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Nigerian Soldiers Stranded In Sudan


Nigerian Soldiers Stranded In Sudan

*Nigerian Soldiers Stranded In Sudan

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Sunday, May 24, 2012: Nigerian Troops Stranded In Nyala, Sudan After The Expiration of Their 6 Months Tour of Duty - We are four Nigerian Battalions (NIBATTS 30, 31, 32 and 33) on duty in Nyala, Sudan from 26 November, 2011 - 2 January, 2012 but now stranded after we are due for rotation. Our expected period of rotation to Nigeria is 26 May - 3 July, 2012 for the four battalions; up till the time of this report, we have not been rotated. This situation is very depressing and is dangerously affecting us and our loved ones back home.

NIBATT 31 was supposed to be rotated back to Nigeria between 31 May - 7 June, 2012. Out of the 800 troops that made up the battalion, only 115 were airlifted to Nigeria on 31 May; the remaining troops are still stranded in Sudan. They have added extra weeks to their official date of departure as well as NIBATT 30 which was supposed to be rotated back home on 26 May. ( Continues below..... )

Nigerian Army Logo/Banner

Photo Above: Nigerian Army Logo/Banner

This situation is due to either negligence on the part of the Nigerian government or the Army in taking up their responsibilities abroad with respect to their men and women on tour of duty.

As I write, Nigerian Army Peace Keeping Center (NAPKC) in Jaji is full of troops of the four Battalions that underwent training to rotate the stranded 4 Battalions here in Sudan. Also the FOB in Abuja where troops normally spend the night before they are airlifted to Sudan is filled up with troops awaiting airlift to Sudan. Sudan as we all know is a very hostile and a desert country with hash weather that makes living very unbearable. It is unwise for Nigeria to leave us to stay extra days, weeks or months in Sudan after the expiration of our tour of duty.

Other Contingents like Thailand, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt and South Africa have all rotated their troops with chartered planes with passenger seats of about 220. Nigerian Army is waiting for United Nations to organize their rotation for them with a plane carrying only 115 passengers, making us to rotate a battalion seven (7) times x 4. ( Continues below..... )

Onwuamaegbu in handshake with soldiers

Photo Above: Major General Emeka Onwuamaegbu, Commandant of Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) in handshake with soldiers.

I appeal to Nigerians to use their good offices in telling Mr. President, Senate President, Minister of Defense, Chief of Defense Staff and Chief of Army Staff as a matter of urgency to bring planes (bigger ones) to rotate the four Battalions in Sudan not later than 3 July or else we will create a scenario in Sudan which will deter the on-going peace process in Darfur. 3rd July is our ultimatum. Please publish this to the readership of those in Aso Rock. They are all sitting down in Nigeria eating from our sweat which a battalion generates a month ($700,000:00) for then in the UN.

We look forward to seeing this news publish today or tomorrow in the various dallies. Thank you and God bless.

Concern Soldiers in Darfur, Sudan.
Email: tamunoblessing@yahoo.com

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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Comment from: tunde garrison [Visitor] Email
tunde garrisoni will like plead with My beloved ,patriotic soldiers of this great country Nigeria ,to please be a little patience with as this message is already on the table of the concerned authority to make things right .i know that you are the best and nobody can take that position from you .not even the negligence and corrupt nature of these evil leader whom God wil;l soon bring judgement upon very soon .
you will soon return by the grace of God to your family and loved once.And God of this great nation will bless you,just remain calm and co-ordinated.the situation is under control.
06/24/12 @ 23:40
Comment from: khadijah Aliyu [Visitor]
khadijah Aliyuthe great soldiers of Nigeria. u are not forgotten be a little be more patient.
06/25/12 @ 01:25
Comment from: Kabiru koama [Visitor] Email
Kabiru koamaDe nigerian army is full wit corrupt GENERALS n jonathan must bring dem to book n recover all de looted dollars in respect of military tour of duty assignments dey have kill alot of soldiers wit dis dier nefarous caratas. UN will increase tour of duty allowances n dis GENERALS will divert de increment 2dier personal use calling de troops useless n even wat recommend 4us 2go wit dey will nt giv de soldiers instead sell dem or giv dier gal friends.At de operational ground is only woman dey sleep wit especialy NiBATT 33 de whole officers are womanising with female soldiers de is not excempted with A coy OC by name capt ardo he will be sleeping wit de local cleaners in de camp at DARFUR which is against UN operational ethics some provision 4 our consumption are being sold at de local market.Dis OFFICERS extort dollars from us in de name of dey will use it to repair ARMY BARRACKS i dont know wether de ARMY is not being allocated wit from de budget.Tour of duty has ended n troops dont know how to rotate from darfur back to our homeland n very soon we shall start demonstrations in darfur here for de whole world to know what we are .publish it n let dem know wat is about to happen in darfur here.
06/25/12 @ 03:45
Comment from: Kanonbiyu Chiroma [Visitor]
Kanonbiyu ChiromaI highky appreciate the effort of this concerned group, to be realistics enough is enough, we are soldiers not slaves and our families are not subject to maltreatment by Nigerian Government. I swear by God we will do what we will disgrace Nigeria in eye of the world, is not a threat but real, the worhst is that when we return to Nigeria they court matial us, after our dismisal we now join Boko Haram to torrorist the country with the level of training we received. Mr President, HMOD,CDS,COAS and NSA please take note.
06/25/12 @ 04:46
Comment from: PopOjeson [Visitor] Email
PopOjesonIt is worrisome that Peace Keeping Operations in which Nigeria has been participating for several years could still experience this kind of problem. It is not surprising anyway, in a country where people like Hembe, Lawan etc. permeate and dominate all arms of govt and the military, the result is "Nothing Works". Please, endure.
06/25/12 @ 05:06
Comment from: peter omelazu [Visitor]
peter omelazuChief of Defense staff,Air marshal Olusheye Peterin this is your responsibility.Please,urgently do discharge your responsibility and ensure their safe arrival without delay.
06/25/12 @ 05:14
Comment from: TIJJANI [Visitor] Email
TIJJANIImagine what treatment a govt. is metting to its military. These are the same people they(govt.) will return to nigeria and deploy to go and fight boko haram. Which spirit are they going to use to fight insurgents in their country? is it the spirit of patriotism for a nation who care less about the wellbeing of its citizens or the spirit of making a country peacefull for oppressors to countinue their oppression.
06/25/12 @ 07:13
Comment from: Adangu Luka [Visitor]
Adangu Luka
I love them because they love my country NIGERIA.

Let them all come home and re-unite with their families.
06/25/12 @ 07:13
Comment from: Adangu Luka [Visitor]
06/25/12 @ 07:16
Comment from: obsaseesin Ezekiel [Visitor]
obsaseesin EzekielI guess this is just a lesson to teach our Nigerian sodiers that this so called government of Nigeria is not worhth dieing for, rather die for the people as sacrificial lamp to defend the nation than butalizing and abusing with infringement of right of the people in other to protect this so called looters of public funds.
please when you guys get back to Nigeria please do not let this people use you again to abuse your power on innocent poor civilians that are just looking for their daily bread in other not to go into political robbers club.
Should in case Nigeria(UN)intends or proposed to send battalions to Iraq/Afghanistan please i urge you men to think twice before obeying last order.
06/25/12 @ 09:28
Comment from: Rita Adams [Visitor]
Rita AdamsOne other issue Mr President need to know is the Pension share that soldiers having been contributing out of their monthly salary. I think it is high time to refund the money back to officers and soldiers while the other percentage government have been contributing for them be returned to the Military Pension Board; otherwise Nigerian Army Finance Department will swallow this money, that will one day equally bring tension in the army. Soldiers of this present generation are not illiterates like the 63NAs
06/25/12 @ 12:17
Comment from: Iko Na-Allah [Visitor]
Iko Na-AllahWe please appeal to Mr President to set up panel of investigation for corrupt practices that is going on in the Nigerian Army, more especially in the Infantry Corps and Department of Finance; soldiers salaries have always been under reviewed, imagine newly commissioned officer earns more than Army Warrant Officer who was in the service before some of them were even born such does not happen in develop country military organisation.
06/25/12 @ 12:25
Comment from: stan [Visitor] Email
stanI want to know when is nigerianarmy form is coming out again.
06/25/12 @ 12:28
Comment from: obina okoro [Visitor]
obina okoroplease I huge the mr, president, to quickly do something about this issue on graound before is. Too late because I beleave the soldiers have known that their entitlement are giving to them, what they are doing in the army is not rite is soldier a slave the nigeria army is corrupt more than any organization in the whole world take or leav it, because the so called evil GENERAL and officer in the job but I thank God very soon we will no who is who and who is the soldier, God Bless Nigeria God bless the Nation.
06/25/12 @ 14:04
Comment from: Brig Gen Buba [Visitor]
Brig Gen BubaPlease soldiers calm down, we have finish all arrangements to bring you home bafore 3 July, but mind you we are going to deal with you once you are home for this indiscipline exhibited by exposing us on the internet.
06/25/12 @ 14:32
Comment from: Ohiri [Visitor] Email
OhiriSorry Soldiers, we are busy dealing with army of public corrupted officials. Everyday same news of public officials who are dishonest& immoral preoccupy the matters of the state & as a result, we forget where we are and where we are going.
My studies from Central & East African countries like Rwanda & Uganda on how to tackled dishonest public officials,has proven very effective. As a result they do not have repeat offenders. May be we Nigerians should ask them for a help. So that next time we don't forget our soldiers overseas. It is a National disgrace. By the way, don't Nigeria has ambassador in Sudan or any nearby country?
06/25/12 @ 18:39
Comment from: Von [Visitor]
VonOga Gen Sir, Please forgive ur boys it is the condition of Sudan having Left our beautiful country and their families for such a long time, they are eager to come home and reunite with their families.
06/26/12 @ 04:57
Comment from: Nnamdi [Visitor]
NnamdiOga Gen Si, forgive ur boys they are home sick. u know there is no socials in Sudan and they are eager to come and display their had earned USD which is normal.
06/26/12 @ 05:58
Comment from: omola [Visitor]
omolawell fellow soldiers lets wake up n fight those bastard generals dat think we re animals n therefore, will dont deserve anything gud they say, lets put to stop dis their believe.
06/26/12 @ 07:12
Comment from: Pastor Ben [Visitor] Email
Pastor BenPlease, help me ask Oga Buba if it is a crime to speak the truth in the open. His reaction in the internet carries more shame than the comments of those soldiers. I suggest those soldiers be promoted on their landing Nigeria soil for their bravity.
06/26/12 @ 08:18
Comment from: Eng'r Danladi Suleiman [Visitor]
Eng'r Danladi SuleimanHaba Brig. Gen. Buba, you are too harsh, by the way who caused it ? You the Army said you are more disciplined in the society than we the bloody civilians, but you do not practically display it in this matter, even in bringing back the soldiers home at the right time. Well you the Army authorities have erred and the soldiers too have erred, what is needed is the spirit of forgiveness and to ensure such do not happen again.
06/26/12 @ 10:28
Comment from: San [Visitor]
SanGeneral Buba or what ever you call yourself, Nigeria is not for you alone, don't push us to the wall, with level of corruption the Nigerian Army officers displayed, you have guts to say you are going to deal with them at home try it and see, we will strike hard on officers and their families everywhere in Nigeria. We will strike hard be warned, enough is enough.
06/26/12 @ 10:55
Comment from: Peter [Visitor]
PeterIt is disgusting and heartbreaking to hear that this level of corruption even extends to the military to the point of getting them stranded in a strange country. Who is going to put an end to this corruption madness in Nigeria that has spared no quarters . These are time bomb, one day the bottom will fall apart one day JUST one day monkey go go market he no go come back O! corruption in high and low places, tribalism and intollerance in some parts of the North to Southerners,covering and supporting boko haram attacks on fellow Nigerians in the name of religion a JJ Rawlings type is coming aboard soon, typical events like Egypt Spring,Libya Spring or Syria Spring will soon rear it's head up. when you chase a common man to the extreem like a goat it will turn back on his pursuers one day Nigerian leaders are busy taking undue advantage on the masses exploiting them to no limit pay back time is coming very soon!
06/26/12 @ 15:50
Comment from: Colombus [Visitor]
ColombusWhy should Buba not open his dirty mouth and said they will deal with the soldiers because they are asking the thief GENERALS to return them back home.This is an era when u can not maltreat even ur dogs up to this extent. After u have used the soldiers to enriched ur selves, creating wealth for ur children n u can not bring them back home, u get the guts to say they exposing u. So u want them to keep silence until they die n u smiling to bank with dollars? It shall never be well with those ur children them cos u are training them with other people's sweat. My advice to u all is that if u don't want to be exposed, u should stop ur wickedness.
06/26/12 @ 19:31
Comment from: Komakoma Lomomo [Visitor]
Komakoma LomomoWhy COSA dont want bring his soldiers to Nigerian rember nigerian belong to all of us
06/27/12 @ 05:18
Comment from: Hon Abdullahi Dambo [Visitor]
Hon Abdullahi DamboThe Nigeria Army is suppose to have jus two generals who can sit calmly and take the right measure on the security challenges in the country not bunch of worthless, heartless, and confused moneymongers we hav in the army. Bokoharams, NDelta militants or anygroup ar all jokers compared 2 wat nigeria soldiers can do, so lets jus allow the sleeping dog to lay. We want confusion to com 2 the army so dat al those bastard generals nd their families will all be wipedout. Buba or Babu or wat do u cal urself, u re an idiot, clawn, jus try anyshit and see wat we write to the presidency about u. So jus kip shut. Any award, recommemdation a general received today, is from the bravery of the soldiers, so wat brave role hav u ever play? Since the Boko Haram, Liberia, Sierraleone, N/Delta and Sudan/Darfur issue started no general was lost but on dairly bases, Soldiers and Police are killed both at home nd abroad wit no single compensation from the FG and a generals cannot do anything about it. This soldiers salary is not even up to half of what some generals use to make cal per day, so y not make this longsufferin boys happy 4 once, pls let them com back home. I thank God 4 the kind of president we hav, he wil not laylow.
06/27/12 @ 12:13
Comment from: Donatus k. George [Visitor]
Donatus k. Georgeif God can keep u guys till this time, i belive he has a plan 4 u guzs
06/27/12 @ 16:37
Comment from: Justice and Peace [Visitor] Email
Justice and PeaceHon Dambo Abdullahi, U have just said it all and may God reward abundantly................ The Nigerian Armed Forces major problem is nothing other than ........bunch of worthless, useless, malicious, hopeless, heartless, confused moneymongers,non God fearing and hypocrite in the Nigerian Army. May God allow the devil to take them away.
06/27/12 @ 17:33
Comment from: Ewa Dikko [Visitor]
Ewa DikkoMany thanks to the writer of this letter so to say. It shows soldiers are beginning to know they deserve some fair treatment. My dear Nigerians , be not deceived by the smart and innocent looks that characterize the Nigeria soldier. There you get the deepest level of corruption in Nigeria. In the Nigerian Army case , no one talks because the leadership will mate out injustice to the person by way of accusing him of mutiny. Far from what u think, the Nigerian soldier receives the lowest amount of care , considering the great service they render to the nation. Take a tour of the Barracks and you will shed tears for them.Some of them are better described as slums. The soldier deserves very decent accommodation. Still see them staking their lives for the nation. They go for internal security operation in Nigeria , the superior officers are more interested in making money from the soldiers operation money, and son they end up using their savings to cater for themselves even as the fight to keep peace in Nigeria. In the face of the current Boko haram insurgence , they have kept Nigeria from breaking or degenerating into full blown war. They give security to all the high political office holders and the generals. But all these are seen as nothing by those who take care of them.
Now come to the Dafur abandonment, it is a national shame that the Nigeria Army has allowed her corruption to burst in a place like Sudan. Lest I forget, it is on record that the Nigerian soldiers receive the lowest level of care among all the contingent countries in Dafur . Their leaders lunch them in the battle front there in Dafur , more or less to make their own money. That is why , as they leave they are shabbily kitted and equipped because all the money meant for that has gone into the pockets of some of the generals headed by the Chief of Army Staff. The are not given the very basic things soldiers need to go for such mission. The qualities are the lowest in the market and no one talks about the quantity of the items. The Army stinks. Take a look at the Air Force and u will know.
Please the chief of army should go and bring back our beloved gallant soldiers.
The obedience of the soldiers should not be taken for weakness. There is elastic limit. Chief be warned, the wind blowing everywhere is so strong. Put yourself in order or.
Attention please- President , Senate President, Speaker House of Representatives, Governors, and all men and women of good will. Do something before something do you all. These soldiers you treat without care deserve much more care than they are getting. God bless the Nigerian Army.

I am a concerned friend of soldiers. I hope Master Web will publish this . It also serves as a guide to any person care to know about the filth in Army. The Army needs deliverance.
06/27/12 @ 17:37
Comment from: foli [Visitor]
folimaybe the govt is planning to send 800 camels,1 for each soldier..to ride back to naija,,,,,
06/29/12 @ 03:12
Comment from: Abdul Nalaraba [Visitor] Email
Abdul Nalarabathis is nigeria for u, i remember our great leader late shark Abubakar Gumi ( may his soul rest in peace ) said , when leaders from the top are corupt, there is no way leaders from ground will not be corupt.pls oooooo president GEJ and his cabinate should do something about this our millitary .
06/29/12 @ 17:45
Comment from: Abdul Nalaraba [Visitor] Email
Abdul Nalaraba9ja for u
06/29/12 @ 17:47
Comment from: OKEY [Visitor]
OKEYNigerian Army Generals are more corrupt than Police officers. The soldiers should revolt and kill the enemies
06/30/12 @ 03:55
Comment from: Joy ifon [Visitor] Email
Joy ifonI dnt kw wy jonathan cant sen EFCC to the ARMY isit fear bcus he uses the ARMY to siphon money abroad in the name of goiin 2 procure military equipments thereby divert funds to thier own acct in overseas obansanjo did it and went away wit it babangida the sametin talkless of abacha in line of his wife telling dangonte dat her poor state she is rich than than dangote.jonathan manytins are happenin in the ARMY dnt be surprise a serpus revolutiion in the ARMY IS ABOUT ROLLING ITS UGLY HEAD OUT IN TUE ARMY were all officers will disappaer in the barracks or were ever they live and iit may extend in removing you as well wat happen in mali has happening in nigeria since but we sare about to reach the wall.and when it happen we shall see the country that will come to bail nigeria out all retired generals that looted money meant for soldiers will not be spared .see how military men are suffering a bloody civiilan will be sitting down and be eating discharged soldiers gratuity and pension anyhow and nothing corrected look at how police gratuity and pension money is being shared among cleaners and clerks in thier pension office and the retirees dying everyday in prolong waiting for rhier money the samething in the military too why. The panel set to probe this fruad also started collecting bribe from this dupers and we have a president love by even my last born who is 5years old. If the revolution start who will survive will survive when the jungle mature is not a threat but real the suffering is to much and enough of that has been consume by military men we are in quick to act we dont fear our GENERALS and below we only respect them as the job demands we soldiiers execute war they dont slavery is enugh i rest my case from concern soldiers in NIGERIAN ARMY.Publish this for president jonathan to dead and all house of assembly to read it too.
07/01/12 @ 06:25
Comment from: John [Visitor] Email
JohnIs unfortunate. I plead with you all to remain calm. I know justice will prevail. We will continue to pray to God to help and protect you over there. Oneday, God will answer and bring you back home. I am not surprised. Do you know that the way these Generals are treating young soldiers are bad? I just lost my younger brother. Lcpl Paul Chidiebere N. from Racce Battalion Saki Asabiri Barracks this February. He has spent 14 years serving the nation. 14 GOOD YEARS IS NOT A DAY. He just came back from Bokoharam operation. The operation was successful though, he died of attack. He died in service. Do you know that they denied him the honour of coming to his burial even after we pleaded with them, brought their signal to them? Is unfortunate. GOD IN HEAVEN WILL PROTECT YOU ALL.
07/18/12 @ 05:07
Comment from: google [Visitor]
googleplz sir. do what u have said u are going to do.... those bitch dat we have has our leaders are fuckers........ dis is nt real encouraging me 4 my beloved career to b a n army presily an infantry d face of war.....................
10/31/12 @ 11:40
Adeniran Adewale Abdullahi AyodejiI'm happy to join this site.Thank you.
07/04/13 @ 21:33

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