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Ohanaeze Draft Submission To NASS Committee On Nigerian Constitution Review


Ohanaeze Draft Submission To NASS Committee On Nigerian Constitution Review

MEMORANDUM FROM OHANAEZE NDIGBO - On Behalf of The Igbo-Speaking People of Nigeria

BACKGROUND - For our country, with its colonial stamp of 'made in England', the three hundred odd ethnic and sub-ethnic units in this land, brought together by the force of British Imperialism to forge a modern nation, have good cause to thank God for the astonishing abundance of human and material resources bestowed on us. We are still in the process of nation building, struggling to blend together and harmonize our various very rich but differing traditions, customs and cultures. The recognition of the significance of ......Click For Complete Ohanaeze Draft Submission


Comment from: chinaka [Visitor]
chinakaShould this come to be that is the end of Nigeria's problem, boko haram will die a natural death. Inse4curity will go and acrimony will end, Kudos Ohaneze for your thoughtfulness.
07/02/12 @ 04:44
Comment from: RICHARD OFULU [Visitor]
RICHARD OFULUThis is just a proposal from Ohaneze ndi Igbo and we will see how they are going to follow it up through our representatives in both federal houses. In the area of Revenue sharing, it could have been most appropriate that 50 percent go to the areas of derivations because they bear the consequences of what ever environmental burden attached to it's estraction. Religion is another area that can bring sharp division because there are now Isamic police ( not regional police) operating in the North now, They have both customary courts and Sharia courts operating so they have already defined theirs up North to be ISLAMIC, whether you like it or not. In all these, I believe we are administering panadol to a cancer patient, why not allow the sick NAME a natural DEATH and start serious talk with leaders of South South. There is no more love and the marriage should be desolved once and for all.
07/02/12 @ 06:39
Comment from: ANTHONY AJURUCHI [Visitor]
ANTHONY AJURUCHIThe position of Ohaneze ndi Igbo is welcomed by all and me in particular. This is the truth that will save the Nigerian nation if taken as presented. Bravo to our leaders.Long live ndi Igbo, long live Nigeria.
07/02/12 @ 06:58
Comment from: AAsam [Visitor]
AAsamVery well written. More like the Canadian structure. I strongly believe this should be the solution. True and proper Federalism.
07/02/12 @ 08:54
Comment from: okoro christian mmanuawuchi [Visitor]
okoro christian mmanuawuchii read this communique with interest, but i what i was expecting it was not made mention of, i was expecting that Ohaneze would opted for the seperetion of nde igbo from Nigeria. Nigeria is not our land as such anything that is happening to nde igbo in nigeria, is because we are not in our land, but the very day Nde Igbo( Anyi lara) we shall see that we will reap the blessings God has for the Nde Igbo and every Igbo Man will have the true Igbo blooding running in us.
07/02/12 @ 11:04
Comment from: Uchechi [Visitor]
UchechiNull and void. Blind and never-learning old wizards! Nothing short of a freed and independent Igbo in a country called Biafra will stand.
07/02/12 @ 12:54
Comment from: Elvis [Visitor]
ElvisWhat the Ohaneze presented is for the interest of Nigeria as a whole but let`s see what other zones will come up with. This amendment will determine the faith of Nigeria either to brake or stay together.
07/02/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: Onu Otile [Visitor]
Onu OtileWe mean well for Nigeria but unfortunately we lost grip when the military handed over to Obasanjo. Instead of restructuring the nation like Ghana did, Obasanjo promoted a draconian leadership riddled with gross inefficiency and corruption. True to type, he is now a saint with stinking past and unforgivable political blunder.
07/02/12 @ 22:06
Comment from: Ejim Biafra [Visitor]
Ejim BiafraThat is the only problem wit Nigeria and our leaders knows that, but i pray for that very Gorgeous day that GOD WILL HAND US OUR OWN FREEDOM belive me Nigeria will come and learn from us. God Bless Ndi-Igbo God bless Nigeria.
07/03/12 @ 04:22
Comment from: ABUBAKAR [Visitor]
ABUBAKARWhat a perfect idea.However,if option 'A' fails then option prevails i.e disintegration of the country into interest groups.
07/03/12 @ 08:08
Comment from: Eje [Visitor]
EjeAny Region that opposes this proposal from Ohaneze bether come up with similar or different ideas that could reform the Country. Ohaneze be ready to move forward if this proposal does not yield any positive response.
07/03/12 @ 08:56
07/04/12 @ 17:07
Comment from: Ben Chuks [Visitor]
Ben ChuksTechnically sound memo from experienced leaders. I have dreamed and talked about this idea with several people. The issue borders on promoting a viable/robust Nigeria economy, achieving efficiency in resource utilization, creating enabling environment for Nigerian citizens to excel and keeping Nigeria strongly united. Ohaneze has offered a solution/means to getting there based on increasing deterioration of Nigerian polity. Anyone who opposes Ohaneze submission should summon courage to come up with a veritable alternative.

Let us make Nigeria work for us and indeed for Africa. Presently, Nigeria is not working. Experiences past leaders like IBB has advocated for true federalism - I am sure IBB's concept is not different from Ohaneze submission.
07/05/12 @ 05:09
Comment from: Elechi Pius [Visitor]
Elechi PiusWhile i welcome the Ohaneze memorandum,i would like to add that Chief Justices of the states, Fedaral Appeal and Apex Courts Judges positions should not be by appointments but by election to reflect true democrecy in the Countary.
07/08/12 @ 06:32
Comment from: Meki [Visitor]
MekiThis tells more that, Ndigbo are politically sound, notwithstanding. This submission has thrown a big challenge to the other apex groups in the determination of the united or divided we stand syndrome. So many may swallow their pride to agree to this input. This is indeed a hard nut to crack. If this piece gathers acceptability, the one-Nigeria-project is achieved. But will others buy into this wisdom? With this communique, Ndigbo have invariably called for a Sovereign National Conference and/or the sustenance of the old struggle, the Aburi Accord agenda. I feel this way because those who believe that they are born to rule, would come up defiant. In fact, I doff my cap for my people; we are gifted; we are wise. This is ingenuity in action. This means that if the moribund, called Nigeria, fails to exist, the world would have had our voice.

In my own opinion, now we are talking of drastically reducing the federally controlled mechanisms, i suggest that fifty percent derivative go to the region of resource origin, fifteen percent to the federal while thirty-five percent be shared equally among the regions(the federating units).

Ohaneze Ndigbo has done a great job to save Nigeria from further annihilation, while it plays safe.
09/15/12 @ 02:30
Comment from: simeon [Visitor]
simeonpersonally i will prefare we ndigbo total disintegration from Nigeria but if however we still going to co exist we must all stand on this prudentive memorandum from Ohanaeze.
11/14/12 @ 16:55

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