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Nigeria Disgraced In Oslo By Norwegian Customs Authorities


Nigeria Disgraced In Oslo By Norwegian Customs Authorities

*Nigeria Disgraced In Oslo By Norwegian Customs Authorities

-Masterweb Reports

Juliana Salzer is an Austrian lady living very comfortably and coming from a very comfortable home. But her sad experience and humiliation in the hands of the Norwegian customs authorities at the airport has made her to ask many questions why people should be treated not based on the content of their character but on race and religion.

She had visited her friend J. E. in Nigeria in December 2011 and in return had invited her to Austria for a holiday and had also planned to travel to Oslo in April 2012 with her as a city she said that she had travelled to many times and had loved so much. But this time at the airport in Oslo she got what she had never bargained because she had a Nigerian friend as a co-traveller and as such was suspected for drugs and money laundry, detained in the name of interrogation for hours and told by a Norwegian customs officer that Nigerians were bad people and liars because of their country.

According to Juliana Salzer, when they were called at the airport for control she thought that it would be a normal routine check that might take 5 or a maximum of 10 minutes to end since they were as pure as snow, but alas, they ended up spending close to 3 hours, humiliated and their egos punctured. ( Continues below..... )

Juliana Salzer

Photo Above: Juliana Salzer: Photo taken in one of the fast foodrestaurants in Enugu during her visit to Nigeria in December 2011

She said that during the interrogation she and her friend had been separated in 2 separate booths at the back of the customs office at the airport where they were told to eat and drink so that they could empty their bowels. The height of their humiliation according to her was when the interrogating officers wore white plastic hand gloves and ordered them to undress completely and bend down. Not done with that they were forced to go to the toilet and to answer the call of nature with the customs officers right inside the toilet collecting and crosschecking the waste papers. At a point it got to a provocation level when one of the customs officers started asking her again “What are your parents doing? What are you doing for a living? Are you married? How did you get to know your friend? At a point it turned into aggression as the customs officer stood up and pointed her finger at her face as if she had committed a crime saying “[…] I am talking about washing money.” Juliana remained calm and said that she had told her that she had enough money and her parents had enough also, so, she did not do such things. The customs officer again threatened her this time as she said to her “Now listen, wherever you go and whatever you do we will see it. Whenever you take or put money in your account we will see it for the rest of your life. You had a Nigerian boyfriend before and now you are in Oslo with a Nigerian, you should know that Nigerians are very bad, they are lying all the time, all the time about everything and this is because of their country.”

Juliana asked rhetorically that if she could be treated like this just simply because she was with a Nigerian, what would happen if she was a Nigerian, and said that Nigeria had got a very, very bad image. She believed that the way she had been controlled as European citizen without any criminal record had been a shame. She also said that she did not care if people were controlled but to treat people the way they had done to her like a common criminal without doing anything wrong than being a friend of a Nigerian was ridiculous. Therefore, she said that Nigerians were targets and advised any Nigerian planning to travel out to be prepared to show a lot of confidence and be well informed about his/her rights and also advised Nigerian leaders to do something on the image of their country.

Uzoma Ahamefule, a concerned patriotic citizen writes from Vienna , Austria
Mail: uzomaah@yahoo.com
Phone: +436604659620

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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Comment from: Boniface Wada [Visitor]
Boniface WadaI advise Juliana to take her case to the European court and let us see their reaction; as for the poor Nigerian she just has to report to the Nigerian External Affairs Ministry; they will certainly do something. Time has come when we have to fight every inhuman treatment to its logical conclusion; we are no more slaves. Repatriate the trillions of pounds and dollars sitting in European banks then they can be the angels they think they are.As for Nigerian image our press is to blame. A German duped me of thousands of pounds and when I reported to the German embassy in Nigaria they simply said 419 in reverse and that was all!
08/01/12 @ 17:10
Comment from: Nina [Visitor]
NinaThis is no story. The maltreatment and humiliation of Nigerians are well known around the world. By the way, this story is biased. Why is the picture of the Nigerian woman not published like her Norwegian friend?
08/01/12 @ 20:11
Comment from: Ibrahim [Visitor]
IbrahimThe general attitude of Nigerian has brought about the humiliation. Why not a Ghanian? The people in government are the same Nigerian and cannot do anything. Two cases of Ibori and Akingbola are an example for us to ponder upon please.
08/02/12 @ 03:47
Comment from: FrankAyee [Visitor]
FrankAyeeIs there any Nigerian official reading this, or have they been informed? This is for them but, are they clean themselves?. I will definitely travel outside Nigeria one day. I don't want to experience this.
08/02/12 @ 04:15
Comment from: Nick [Visitor]
NickI am personally not surprised. If our leaders are corrupt, what do you think will be common Nigerians lot. Just this year, 2012, alone: how many suspects were caught with drugs at the airport? It is a shame. Everyone wants to get rich quick. Moreover, its because of the honour given to whoever is with big cars and living in a mansion that is the cause of all this syndrome. Get to the airport, and u will see all kinds of people eagre to travel. Some, you will just observe, have one connection or the other. You will know that by simple imagination such person has no money on his own - except either from drug or connected to those milling our oil money. Its a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/02/12 @ 05:28
Comment from: emma ota [Visitor] Email
emma otaNina,instead of you to address the issues at hand you are looking for an undue fault of pictures.A typical Nigerian is not a criminal but those immigrants who have corruptly or illegally lay hands on Nigerian passport. they are the same people importing fanatic ideology into the country's religion system.Nigerian weakness is due to their weak national and foreign policy. How many Norwegians thieves are in Nigerian prisons?.
08/02/12 @ 09:51
Comment from: Isa Samail [Visitor]
Isa SamailWhat do you expect? Do you expect to be treated any better? That's what you get for being one of the most corrupt nations on the surface of the earth. When people are lawless, having total disregaurd for law and order what do you expect? When pple in govt. steal and the courts set them free what do you expect? When only the receiver of a bribe is guilty and the giver is not seen as corrupt what do you expect. When my pple who are called by my name humble themselves.... you know the rest. Then, Them maybe, just maybe we will earn our place as a nation of pride. Until then, those of us who travel abroad be ready to face anything for being a Nigerian. Peace!
08/02/12 @ 11:48
Comment from: El-Do [Visitor]
El-DoThere is no government in nigeria today. what you see is packed of corrupt elements whom their conscences will not allow them to handle such cases and save nigerian from such public ridicules.
08/03/12 @ 18:22
Comment from: larry cole [Visitor]
larry coleThe norwagian authority are right bcos i experience the same situation thing at the oslo airport bcos they saw nigeria visa in my passport. In which i asked them why so much searches and delayed. When explained they were justified. I.e. many nigerians are selling drugs on the street of oslo wghich i later saw many many in oslo and they dont even have right to be in that country. I mean they are illegal. Am also a nigeria man too with europ pp. Ok
10/17/15 @ 08:13
Comment from: stem [Visitor]
stemNormally I do not read post on blogs, however I wish to say
that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it!

Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice
01/15/16 @ 06:05

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