sections! For this reason and to help the State Ministry in charge, they should take a closer study of the phenomenon depicted on page [6] of the publication; "How to get at your government and influence it" and then see what they can do more to safeguard the lives of the roads for POSTERITY! I heard them talk about installing weigh-bridges on Nigerian roads; in that page [6], you will see that weigh-bridges do not stop collapse of highways - it is used mainly for the purpose of revenue collection! Regarding the 2nd Bridge at Onistha to connect Asaba, I have urged them to recall DUMEZ Plc if they are still around or their ‘cloned’ Company to undertake the design and building of the new bridge since they know more (at least they have records) about the structure or the zone and can do better than any other group pretending to be capable to handle the project when Federal Government finally decides to build/add another arm to the existing! It is obvious that the old bridge has served more that its due and therefore needs a relieving extension or arm, to take on the weight of the traffic in the zone! We have heard the clamour for the East-West Highway under construction and about the 7KM 3rd Mainland Bridge all on water yet Nigeria and the leaders cannot consider 2nd bridge at that location for Eastern Nigeria! We heard already that the bridge was dangled or used as a bate for the last general election - the foundation laying and the funfair that went with it only to discover that there was nothing scheduled for such project! They still regard you people as the 'beautiful bride hey' next door to our State is the International Airport just completed to serve Delta - we thank good Lord for that International feat! In Nigeria things to be done rest on politics and not on what the needs of the people are so we are waiting for the outcome by that expectation for 2015! I want to mention that I had written comments to both Dr. Ezeife's, Dr. Chris Ngige and Dr. Izuogu's quest for Presidency from South East just few weeks ago in the Vanguard news paper - wish somebody can show you my comments and that you in the South East are able to comprehend the view expressed! No better time for the Zone to be considered for such position as a Constitutional Right especially in the on going Constitution amendment irrespective of what agreements parties have in Nigeria about elective posts! Incidentally I have this topic and solution for corruption depicted in the publication I handed to you whilst you were in London in that November month 2009 the ones handed to you earlier at the PROXY Hall Commercial Road not withstanding! Unfortunately it is part of that problem in Nigeria of - “Who do you approach to tell what needs to be done to help matters in Nigeria?” I am thinking about the time the solutions were passed on not only to you but to the other colleagues who apparently are regular visitors to the Presidency yet the problems are coming to a ‘head’ - thick and fast now in Nigeria! I am sure that a lot more inhabitants of the South East could hold this same view about problems in Nigeria as a while not particularly for Anambra or the South Eastern States and that it is about time we began to see not only rational but meaningful representations and a reasoned location/spread of the required infrastructures in the zones as of right and not on the basis of the canny political chicaneries going in the country whereby we keep postponing the rainy days which ultimately will come - ‘Day of reckoning’ must catch up with us sooner or later, folks! This is my thinking and I hope it will open up the need for the right thinking in our psyche in the zone bearing in our minds that we are in office to serve the public and not for personal gains or for vendettas against the people - we are all looking and waiting with great expectations for that recognition and for those things we are entitle to have to engender unrestricted growth as is no doubt the case from the present arrangements by the Constitutional provisions, to come (happen/apply) to us in the zone! After all is said and the furore, if you are able to read through the web-site; www.virgo-enterprised.com and quite comprehend the intentions, which is more about to help in Nigeria, you’ll probably come to a mind boggling conclusion/thinking - a sigh of relief: Could we not have done better with these (his) solutions or methods being cheaper, friendly and less provocative too; and then Who is better to advise the CEOs and or the Presidency, really in Nigeria keeping uppermost in your mind the Motto; Nun Sibi Sed Alliis - in office to serve the public and not the reverse, folks! Thank you!
06/22/12 @ 07:33

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