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An Open Letter to Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan


An Open Letter to Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

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*An Open Letter to Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

By Dr. Sunday Adegoke

His Excellency
Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
President & Commander-in-Chief
Federal Republic of Nigeria
The State House
Three-Arms- Zone


In reaction to your directive as the Visitor of University of Abuja that political students should be screened out and sent back to you politicians, it is a welcome development. However the style and manner in which the screening exercise is being carried out in the university will make it fruitless at the end of the day. If you want the right thing to be done, set a committee made up of people with unquestionable characters so that the vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Adelabu James Sunday Adebowale will not have any influence on the screening exercise. As someone who was involved in the screening of new students in the university this academic year, there were cases where applicants have not even written UTME and the Vice Chancellor gave an executive order to register them. Also, the screening form does not contain anything on Post UME. I know that admission of applicants into University of Abuja since Adelablu’s administration is purely on cash and carry basis.

So, if you want proper screening exercise to be carried out, you can ask that people with integrity should carry out the screening exercise possibly from outside the university because the rate in which Adelabu’s administration is giving out bribe to staff of this university is unimaginable. If a student who paid substantial amount of money to be given admission is screened out, then Adelabu knowing the role he played towards such admission will not allow the result of the screening exercise to see the light of the day because he can go to any length to bribe the person who carried out the screening exercise.

I am sure the Visitation Panel report was presented to you as the Visitor, is it not surprising that one university has ninety-seven (97) accounts? Well, some of those accounts were opened for applicants to pay in money towards their admissions by Adelabu’s administration. It is very unfortunate that this university has this character as its Vice Chancellor. After the kangaroo screening exercise by Adelabu’s stooges, he will only bribe them so that no student is screened out. Within the past few weeks, Adelabu has actually spent so much money meant for the university to bribe people to support his administration.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Sunday Adegoke

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

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Comment from: Christopher Biose [Visitor]
Christopher BioseWhat bothers me about President Jonathan's administration is that he pretends not to know sordid things going on around him. The rot is everywhere and no strong effort is being made to cleanse the system. Where are his horde of special advisers and security agencies?
07/24/12 @ 03:36
Comment from: zulai Alaku [Visitor]
zulai Alaku
What happens to the existing student?
07/24/12 @ 09:21
Comment from: JACKSON2J4 [Visitor]
JACKSON2J4The strenght of a house depends on its foundation, a house built on a weak foundation can hardly last and the risk of falling is perpetual.The problem with Nigerian society owes its origin from the total colapse of our tertiary institutions.The very people who are supposed to be a model of sobriety,kindness and goog living worthy of emulation are themselves morally decay.The rate of moral depravity and decadence in the vests of ecomnomic sabotage, financial profligacy, sexual promiscuity and cult related indulgences have attained the height of Sodom and Gomorra.Lecturers and school managements have turned their moral duty to impart knowledge and guidance into a money making exercise.Where will one start from,is it in the injustice and racketeering during admissions of new students, or is it during exams, where students are held under duress to pay either in cash or in kind, the later, especially for the female students, if they don't want to remain in school forever. in fact, the degree of corruption and moral decay we witness in our universities and higher institutions of learning have exceeded the ones we live on daily bases with our moraless politicians.
It is very unfortunate, every Nigerian complains of corruption, every body points on the president, Gudluck Jonathan, the most visible man standing in the mist of a crowd.But the president didn't fall from the sky, he is a product of both corrupt and rotten society. We need a retrospection, look inwards as a people and find out why all these decays.There is a serious and urgent need for a total cleansing, if you like revolution that will sweep across every section of the society, the whole institutions of the state, including universities.
07/24/12 @ 14:05
Comment from: tebe peter [Visitor]
tebe peterMr president needs to do more to let us see a clear difference between him and corruption he should insist on sanity in the polity and ensure that nigerians have the persons they vote regardless of party affiliations
07/24/12 @ 22:58
Comment from: M. D. Akpele [Visitor] Email
M. D. AkpeleI just want to thank GOD Almighty for the courage with which Dr. Sunday Adegoke wrote that letter.
Honestly, all the special advisers of these so-called politicians holding sensitive offices of various capacities in Nigeria are just appointed for gratification as was negotiated & agreed.
actually, they don't do nothing like advice but are quite good at proffering negative advises that must culminate to fat chunk of money in their acounts as well as that of their Bosses, SORRY!
Anyway, Dr. Sunday Adegoke's letter to Mr. President was quite commendable, it's a witty advice and a good start to rid this country of that EPIDEMY ( corruption ) which is plaguing her.
Not forgetting mention this, if we have to anihilate corruption, it has to start from our leaders. They should know that it is GOD who has given them such offices to serve his people, giving GOD's words and instructions its rightful place in decision making process by championing justice and equity to honour him ( Our Creator).
MY HUMBLE SUGGESTIONS HERE :- If Mr. President wants to really succeed as the best President the world would ever know and also put his name in the sounds of time. The SECRET is in the word of GOD.
Mr. President should carefully study the story of JEHOSHEPHAT from the Bible ( 2nd Chronicle 19:4-11, 17:6 ) who was able to reconcile the people of Judah, Israel back to GOD as an administrator by simply appointing GOD-Fearing Leaders, Priests and Levites to support his administration and also giving them special orders ( GOD's Divine Instructions ). He told them that their roles as leaders is pretty much on the service of GOD. Neither are they serving themselves nor any man.
And the result of his subscription to GOD's vision paid-off and commendable, to the extent that the news spread arround the world, other nations were paying tributes to him for his achievements.
Just less than 4yrs ago, late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills of blessed memory tried it a little, but not completely in Ghana and succeeded in revamping Ghana's economy and so many other acheivements.
07/25/12 @ 18:04
Comment from: Augustine Emeka Ogbu [Visitor]
Augustine Emeka OgbuDr Adegoke. I can really understand how you feel. We are not surprised at what is going on in our public institutions, especially the universities. The fundamental source of our leadership failure is rooted in the monumental corruption and ineptitude entrenched in our educational institutions. This is so because the same people that offer bribe to secure admission, are same people who graduate to find themselves in strategic appointments. The situation is a vicious circle. The VC, I beleive may be one of those who bribed their ways into doctorates and professorship. By their fruits we know them.

Fixing the ills of this country must start from the schools. The VC as you rightly reported may be dancing to the music of the powers that be that kept him in the office. The solution to our problems lies with the president. He must be prepared to shoot himself at the leg by doing away with mediocres in his cabinet. He must develop a stronger will to sack any non performer.
He must act fast to recover the failing mechinery of the Nigerian state. He must be prepared to champion a social revolution to avert imminent loss of faith in the Nigerian entity.

To salvage this country and make a mark in history, the President must be prepared to step on toes in all sectors of the economy. Time is now to strengthen our public institutions. Lets borrow a leaf from China. A stitch in time saves nine.
07/26/12 @ 07:23
Comment from: mr. ugochukwu, kennedy echue. [Visitor] Email
mr. ugochukwu, kennedy echue.The problem we are having in this country is we don,t fear god,our president mr.goodluck ebele jonathan is a god sent to this great country, we have seen the good works of god through him, no body will blame him because he is trasforming the nation but the problem is some of his advisers is betraying him and so called oppositions. Please let join our hand in prayers so that god will direct him, and give him more vision concerning this nation.
10/01/12 @ 13:27
Comment from: Blessing daniel [Visitor] Email
Blessing danielHis Excellence Sir Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan wen peaple say u ar wronge, i say u ar rigth, wen they say u did not do any thing, i said u try and wen they say you are stealing the money I say you did not infact you are the best president that hav ever rule nigeria and you are our hero. Am the S.U.G vice president in my skul and U no is not really easy to rule and satisfied the society, we are expecting you 2014 again
12/17/12 @ 03:22

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