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Cynthia Osokogu: The Girl Murdered By The Igbos? Who Is Qualified To Respond To This?


Cynthia Osokogu: The Girl Murdered By The Igbos? Who Is Qualified To Respond To This?

*Cynthia Osokogu: The Girl Murdered By The Igbos? Who Is Qualified To Respond To This?

By Olugu Ukpai

I have kept the desire to write on Cynthia’s unfortunate-gruesome murder in the deep freezer compartment of my heart for sometimes now. But after reading series of some media frenzy commentators that have persuasively linked her assailants to an inherent Igbo culture of killing, and because of the Igbos love of money and how Igbos kill themselves for monetary sake, I shifted this frozen desire to the heater compartment of my heart and commenced immediately.

My dear God, has it now become a crime to be an Igbo? The media frenzy commentators tell me so over and over again. “Cynthia, the girl murdered by the Igbos”, “Igbos why are you killing for money always? I hate Igbos …?” “Igbo like money too much. Ladies should avoid marrying Igbos!” “The Yorubas will be saying that Igbos love money, Igbos kill ...” “Igbos, Igbo why are you killing for money always...”?, to mention but a few. What would I tell their unborn children when they grow up to read such demonizing captions such as above? I was saddened to read such media frenzy reports, attributing Cynthia’s death and killers to the Igbos and Igbo violent culture, rather than tracing the historicity of violence and killing in Nigeria to British colonialism, the country that bequeathed violence on Nigeria in general and the Igbos in particular. ( Continues below..... )

 Late Cynthia Osokogu

Photo Above: Late Cynthia Osokogu

This article calls for re-interpretation of history from colonial history by the Igbos themselves, because, realities exist, but the ways in which this reality is interpreted are decisive for the ways in which history is shaped. It was Deborah Gray, who signifies that, “history is supposed to give people a sense of identity, a feeling of who they were, who they are, and how far they come. It should act as a springboard for the future.” It is my hope that it will do this for the Igbos, who has been given more myth than history. The myths have put the Igbos in a position where they must prove their case and abhor quietness. Despite all that the Igbos has accomplished in the fantasy called Nigeria, the Igbo man and woman is still awaiting for an affirmative answer to the plaintive question asked over century ago: “Can anything good come out of the Igbos”?


The question of agency stares me on the face. Who is qualified to tell the true story? I am not worried so much about what “outsiders” are saying, but what some of the “Insiders”, the Igbos themselves are saying. I am worried about our own brothers and sisters, who have joined the ranks of the “outsiders” and help uphold the Igbo cultural violence views. How can we fight when our own brothers and sisters are now amplifying the “outsiders” tirade about the Igbos, because they have been given powers and resources? They are now “insiders” that wept louder than the “outsiders”.

Our sincerity and vision are continually being impeded and beclouded by our own historical context and perspective, being told by “outsiders”. We are wise to reject the notion that the Yorubas and Hausas are the same like “us” and that we anything to share in common. “We” would be all too disservice to “ourselves” to assume that these “Others” are so exactly like us, such that their judgement can easily be substituted for “ours”, let alone speaking for “us”. Any approach without the “insiders”, the Igbos themselves, would be as refusing to see the sun in the middle of the day, and ignoring to tell the truth that the Westerners bequeathed on Nigeria whatever they are today. This calls for a different perspective besides the Yoruba and Hausa tainted media frenzy commentators.


Thus, I write to condemn the Hausas and Yorubas hegemonic media frenzy commentators’ hegemonic internal imperialism and exceptionalism. By exceptionalism, I mean the tendency of hegemonizing and demonizing the Igbos as either “violent”, “killers” or “lovers of money” because Faruk Lawal, a man who has demonstrated his penchant appetite and love of money is not an Igbo, neither is the most violent known “killer” group leader of Boko Haram, Abu Muhammed Abubakar, popularly known as Imam or Sheik an Igbo. I condemn the tendency to assume that the Yorubas and Hausas are neither better nor more peaceful than other tribes in Nigeria, especially the Igbos. It is deceptive to assume that they are innocent of violence, who must now speak, condemn and take salvation message to the “Others”, especially the Igbos. When Umar Faruq Abdulmutallab’s failed attempt to blow up a U.S. airliner in December 2009, he was simply identified and referred to as a Nigerian, not as an Hausa man. Nigeria as a whole was demonized and placed on the list of 14 nations whose nationals were singled out for special checks if they want to fly to the United States. Let it be known that no single individual or ethnic group has caused more deaths by violence like the dreaded Boko Haram, and their leader, Abu Muhammed Abubakar. He has never even been arrested, let alone being tried.

I contend that the name calling and one-size fit all perspective, which tries to link up Cynthia’s death with the Igbos, simply because, her assailants supposedly bear somewhat Igbo names is a ploy to relegate the Igbos that lacks merit. Somebody I know very well from Kaduna relocated to somewhere in Igboland and changed his name from “Danfodio Usman” to “Derechi Umarachi” for some attendant benefits. Similarly, given the porosity of the Nigerian borders, many aliens are sneaking into the country; changing their names to obtain the Nigerian passport, and committing crime in the name of Nigerians. Channels TV’s 10pm network news on the 27th of August, 2012, reports that one of Cynthia’s alleged killers, who claimed to be a third year accounting undergraduate student at UNILAG is fake. UNILAG has refuted his studentship, saying that, they do not have such name in their record. How then are we sure that their purported “Igbo names” names are not fake? A one size fit all approach mentality will only ensure that we miss the right approach and similar threats in the future.


How should we then deconstruct violence and how did it enter Nigeria? Violence is the product of the West, especially the British that colonised Nigeria. It is a product of globalization, Americanization and neo-colonialism. Nigerian state did not spring de novo from its environment. Rather, it has roots in the imposition of draconian forms of colonialism. The tragedy of contemporary state is that, it still fails to rise above colonial detritus of wanton disregard of people’s rights.

British colonial masters and those they handed power to, at independence, the Hausas, who have now turned to demonise the Igbos as “violent” and “killers” are the ones that bequeathed violence on Nigeria. Nigeria was peaceful in their struggle to oppose British colonial rule, even in Igboland. But they shot and killed Nigerians, including their women and youths who protested against colonial rule. This is evident and variously known as “the Women’s Riots of 1922” or “the Aba Riots”, but more correctly as “Ogu Umunwanyi”, women’s war in which the British colonizers spilled the blood of innocent women, just like the Cynthia’s innocent blood. It is on record that, gun salutes were a symbolic act of performance and part of the means by which the colonial power demonstrated their power of weaponry. They subdued Igbo women and even married the beautiful women by force. Some of them who could not be able to make love with women imported hard drugs to aid them. This act of drug and rape has continued till today. This was done to terrorise and instill fear and therefore paralyze the Igbo women, stopping them from rioting and overthrowing dictators in our peaceful, cultural fashion. Unfortunately, with repetition, these violence acts became a ritual. The Nigerian elite today use the same rituals of violence, gun salute, and drugging women to demonstrate their legitimacy. They are, when demystify, actually acts of violence. The fundamental structures have not actually changed. Nigeria swims in the ocean of British colonial legacies. ( Continues below..... )

 Late Cynthia Osokogu

Photo Above: Late Cynthia Osokogu (Photo 2)

Could the cause of male violence against women, such as in Cynthia’s case be as a result of the continues use of guns and hard drugs, which Nigerian politicians give our idle teaming youths, who are willing tools in their hands to continue to terrorise women, a legacy they learned from the colonial masters? How on earth do you, in your wildest imagination expect a drug addict, to have respect for human dignity, especially their female friends who they can stab, poor acid on drug, rape and kill at the slightest provocation? A person under the influence of hard drugs is animal, of unsound mind, precisely insane and a wayward child of British colonialism. Reiterating this fact, the CBN Governor insists that Nigerian state is a wayward child of British colonialism when he wrote: “We’re all victims of British colonization”, which was the caption of the PUNCH newspaper of Friday, November 20th 2009. Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said that the ills of the country (including, but not limited to murdering of innocent citizens, such as that of Cynthia) should not be limited to any ethnic group. According to the CBN boss, “every Nigerian [including the alleged killers of Cynthia] is a victim of colonialism”.


My heart bleeds that, sheding human blood, a taboo and “foreign culture” in Igbo land even before the arrival of the colonial masters, has now gradually being recorded in the Igbo cultural lexicon. “Tufiakwa!.” –God forbid!

Rather than apportioning blames, we should blame it on colonialism and the Whiteman’s brilliance, trick and manipulations in eroding our culture. He destroyed our peaceful culture and bequeathed his on us before leaving. Recollecting and lamenting on the wanton destruction of transformation of Nigerian virtue by the British, Chinua Achebe wrote:

“Does the Whiteman understand our customs…How can he when he does not even speak our tongue? But he says that our customs are bad; and our brothers who have taken up his religion also say that our customs are bad. How do you think we can fight when our own brothers have turned against us? The Whiteman is very cleaver. He came quietly and peacefully with his religion. We were amused at foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers and sisters, and the clan can no longer ACT as ONE. He has put a KNIFE through the things that held us TOGTHER, and we have FALLEN APART”.

Indeed, what evidence do I need to present my case? Igbos love strangers unconditionally and innocently. We loved the British colonial masters unconditionally, but they did not love us back. They pretended that they did until they destroyed Igboland which is the task of Igbo historians to piece together. I contend that, rather than attributing the alleged Cynthia’s killers, whom I call wayward children of British colonialism to the Igbos, I will rather proudly identify late Cynthia, as a true, fearless Igbo young girl, who associated unconditionally, and who trusted unconditionally, because, such were the Igbos’ and Igbo women attributes, which they fearlessly exhibited even before the British colonial masters. But just like the colonial masters did to the Igbo women by mishandling and killing them, Cynthia’s killers did the same, and thereby repeating exactly what the British colonial masters did to the Igbo women. Ola Rotimi lamented on the Whiteman’s deception, in loving someone who does not actually love you, when he wrote:

“I said to him: White One, show me your hand. And he showed me his hand. White One, give me that hand. And he held out his hand. The right hand. Then, I said to him: White One, your face shows love, but does your heart? Because to love someone who does not really love you, is like shaking the giant iroko tree to make a tiny dew-drops…fall. I had opened my hand to the Whiteman. But minds do not meet like roads”.

Olugu Ukpai is a Ph.D Law student at School of Law at the University Of Reading, U.K. He can be reached at oluukpaiolu@yahoo.com

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Comment from: uche obi [Visitor]
uche obiThanks Olugu,
Thanks for the wonderful piece,It is true that our problems are traceable to British colonialism;but i believe that their must be a way out of every problem.The fact is that we cannot remain like this.A problem is half solved when one is able to identify its cause.N
08/28/12 @ 02:54
Comment from: Jide [Visitor] Email
JideHi Olugu Ukpai. I wish I could commend your writing, but that wouldn't be sincere. In the first instance it's so inappropriately long for the point you tried to make that it comes across as nagging. In the second instance you too fell for the typical self-denial that blames the Britons for the violence in Nigeria. I only wish you got your facts straight, that before the Brits came there had been violence...I resist the temptation to write at length on this. In the third instance, you again exhibited the attitude of many Igbos (or few Igbos with access to the media) that persistently portray your people as victim of almost everything that happens in Nigeria. The same attitude that has in many cases seen some Igbos describe the menace of Boko Haram as a tribal cleansing against the Igbos. You should grow up; it's not always about you. Until you mentioned it I had not for once seen the murdered young woman as an Igbo, not even her murderers. I am sure many people also just see them as Nigerians. Until you start whining and crying out here. I definitely disagree with all forms of stereotypes against any tribe/race of people, which merely shows ignorance on the part of people displaying such stereotype. But then it's high time all Nigerians start seeing one another as Nigerians and no more. This divisive attitude, this tribal paranoia, has never helped us as a nation.
08/28/12 @ 03:00
Comment from: collins [Visitor]
collinsmy dear writer you have try your best remember crime is crime just like it happen in every country USA and europeans countries so is not a new thing any more , but saying igbo love of money remember chinese worship money the same way you worship your GOD nobody will say crime is good but the one commented in the name of religion is worse than cyber crime , any body that commented crime let him face it there is law in the land let them face the law why making noise?
08/28/12 @ 05:01
Comment from: Jackson [Visitor]
JacksonMr. Olugu Ukpai,

It's a well written article, y heart bleeds for the race of ndi Igbo, I wish each Igbo Indigence irrespective of the state he or she belongs will stands up for what is right,,,,,I'm a proud Igbo man, I was never thought to fight, rather I was thought to walk to walk when it stalls....We need to stand and tell Nigerians That enough is a enough...A world is enough for the wise...if we can accept and associate with Nigerians with open mind and welcome them into our dwelling place with open arms....All they sick is to find mistake and destroy us......

I don't want to use inappropriate ways to say that we are never part of that country called Nigeria. But lets keep our finger across and watch what an ancestors has in-stock for us..
08/28/12 @ 05:58
Comment from: Dr Ezeh [Visitor] Email
Dr EzehOlogu Ukpai it is very disappointing that such stupid write up of yours is published.If you have problem with the frontal lobe of your brain that is your problem but for Christ sake keep your thought diarrhoea to yourself.
How can your hide from the corner of somewhere and insult the collective sense of a Race.I think you have to grow up and quickly too.If you continue like a person with poorly developed theory of mind i bet you'll be caught up in a complex mess in the western world. U have to apologise to Ndi Igbo
08/28/12 @ 06:04
Comment from: EJIKE NJIKO [Visitor]
I feel more proud to be called an Igbo man to see that there are intellectual Igbos, who can go back to history and the record aright for us, the new generation to read. Honestly, I have been ashamed when my friends make mockery of me that Igbos killed their own blood sister for money. But now, I have bullets, armed by your article to fight back. In fact, permit me to print out this article and distribute. Thank you my BIG brother. I am relived.
08/28/12 @ 06:06
Comment from: Sampson [Visitor]
SampsonDear Sir,
I was thinking whether you are still alive? We suddenly missed ur ever moving and patrotic articles on Masterweb. I am glad that you are back.

Thank you for this peiece. It is well crafted and has unrevelled the mystery of violence in Nigeria and Igboland. The stupid people who have been linking the girl's death to Ndigbo will now shut up. Thank you sir. You are fearless and we need people like you in Igboland.
08/28/12 @ 06:11
Comment from: Ejike [Visitor]
EjikeCriminality is not limited to any one people or tribe.I think the problem now is the way we place value on things.All over Nigeria and indeed the worldthere is a total colapse of the value system simply because people tent to turn away from sound moral judgement. You wan to tell some one that an action is not good and you will be suprised that he will answer that it is not a question of morality. So, let us not disparage any one people or tribe.Criminality in this digital age has become global and WE NEED TO GO BACK TO THE BASICS TO STEMT HIS TIDE.
08/28/12 @ 06:13
Comment from: Smapson [Visitor]
SmapsonHahahahahahaah, I said it, the man is back. Ukpai welcome. We have so much missed u in this forum. I first read you when they said that a Nigerian , an Husa boy tried to bomb American plane. You wrote very strongly to defend your country, Nigeria. Now again, you have come again to put the record staright on the death of Cynthia, being linked to the Igbos.

Thank you very much. I never known any of these facts that you have unraveled. Speak out. You are the Okupe of the Igbos. Come home and contest for election. No Igbo leader is speaking, you are. If you cannot speak out, how are we sure that they can defend the Igbo cause when they get there.
08/28/12 @ 06:19
Comment from: tony johnson [Visitor]
tony johnsonher death is too harsh to my eyes, why looking at here she lokes parity and intense to be Mordred like that.
there's no need to west time in cut for questions let them go street to there own grave that's all. what ever reason they have gating or what ever offense she committed, she don't deserve this ca-ind of death. please let the government go treat to Justis.
08/28/12 @ 06:19
Comment from: tony johnson [Visitor] Email
08/28/12 @ 06:37
Comment from: Emmanuel okeke [Visitor]
Emmanuel okekeIt is unfortunate that THE Igbo race has become an issue instead of facing the fact that in nigeria money has taken the centre stage in ourlives instead of good morals.it cuts across tribes.whether yoruba,housa or other tribes we still have our different problems and challenges facing us as a nation.
Dont forget about the ife modakeke issue in the early 90s
The niger Delta issues some years back.
The current senseless organisation called BOKO HARAM.
Please allow this unfortunate issue to rest and allow the family to mourn the death of their daughter that just passed away.wickedness is only found in the heart of wicked mind weather igbo yoruba or housa.lets pray that GOD SHOULD BE WITH THIS FAMILY AT THIS TRYING TIME,PERIOD.
08/28/12 @ 07:07
Comment from: azuka nkem [Visitor]
azuka nkemi reason the same way as oluku ukpai.let the investigators ascertain the real names of these murderers,the places where they come from,if possible their towns.am saying this as an igbo man,because they have soiled the various towns where they come from.anyhow may cynthia,s soul rest in peace-amen
08/28/12 @ 07:50
Comment from: duke [Visitor]
dukeMr Olugu,
Whatever tribe you hail from, its stupid of you to have written such rubbish in general terms.Perhaps you dont know of "Gbomo Gbomo" from Yoruba land and the silly "Magum" plus all the rituals that still litter Egbaland in quest of get rich quick.Once more you are truly silly.Wait for the reactions to your"STUPIDITY"
Sure your PhD in Reading is as lousy as you.A Doctorate fellow to think the way you have done through your article implies "FAILURE OF YOU TO BE EDUCATED"
Now I wonder why "MasterWeb" should publish such "obscenity".
08/28/12 @ 08:06
Comment from: James [Visitor]
JamesThis is a well pieced article. A vindication of Ndi Igbo on the death of Cynthia. Thank you Ukpai for speaking out for the Igbos whenever the occassion beckons on you. I am proud to be an Igbo. Ndi Igbo nwere madu! Ndewo Dedem!
08/28/12 @ 08:55
Comment from: Kalu [Visitor]
KaluThank you very much, Ukpai. You have proved it again once more that Ndi Igbo nwere onu n'ekwuru ha okwu. Igbos are not killers, but lovers of all. But the people we love take us for granted and take undue advanatge of us. That was exactly what the British did to us and same has been done Cynthia. A nice and well researched piece, my brother.
08/28/12 @ 08:58
Comment from: Larry Jacob [Visitor]
Larry JacobDear Dr. Ukpai,

I am highly impressed by this piece, refuting the linking of Igbos and the killing of Cynthia to the Igbos, rather the British and their violence wayward children as you call them. This is a well tailored article, and an intellectual one, well researched and presented in a coherent manner. It is very perssuasive. Thank for being a voice. I hope that God will protect you and your family so that the enemies of Ndi Igbo will not see you. Amen.
08/28/12 @ 09:03
Comment from: Dr Fortune Laurence [Visitor]
Dr Fortune LaurenceThe writer of this episode reminds me of a debate I had in my days as a student of London School of Economics and Political Science to which I am an alumnus today. THe fear of the Ibos vis-a-vis hatred is consequent on their graduated intelligence which indeed the British colonial masters could not handle.

This seed of fear and hatred of the Ibos initiated by British Colonial Masters was sold to other Nigerian tribes and every attempt was made to Ibos marginalisation in the Nigerian polity.

I will quote Prof. Maede of the London School of Economics who said that hatred and marginalisation of any race (such as the Ibos) would always result in unity, strength, and advancement because history informed us that.

To the Ibos, I therefore say exploit this opportunity to rekindle your unity, strenght, knowledge, firmness and resolute because time is on your side. You are recognised as an indispensable race of a people.

My sincere condolence to the Osokogu family. What happened to you can happen to any family.
08/28/12 @ 09:52
Comment from: Olugu [Visitor]
OluguFirst @ Dr. Eze, I am wondering if your comment is civil enough to earn my response. @ Jide, I wish you could come up with your own theory. In fact, wait for the second part of my colonial linkage of violence in Nigeria. Scholars propound theories, and others counter it. I am waiting to read yours. @Duke, Can you pick up your pen and tell us more about "Gbomo" "Gbomo". It will be an interesting peiece. Link up your "Magun" and link it up with Cythia's death and violence against women. Talking it easy, but putting it down convincingly is the problem. I challange you on that peiece.

To all those who have responded to this article, I want to say thank for speaking your mind love for the truth. I must pause here to aknowledge the the comments of Dr. Lawrence, an Alumni of London school of economics. Indeed, you spoke like an academia and I am enocourged-highly by that. Thank you very much.

Finally, if I have this opportunity again to tell the truth and trace history, I will write a similar article. The scholar is the only one that is burdened with the responsibility of carrying out rational enquiry even when thoughts hit back.
My Sister Cynthia, Rest in Perfect Peace! You are a victim of wayward children of British Colonialism. But till death, you have deminstrated the fearless Igbo women spiriT OF TRUST AND PEACE!
08/28/12 @ 10:44
Comment from: Kingsley [Visitor]

I just want to commend you for the above captioned article. Thank you so very much for your choice of words, historical synthesis and unbiased assessment.
08/28/12 @ 10:45
Comment from: Empero [Visitor] Email
EmperoI diagree that people perceive Igbos as violent. My understanding is that the Igbos remain a mystery to many and this is one of their strenghts.
08/28/12 @ 11:09
Comment from: John Nwaodu [Visitor]
John NwaoduWho will say that murder is only done in igbo land, or will say whether there has not been a similar case from any other tribe or nationality. Let me say here that you have shown your usual bias attitude towards the igbo tribe . That murder was very unfortunate, i wish i have more time here. I will still reply you latter. I got to go.
08/28/12 @ 11:28
Comment from: Olugu [Visitor]
OluguThank you Emma Okeke, I agree with you that no tribe has the monolopoly of violence. Violence is a global issue. Thank you Emperor, thank you Kingsly, thank you John.

I appreciate your debates and perspectives on this issue. Let's joinhands together to make Nigeria a better and safer place to live for all. Support the Nigerian Police with any information that will lead them to curb the wolves amongst us. God bless. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
08/28/12 @ 15:34
Comment from: Dalon" [Visitor] Email
Dalon"Whatever you say, this young Igbo girl has been killed by other Igbos. Northerners kill too in the name of religion but they do not murder their own kind. Most of what you have written is nonsense. You invented histories that do not exist, you say so many things out of point that I wish I have the time to point out one by one. The so call insiders that you have heavily criticized are the wise ones. If you want to change a nation you should look inside and question what has gone wrong and ask how to correct things. These insiders you dislike are asking the right questions and I pray God grants them the power to change things for the better.
"What good will come out of the Igbo?" Before the civil war the Igbo race was the most educated, richest and technologically advanced race in Nigeria. The unfair and unfortunate civil war destroyed all. Even now, the Igbos are probably the majority honestly richest, having acquired most of their well thru honest hard work and industrious business, unlike others that have looted the National Treasury. The Insiders must question why other Igbos have managed to make their money honestly and a few others have chosen to rape and kill their sisters for it.
You also blame the woes of the Igbos on British colonizations. You are wrong, it's the sad civil war that did it.
I am a northerner and we in the north have far greater problems that the Igbos. In the North we are a totally confused lot. Some want to set up a country governed by sharia and some in the middle belt want a christian Zionist nation for themselves, but we just cannot let go of the vast oil wealth found down south. I believe instead of the Northern press pointing fingers on the Igbos for these crimes, they should also be looking inwards and asking themselves questions. In the north violent bomb attacks and religious violence have led to the murders of more Igbos than by the Igbos.
I believe you have unfairly criticised the Igbo insiders who are looking inwards and trying to change the situation. You should apologize for this.
08/28/12 @ 17:02
Comment from: Anya Kalu [Visitor]
Anya KaluMr. Ukpai, my erudite scholar. I doff my card for you. This is an itellectual article, involving hours of research, writing and re-writing. You said it all. Forget about the haters of the Igbos. They will get tired. I have nothing to add or say. The article is quite comprehensive. Can you borrow me a little of your writing gift? Never mind those insulting you above, they are the real "insiders" that support the "outsiders" to relegate the Igbos.

I was disappointed at Emma Okeke's comment. I thought he is an Igbo scholar? Why must he not support your article for addressing the truth? I am abit disappointed about his comment. He is losing it! I used to enjoy his article, but now, he has turned to a ploitician, singing praises of a man he never met before. Once an academia begin to sing the praises of politicians, he will no more be relevant.
08/28/12 @ 18:21
Comment from: Nna [Visitor]
NnaDear Ukpai,

Thanks for the wonderful piece. I feel bad at the death of Cynthia and pray that culprits and other criminals and corrupt individuals in this eroding country called Nigeria should be brought to book. As you said, when a Hause/Fulani, Yoruba or other ethnic group person commits an offence is becomes a Nigerian or individual person offence, when any name in Igbo commits offence, the other Nigeria ethnicity attack the entire Igbo race. Recently a Yoruba boy killed his friend took his new car hefollowed him to buy and yoruba people are not materialistic and greedy. The case is still in court. Like you mentioned, Faruke bribery scandal, does not potray hausefulani as corrupt and greedy rather Faruke. God is watching the hatred and marginalization and media distruction of a people. Just in the case of coups in Nigeria, how many were they? But rather one was called Igbo Coup and pogrom was organised against the Igbos. None was called Hause/Fulani or Yoruba coup. Within this democracy, there was a major crises between a Yoruba president and Northern Vice President, it was never seen as ethnic problem, nor Yoruba or hausafulani attributes rather individuals were focused on. Consider if Igbo man was involved what would have happened, For the Igobs who have lost there dignity, do not believe that polishing the venoms and aspersions poured on you people by Nigerians that will grant your acceptancy in the committee of Nigerians, you are a liar.
God in your infinite mercy grant all the struggle and good wishes of Igbo people. I wish Igbos, Nigeria and every part of the world peace and love
08/28/12 @ 20:22
Comment from: Samuel [Visitor]
SamuelAs I read the concluding part of the article by Olugu I asked myself a question; what is the difference between this writer and Boko Haram?The article used violence to justify the cause of an ethnic group without minding the sorrow and pain that the action is causing in the houses of others. I wonder what the writer is doing in the UK if the hatred for the colonial masters is so much. When are you going to write the first book in igbo language? When are you going to raise fund to defend thie food and clothing of the igbo traditional culture? In the words of Naomi Tutu, as long as each person continues to build walls around their assets and forget about the need for the collective good of the society the society cannot be at peace. Whether you are Igbo, Effik,or Idoma the fact remains that you are a Nigerian and unless we join hands together to build a defense for Nigeria, the defense for tribal groupings and nationalities will only amount to a waste of time. The Igbos condemn the Yorubas and the Yorubas accuse the igbos but the tribes are so interlinked today that the boundaries are only in the miopic imagination of some parochial minds. This is not a true defense of the igbos but a celebration and justification of the cruesome crime of a few people against an unsuspecting young girl.
08/28/12 @ 21:26
Comment from: Chinedu Adindu [Visitor]
Chinedu AdinduMy brother, Olugu Ukpai, I have to tell you that as a very proud Ibo man I feel very insulted by your defense of who I am. Please never do that again. Let me tell you what the whole world already knows about the Ibo man.
__ The best thing that happened to the country called Nigeria is to have the Ibos in it.
__ The best thing that can happen to any country is to have Ibos in it.
__ The best thing that can happen to any state, local government, town or city is to have Ibos in it.
__ The best that can happen to any company is to have at least one Ibo man in it.
__ The best thing can happen to any team or endevour is to have Ibos in it.
__ The best thing that can happen to any man is to have an Ibo woman as his wife.
__ The best best thing that can happen to any woman is to have an Ibo man as her husband.
__ The best thing that can happen to your children is to have Ibo blood flowing in their veins.
I am odenigbo, a distinct people, we predate Abraham, the father of Jews, Moslems and christians. The reservoir of knowlege, always willing to share it and discovering new reserves.
So please Dr. Ukpai I do not want to do this again.
May God bless you and all Odenigbo.
08/28/12 @ 22:08
Comment from: Chris [Visitor] Email
ChrisI have realized that committing crime in Nigeria is a going concern. It is unfortunate if people give it a parochial colouring. Crime has been indirectly and unashamedly entrenched in our clime. I weep for Nigeria. People missed and continue to miss the point. A young lady is cut in her prime and and we are castigating a tribe. That is a way to exhibit our intellectual midget status. No body has raised the issue of the warped and weird reasoning this generation have come to imbibe. It is more disheartening that the culprits are being prepared as leaders of tomorrow in our so called ivory towers; what a SHAME.
08/29/12 @ 00:30
Comment from: CD [Visitor]
CDTo Olugu Ukpai: I doubt from the bottom of my heart if actually you were a PhD student at the given University address. Somebody at that level of exposure can not bend so low to condem a whole tribe just because of an incident. I want to ask Ologu, what is then the differnce between you and a tout under the bridge at Lagos. Even in UK where you claim you were studing don't you also record crime? Do you now condem the entire place because of that? I was very sad that somebody who has travelled out to see the other side of life could promote ethnic hatred as you do.Your studentship must be properly scrutinized to ascertain the authencity.
08/29/12 @ 01:12
Comment from: pastor ernest chidu [Visitor]
pastor ernest chiduCrime is crime no matter where it is commited in this world. Whoever killed Cynthia should be fished out and be destroyed accordingly. Mr. Ukpai, if you are wise, u shouldn't have condemned all igbos because from your write-up you don't even know the people you are writing about. To u it seems that it is only Igbo people love money and u went to London to watch films. U asked whether anything good can come out of Igbos, the answer is "the best thing will come out of Igbos because they are people of God". Stop envying the industrious people that are trying to survive the genocide metted out unto them by so called wicked brothers of hausas and yorubas. Let the police do their work and get the killers of Cynthia if corruption will ever allow them to carry out their job perfectly well. Mr. Ukpai, you should face the evil that was commited by evil people and not generalizing it as if killing/crime is an Igbo culture. Talking of culture, that of the Igbos are the best being the true Jews, its God's making and nothing can change it.
08/29/12 @ 01:32
Comment from: dbong [Visitor]
dbongwhy nust it always be that when it comes to money rituald the aigbos must nust always av a title to crown in that area.well i think God will never give peace to the cold blood murderers of this beautil and adorable queen cythia. may her soul rest in peace.
08/29/12 @ 01:35
Comment from: uche [Visitor]
ucheJide or whatever your name is, you are exactly what you have been before now. a Leopard can never change its colour. Your response the write up proves that your are indeed among the oppressors of the last oreder as rigthly described by a one time information minister in the Federal republic of Nigeria.May I remind you incase you have forgotten that ritual killimngs and useage of human to make money originated from the oppressor of the last order before an Igbo man saw the lucrativeness of the business, may I remind you armed robbery saga began in Nigeria in the early seventies from the same root before other parts of Nigeria copied it. etc. Please it is better we avoid calling names and face the reality of the day and seek for a way forward to solve the numerous problems in this nation. Thanks.
08/29/12 @ 02:34
Comment from: okey O [Visitor]
okey OHow can you attribute a crime of a few persons to a whole tribe. Do you know this comment is very inciting?
08/29/12 @ 05:33
Comment from: Eng. Tony [Visitor]
Eng. TonyOlugu,

I took my time to read your article completely quite unlike me reading “Nigerian Stories” to the end. But I`ve been following up this Cynthia`s stories.

Please keep it up!

Engr. Tony
08/29/12 @ 09:19
Comment from: Ibrahim [Visitor]
Ibrahimi just de laugh, Intelectuals indeed,
08/29/12 @ 09:28
Comment from: chidi okoro [Visitor]
chidi okoroDear Olugu,
The Igbos in general condemned the brutal death of Cynthia. Calling NdiIgbo killers, murderers and lovers of money is an insult to Ndi Igbo and we will not accept it.

How many times have you called the Hausas killers for all the havoc they have done to Ndigbo through Boko Haram. Please tell me , I really want to know.
08/29/12 @ 12:38
Comment from: Lanre [Visitor]
LanreLet's call a spade, a spade. Bad has no other meaning.
Farouk is a Hausa young man really, without any controversy. But, he could only be referred to as Hausa here in Nigeria. But, at international level, he would be referred to as a Nigerian.
Members of Boko Haram are known as Hausas both at international and national level because they are operating locally. So is the issue on ground.
Clifford Orji for instance, cannot be referred to as Nigeria because he involved in human retualism locally but as an Igbo man.
Moreso, Hausa people did not deny Farouk to be Hausa.
08/29/12 @ 14:41
Comment from: Silas [Visitor]


08/29/12 @ 15:23
Comment from: Ozumba [Visitor]

I just want to commend you for the above captioned article. Thank you so very much for your choice of words, historical synthesis and unbiased assessment.

Amaraegbu K. Ozurumba
08/29/12 @ 15:38
Comment from: SAMPSON SILAS [Visitor]


08/29/12 @ 15:43
Comment from: GEORGE [Visitor]
GEORGEHi Mr Ukpai, Good day, i was reading your atticle on "The girl murdered by the Igbos" , nice comments on your part but at end your name sounded familia to an Olugu Okpai that i went to elementry school with at Christchurch uwani Enugu,please if you are the same person , try and contact me,if your not please disregard and accept my sincere apologies for wasting your time.Thanks.

08/29/12 @ 15:45
Comment from: Eng, Tony [Visitor]
Eng, TonyOlugu,

You Are Great Writer!
I took my time to read your article completely quite unlike me reading “Nigerian Stories” to the end. But I`ve been following up this Cynthia`s stories.

Please keep it up!

Engr. Tony
08/29/12 @ 15:47
Comment from: Rebbecca [Visitor]
Rebbeccal am so delighted to read this beautiful write up in defense of our tribe at least to exonerate the peaceful, loving and industrious race. You need to hear, read what the other tribes are saying about the lgbos ever since that incident happened, l wonder, It baffles me anytime l remember that what we are suffering now is the corrupt structure of the alma ger many years ago because of the selfishness of the British, they glued together what nature said is incompatible. They jealous us so much, What a jealousy in the highest order we experience in this nation! Anyway, you have exhibited a giant stride in the article and l am proud of you.
l will comfortably forward this to as many people as possible.

08/29/12 @ 17:10
Comment from: DENNIS BROWN [Visitor] Email
DENNIS BROWNThe biblre says the love of root of all evil,whether you are Igbo,Hausa,Yoruba ,in Nigeria money makes man not manners or character.In the early 80s parents advised their children do not misbehave know the child of whom you are,nowadays is remember there is no money your mother is there ,your siblings is there ,my brother,sisters and their children are there (which means loot as much as you can )How many times have you seen the white man looting money in his own country and bringing it to Nigeria .MONEY is what we bring this country DOWN lock at our offices/churches/mosques is all about Money not about CHARACTER
08/30/12 @ 03:41
Comment from: Kunle [Visitor]
KunleHi all,
The Igbos has contibuted immensely as far as i am concerned to the development of Nigeria.
To cut all stories, all tribals has their shortcomings.

Be it Yorubas and Igbos has put in their best, i will say the Igbos has contributed more than any other tribes in Nigeria. Igbos can stand up and choose to go anywhere but the only thing i know is that the Igbos are too desperate for money. Whole world are desperate though but when you look the far end an Igbo can go in search of money freedom. You will fear.Yorubas and Hausas are not left out in these criminal judgement but the amount the Igbos have tripled the other tribes. Statistics of Igbos in the prison both in Nigeria and way abroad is an examples.
Igbos are more hardworking people, creative, fearless lion and rich in culture.
08/30/12 @ 04:00
Comment from: Nwachukwu [Visitor]
NwachukwuMr Olugu Ukpai

I mst comend u on ur article concerning d brutal death of cynthia.

U sounded vry sincere nd truthful nd trashed the problem facing the IGBO'S nd NIGERIA. I keep on saying these; the British nd their Blood thirsty Queen has rubed nt only Nigeria of their peace nd security but all other Countries that they colonized.

To this effect it has crippled the infrastructural nd developmental process of Nigeria.

For Nigerians to live in peace nd re-kindle the togetherness of the 3 big powers in Nigeria, we ouaght to re-stratagalize our comitment nd go through thorough ORIENTATION and RE-ORIENTATION to actualize our goal..

Nwachukwu Alex Eze
Student. Owerri
Imo state
08/30/12 @ 04:11
Comment from: Ezechi [Visitor]
EzechiOlugu, my only worry is how you have allowed yourself to be brainwashed by western education. You have been indoctrinated into their feminist orientation. I short, u r no longer a man. U have wasited the whole time protecting a woman who is dead. I am disappointed.

But a nice intellectual brainstorming, well researched article. But I am only concerned with your tribalized position.

More grease, it is not easy shaaa to come up with all this bits to prove a point. You are a gifted writer. Well done.
08/30/12 @ 05:41
Comment from: Cent Amadife [Visitor] Email
Cent AmadifeIt caused a distinct tremor in the pit of my stomach when u often refers the God's gifted republic of Igbo land as murderers.
I don't know your intentions but remember, wickedness is an individual/personal thing, you should not attach personal sentiment to your judgement, among all other ethnic groups in Nigeria including cultural heritage' Igbos were the most liberal, very accommodating, loving, industrious, peaceful & most Christianed,etc.
Compendum, you should be very careful when next to choose a word, I expect you to pray for the Igbos steadfastness & perseverance, they have been neglected in a nation called Nigeria.
Apposite to the above, every evil doer must not go unpunish no matter the tribe., this is the least i expected of you to say regarding Cynthia's case & not to mention Igbos in all encompassing.
May her Soul rest in perfect peace.., Amen!
08/30/12 @ 07:02
Comment from: Ayo [Visitor]
AyoAyo wrote: "Olugu, you have written a powerful piece that is worth deliberating upon. This unnecessary event calls for critical examination of our individuality within a “fantasy call Nigeria” (to borrow your expression). However, as compelling and articulate your argument has been, I am inclined to submit to you that I do find some of your assertions perturbing.

Just as you have argued, I vehemently disagree with those who summarily ascribe violent acts to a group of people as presented in your piece. It needs to be known and preached that violence is not a native of any nation, neither is it an inherent characteristic of a particular geographic location. Thus, those pinning the blame on the fact that this despicable act is peculiar to the Igbos are ill-informed and they deserved to be scolded just as you have done through your article.

Unfortunately, violence is a human characteristic that manifests itself as a result of what I would refer to as human disposition to temporary insanity. Could there be certain motivating or catalytic factor? Perhaps. Yet, despite our proclivity towards violence, each one of us is endowed with the ability to exercise restraint and I want to believe this why we have the distinction of being referred to as human.

I was particularly drawn to how you cited Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” to drive home your points. While Achebe’s fiction overwhelmingly presents a good case against colonization and the destruction of cultures and our once united societal connectivity, it nevertheless offers a glimpse into the existence of what I deem “macabre modus operandi” pre-colonization and probably sans-colonization. Delving into Achebe, perhaps, this might be a good time to talk about the gruesome murder of Ikemefuna.

Ikemefuna, as eloquently written by Achebe, became a victim of what I can only describe as a state sanctioned violence (mind you, I did not say a violent society). It was within this establishment that the violent death of Ikemefuna became a necessity. I have asked myself over and over again: what crime did Ikemefuna commit that warranted such a horrid end? What was his culpability in the murder for which he became the sacrifice? While Achebe’s book falls into the genre of fiction, it is nonetheless anthropological in its approach and thus offers an unbiased historical insight into the culture of the time.

You see, violence has been a part of human society for as long as we have existed. As previously asserted, it is nothing but a suppressible part of us. Ikemefuna became a victim of this human disposition even with Okonkwo’s unsettling trepidation to carried out this horrendous act. Was it a need to feed his ego that drove him to lose restraint? Could it be that his devotion and commitment to Umofia superseded the coldblooded murder of an innocent child? Or, in Machiavellian style, did the end justify the means for Okonkwo? I guess only Achebe can provide an answer to the motives behind Okonkwo’s act.

Olugu, if you are wondering where I’m heading with this exposition, I can assure you that I am in no way exoneration colonization, neither am I saying that the white man has been an innocent bystander in the complexity of our current “state of the union” in Nigeria (and Africa as a whole). However, it would be irresponsible of us to point fingers where it does not belong especially when the culprits, in this particular situation, live right in our backyard.

I want to give you the benefit of a doubt that you are addressing this horrendous act by operating on a Yoruba principle of “let us first chase away the fox and chastise the fowl later”. It would be sad if this is a case of, as my people will say, “expending energy on curing ringworm, when people are losing limbs form leprosy”. What I see on the ground, and in particular with this cowardly act, has very little to do with colonization and the white man. It is a case of four deranged individuals who, for reasons best known to them, callously took the life of an innocent woman, and might I add, using your words: that, “Cynthia Okogu, was indeed “a true, fearless Igbo young girl, who associated unconditionally, and who trusted unconditionally, because, such were [and are] the Igbos’ and Igbo women”"

08/30/12 @ 12:00
Comment from: OLUGU UKPAI [Visitor]

Mr. Ayo! My brother! Thank you very much for your constructive response. The best comprehensive response received so far. Although over one hundred responses (and more are still pouring in) have been received, but none has been as detailed as yours. I quite agree with your contention that every pre-colonial society had some what degree of violence.

However, while I agree with you that the “macabre modus operandi” in pre-colonization worth exploring in-depth, it would probably be apposite to thread softly on such theoretical framework, because, as you rightly noted that "Achebe’s [work is a] fiction” . There are many unresolved tensions, as you rightly pointed out, just as in the case of Ikemefuna’s crime that warranted his gruesome death. Thus, Achebe's fiction and the case of Ikemefuna cannot be said to be a true representation of the Igbo pre-colonization culture. As a point of elucidation, Professor Nnolim, a literary critique icon has already challenged Achebe's fiction, Things Fall Apart. Nnolim among others has questioned the representation of the Igbo culture in the manner in which Achebe did. He averred that Achebe even copied the work from a different culture and added Igbo tonic and made it his own. Suffice is to say that Achebe's fiction and the “macabre modus operandi” theoretical exploration of the pre-colonization society, especially, of the Igbos has been put into a great debate among Igbo scholars such Prof. Victor Uchendu.

Again, while agree with you on the rich Yoruba moral adage of “let us first chase away the fox and chastise the fowl later”, the Igbos has a similar one which says that “both the fox and the fowl could have probably come from the same parent, giving that they both perch. It would be worth treating them together both as brothers and sisters so that none of them would complain of favoritism”.

In conclusion, while there were undeniably some elements of violence in pre-colonial societies as you have pointed out vividly when you said “violence is a human characteristic that manifests itself as a result of what I would refer to as human disposition to temporary insanity”, evidence abound that the colonial and post colonial period’s violence has increased tremendously following globalization and neo-colonization. These concepts have turned the world a global village. Facebook through which Cynthia made contact with her alleged killers and vice versa is a good example of one of the fall outs of colonialism and post-colonial institutional concepts that have helped to increase violence. Had it been that Facebook is never in existence, perhaps, Cynthia couldn’t have made contact with her killers and could have probably been alive today. Unlike your central thesis that “[The issue has] very little to do with colonization and the white man”, I insist that colonialism and the white man are at the center of the issue.

I'm loving the intellectual debate that you have posited here, the best so far. I wish others would challange me likewise. It would bring out the best and help all of us learn more. Thank you very much, you are indeed an intellectual mind.
08/30/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: Stanley Akujiobi [Visitor] Email
Stanley AkujiobiI am honestly ashame as an Igbo man living in South Africa to read this piece of nonsense
as a response to the death of this beautiful young lady in the name of Money.
Be it Hausa,Yoruba,Efik or Ibibio,whichever tribe,every Nigerian has got the right to criticize
the Igbos in this regards because the death of this young woman was a mere disregard to human life and value,and it is a total display of 'Get Rich Quick' that has plagued the Igbo tribe and the entire youth movement of Nigeria.

The same greed and lost for money is also displayed here in South Africa by ethnic Igbos and
same can be testimonial in London,USA and elsewhere amongst Nigerians and the Igbos at large.

Brother,Colonialism died almost 62years ago and it is time to move on,let along a PHD student of your calibre living in the western Society still blames the Brits as the cause of our problems.
Are you going to blame the same once colonial masters as the cause of Boko Haram? please enough of these nonsense mental politics and let the guys who killed the girl be punished to the fullest extend of the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria...Capital Punishment = Public Execution.

Next time,try to know the root cause of events before laying your blame on the west,If I were you,I would have taken the blame to modern technology (in terms of BlackBerry and Facebook) rather than the brits.

For other Nigerians in the forum,as an Igboman,I am sorry for the lost of the life of this beautiful young woman,I am a father and I understand the pain which every parent goes through reading about the careless death of this young lady,but then not all Igbos are greedy and can do anything to get rich quick.

God Bless all and May her Soul rest in Peace...Amen
08/30/12 @ 16:14
Comment from: Azuka Dozie [Visitor]
Azuka DozieFrom the pogrom era,about 1966 to the end of the Biafra and Nigeria civil war, untold persecution has been meted on the Igbo nation. Demonizing, mass killing,abandon property injustice,etc on a group that has contributed most to the development of Nigeria, is unjust and most inhuman and callous.
Check,the tribes that looted the treasury of the Nation, I believe is not NdiIgbo.Check the geo-political zone that is most associated with violence, it is not in the South-East. Check the tribe from were the country lost most of her men and materials in the name of coups.It is not Igbo. Yet, in all those, no one has associated any tribe in the country with such wicked conducts .... thanks,IJN.
08/30/12 @ 19:57
Comment from: Derrick Naija [Visitor]
Derrick NaijaHey buddy, your comment on the saddened killing of this beautiful girl-Cynthia is too long and trite. It appears that you want to seek cheap limelight from the death of this beloved girl. So it was the British that introduced violence to the Igbos. Hahaha, you really know how to tell a joke. Anyway, Olugu, don't hate the player, hate the game. Peace!
08/30/12 @ 22:49
Comment from: Onudire [Visitor]
OnudireMr Ukpai,
I only have a piece of advice to you; it is true you own own your mouth but mind how you use it. crime, murder or whatever you perhaps choose to call it, did not start today or with my people. Or may be Cain was an Igbo man that he killed his brother-Gen. 4:8
Be careful.
08/31/12 @ 03:23
Comment from: Michaelen [Visitor]
MichaelenI have the feeling that some of you who responded to this article either did not comprehend it, or lacked the patience to read through to its end, as evident in ur line and side of argument.

Mr. OLUGU, although I don't quite agree with some of the reasons you posited as responsible for the violence and 'extreme materialism' found in Nigeria today, I'm glad for your call-to-order of some nigerians who are trying to paint this picture with an ethnic brush.

Thanks, for such an article!
08/31/12 @ 14:33
Comment from: Olugu [Visitor]
OluguThank you Mr. Michaelen,

You are an educated mind. Intellectuals disagree, but there is a way of doing that.

I do not intend that everybody would agree with my perspective, because that is my opinion, but with a well researched facts. That's my onw theory of violence.

Watch out for my comprehensive response on these comments. It is a MUST read.

Thank you very much.


08/31/12 @ 16:27
Comment from: EMMANUEL [Visitor]
EMMANUELMr. writer, it is unfortunate that you are writing from abroad i wish you were here to see the level of killing from all the tribes in nigeria because of money. i have lived in the north, west and east and I have seen what is happening in those places. I don't want to start pointing at any tribe now but just bear it in mind that no place is safe in nigeria.
09/01/12 @ 00:52
Comment from: Dike [Visitor]
DikeHey, Oga Ukpai! You have done it again. This is exact position of things that you have re-echoed. Let those who ears hear. Please, keep it up. I am more proud now than ever to be an Igbo man. Thank you my lord.
09/01/12 @ 08:28
Comment from: Chidi [Visitor]
ChidiAgu Nwoke! Forget about all the nonsense commnets and responses from some laxy people who were so lazy to read through the article to get your point driven home.
You did a good research on the issue and antecedent of violence in Igboland and Nigeria. Thank you sir.

Chidi Awgunna
09/01/12 @ 08:34
Comment from: JOY [Visitor]
JOYThank you sir for the write up. You have really traced how and why women are being killed without any reason in Nigeria. I am proud that a man can stand tall and speak the ttruth despite all name calling. Keep it up and God bless you sir. Please, make sure you reply these people talking negative. REPLY THEM.
09/01/12 @ 08:39
Comment from: Vero [Visitor]
After readen Ur reply to those who were shamlessly demonised Igbos concerng Killing of Cynthia Osokogu I feel very happy for haven Intelligent Igbo man Like U. Bye.
09/01/12 @ 10:06
Comment from: SAM [Visitor]
SAMDear Mr Olugu Ukpai. Please I don't know the sex name you name belongs to but i guess male, if not please pardon my using Mr.

I read your open letter to Mr president concerning the above and I feel your pain. Please don't mind all the writings , it is because Nigeria is at war with herself. Not all Yoruba is in supports of all the evil terms used against IGBO. As you have rightly said who among the tribes is qualified to respond to this issue. I tell you my brother No tribe. Go to the North you see Cursed Children, raised by Islam. That is the reason they will continue to beg till the world will end

Come to Yorubas, cases of Area-boyism is the order of the day, so don't be disturbed by what you read on the pages of the news paper. Nigeria is not normal, therefore you should not worry at all. The issue of Cynthia Osokogu is a tribal one.


You are possibly worried about the writings because you are not in Nigeria here now. I am sure many Igbos are not bothered about the wrong assumptions. All past Governments make us be what we are now. I am praying that the way we look at ourselves when any member of out tribes go wrong will change. Please face your studies and don't worry yourselves . God will answer our prayer

Sam Ogunyemi

09/01/12 @ 13:13
Comment from: akpobome [Visitor]
akpobomeIt's a shame that this beautiful innocent, trusting girl had to die this way. This girl only crime is that she trusted her own fellow igbo brother's whom she probably found comfort and safety in, she let her natural guards down because she felt she was dealing with her own people but she was betrayed by her own kinsmen love for money. The igbos must wake up to this perceive notion of them liking money too much and have an honest discussion about it. It not enough to call people name for saying the obvious. The igbos may not be the first in most of these vices, but once they get hold of it, it becomes something else, they take it to a different level
09/02/12 @ 13:19
Comment from: amaka [Visitor]
amakaIt is sad that what was the unfortunate death of a young girl has suddenly become a tribal issue. What a shame. I read news articles regularly and come across so many articles about people killed in different parts of NIGERIA. IT JUST HAPPENS THAT THIS YOUNG GIRL WAS KILLED BY HER fellow Ibos - a cyber related crime

It is a joke to even be commenting on this when so many Ibos have lost their lives in the hands of non Ibos in Nigeria. With the Bok Haram saga, where some people are behaving in a very barbaric way one should not even be holding this conversation. It is a joke!

Some of the people making noise about Ibos will not hesistate to marry Ibo men or women. Their greedy sexual pleasures will prevail in such cases.

Let us stop deceiving ourselves.

Is the East more dangerous than other parts of Nigeria?
09/04/12 @ 09:52
Comment from: Makaveli [Visitor] Email
MakaveliIt's obvious some people did not read through before commenting because I am still searching to see the place exactly where Olugu insulted the Igbos in this wonderful masterpiece.

Whatever happened to Cynthia should serve as a grave lesson for so many people because the single truth is that it could happen to anybody no matter your ethnic affiliation.
09/11/12 @ 05:59
Comment from: EL-Amiri Amiri [Visitor] Email
EL-Amiri AmiriIt is obvious that we are still trading punches along tribal sentiments. what happened to this young girl was very unfortunate and it could just have been any other person. I personally feel it has nothing to do with the tribe but the individuals themselves. I must commend you @Dalon for your very honest comments.
09/11/12 @ 11:23
Comment from: Babatunde [Visitor]
BabatundeYour write up was well crafted , very educating and straight to the point.

Well done , nothing could have been great than this piece .

Babatunde Abiodun

baabiodun@aol.com( London
10/16/12 @ 08:50

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