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Why are Nigerians in Thailand? Part 2 (Educational Approach)


Why are Nigerians in Thailand? Part 2 (Educational Approach)

*Why are Nigerians in Thailand? Part 2 (Educational Approach)

By Emmanuel Nweke Okafor


I was so delighted for the various comments I got from various people across the globe both from Nigerians and non- Nigerians. I was deeply encouraged to keep on sharing my personal ideas on why Nigerians are in Thailand from the positive outlook. At this point, I have not got any contrary information that will make me change my position, namely, that many Nigerians are in Thailand for good reasons other than the negative positions of some writers in Thailand via internet postings.

Hence, in this PART 2, it calls for knowledge of the direction of the “good reasons” in which many Nigerians are in for, as against some of the internet blogs that drive joy in condemning Nigerians in Thailand as all criminals, scammers, and bunch of nuisance. In my opinion, I observed that an average Nigerian student in Thailand enjoys the university environment here in Thailand. Many Nigerian lecturers and teachers also enjoy the fact that their salary are paid at and as when due by Thai universities and schools. It is also unfortunate to note that a few Nigerians in Thailand also use their fellow Nigerians as bait in business net. It is therefore my view that all the Nigerians in Thailand irrespective of the field have a part to play in repositioning the image of the Nigeria and Nigerians as wrongly presented to the world by those who may be better described as “enemies of Nigerians living in Thailand”. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Thailand

Photo Above: Map of Thailand

Limitations, intention and methods:

As I had said in my PART 1, this article is meant to rebuff the various internet websites that wrongly generalize the activities of Nigerians in Thailand to be only drug businesses and scamming activities. I do not also think that I am writing a pure academic paper. I am only presenting an observation from a lived-life by Nigerians in Thailand. My sole intention is to encourage my fellow Nigerians who consider Thailand as a country that will broaden their horizon and perspective in life to move on without fear of some of the internet’s wrong and misleading information about the activities of Nigerians in Thailand. I have always consulted many Nigerians in Thailand and hard even met with some websites that publish incorrect information about Nigerians in Thailand. The various comments from my previous write-ups were also considered.

It is not my intention to promote Thailand and demote my beloved country Nigeria. It is my intention to let all websites that see the only bad aspect of Nigeria and Nigerians in Thailand to do please review their positions and see Nigeria and Nigerians as a country and people in the process of development like other countries. It is possible that I could be in errors in my position if proven otherwise but for now, let the world know that many Nigerians in Thailand are also responsible, good-looking, talented, extremely well educated and destined to contribute positively to the world.

Historical perspective:

Ever before the establishment of Thai embassy in Abuja, many Nigerians had witnessed one form of trouble in one way or other by either being arrested for either traveling with a fake visa or passport that belongs to other countries. There were many cases in which some Nigerians were caught when they went to renew their visa on another country's passport. The results often lead to an arrest and a phone call. It all centered on the fact that, at that time, Thailand has no embassy in Nigeria which means that Nigerians have to go to London to get Thai visa. Those who tried to get Thai visa through the British embassy found it very hard. This resulted to the fact that many Nigerians and other agencies provided visa in some other ways other than the proper and normal channel.

However, this article intend to let all know that many stories about Nigerians living in Thailand are either exaggerated or outdated which means that there is need for more update of which I have preferred the positive/educational outlook. It is wrong to still maintain that many Nigerians in Thailand have fake passport or visa. As a matter of fact, the number of Nigerians entering Thailand of recent is mostly students and businessmen and women who follow the normal visa process in Abuja. I will personally share more ideas from the educational point of view on why Nigerian students are in Thailand for merely for educational purposes and not for drug, 419 or fraudulent activities. This is not to state that all Nigerian students in Thailand are saints or perfect human being. ( Continues below….. )


Nigerian Education:

I am not in any difficulty to note that in some ways, the history of pedagogy in Nigeria was initially an apparent story of success. It was on record that in the seventies and eighties, the records of educational policies in Nigeria were seemingly satisfying. Formal education in Nigeria attained its highest point when schools were being managed by the voluntary agencies, namely the Christian mission. In those days, religious education was taught and practiced in schools. The morality of the teachers and students were not questionable. The missionaries equipped and maintained these schools. There were strong education policies and principles. The memories of Universal Primary Education (UPE) which later changed to Universal Free Primary Education (UFPE) were encouraging enough. Sequel to that, the abrogation of tuition fees and the reduction of boarding and lodging fees were all aimed at maximization of educational gains. With the introduction of UPE and the reduction of cost of education at all levels, thousands thronged to educational pursuit.

However, the 6-3-3-4 educational system was a welcomed development, but the present state of things shows that it is no more functional. The policy was introduced to give students technical skills and help them acquire both scientific and literary knowledge among other things as earlier mentioned. The past educational feats were not without their own problems. The clamor for more educational institutions came up because each state wanted its own University or Tertiary institutions. Those who did not get any felt cheated and of course, they can cry of being marginalized. This was the proverbial last straw that broke the Carmel’s back. The government of Nigeria took over the management of school in order to fund the sector directly because of the value placed on education. The take over was also to harmonize the system and foster national unity. But then this funding turned out to be the bane of educational institutions to date. Due to the negative attitudes which people have shown towards government work, the funds budgeted for education have all been embezzled and misappropriated.

Teachers were owed salaries for months which then resulted in incessant strikes, their moral became low and their input reduced drastically. It is good to note that because of the poor standard of living which the teachers were forced into, they lost their respect among students who openly abuse and attack them at will. The parents on the other hand, took the advantage of the teacher’s poor situation to insult the teachers when the parents feel that their children have been maltreated. Morality, discipline and honesty were thrown over-board. The dark perennial clouds that hovered over those years continue to cover our bearing coupled with the present chaos and face-off in our institutions. Amidst all the crimes committed in Secondary and Tertiary institutions are due to lack of discipline. ( Continues below..... )

Members ASUU protesting in Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria in September this year.

Photo Above: Members of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) protesting in Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria in 2010. Click For Enlarged Photo
- Click Here To Read "Nigerians Deserve Quality Education"

When Religious education was de-emphasized, morality began to suffer. The subsequent lack of morality resulted in riots, unrest, indiscipline, examination malpractices and mutilation of results. No single session passes in our campuses without student unrest of one kind or another. Also the lack of educational facilities and teaching aids is another problem that has crippled educational growth. The grievances of the lecturers and students in the existential also had all the time lacked adequate attention.

From my own point of view, all these called for a change with a more pragmatic and participatory learning style. Since these changes are no where to be found, some parents, students and concerned Nigerians have taken the decision on their own to search for a better place where the education of their children, family members and friends is not tampered with. Some of these Nigerians who cannot afford to study in the United States, United Kingdom, and European countries then found Thailand universities more attractive because it is cheaper and have no sign of strike actions irrespective of the political problems presently experienced in Thailand.

Therefore, many Nigerians who come to Thailand to study are purely doing so for educational purposes and not for drug, scamming or any form of illegal business. Many of these Nigerians in Thailand universities are just trying to ‘make do’ with what is available in order to avoid the frustrating situation some of them may have embraced at home either in a form of long years of waiting for WAEC or JAMB result. In order words, some Nigerians students are studying in Thailand for good reasons and not for bad reasons. I consider it as a commendable positive approach to life instead of doing nothing. Many of Nigerian students in Thailand understand that the importance of education lies in its ability to make man better and more fulfilled.

Without good governance, development in its true meaning will continue to be a mirage. It is only an ignorant man that feels comfortable when public funds that belong to all citizens are amassed by the public office holders. Education frees people from mental slavery and empowers people economically, socially, and politically. As Bertrand Russell says, education is to rear up the new man of excellence (Russell B, 1961, pp. 4-18). I will therefore argue that well-meaning Nigerians in Thailand should not be intimidated with the generalization of all Nigerians in Thailand as criminals. I do not think that Nigerians in Thailand should be singled out for malicious reasons and cheap publicity that is devoid of necessary international journalism.

Why some Nigerians enjoy Thai educational environment:

To every critical and even uncritical but perceiving mind which is abreast with our existential situation, it is quite clear that education in Nigeria is in a very pitiable state and needs revival. The issue of WAEC, NECO, GCE and JAMB may have alienated many Nigerian students directly or indirectly and have succeeded in keeping many students from furthering their education. There is seemingly a very low standard of education; hence we have become victims of the culture of mediocrity. Many factors are obviously responsible for this namely

Teachers Pay:

The first thing that vitiates the progress of education in Nigeria is that teachers at all levels feel that they are not handsomely paid. This enables teachers to be less dedicated, to seek other avenues of making money to make ends meet, brain drain and incessant strike actions. How do we imagine the outcome of an educational system where universities are closed down for more than six months in a year? What do we expect from students at this period? A saying has it that “an idle man is a devil’s workshop” or “the devil makes work for idle hands”. It is indeed lamentable. I have not met any Nigerian student in Thailand that is worried of a strike action irrespective of Thailand un-ending political logjam. The common feeling is that most Nigerian students are very comfortable studying in Thailand and some are even inviting their cousins, brother, sisters and friends to do so. I do hope that the issue of teachers’ salary should be settled amicably so that Nigerian teachers should be enabled to do what they are trained for. An average Nigerian teacher in Thailand receives about $1000 (equivalent to about N158, 000. 00). Again, an average Nigerian teacher in Thailand gets this money and manages it very well without fear of armed robbers or any form of insecurity. This further explains why many Nigerians are in Thailand not necessarily for drug business.

Unwanted groups:

The infiltration of ‘secret societies’ into our schools today is another debilitating factor with regard to education in Nigeria. In fact, ‘secret societies’ now have their headquarters on campus. Students prefer to attend the meetings of these societies than to do their class work. Through these odd societies, they commit a lot of crime and cause a lot of harm in the universities ranging from murder and rape to harassing of workers, lecturers and fellow students. Although Thailand had a similar situation in some of their universities but it appears that they are well-handled as the Thai police is in charge of the situation. Based on this, Nigerian students in Thailand are feeling relaxed as they face only the racial issues which are preferable to many of them than the threat of the “secret societies” in Nigerian universities. ( Continues below..... )

University of Ado-Ekiti students demonstrate against cultism.

Photo Above: University of Ado-Ekiti (UNAD) students demonstrate against cultism. *Ado Ekiti is a city in Ekiti State, Nigeria. It is also known as Ado. The population in 2004 was 44,6749.

Poor infrastructures:

The next is poor infrastructure which is a common problem in all educational institutions in Nigeria. Many of the Primary schools which are the base of education are still operating scandalously below normal. Hence it was once quoted “About sixty percent (60%) of pupils in our Primary schools do not have furniture, seats and desks to write upon. In fact, at all levels the problem persists. Decaying infrastructures have turned Nigerian Universities from Centers of academic excellence to ivory towers of shame” (Ugwu E. and Fola A, March 23, 1999, p.18). Research facilities have broken down and are too obsolete to produce any meaningful and tangible results. The collapse of most laboratories on campus has led to practical courses being taught theoretically (Ugwu et al, March 23, 1999, p.19). As a consequence, the universities turn out dry biologists, dry doctors from laboratories that have no water, no chemicals and equipment. This has exacerbated the problem to such an extent that many students graduate from schools full of words but as vessels empty of intellectual discipline. Today’s report if given cannot give a positive answer since there is no remarkable development since then. The education sector, which is the key to the development of any nation, has not fared too well either in Nigeria.

A recent ranking of the world's top universities did not locate any Nigerian University among the top 500, despite a reported increase in school fees and the establishment of private universities. Yet in the past Nigerian universities and their products were competing with the best from other societies in the world. For years, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) was still embroiled in a strike over better welfare and improved working conditions, which has resulted in millions of under-graduates staying at home, and susceptible to criminal activities. Even the fact that upon reception of office new Ministry of Education changes what his or her predecessor has done raises a serious and troubling question. This simply demonstrated that the Nigerian government has always been struggling to provide herself with a befitting educational system that will benefit all and sundry but then the road to such has not been easy hence some Nigerians who cannot afford to pay for the USA, EU, UK education decided to study in Thailand irrespective of the fact that Thailand would not have been the desired option by some of the students. Can we then agree with some of the writers hovering around Thailand that Nigerians are in Thailand for scamming? My direct answer is NO!

Suggestions and conclusion:

Nigeria is blessed with abundant human and natural resources and this is reflected in some of the commendable policies that are being formulated on education. In all, it is very clear that the road has not been smooth and is still cloudy in the Nigerian educational system. It is clear that the present attitude of many Nigerians to education is not only uncalled for and unwarranted but suicidal. Now is the time to extricate education from any overture to which it has been lured into. As such, we must all rethink and change for the better by making education one of our priorities both as individuals and as a nation or state. Nigeria today is in a pool of confusion due to various problems: economic, social, political, religious et cetera.

And the first step to get over these problems is by giving education its proper place. This is why we must do something positive about education in our country now. It is not as if the country has had no educational policy. Nigerians have conceived and developed great policies alright, but they have been only peripherally implemented, with an inconsistency that suggests that we are merely sampling every conceivable policy without a clear goal in view. This has led to short term commitments to policy implementation with the obvious result of achieving nothing. What we need now is ‘pick and polish’ policies and curriculum that would accomplish the goals of illiteracy and development. The government should confine itself mainly to regulatory function in the nation’s education system by setting standards, encouraging compliance, providing supervision, giving incentives and scholarships, promoting infrastructural development, fighting corruption and misappropriation of the funds that cripple any working policy. These are direly needed to investigate and revamp the decaying structures and standards that affect the education system.

What the public read and see in the internet blogs about Nigerians in Thailand as presented by some writers were mere blame game that indeed employed dirty tricks to hide their callous acts in Thailand such as murder cases, pedophiles cases, sex with minor cases, fraudulent cases and many other related cases. Interestingly, they have good and responsible ambassadors that come to their aid.

I do not see any sign of intellectual maturity or morality among the self-serving writers whose aim is to the cheap publicity rather than public and for Thailand’s interest. I see some of their hasty generalization as a compensation for their lack of credibility and severe image problem by mounting strong internet attacks against Nigeria and Nigerians in Thailand, trying to drive a wedge between the Thai governments and the Nigerian government and thereby creating an atmosphere of distrust. It is another form of Neo-colonialist interference which Thailand even could not allow (The Nation, June 1, 2010). It comes in many forms sometimes covered with fig leaf of humanitarians concern. I see that as describe it as distortions, half-truths or outright lies. This approach is blatantly uncivilized, barbaric and not fashionable in this 21st century. I personally feel that the idea of these writers is to intimidate, harass an innocent Nigerians. It is a misplaced gesture of blind trust most Nigerians have for the writers.

In all, just as internet gives even an unqualified man or woman a chance to express his or her own opinion and make himself or herself heard, I believe that if enough Nigerians in Thailand should speak up, we will make an impart towards rebranding and reposition our destroyed image by both Nigerians and acclaimed enemies of Nigerians. There is no doubt that many Nigerians in Thailand are imbued with the highest level of integrity, impartiality, good-looking, talented, and extremely well-educated and patriotism.

Finally, Nigerian government should have appropriate curriculum and suitable teaching and learning equipment for each educational program; be able to build academic networks with other countries; provide teaching methods that enable students to become efficient citizens within the African community and the world at large. With this in effect, the Nigerian students will be happy and relaxed studying in Nigeria thereby avoiding the unnecessary insult and assault we receive from both Nigerians and the non-Nigerians.

Read Why are Nigerians in Thailand? Part 1 at -

Emmanuel Nweke Okafor is a PhD Student in Graduate School of Philosophy/Religion, Assumption University Thailand. He is presently a lecturer and the Supervisor in Language Laboratory Center, Siam University Thailand. He is a licensed teacher in Thailand. He also has his masters in educational administration in Thailand. He can be contacted vis his email address okaforemma@yahoo.com

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Comment from: Nonso [Visitor]
NonsoI am always inspired whenever I read the article from this writer. It is a great thing to have produced a Nigerian of the type of Emmanuel. My prayer is that the good Lord will bless you and your family. Bro, you have done great thing by telling people see the other side of Nigerians in Thailand. Regarding, the educational stuff, you were also very clear and you are not alone as the former presidents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Obasanjo, Yaradua, and of recent Goodluck have all criticized the Nigerian educational system. I wonder who can save us if the former leaders are also talking bad about the system yet they are at the helm of affairs. Now ASUU is teaming up for another strike action. nawaooooooo. Is it bad to be a Nigerian God?
09/06/12 @ 19:42
Comment from: Tunde [Visitor]
TundeThe writer of this reminds me of the other articles on Nigerian education. It is a pity. Tina Idodo,
Iseyin, from Oyo State once wrote in Tribune newspaper.

"Nigeria’s education in a shambles
Tuesday, 17 July 2012
I was posted to observe my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) primary assignment at a public school in Iseyin, Oyo State, and I must say that being an igbo lady who didn’t hear a word of Yoruba, it was really difficult communicating with my students.

The reason for this is their low knowledge of the English language. They don’t know the basic things senior secondary school students ought to know, and I wonder if it is due to the society they are in. However, the truth is that public education in the country is nothing to write home about. That is why political office holders will never send their children to public schools.

If government is serious about reforming the country’s educational sector, all political office holders should first be made to enrol their children in public schools.

If this happens, they will have no choice than to fix the rot in these public schools. You can imagine if the governor’s son is in a public school, then he will be left with no alternative than to give his utmost attention to education in the state. He knows that if he fails to do this, it will rub off on his children who are in the state’s public schools.

I hope legislation can be made towards making it compulsory for political office holders to transfer their children to public schools, no matter the schools they were attending before he got to public office."

What is our faith/fate? Who can redeem us? A country without good education is bound to fall. Emma I love your style of writing

09/06/12 @ 19:48
Comment from: Goodluck [Visitor]
GoodluckPatriotism simply defined is "Love for one’s country, to support, serve, and defend, to be inspired by,
to change for the better and to care deeply for its citizens".

The writer is a indeed a professional teacher going by his writings and sound of words. You are a patriotic Nigerian Mr. Emma Okafor. Nevertheless, try to encourage all those students to come back home if they feel bad about their present state. Home is home.

Let me end with this quotation is support of your academic piece.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal;
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights;
that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to
secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving
their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any
form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right
of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government,
laying its foundation on such principals and organizing its powers in
such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and

Are we really equal in Nigeria? Government officials send their kids outside for a better education while they are the one making educational system difficult.

Mr. Okafor why not consider coming home to lead us. This years WAEC was indeed a shamble.
09/07/12 @ 02:32
Comment from: Abiodun Fagbemi [Visitor]
Abiodun FagbemiWonders shall never end. Can you read .......

OVER 75,000 Nigerian students are in three Ghanaian universities, the Chairman, Committee of Pro-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, Dr. Wale Babalakin, has said, adding that cumulatively, a whopping N160 billion is spent annually for their stay at the institutions.

Babalakin, who is also the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID), said “last year, the federal government’s total budget for universities was less than N160billion.”

He made this known at the weekend in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital at an award night organised by the University of Ilorin Alumni Association to honour Governor AbdulFatah Ahmed and members of the association.

The members honoured are: outgoing Vice-Chancellor of UNILORIN, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede; Vice-Chancellor of Kwara State University (KWASU), Malete, Prof. Abdulrasheed Na’Allah; and Managing Director of UTC Nigeria Ltd, Mrs. Folusho Olaniyan.

Babalakin, who was the chairman at the occasion, noted that university education is at a crossroad in the country. “In 1973, four Nigerian universities were rated among the best 20 in Africa. Today, none of them is among the best 30, while none is among the best 1,000 in the world.

“University education is a collective effort that can only grow properly with government and active support of the populace. Everybody should contribute to ensure this in Nigeria. Since 2009, when the power to appoint VCs was delegated to the university, the exercise has been relatively peaceful and without rancour.

“This is the first step towards university autonomy. There are still so many areas that we are not autonomous. It is when we become totally autonomous that all the universities will have the necessary energy to develop at their own pace.

The university should be allowed to generate money internally for development purposes. If we generate substantial money within the university, you will be alarmed at the catalytic effect it would have on development.”

Earlier, National President of the association, Mr. Taoreed Odedele, said: “UNILORIN has in the last five years witnessed tremendous and rapid transformation. The staff and students of the institution keep showering encomiums on the administration of the current VC for infrastructural development witnessed.”

09/08/12 @ 22:00
Comment from: Azeez [Visitor]
AzeezI just came across this blog discussing about Nigerians in Thailand and feel i have a few words of mine to contribute.
Though i don't know the genesis of this conversation , and would not want to jump at some of the conclusions the writer is emphasising on, but like i did said i have some few words.
First and foremost would simply like to introduce myself as azeez, ofcos a nigerian based here in Thailand for over 10 years. I am happily married to a Thai woman with kids and i would not like to say i disagree with some points in the writers presentation.
Though as the writer rightly said that a lot of Nigerians here are responsible and have done everything legally to get where they are here now in Thailand. But at the same time there are a lot of bad eggs tarnishing the image of not only other Nigerians here , but also the name of that Great country NIGERIA.
I have a lot of evidence and proofs to backup any comment i make here, but for the fear that other haters of Nigerians might see my reports as a proof to their points about the bad behaviors of some african or Nigerians as popularly called i would prefer not to give much details.
Average Thais don't know any other african country, when they see a black man its either a Nigerian a camerounean. A lot of other african brothers are making things bad for Nigeria too, Nigerian passport sometimes ago was almost the baddest and easily gotten passports around, though that has since changed since the introduction of the e-verifiable passport. But before even a ghanian has a nigerian passport, when a crime is committed and such culprit apprehended even if they don't have a passport on them they claim they are Nigerians (Anyone can argue this , but i have witness this myself here in Thailand).
And to be sincere with ourselves , if not for bad leaders we have at home in Nigeria Thailand is not a place for us and i know why i have to say that. Thai don't like us black people and to make matters worst the behaviors of some of us makes the hatred run so deep now.
If you don't know, now the Thai Immigration or the government are scheming to eject all Nigerians from their society do you know that ? This is top secret information i heard from inside source of the immigration department. Before renewal of Nigerian married couple here in Thailand was easy, but now let other responsible professional Nigerian residing here testify to that except those that goes through the back door which i am sure the bad door now is even 3/4% closed or finally closed up.
To be candid i would say this without prejudice that the havoc caused by those irresponsible souls is felt by we responsible ones because now the system is just branding us same and making things very difficult than before.
The writer is doing a good job countering the accusation of some real haters of Nigerians , but he needs understand that the problem we are facing now in Thailand is caused by NIGERIANS themselves especially the irresponsible ones amongst us.
I really din't want to say why not go when you can't get a job here. America , canada and even europe is a base for we african because their system accommodates us without much discrimination like this.
Nigerians are brilliant people in all works of life and here in asia their culture and ways of life has reservations which i must admit most new comers never care to study and understand before mingling with them. Thailand is a very good place , but also a very bad place to be for strangers, and going by the dark clouds we have brought unto ourselves its better to just leave their land if we can't improve the negative clitches that has set in already, and Nigerian embassy in Bangkok is another thing i just don't want to comment about for now.
Was talking with a Thai friend of mine sometimes and he asked me why we nigerians doing drugs here, i din't let him finish his statement before i asked him where and who give them the drugs which he answered affirmative that its the Thais that do give it to them. Americans, brittons, singaporeans etc are caught with drugs here but there was no negative effect on their countries relationship, why only Nigerian and Nigeria having such un-resolvable diplomatic issues ? Its a sad thing seeing how the turn of events and seeing those capable of resolving this diplomatic conflicts not really up to it at all.
Would have loved to go on and on giving insight to different issues ordinary nigerians and the writer has no knowledge about , but i think will call it a day here till another time when i have the opportunity to contribute a little more to this ongoing issue.
Emmanuel you doing a great job, but believe me our guys are the cause of our problem here that i tell you 100% because i know for sure. If you don't insult your host believe me what will make him request you leave his house ? Ask and find answer to this question. Good job any way
09/11/12 @ 03:47
Comment from: Christain [Visitor]
ChristainPoint of correction. The PART ONE of the this write up is as below. NigeriaMasterweb please take note and remain the most respected and well informed Nigerian reporters. You are indeed the hope of all Nigerians. Your enemies must fall and fail. They are doing in vain.


Among all, your site has encouraged and enabled many Nigerians. Even as it is becoming self evident that many good writers are on your site. Great!
09/11/12 @ 06:36
Comment from: Emma [Visitor]
Emma@ Azeez, I read your position with utmost respect as you have demonstrated to be a good writer from the sound of your comment. I want you to realize that I agree with you in virtually all the points you mentioned. Above all, you were very piratical and sincere in your comments. Please keep it up!

As to the idea that we are really the cause of our problems here, you are also correct but that will not give unscrupulous individuals the opportunity to attack Nigerians unfairly as there are so many other Nigerians here doing well.

You and I cannot agree that all Nigerians here are in oddities. From your experience Mr Azzez, you will agree with me that there are a lot of unjust attack on Nigerians here. Can you and I keep our mouth shut? Frankly speaking we are not saints but we also have a duty to keep the record straight and if we don't others will continue in their smear campaign against innocent Nigerians.

You are very correct, Nigerians never committed the kind of offenses committed by the Westerners including Thais but the fact is that ignorance has robed us a great deal.

Finally, do well to consult the PART 1 of this article, probably you will understand position of the article. The PART 1 clearly stated that I wish to address the issue from the positive outlook.

May I call you to join me in this believe "We are the real ambassadors". Continue to do great things in your own way as you have been doing and I will continue in my own way. If we get others to join us. We may probably create a better world.

Take care Azeez. I support your ambassadorial approach about Nigerians in Thailand.
09/11/12 @ 19:44
Comment from: KC [Visitor]
KCI admire this writer all the time he writes. However, one major reason for the fall of standard of the educational system in Nigeria precisely is the lack of texts books. Again, most texts books nowadays are not normally reviewed properly. Most of our Nigerian lecturers who are authors of these texts books do not come out with the knowledge to impact these students with the genuine information needed, but their major aim is to make money, that is all, the worst part of it is that the students are forced to buy those texts, these information are what the students take in and deliver. Of course, Nigerian government is doing nothing about it because they have nothing to do and has no practicable policy to attend to the problems after all their children are all studying in abroad that is why they lacked any reasonable policy. The result then is to do nothing and relax while the system collapsed.

Mr. Emmanuel Okafor be assured that I admire your hardwork to make a difference. You are really a good ambassador. Good Luck! Have fun!
09/12/12 @ 07:28
Comment from: Uba Babs [Visitor] Email
Uba BabsI think education in Nigeria should have gone beyond this level,if not for our leaders inconsistences and corruption in the education industry.
10/21/13 @ 09:10
Comment from: mariaclarakb [Visitor] Email
mariaclarakbthanks boss for all your comment please keep it up, if i may comment on Goodluck post "what if u start it up and then the person who see your good work met want to help u too,even if Emml comes back to Nigeria will u give him the time and space to do it,if i may ask before he comes down to Nigeria send one of ur child to public school and let see what will happen,please let us do what is good and hate what is evil, FAITH AND UNITY, we are not doing them" boss Emml dont mind them for me i want to talk with u one on one how can i make it up to u cause even me i want to school and sport in thailand help me out thanks wise lister
08/03/14 @ 05:59

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