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“The Living Biafra:” The Settled Answer to the Falsehood called Nigeria.


“The Living Biafra:” The Settled Answer to the Falsehood called Nigeria.

“The Living Biafra:” The Settled Answer to the Falsehood called Nigeria
(New Book Written by Ikechukwu Enyiagu) Get Your Copy Now and Be Glad You Did - Ikechukwu Enyiagu

The Living Biafra ( https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/the-living-biafra/isbn/978-3-659-14179-9 ) is a compendium on world politics, majoring on its effects on Africa, especially on the 1914 amalgamated Nigeria of the West Africa, the indigenous people of Biafra, and its repercussive effects on a world seeking the complete enthronement of true human rights, democracy and the rule of law. It is a timely-written book which deals with the Nigerian state, her birth, existence, citizens, politics, developments, loses, consequences and history, in explanatory manners, from a new angle and with the intentions to educate, not just those bound for close to a century by this name, Nigeria, but everyone, on the needs for a detailed analysis of where we presently are, where the Nigeria of today is inevitably going in its lawlessness, and the indispensability of a Sovereign National Conference, so as to enable the different nations, bound by the ever-declining statehood of Nigeria and the woes of demands through ethnic cleansing and religious terrorism, determine through a most peaceful way how to wriggle out of an age-long stagnation and backwardness which has told greatly on us all, both in our relationships with one another as fellow compelled-citizens, and our relationship with the rest of the world. Viewing the earth as a global village, it will be correct, therefore, to state that human rights denied Biafrans is human rights denied the whole of Africa; and this denial goes a longer way to affect the global goal for peace and prosperity.

After a very committed time and focus, painstaking and well-done research on the country, Nigeria, I have decided to write this book ( https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/the-living-biafra/isbn/978-3-659-14179-9 ). My goal is not an outright discrediting of a false amalgam called Nigeria as negative criticism would assume, but as one deeply concerned with all Nigerians with whom I have shared the continued and downward spiral retrogression of this country created by the racist Britain whose only vision of/for Africa is the land of the slaves, I intend, however, to show that Nigeria, as a single country, has and still actually does more harm than good to a world which has long woken to awareness. With the birth of the Biafran nation, the pathetic stories and woes in today’s One Nigeria and its undeniable repercussions on the entire world would never have risen in the first instance had the Nigerian government and its ignorant and racist allies not fore-stalled the progress of Africa by supporting and standing by Gowon and his genocide machine and tendencies as he carried, even as his One Nigeria still does today, acts of genocide against the Igbo/Biafrans. ( Continues below..... )

 The Living Biafra Book Cover

Photo Above: The Living Biafra Book Cover

A geographical area filled with every conceivable blessing and coated in the light of divine favors, would be expected to be the envy of all, fifty-two (52) years after its independence. A forced-country with vast history and experience (such as Nigeria is and has) should be looked upon by other smaller and less endowed nations in matters of governance, democracy, justice, security, prosperity, peace and progress. A people whose population is over one hundred and sixty (160, 000, 000) in Africa ought to be looked upon to adequately match its quality of leadership with its ever-increasing and diversified population. But it is not!

This is my first book, and it’s another approach in my affirmative and emphatic stand for unrestricted true human rights, justice, equality, security, peace and progress for all. It will serve as a rich archive to those interested in the political and economic goings-on in Nigeria and how it has, for decades, affected the lives of the occupied nations, especially the Igbo/Biafra, within the compelled One Nigeria since independence. Students of history may also find it a helpful guide in their works. The points in this book are not new to many men and women who, at different times even before independence, had ruled Nigeria, either directly or through proxy. The details are, however, intended to give all Nigerians, especially those of Igbo nation, and those indirectly involved, a clearer picture of where we are, who we have become, and where we are evidently going with the Nigeria of today. Not denying the roles of the international community in the quests for human rights in this part of Africa, this book also speaks to the United Nations, Britain, USA, the Arab World, Israel, and all countries with stakes in this global family, on the need for exemplary statesmanship. It deals with the realities of an impossible continued-One Nigeria, the urgent need to integrate the republic of Biafra into the UN membership of nations as a nation which is intertwined in many ways with the rest of the world in the pursuit of justice, human rights, and happiness. This book serves, in many ways, as a collection and a picture of the continued enslavement of the Blackman as he desperately and rightly seeks for justice, equity and his human rights. Over all, it deals with the realities of the impossibility of peace without justice – anywhere in the world. As you read through the pages of this book, these works of genuine and true passion will, undoubtedly, stir a passionate reaction. For those who seek the truth, they will experience a total relief for assurances. To those who have erred but want the right way back home, they will find, within this inspired work, a willing hand to guide them home. And to those whose selfishness has given birth to an in-dwelling spirit of callousness and hell-bound arrogance, they will meet with the results of their rebellion against the spirit of truth. So, no matter from which angle you may want to approach this book of truth which contains in it our history, present goings-on, and the consequences, there is indeed something in it for you…and for everyone. ( Continues below..... )

 Author Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Photo Above: Author Ikechukwu Enyiagu

The history of the genocide in Biafra can be found everywhere, however, with this book, I am not only refreshing the readers’ memories in a carefully pictured analysis but stating what must be, what will happen and what is eternally inevitable to the obviously fizzling Nigerian State, and the emergence of a sustained Sovereign and democratic State of Biafra, alongside other nations. I also, through this book, address nations whose love for money (which is the root of all evil) constantly fuel the chaos in the world which they know absolutely nothing of its reality. Not only will you surrender to this truth, you will see them come alive in your days. It’s my hope and prayer that, after a careful read of this masterpiece, you would agree with me that, not only does Nigeria portend several dangers to its unwilling citizens and beyond, the outright and only remedy would be a speedy and peaceful dissolution of its false amalgamation. This is the first step towards remedying Africa. Issue of why Nigeria became, Britain and its relationship with Nigeria’s immeasurable woes, the obvious failures and consequent death of Nigeria, the destiny of Biafra, Africa, America, World Powers, Nuclear race, the Arab World and Jerusalem are discussed extensively and summarized in the clearest understandable manners. The slight repetitions and images you may come across are intended to give readers, especially those with little or no knowledge on the Nigeria-Biafra conflict, a grounded root to a clearer picture of the truths and the inevitable.

I have not come here to make an academic statement; I came with a message to a world of callous competition: Lose your hold or be bound! As you read, prepare your mind, at the end of it, to take a stand which will affect this generation and beyond; a stand which will unmistakably place your name on the good side of the history of world keepers. God bless you all.

To The False Critic: If it were dependent on you, Paradise would be gained solely by enslaving for and paying obeisance to you; how much less of justice can man hope to get on earth with your ilk! But, thank God! Victory is not because you said so. Let the truth reign, or be drowned in your falsehood. You can get your copy of The Living Biafra on More Books at https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/the-living-biafra/isbn/978-3-659-14179-9. Get it, spread the news and be ever glad you did!

Ikechukwu Enyiagu (Author)
Email: ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: Emma/Thailand [Visitor]
Emma/ThailandAn erudite scholar indeed. The truth of the matter is that you have presented the truth. I am indeed happy that the world has a personality like you. My simple advice is that you should never be discouraged in presenting the truth as it is. We need more igbos like you to shape things. It does not make sense to be in one country when lives would have been saved if we were to be in a different country. I realized that among all African nations, only Nigeria has the population up to 150millions. I wonder what this means when an average Nigerian is suffering. I personally need to see Nigeria divided in order that people's life should be more meaningful. Please keep on keeping. We shall be there for the good of the poor people. We shall be there for the good of those who do not have the political connections to be recognized via corruption. We shall be for the sake of those who are presently being killed for being an Igbo in the North. God knows it all that we shall be there.
07/13/12 @ 23:39
Comment from: Ugwu Chukwuma L.L [Visitor] Email
Ugwu Chukwuma L.LWow!!! This book is the master peace of the upcoming Living Biafra, but depends on individual who wish to accept the truth as it said in this book of Biafra. I thank my brother IKECHUKWU ENYIAGU for his wonderful book which covers all areas of impossible of oneness-Nigeria and that of genocide of Biafra. I'm so glad to read this preface of Living Biafra. I promise to buy this book in Amazon.com.
07/14/12 @ 02:45
Comment from: Abbagana Mohammed [Visitor]
Abbagana MohammedI am fully in support of independant of Republic of Biafra. May GOD help ndi igbo.
07/14/12 @ 07:56
Comment from: Peter [Visitor]
PeterThat is the reason an Igbo man is not yet ripe to be the President of Nigeria. The Ibos do not beleive that they are true Nigerians. They have not learn any lesson from the Civil war that Ojukwu led them to fight and could not succeed because of their hatred for other tribes. They believe they are the best.
07/14/12 @ 10:41
Comment from: Jerome Nwogu [Visitor]
Jerome NwoguI have been following Enyiagu's comments in Nigeria Master Web and I think they are of intelligent brand, emotionally loaded and academical up to the par of the Igbo stock.What a blessing to come from that kin of rare stock. The Igbo stock is rare in the universe; you see them situated in areas where their next door neighbor is jealous and doubtful of what will become of him tomorrow. They existed in Germany and they were the envy of Hitler and such envy led to an international war.Today,they exist in the Middle East by name Israel and history can ascertain how many missiles and every other weapons of dangerous calibers are pointed towards them.You can also find then in Ethiopia ( of the Haile Selassie kind) but the pressure there was ( and is still) overwhelming. I will definitely patronize your arguments.
07/14/12 @ 11:12
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaWhat we have today called Nigeria or a collection of reluctant/forced amalgam of people with diversed culture, ruled by careless self centred messengers of lucifer with little or no wisdom. They play on the mind of God's children and perform thier duty to the detriment of those they swore to serve. A case in question, is the first lady stooping so low, to do what has never been heard of ever, by accepting a position of perm sec. This is why boko haram can not be crushed, we are too power hungry. Is this the wisdom the husband brought into office? Granted he must have been fully informed before his wife accepted the position. When the East wanted to part way with Nigeria, and a call for confederation, Nigerians were too ignorant not to understand the future that will be called Nigeria. A nation sinking deeper into the abyse and no one seems to notice. A nation with so much wealth yet the people languish in lack of want. A nation with so much oil, yet education is for the previledged few and the roads are in a sorry state, and electrity is for the well to do. These are basic neccessities, based on the wealth of the nation, that should be provided free to all Nigerians not the Obasanjos, Babanjidas or the Jonathans whose wife is now a perm sec. Mr President must rise to the occassion and rule with the guidance of God he claim to pray to daily. Nigeria need to be confederated, and let the states make free decision without too much interferance from the FED. If Biafra was formed and Nigerians where not ignorant, the country called Biafra would outstage any modern city in the western world. I mean the other side (Nigerians)would not have had to go too far to europe, to see modern development not the ruin cities we call Nigeria today. When the like of Gov. Obi and Edo State and Lagos state tried to uplift the people, the devil in our midst are tring to strike. July 14 Annenih want to return to distroy what has been build. When for 8 Years he was the devil in the midst. Long live democracy.
07/14/12 @ 11:13
Comment from: Onu Otile [Visitor]
Onu Otile@Peter:The Igboman is not keen to being the President of a wasted nation; he is only keen to having him right that is bestowed on him by the doctored constitution that was forced on him with the barrels of guns.This Presidency has caused blood to flow in the streets of Lagos and by the Bar Beach of Lagos so it is not a star to be hunted for.Are you better off today in a country that has lost its grip and floats in a sphere of unlimited dimension.Bravo Peter!! and let me know if it is a fun being a Nigerian
07/14/12 @ 15:42
Comment from: Tony [Visitor]
TonyI do believe in the resurrection of Biafra. But sometimes when i look at how we the Ibo's treat one another, i begin to wonder if indeed we are ready to be a nation. Charity begins at home. Let us clean our acts, starting from stopping kidnapping one another to bringing to books those Ibo leaders who are still embezzling our funds and retarding progress in our part of the country. There is so much lawlessness in Onitsha, that makes me wonder if money have blinded our vision. My fear is that if the Nation of Biafra stands, there is also going to be an in fighting on who is the real Ibo. Some people from Anambra state still believe that Enugu indigenes are backward and refer to them as (wawa)I hOPE WE HAVE LEARNT OUR LESSON. Anyway, may God bless Ndigbo and their pursuit to be a Nation.
07/15/12 @ 00:52
Comment from: Emeka [Visitor]
EmekaNwanne m nwoke, Igbo sị na ọ bụ n'ije ọkpa ka e ji ama nwatakịrị ga-amatara nna ya ehi. Chineke ga-agba gị ume na mbọ nile ị na-agbara ndị Igbo. Ndị Igbo sị na okwu ọma enweghị ọsịsa maka onye ji ihe nwatakịrị welie aka elu, aka gbuwe ya mgbu o wetue ya nwatakịrị ewerekwa ihe ya.
A sị na ọ bụ nwanne ka a na-egosị mmadụ egosị ma enyị bụ gị ge-eji aka gị họrọ enyi gị. Atụbaghị anya ọ bụrụ na Lord Lugard gosiri anyị ụmụnne anyị ndị anyị amaghị na 1914 maka echeghị m na a sị anyị 'kedụ onye ga-abụ ọyị gị ...' n'anyị ga-ahọrọ ha dịka enyi. Onye sị na ike agwụbeghị ya na-aghọ onwe ya aghụghọ maka na otu onye sị na ero puru ebe a na-anyụ amịrị, isi amịrị ekweghị ya horo ero ma ụtọ ero ekweghị ya hapụ ero ahụ.
Oruola mgbe ndị Igbo nile ga-ebido ikwu eziokwu mara na uru adịghị n'ọkpa ụkpala. Ka anyị buru n'obi na ebe ahụ anyị bi bụ ala e kwere anyị na nkwa nke jupụtara na mmanụ añụ. Ihe ọfọdụụrụ anyị bụ Igbo bụ iji aka anyị chọrọ ndị ga-abụ enyi anyị maka na-agaghị egosịzi anyị ụmụnne anyị egosị. Nwa anwụla nwa anwụla, nwata nrịanrịa bụ Naịjiria chọọ ịnwụnụ, ya gazie, ka anyị ghara ịnọ ledo anya abụba anyịgbue udele. Onye ọ na-eme omume omume na-ebe obube obube. Ndị Igbo ekwesịla ikwusi okwu ike ka ụwa mara na ọnọdụ anyị adịghịzi anyị mma. Ka anyị were Igbo gwa ha na o kwesịghị ka a nara nwatakịrị ji ya n'ike maka na ọ chara mmanụ.
Chineke gọzie ndị, ala na asụsụ Igbo. Igbo ga-adị.
07/15/12 @ 18:41
Comment from: ifeanyi [Visitor] Email
ifeanyiI am very much hpy to see this from our brother,but am also seen what is hapnin in dis country,we can only archive with what we have on when we get free from then and bee on our own,but we can only make it through involving international communities,because it can bee by fihting again.God must surely see us through.may God bless my father land igbo amem!
07/16/12 @ 05:24
Comment from: Adiele oswin [Visitor]
Adiele oswinAs fare as iam concerne iam not a nigerian but a biafran. thank you my brother for a job well done. Peter or whatever you called yourself you can go to hel wit your senseless comment. If you are an IGBO man than GOD we are blessed. is not easy to be an Igbo.
07/16/12 @ 11:31
Comment from: Emma/Thailand [Visitor]
Emma/Thailand@ Emeka, biko Emeka achorom ka mu na gi buru enyi. Biko Emka achorom ka gi kuzierem igbo maka na echefuelam asusu igbo. daaaaaluuuuuuuuuuooooo
07/17/12 @ 21:31
Comment from: crisdels Chris Nnadede [Visitor]
crisdels  Chris Nnadede@Peter - I was enjoying myself until I read Peter's comment about Ndigbo. Well for a Yoruba to say that means he is still way far out of that country called Nigeria. The Igbo is the only tribe that accepted Nigeria the way it is. Igbo lived and lives in every nooks and crannies of Nigeria, doing business, owning land and raising their children and also contributing in the well being of the land they dwelled on. Whereas in Igbo land there's hardly any reasonable properties or businesses owned by Hausa? Or Yoruba. So who really wanted Nigeria most?
07/19/12 @ 03:24

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