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Offodile May Be Psychologically Disturbed - Obi’s aide


Offodile May Be Psychologically Disturbed - Obi’s aide

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*Nigeria: Offodile May Be Psychologically Disturbed - Obi’s aide

-Masterweb Reports

The Senior Special Assistant to Governor Obi on Media and publicity, Mr. valentine Obienyem, while reacting to the call by Offodile for Obi to resign said that the man, going his utterances, was showing insipient signs of psychological encumbrances. He wondered why somebody would call on a person that has not done anything contrary to his oath of office to resign. “If you have been reading the newspapers, you would notice that in the past two months, Offodile who is not known to have made any intellectual contributions in the newspapers, suddenly started to write regularly on Obi. This shows that somebody is calling the tune for him somewhere”, Obienyem said. On the issue of Next International investing in SABmiller, Obienyem said that Obi resigned his directorship and membership of the Board of all the companies he has interest, which, according to him, does not mean that those companies should not do businesses again. “ Obi has shares in virtually all the companies in Nigeria such as Fidelity Bank, Enterprises Bank, Diamond Bank, Nestle, Charms , future view, among others. Should those companies stop businesses because of Obi’s shares,” he asked. ( Continues below..... )

A mentally disturbed man

Photo Above: A mentally (psychologically) disturbed man. *Mental illness does not necessarily mean madness, but needs treatment, otherwise may pose danger to society - Anambra not an exception.

On the allegation that Obi revoked a land belonging to International Steel for SABmiller (Intafact), Obienyem said that the land where Intafact built their facility was a property they purchased from GCM at the whopping cost of N550 Million Naira and that the transaction was handled by a reputable Estate agent and Valuer, Okolo and Okolo based at Onitsha. On the land belonging to International Steel, Obienyem said it was revoked alongside other land in the Estate for overriding public interest as contained in the Land use Act. Besides being allowed to that dilapidate because they were not put into use for the purposes of they were granted, Obienyem said that other organizations and companies that Government has interest in needed those land for projects that will contribute in building a better Anambra State. ( Continues below..... )

Chudi Offodile

Photo Above: Chudi Offodile

Obienyem wondered why Offodile, who claims to have done a search at the Corporate Affairs Commission, did not found out that apart from next international that five other companies, including those owned by a Deltan and a lagosian have shares in the company. “It is on record that Obi travelled many times to South Africa and London before he convinced SABmiller people to invest in Anambra among other considered and even preferred states. Thereafter the negotiation were done by the then Commissioners for Commerce, Lands and Finance and the entire transactions were above board and transparent. Concluding, he said it was tragic for the actions of the likes of Offodile, when other Anambraians are celebrating the advent of Industrial Revolution in the State, which Obi is leading.

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Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel  -  usamazi ofodile,
leave governor alone i don't care if the governor repossesses all of anambra land and industries, it doesn't matter.

the matter of the fact is that the governor has for the first the in the history of nigeria, given nambra state and it's people a new outlook in life both in nigeria and abroad. true, he has not eliminated poverty through out anambra yet, but this governor is a superhuman.
09/03/12 @ 07:54
Comment from: Chinwendu -Abuja [Visitor] Email
Chinwendu -AbujaI wonder why some Nigerians like this Chudi Offodile will never see good things and appreciate it. It is clear that he wants recognition. Please if you can not do simple data gathering and research on how far Anambra State has come still Gov. Obi's regime, simply SHUT UP. That Gov. Obi has progressed where others failed please say Well-done rather that back-bite.
09/04/12 @ 02:00
Comment from: Atauyo [Visitor] Email
Atauyoit's painful
09/12/12 @ 00:10

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