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To All who Preach Impeachment & Resignation to Jonathan: Shut Your Traps


To All who Preach Impeachment & Resignation to Jonathan: Shut Your Traps

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*To All who Preach Impeachment & Resignation to Jonathan: Shut Your Traps

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

One’s country should be a thing of pride for every citizen, no matter where they are or their status. And such country’s leaders should be as shining stars and pillars of encouragement for patriotism. That’s why you can find, amongst other nationalities, citizens who ride their bicycles and drive their Ferraris with the flags of their countries flying high beside them. It’s a mark of self-worth and state-worth; it’s the beauty of citizenship. But when the citizens of a state do not fly high their flags, yet feel proud of who they are in whatever country they belong, then two things are involved: it’s either that they are among the politicians who have destroyed everything or they belong to the group who terrorize their neighbors and distort justice for money. For one to be glad and unashamed in flying his country’s flag, he must have understood that the basic things which make him a citizen are not denied him by the state. When the state rubs its citizens of the right to live even simple, law-abiding lives, then such state has become a terror to its citizens. That is what Nigeria has become to her over one hundred and sixty million people.

“Entertaining the people” is far from one of the reason we speak (through writings). We speak, first of all, because our people must hear. Then we speak because it’s a message that we bring. Finally, we speak because we know the place of words in creation and in the table of times. Even a madman often delivers revelations to those who consider themselves sane enough to believe they are all-wise. That is why we do not take lightly what we write. Having said that, I want to respond to some of the peoples (some of whom claim to know God, some yet claim to be scholarly, while the rest claim to be in positions to correctly analysis Nigeria and proffer “one-shot” solution) who have begun these mild and aggressive agitations from all fronts against the president they just elected less than 2 years back. Today, the best they have gradually been coming up with is to demand that the pitiable president of the so-called Federal Republic of Nigeria step down or be impeached. Well, I say to you all: Shut your traps!

Recently, going by the stalemate between the federal government and the Northern “born-to-rules,” Nigeria has finally been grounded to a halt. The incessant demands made of Goodluck Jonathan (which, by the way, he has been doing everything to meet, including the changing of the IGP and the head of the NSA, the sudden refusal to carry out a single one of the promises he made to the South-East who overwhelmingly voted for him, amongst others) by the Northern oligarchy has left the presidency struggling to keep just itself alive. Sometime back, Goodluck Jonathan claimed that Boko Haram terrorist network has infiltrated his government. As it is recently, the president has confessed that, although he had made promises to meet the (as their ignorance concludes) most pressing needs of Nigerians, he is admitting that his government has failed because of Boko Haram, the Northern destabilization and terror unit. What remains to be seen by the ordinary man is why, if there are terrorists in the government offices of Nigeria, the presidency and all the much-paraded security units in Nigeria has not swiftly moved to identify and prosecute these very elements as it’s obvious that the activities of Boko Haram have crippled the government of the country? ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

The answer is clear: The “born-to-rules” are at work again. Since President Musa Yar’adua died and Goodluck Jonathan took over as the acting president, the country’s death date was fast-forwarded. And with the defeat of the North in the presidential election which saw Goodluck Jonathan of the South-South as the president of Nigeria, the “Araba” spirit of the Northern oligarchy has been released upon the Igbo and the Christians and Southerners. The statement of “ungovernable country” has produced a dead Nigeria - all thanks to the Northern “Born-to-rules.” Today, from the abominable corruptions rampaging the House of Reps and the Senate, their best shot at keeping a decaying ship afloat is to stupidly and blindly clamor for the resignation or impeachment of president Goodluck Jonathan of the decaying ship referred to as Nigeria.

Once again, I say to all those clamoring for his impeachment: Shut you mouth and may it remain shut. You have no solution for your conscience; how dare you claim to have any solution for Nigeria in the president’s resignation or impeachment? Even those who champion the name of Christ have altogether been blinded by their unholy zeal to clinch power and join in the race of looters. The problem of Nigeria is as simple as eating food when one is hungry. But when one cannot eat when he is hungry, if there is food, it’s either he no longer has the hand to take the food to his mouth or the food has been denied him. Even the hands of the blinds can always find their way to their mouth. In the case of Nigeria, the decay has affected both the country (the hungry one, in this case) and these politicians who have held the wealth of the nation for almost a century now. In this case, both the spirit of Nigeria must sit down together with the shepherded that have made themselves sole-signatories to the sovereign wealth, and receive their full judgment of condemnation.

Most times, when I’m moved to address even those who are known as great prophets and pastors and leaders in Nigeria on why they are blind to the truth about Nigeria, I often remember that, to each of these, a level of burden is given. Although I know that the purpose of God in sharing the burdens of His people amongst His men in any given nation is not so that they should be scattered and unproductive, but so that their individual offices will make a whole and healthy nation. Yet I’m aware that, even Elijah the Tishbite, had to move far away from the threats of Queen Jezebel of Baal. However, we can all learn that the retreat of Elijah was not solely for fear but for to return and deal with ungodliness, which ravage the people, once for all. Nigeria has known years enough for any prophet who long went to the desert on her cause to have returned home to speak “Thus says the Lord!” Why are they all silent, unconcerned and hidden, covered in darkness? The few of them who operate have faith strong enough only to speak of other nations or of individuals. For those called of God thus, you must realize that your call is of the people and not of individuals. The hand of every prophet is made long to touch the head of every government – even while they are thrown into and kept in a dungeon. ( Continues below...... )

Nigeria National Assembly Complex

Photo Above: Nigeria National Assembly Complex

Hear me Nigeria! Hear me, Nigerians! Hear me, politicians! And hear me, spiritual leaders! Nigeria is not! The very existence of what is Nigeria today stands, in every way, as an abomination before the God of heaven. You do not need to go up to the mountain or go down to the valley to understand that a One-Nigeria was not the purpose of heaven for all the peoples thus bound.

Nigeria cannot prosper as one country and the conscience of average Nigerians will outdo Hitler in wickedness if this abomination of an amalgam is continually tolerated. For those (including the so-called spiritually conscious) who think that the solution to Boko Haram, to Nigeria and to all the abominations associated with this name would be the “humble resignation” or impeachment of this president, Goodluck Jonathan, you are the worst things that have happened to Nigerians! You have power but your power is watered with dishonesty, pride and evil ambitions. You claim to seek solution for Nigeria but you refuse to acknowledge (even when you know this truth) that the continued neglect of those killed in Nigeria’s genocide against Biafra would forever stand against Nigeria, and justly so.

You claim to be of God but you want to become president and vice in a so-called One-Nigeria where every effort have continually been made to crush the political relevance of the Igbo by using the genocide card to forge fronts against the Igbo. You call it politics but you refuse to acknowledge that God is the head of all governments and that He opposes anyone that opposes His purposes for His creation. Your position is that Jonathan resigns or is impeached so that a son of the “born-to-rules” will then take over and then the Northern type of peace will reign in Nigeria where others are slaves! You are of the devil! Today, Nigerians have come of age and the so-called born-to-rules no longer hold sway. But, to them, this will never be. My warning, therefore, goes to these political debauchers who hide in the name of religion, education, and God, to further enslave those ordained to prosper in freedom: Man, unto thyself be true! You cannot continue to destroy millions only to feed your single ego.

Today, your voice may seem to count because those bound under the name of Nigerians are still like snakes being hatched from their shells. Sooner than you think, you would have produced venomous citizens whose heart do not consider bullets and bombs – as they go about, demanding justice from all of you and your generations - even to the third and fourth generation until true repentance works itself to freedom. A sovereign National Conference today is the alternative to an all-out civil war tomorrow. Let those who lead beware and be wise!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, ike.enyiagu@gmail.com








(all references taken today, 8/8/2012)

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: Eric [Visitor] Email
EricMy dear Ikechukwu, I always like reading from you, mostly on your cry for help from the helpless.
08/14/12 @ 13:17
Comment from: egbo charles [Visitor]
egbo charlesok we have heard you!
08/14/12 @ 23:31

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