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OBJ and IBB: Two Renowned Fools Trying to Fool Idiots Again


OBJ and IBB: Two Renowned Fools Trying to Fool Idiots Again

*OBJ and IBB: Two Renowned Fools Trying to Fool Idiots Again

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

How stupid Nigerians are! How complacent; educated but illiterate; wise but terribly foolish! Even as a fool is considered wise if he keeps quiet, a man thought to be wise is immediately recognized as a fool when he utters a word. The elders must be given their due respect, and the leaders should be accorded theirs as well. However, borrowing revelation from the Holy Bible, it has become abundantly clear that wisdom is neither a right for the elders nor do the leaders wear it as a crowning garment; wisdom comes and it’s of the Lord. It comes to him who diligently seeks for it. So then, where does wisdom reside? A man may become old and grey yet he’s lost at how to lead his children aright, and leaders may be bought and installed but their inefficiency, and ineffectiveness and their blatant blunders only unmask their utter confusion. When a man becomes an elder or desires to lead, he must, first of all, seek wisdom, and seek it from the Lord.

A recent publication in media houses has been credited to these men who have not only destroyed Nigeria with their forceful arrogance during their tenures, but have gone ahead to deny the truth and to block every avenue for true dialogue; it’s been credited to them that they formed a common front and spoke, as in advice, to Nigerians regarding the spate of insecurity in a place they have willfully turned into an Armageddon by their wickedness. The question I ask now is: are these old men truly elders? Are they really leaders who have severally led Nigeria? In answering the question one has to look at their tenures very carefully. Having looked at their tenures and the all-round woes they have brought on those compelled into a never-working One-Nigeria, one would immediately see that, although these men are grey-haired, they are no elders, and although they have led what they call a country severally, they have proven to be worse than Saul in leadership. What then do we call elders who have no elderly qualities, and what name is suitable for a leader who leads the led directly into a ditch of darkness, pains and death? Thank God! They both have correctly provided the answers by themselves and regarding each other. While OBJ agrees with himself (and even quoted a piece in the Bible to back his convictions) that IBB is a fool at 70, IBB, on the other hand, confirms to himself (with many claims of having done better than OBJ in leadership) that OBJ is the greater fool – even when he accepts that they are both fools. ( Continues below….. )

Nigeria Ex-President Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo

Photo Above: Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo (OBJ)

The beauty of having an elder in a society is far-reaching. From Biafra, my indigenous birthplace, we have it in proverb that “Okenye adịghị anọ n’ụlọ, ewụ amuo n’ọgbiri. When translated, it means that “a pregnant goat does not deliver with a restricting rope round her neck while the elder is at home.” What this means then is that no true elder and no true leader would have served or would still be serving and failed/still fails to see that what they call a country is only an avenue for continued and sustained destruction of Africans living in this part of the globe. But for these two men, who want to be seen and respected as elder statesmen, they have not only restricted a female goat with a rope, they have strangled the goat while it delivers her young; and they have cast the young into the pit of darkness and sorrows and lack of milk. An elder shields the young with his body when and if the enemy comes. But these so-called elders have sold the young and their future to the enemies for a morsel of bread. Leaders, as the name imply, lead. This shows that they should be able to know both where the people they thus lead are going to and the road to that destination. But alas! These two fools have no knowledge of where the people want to go nor even the path to the destination. The question then is, how have the people allowed these fool to play elders and leaders for this long? What has been their magic wand?

Here, Pastor Tunde Bakare provides an answer; he said: “It takes idiots to be ruled by fools.” How true! How simply revealing! How self-explanatory! It only takes idiots or complacent illiterates to allow fools to play eldership or leadership in their midst. Question again now is, how have we all lost true elders and leaders that these wolves now shepherded the sheep of God? Here we have the answer from the statements of the body of elders of different nations yoked under the abomination and a curse called Nigeria:

“What we have said is that there is no where in the world where force has ever worked on terrorism. We gave examples of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and we have given example of Somalia and we came back home and said Yar`Adua used force in 2009. It was against that experience that we said let us try talking to them and we have been very consistent on that. We don’t want to give it a northern or religious colouration.” – ACF

“It is a bit late as we had expected it before now. We were all waiting for that because they had to speak. I had once said the leaders who were supposed to speak have not done so because the Boko Haram is a menace and we cannot just look on and watch. I am sure that people will respect their views and halt these dastardly things.” – AFENIFERE

“There is nothing special about Obasanjo and Babangida calling for national dialogue or constructive engagement. When Obasanjo was in government for eight years, people were clamoring for national conference. Odi people reacted; they went and finished the whole village, ransacked every where and killed everybody because they killed one soldier. Today, he is out of government and talking about dialogue. Babangida did the same thing. Babangida and Obasanjo are senior members of the Council of States let them go to the Council of State and ask the council to call for dialogue; they don’t have to continue to deceive us through all these paper talks.” - OHANAEZE ( Continues below….. )

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

Photo Above: Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB)

The leaders who represent the grassroots, through their words, have shown that they, themselves, place any hopes in the ability of wolves to shepherd the sheep and in receiving justice from the devil. However, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has, once in decades, spoken directly to issues. Although each nation within Nigeria has council of elders, it’s obvious that the failure of these councils to protect THEIR VERY OWN has brought in these wolves, these fools who have led the said One-Nigeria severally and have successfully advanced the purpose and destiny of Nigeria which is complete dissolution.

Conclusion: To these fools and false elders, I say: get wise, grow up even in your old age, and understand that THERE HAS NEVER BEEN PEACE AND UNITY, THERE IS NO PEACE AND UNITY AND THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE AND UNITY IN NIGERIA AND AMONGST THOSE COMPELLED INTO THAT ABOMINATION. If you are true elders and leaders, work then towards the wishes of those led; work towards a Sovereign National Conference because those who cannot articulate their wishes well within Nigeria have demonstrated severally that they lost their faith in a One-Nigeria long ago and this demonstration is mirrored in their representative who now sit in parliaments solely for themselves. It’s in vain that you administer injustices and wickedness and expect the unjustly treated to keep quiet and maintain peace.

To the bodies representing all nationalities yoked under the demonic amalgam called Nigeria: Nigeria failed when the first foundation stone was laid. And there is no way such building can be successfully patched while its foundational stone is faulty. The stand of your peoples is that Nigeria does them harm and no good. And those who think that Boko Haram’s terrorism would be wished always, if they be elders or/and leaders, then the earth has not known fools worse than them and the earth will abhor them. If the now president of Nigeria thinks that he can eradicate terrorism in a One-Nigeria, then he is probably the worst of fools and the earth will abhor him. If you are true elders and leaders, the time to speak as elders and leaders, and the time to rise and defend your children and posterity is now, not tomorrow. If you do not, always remember that fools come and go, but the desires of the people are spiritual. He that must play the role of an elder and a leader must seek wisdom from God because his position defines his posterity. But if you would not be true elders and true leaders and call for the dissolution of this abomination and the unchaining of men bound against their will, you can rest assured that your children and their children will destroy each other tomorrow for what you fail to settle today because “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Olayinka Olukoya and Idowu Samuel (2012), “IBB is a fool at 70 - OBJ •Nigerians know who a greater fool is - IBB”, Nigerian Tribune, http://tribune.com.ng/index.php/front-page-news/26907-ibb-is-a-fool-at-70-obj-nigerians-know-who-a-greater-fool-is-ibb- Vanguard Nigeria (2012), “Bomb Blast: OBJ, IBB sue for peace”, http://www.vanguardngr.com/2011/09/bomb-blast-obj-ibb-sue-for-peace/ (date taken: 31/7/2012) Emmanuel Aziken and Tony Edike (2012), “Insecurity: Mixed reactions trail Obasanjo, IBB warnings”, Vanguard Nigeria, http://www.vanguardngr.com/2012/07/insecurity-mixed-reactions-trail-obasanjo-ibb-warnings/ (date taken: 31/7/2012)

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: Edwin [Visitor]
EdwinGod is my shepherd if I may ask what is IBB saying about boko haram
08/03/12 @ 03:57
Comment from: Ehi ferguson [Visitor]
Ehi fergusonFor u to have written this against our ex-presidents gives me the strong conviction that u are not only a daft, a fool but, a no nobody from the most retched and irresponsible family (if u even have one) in this country
08/03/12 @ 06:47
Comment from: ben [Visitor]
benBig fools indeed, We 're waiting for the next fool to join them!may be after 2015
08/03/12 @ 07:04
Comment from: Matt John [Visitor]
Matt JohnIkechukwu, you totally wrong in this lengthy story about the two leaders. Try to balance the bad and the good of the present and the past leaders.
08/03/12 @ 07:12
Comment from: Chijioke Kenneth [Visitor] Email
Chijioke KennethThan you and may God continue to inspire you. Setiments apart, We are the architects of our own problems, The entity called Nigeria has failed right from the onset. Our leaders knows the truth, yet they all kept quiet. God is watching as human being are slaughtered day and night and some hopeless fools under the guise of OUR ELDERS kept on deceiving us that WEARE ONE NIGERIA.

I weep for this country, you people have not seen anything yet, wait....REVOLUTION IS THE ANSWER
08/03/12 @ 08:12
Comment from: Eje [Visitor]
EjeIf IBB and Obasanjo did not make it right, then what is holding Jonathan? We need to understand the nature of the problems, and then design a means of correcting them. The problem of Nigeria was a perception installed in the mind of the core north that Nigeria was an inherentance from their fore fathers, and nothing will change that confusion. In other for them to maintain that assumption, they went ahead and created more states and local government in their region which will then block any attempt to correct the perception. Calling for a national conference is a waste of time, it will not help in any situation. The only solution is to proceed to the united Nations to intervene into dividing Nageria in two, the northern and southern Nigeria or wage the war that the Boko Harem has declared.
08/03/12 @ 08:43
Comment from: Ndueheidem [Visitor]
Ndueheidem"The question I ask now is: are these old men truly elders? Are they really leaders who have severally led Nigeria?"These questions forced me to write. My answer is no ,judging from the state of developement and the suffring of millions of Nigerians today- without jobs, medicare, driking water, elecktrical power, poor standard of education, corruption, lack of proper tranportation system, etc ,etc. These are men who supposed to bury their heads in shame, these unseen hands through which, foriegn powers were expoilting Nigeria. And because in Nigeria there is no accuntability so they can be arrogant and mock at the rest of us. Ask them how much do they have in their secret bank accounts? How much have they invested in foriegen countreis? There by creating jobs outside, while their very people who voted them are living in abject poverty. Have they seen any American President,-as we copy from them- expoilt his people. Let them tell Nigerians who helped them to power and what was the price.These are the men talking today after many years in power with absolute nothing to show.And look at where we are today, almost the laughing stock of the world, just because of unpatrotic leaders.
08/03/12 @ 10:53
Comment from: hitler [Visitor]
hitler"A Mongolian court has jailed former president Nambaryn Enkhbayar for four years for corruption"This except was taken from the Nation Newspaper, an example of accountability.As long as Nigeria Judiciary continue to fail in their reponsibilities men like these will continue to parade them selves als elder statesmen. These are men who should be investicated, and be made to tell Nigerians why during their leadership no meaningful developement can be seen in the country.
08/03/12 @ 11:22
Comment from: Fortune [Visitor]
FortuneWhat baffles me most is that Nigerians who claim to be the bravest of Africans, the wisest of all blacks and the most intelligents of all Africans cannot stand up and fight for their rights or even hold their leaders to account of their failures.

Nigerians are so docile that you can take food out of their mouths and they cannot do more than a dead rat. Nigerians are most fearful people in Africa. If this is not true how come they cannot stand up and fight for their rights. Consider Nigerians as toothless bulldogs. They can 'huff and puff' they cannot blow the dust off the table.

The people the world would consider brave, intelligent and freedom fighters are Libyans, Tunisians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Syrians, Palestinians, South Africans and not Nigerians. I therefore forbid Nigerians to talk where citizens of Africa are talking because they are empty barrels.

How could Nigerians not observe how their leaders (past and present) have misled and are still misleading them yet they cannot talk how much more calling them to account. Nigerians sold their conscience, their human rights, civil rights and their spiritual rights to their corrupt politicians and the devil, if not their leaders would not have taken them so much for granted for too long yet they keep quite.

Well since Nigerian leaders, politicians, the military and even the church pastors have discovered that Nigerians are gullible, docile, non-reactionary and in fact fools of the highest order, they will continue to exploit the citizens of Nigeria till world without end.

But make no mistake about it, taking Nigerians for a mug by their leaders, comes a time when a harmless snake will grow teeth and fight for its rights.

Meanwhile, Nigerians should keep quite because they are fools who do not know or who chose not to know when they are fooled by their leaders.
08/03/12 @ 11:44
Comment from: goldspring2001@yahoo.com [Visitor] Email
goldspring2001@yahoo.comThis is a very good presentation .I have always known the fact that our colonial masters sowed the seed of what happened to our people otherwise how could anyone
explain to me how in the 21st century nobody knows how
much oil is taken from our shores.Well they so organised
it so that those responsible for selling are people who
have no oil in their lands.And the fools accepted the
situation eventhough no body benefitted from the arrange
ment.That is why from 1970 to this day situation has
degenerated to the extent that from $2.50 to the #in1975to#160 to$i in2012.But you can see the difference
today when people who are at the helm of affairs are the
the people from whose lands the oil is pumped. Today they are putting policies in place to block all leakage

08/03/12 @ 12:10
Comment from: Vincent London [Visitor]
Vincent   LondonABOUT THIS PERIOD IN 1991/2 NIGERIA WAS LOCKED IN A POSITION SIMILAR WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW - in an impasse in quest for how to deal with party political leadership for Nigeria and bang came ‘Option A-4!’ And it reads thus: - “The one individual’s collective responsibility to everybody in the country and not to his ethnic or religious group only!” Taken verbatim from page 42 of my book - it was the fourth option on ‘Option A’ there were others - B, C, D, hence the term! See the President’s speech of 19/11/92. For all those still in doubt, folks! So here we are “Once more onto the bridge countrymen” here I come again they should study my solutions handed-in already about this issue! The formula for the elections being use by INEC presently followed afterwards supplied by me also on date 1/12/92 to the NEC then and copied the President at ABUJA! You may care to check it out, I have my records!

[“Finally, we need to reiterate that no meaningful development can ever occur in an atmosphere of violence and hatred. History has shown that any society that is built on the structures of violence and intolerance cannot prosper. We need to appreciate that, God in His infinite mercy, has blessed our country with abundant resources and talents, but we need peace and harmony to harness them not just for our own well being but also that of our children and grandchildren. We owe this future generations of Nigerians this much.

“On our part, we are ready to do whatever is possible to promote the quest for peace and harmony, a ready to join hands with all patriots to sustain and further enhance the unity and progress of this country. ] Just listen to who are now talking - a new prophesy perhaps for Nigeria, folks!

Nigeria in a QUANDARY I indicated this position much earlier about the state of affairs in Nigeria, folks! And I have taken pains to remind them (both) men about the impending crisis early enough too! The much I want to say is just to remind them again that I did send them my publication; Nigeria - survival or disintegration as early as 1988/ 89, which contained(s) all that they could have done to solve the problems now rearing heads in the country! Also a copy of “How to get your government and influence it!” for OBJ's attention in 2004 December all in the hope to help us in NIGERIA! The fact that we still have political and economic (corruption) in the country of Nigeria shows that they are not un position of authority to help/solve the people other than to amass wealth for themselves and for their families - remember OBJ’s statement at his 73rd Birth Day celebration in Abeokuta Senate President, Sen. David Mark was present! Part of the major problems in Nigeria is that your kinsmen are always prepared to lend support for your wrong doings whilst in office even though they may be suffering as a result of your failures - makes the problems not only complex but compounded!

I have heard them refer to these as visionary leaders and you wonder in what ways if they supervised the affairs of Nigeria for over 18 years between them soon after the civil war and we are still in political and economic problems how can one justify to assertion? Usually countries that succeed do so particularly after civil disturbances but it is not so with us in Nigeria; our International friends even express this opinion! The problem we have is that none of these are revolutionary and so the problems in Nigeria remained(s) not only compounded but burning daily! IBB signed us on for OIC, Gen. Buhari not only talked but demonstrated his belief in Sharia ethics and law for Nigeria - Alhaji Ciroma, Dr. Yorchia and Prof. Jibril Aminu threatened in Dec. 2011 after one of theirs (NPLF) meetings in Abuja that they will soon take actions to stop the good works CAN is doing in Nigeria in compliance with the agreed COMMON SUPPLICATION for Nigeria - nobody has queried them/ him on that dangerous statement! These, no doubt sowed the seeds (instrumental) for the dissensions in Nigeria! Behold OBJ had every opportunity to deal with the problems in Nigeria to ‘nip it at the bud’ but he chose to remain dilly-dallying throughout his 12 years altogether of actively supervising Nigerian Affairs, folks! Ref; to www.virgo-enterprised.com on page [2] & [5] Chapter 29 and see for yourselves the names and what I mean by that they were well informed about the problems in Nigeria, apart from the other contributions!

I have asked them to explain to Nigerians what Sir Wilkinson Commission Report before our Independence is all about so that the group responsible for killing of people would understand the history about AMNESTY for NIGER Delta people! Also I said to them that I have evolved another solution that can help us in Nigeria to repair the damage done to Nigeria's leadership problems so as to make the participation in the Polity not only whole but also inclusive! The problem the 1993 election could have solved for us in Nigeria through that Option A-4 approach also accounts for part of the problems! They left it for too long only to return to it now it seems - better late than never they say; what goes round comes around, folks! I have already been crying out for them to have a look at my new solution to Nigeria's problem which is intended to curb corruption also so that we can develop industries for the youths employment and nobody appears to be listening or doing something about the offer! 18 years for the Option A-4 to be accepted in Nigeria and this new one may take another 12 or more years yet it is the solution for Nigeria! You sometimes wonder who is advising - something that can stop/curtail corruption lead you to coexisting peacefully and thereby guarantee us the expected tranquillity for economic progression yet you don’t want to consider it and they are leaders! It is heard to believe!

I recall that I posted on National papers as well as in others thus:- Nigeria approaching cross roads by which side of it there is a sign post fixed close to the junction that reads - BEWARE of impending crisis in Nigeria! And I have written and reminded them about the crisis in the following comments if they fail to or continue to be wasting time - delaying matters, thus: -

 Amuta’s new text about the economy - 29th Jan. 2010
 The recent debates about Yar’Adua - 4th Nov. 2011
 My kind of zoning for Nigeria. – 21st May 2011
 Islamic Banking by a Cleric - 12th August 2011
 Ciroma and the South again - 20th Nov. 2011
 Jonathan under pressure from the Northerners - 28th Dec. 2010
 Wole Soyinka on youths - 16th July 2011
 Dr. Ofonagoro’s exposé Regarding zoning - 25th Dec. 2010
 The protest against Sovereign Conference - 6th Feb 2012
 Criticisms won’t stop agitation for revenue formula - Northern gov. - 8th March 2012
 Derivation controversy steers Nigeria to a confab - 12th March 2012
 The effect of 2015 and the impending crisis thereafter - 27th March 2012
 How to re-brand Nigeria - 30th March 2012
 Obasanjo and Anenih as National Chairman for PDP - 5th April 2012
 Buhari and 2011 - 17th May 2010
 Atiku and IBB - the unholy alliance - 29th May 2011
 Whatever the plans are - 26th Dec. 2010
 IBB decided to leave/ quit politics - 27th Jan. 2012

All the above to Nigerian authorities through the National Dailies - a lead in fact, that they can decide
on what to do about the problems earlier but the indicator is showing that they did not read the comments as expected they should have hence I urged Nigerians should henceforth read prose along the lines and not between - they tend to miss the ideas/solutions reading between lines rather than along them! In all of these I stressed about the ‘impending crisis’ we are now confronted
with in Nigeria as a philosopher - but think about the time lag for God’s sake!

We appear to be very close to it and everybody including IBB, Buhari and OBJ are now worried or pre-occupied in their own personal and publicly undisclosed degrees knowing that they were instrumental in many ways for the problems! And Buhari and Alhaji Adamu Ciroma now threaten to start a serious revolution with a set ideology not yet disclosed for the people of Nigeria if it will serve our purposes, folks! See part of the irony in Nigeria here captivating sometimes, folks; Gen. Buhari disturbed the burgeoning administration of President Shehu Shagari in December 1983 could not hold his ground - i. e. fight back, in 1985/6 when IBB and Abacha ousted him and he feels justified that he must come back and rule Nigeria again! And Nigerians think he was not doing this for vengeance against OBJ and IBB mark you Atiku and Ciroma are in his own camp and they (Nigerians) expect that he would now serve the public much better without the inherent grudges against his foes! All that euphoria stem from the experience of the civil war 1966 – 71 - they forget that Nigerians and the World governments have today come to understand what happened - the remote and immediate causes for the war, which apparently is rearing/fanning its embers again in the country!

Just to caution that it may not be the same as was 1966 – 73 because the World has now learnt a lot about us in Nigeria therefore I am urging that you should look up my new solutions - zoning and proportional representations, early please and see what you can do with it for the people in Nigeria! The leaders if in fact, they can be classified as such, should be made to keep to that common supplication intention for the people! Balarabe Musa once spoke like a good statesman but he now appears to be shifting in his thinking; he appears to be in the camp of Chief Asiwaju Tinubu and Pastor Bakare all because of politics of Nigeria due to Oil and gas Blocks - they can have common interest and not necessarily permanent friends, folks!

All these have been once on the seat of authority as Heads and could not do much other than get rich quickly! I suggested also for those in office of authority to try and discuss public matters publicly and not treat such as private affairs so that the people will know what is happening in the country and able to form an opinion! More so to avoid discussing issues like religion unilaterally as in the case of IBB and OIC leaving the impression on the ‘redoubtables’ that Nigeria belongs to the Organisation such that with any change in leadership we return to the same problem of killing the Christians in Nigeria! To stem this kind of recalcitrant behaviours it becomes mandatory that they discussed my new ‘Zoning formula to truly reflect Federal Character as specified in the Constitution’ - I said it much earlier time without numbers now, folks!

Whatever they have or think they can do now bearing in mind that Gen. Buhari is also threatening and we know that he has scores to settle with the two of them, we just hope that we do not gravitate to the 1966 -71 experience, folks! Therefore, I have put up this comment for wise consultations and or counselling since they now realise that violence and intolerance (do-or-die) cannot help to sustain any society for economic progress! You’ll wonder when was the change of heart set into the two - their advisers must be working hard this time? It is likely though that they are thinking that if things are left to continue to rumble to a point of derailment that the ‘wind of change/ fiver’ in North Africa and the Middle East may well and probably begin to blow across West African coast land and will no doubt touch Nigeria, folks! What I think this administration is try to achieve for Nigeria is to wean us back to the old but now ‘more cautious’ civil service-mentality/attitude to work, which the military under IBB and OBJ succeeded in muffling up in Nigeria - the mumbo-jumbo experienced under their tenures!

Olu wa jor bawa tun Nigeria seoooo! May God help us out in Nigeria, folks! Allah ka tama ke mu ageli Nejeria! Chukwu biko zoba any na Nigeria!
Hari yanzu sun’chuche mu di’awa - dukan su, ageli Nejeria! Meaning; Up to this date, they all cheated us gravely in Nigeria!

Like the child crying profoundly and pointing finger to a direction! ‘Write the vision/s
and make it plain that they may be filled in (with) wonderment when they read it!

08/03/12 @ 12:11
Comment from: Adeniran of Ikotun [Visitor]
Adeniran of IkotunState's right, state's constituition, state police, state's right to amalgate with other state to form a bigger state/nation and decentralization of unitary govt.
08/03/12 @ 13:59
Comment from: jacksonifeko [Visitor] Email
jacksonifekoGod love's is upon you guest's. never to found unity in any of them, better to break up gently and simply indeed up with wisdom of God.
08/03/12 @ 16:03
Comment from: Carlo [Visitor]
CarloWhat a courageous piece by a courageous nigerian!BRAVO!If you africans don't fight 4 your rights we in the rest of the world will continue watching you and laugh. Look at the north africans. it's like they have known that their problem wasn't outside but within them.Mr Ikechukwu you're a wise nigerian.
08/03/12 @ 21:03
Comment from: jazlan j [Visitor]
08/03/12 @ 22:03
Comment from: Audrey [Visitor]
AudreyWell, we do not blame those that looted Nigerian wealth and now answering 'elder states men', while they ought to have been in prison. Tell me the difference between arm robbers that besiged a comunity, kill some people, terorised them and removed their belongings and, somebody in uniform with guns, took over Government of the people by force. Looted the whole country with impunity, with ill gotten wealth all over the world, 'blood money'. They are now being addressed as 'elder states men'. Instead of them to be tried for treason and corruption as it would have been done in other parts of the World. What a shame!
08/04/12 @ 05:48
Comment from: Otuyem Peterson [Visitor] Email
Otuyem PetersonNigeria has come to a stage of no return,is unfortunate that this said fools indirectly have hands in the affairs of today's government,They designed a devasitating and confused national situation for Jonathan to assend as a leader,then Jonathan who seems to be greatiful to God for becoming the president of Nigeria without expectation,decides to adore,honour and even worship these so called either statesmen who has never had the interest of their nation or citizens at heart.i had never thought in my widest dream that Jonathan will do any better because there is an adage which says"like father like son".The reason for the unrestivness in Nigeria has always been as a result of corruption which emanated from greedy tendencies,since Mr President has decided to watch this thieves work freely on the streets without questions,then he is also not far from being a thief.A good leader is the leader who does not consider status before implementing the arms of the law upon any corrupt citizen.for those who see Nigerians as cowards,toothless bull dog and all that,i tell you;Jonathan maybe the last president Nigeria will ever have.we know we are longover oppressed but not to worry,if he Mr Jonathan is not able to call for a round table conference for secession then in no time,the oppressed will be force to damn the corrupt government and start taking laws into their arms and that will doom to nation.And when these happens,,e no go easy for this our leaders dem.
08/04/12 @ 06:10
Comment from: PETER OMELAZU [Visitor]
PETER OMELAZUThe Bible says it all that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.How can people who have sold their soul to the devil in occults have have wisdom which the bible described as the most expensive ornaments in the world.Bible is very clear that those who dig pit will fall into it.Lets wait and see how the will end.
08/04/12 @ 06:33
Comment from: Jerry [Visitor]
Jerry@ Ehi: First, you do not have these morons as ex Presidents. What you have in them are (ex).... coup plotters,... treasury looters,... stinking dead role models and... ugly ass manipulators.Think about how they came to power and tell me if any of them is qualified to be called ex(p)resident.These supposed elders destroyed Nigeria and so doing, they do not have the moral integrity to tell us which way forward.Secondly,you rodents have the knack of pulling in parental this and family that in debates of national importance that require meaningful Nigerians joining hands and to condemn the burning hell these imbeciles bequeathed to us as a nation.President Goodluck would do a better job if he could remove the shackle these morons and ex leaders of waste placed on him.He is of our generation and understands the pains we are all going through.
08/04/12 @ 08:55
Comment from: UD [Visitor]
UDIn all these, God is in control. Let the perfect will of God be done.
As a person , I would sincerely propose this for Nigeria:
South / South to become NIDEL REPUBLIC
West Nigeria - ODUA REPUBLIC
Let the perfect will of God the Most High & the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ be done.
08/06/12 @ 10:37
Comment from: Johnson [Visitor] Email
JohnsonI often wonder what kind of blood or thought flowing in this so called leaders we are having in Nigeria? can't they see how things are been done in other countries? The standard of living, using the national wealth for the collective benefit of all?
It baffles me the kind of role models they have become and I'm force to ask myself..where will the change come from?
08/07/12 @ 13:55
Comment from: jk [Visitor]
jkbabangida is the boko haram himseif
08/19/12 @ 16:33
Comment from: wahala [Visitor]
wahalawhy my beautiful nigerian are border to listen to those two thiefs
08/19/12 @ 16:38
Comment from: Aka [Visitor]
AkaI am sorry to see those two men as our Nigerian problem today if the are the real elder why then make our country be like others today even a Nigeria citizen don't enjoy the country just because of two elderly men,please my elder of Nigeria let you help us and make the country to be good for us that is the only thing i have to say for today.
12/03/12 @ 15:24

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