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Make Your Comments On "Lessons From American Democracy!"


Make Your Comments On "Lessons From American Democracy!"

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Comment from: Eric [Visitor]
EricI am impressed on your foresightedness, smart sense of vision and recognition of the sacrifices, the founding fathers made, to achieve the enviable democracy in America, but at the same time, I am highly disappointed on your shortsightedness (my apology) in your comparison between American leaders and Nigerian leaders. Do you compare GOD and a thief? Why not compare Nigeria and Libya, or Nigeria and Egypt, or Nigeria and Sudan, why AMERICA? You voted your leaders in Nigeria. If you don't like what they are doing, then remove them. Egyptians did it, Libyans did it and the Sudanese did it their own way. Most of you stay in America and condemn Nigeria, but you stay in America and pay taxes for everything, even the air GOD gave man free, you pay tax on it in America,(A/C, in your room, car, and office), but your company back here in Nigeria, you will prefer to bribe GOOD-LUCK JONATHAN to avoid paying taxes. Shame to all of us Nigerians. Until we stop deceiving ourselves. Newspaper grammar will not solve the problem in Nigeria. There will never be another OJUKWU in Nigeria again. May his soul rest in peace.
02/06/13 @ 22:01
Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel  -  usathe unfortunate mention here is that d e m o c r a c y is a culture. and for it to be transplanted into tools of government, it must begin with inception of that nation.

when america was founded, their founding fathers postulated a set of rules for the federation, and for america that became their culture of doing things, and those have lasted till this day.

nigeria on the other hand, grew up along chieftancy and monarchism. during the agrarian economy, nigeria thrived on this kinds of governance. the saduanas, the chiefs, the ezes, the amighinagbos, and the yoruba chieftancies. nigeria was good then, in the turn of time, came the awareness of oil, founded by the british in nigeria, then came the gradual, forceful, decline of sweet governance by the monarchs.

with european style of development, american democracy absolved the culture of their parents-the british, and now has the upper hands in the stealing of our cash cow (oil).

every nigerian lawmaker's goal is the oil, coniving with america to steal the oil money, and so goes democracy nigerian.

do we have government of the people, by the people, and for the people in nigeria today?

research this, nigeria's way of doing things is in sharp contrast to the way america does things, therefore america's democracy cannot fit into nigeria's democractic style..
02/07/13 @ 14:44
Comment from: Prof. Charles Nwosu [Visitor]
Prof.  Charles NwosuAdvice to Eric.I don't know the writer of the article but Iam simply trying to advice Eric,the commentator and not Contributor. Iam not saying the writer is right or not but rather to allow him his Godly right of opinion.
Are you not probably one of them in Nigeria he is talking about? I don't live there but the America he is talking about is the democracy on right of opinion.
You people have done this thing for donkey years as a strategy to stop all these people who live in the new global world from saying anything that can help Nigeria.Forget his opinion and take it as his own input. Just say or contribute something of your own or shut up and continue your own side of corruption. Nigerians will catch you one day,like in those countries you mentioned
02/07/13 @ 16:18
Comment from: Chris Onyishi [Visitor]
Chris OnyishiLawrence Chinedu Nwobu is just an excellent writer and thinker.

I cherish people like this. I am worried that some of us take time to analyze issues of our lives while the very inordinate people who parade themselves as our leaders have little time to rummage through history and abundance of materials that would let them begin to fashion out how best to use our collective
resources to enhance our existence on this planet.

Thank you so very much Lawrence for this terse but rich expose. It will, certainly, form an enduring catalyst in minds like mine.
02/11/13 @ 18:22

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