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Ray Ban

In response to: Weighing up the Boko Haram: An Analysis

Ray Ban [Visitor]
Hey there! I've been following your web site for a long time now and
finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston
Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!
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______ hummel ________

In response to: What Does Cloud Computing Portend For Developing Nations - Part 1

______ hummel ________ [Visitor]
Your way of explaining everything in this paragraph is
truly fastidious, every one can effortlessly understand it, Thanks a lot.
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jennifer christian

In response to: Masterweb Interviews Kingsley Ojugberu, Suspect of Acid Attack On Wife, Mabel Mark

jennifer christian [Visitor]
only God knows the truth of the story, now mr kingsley is sounding like the victim n now calling God´s name, pastor chris n tb joshua. i can clearly remember hw u drew her away from going to church cos b/4 u came she was active with church activities, saying all sorts of tins abt pastors. don´t let the worst happen to u b/4 u learn from ur mistakes....
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Uba Babs

In response to: Saving Nigeria’s education: NDDC weighs in

Uba Babs [Visitor]
This is very interesting information and enlightenment,I think the leaders should be aware of this so as to enable them have positive attitude towards the people they govern.
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In response to: Download / Purchase All Hail Biafra (Cry of A Biafran Child) & Other Selected Songs By Composer

chuks [Visitor]
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Anya Uzo

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Anya Uzo [Visitor]
I have gone through the write-up and the response made by everyone so far. This shows that the root of our problems which is tribalism is not going to leave us no matter how we tried because is already encapsulated into the fabric of this country called nigeria. Sometime I wish oil was never discovered in this country, the truth
is the north fought biafran war
because of the oil, those of us who were not born during the civil war had the story of what caused the war, but my question is even if one doesn't believe the write-up to be true, can the person check the policies of successive military government that have assume power, I mean the writing is on the wall. The button line is that Nigeria is a geographical expression,that was designed by our past colonial master for there selfish interest and for interest of the north, that's why they were supported by the British during the biafran because of common interest. The difference between the south and north are too far apart, from ideology, religion, culture and ethnicism. Amalgamation should have existed.

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In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Essien [Visitor]
Scotland just did a referendum for independence, the British did not go to war to stop them. Only the rule of law and a civilized approach to doing things can save Africa. Africa is already the most conflict prone and backward continent on earth. Using barbaric means rather than the rule of law to solve problems will only ensure that Africa continues to fail. In my opinion I think gowon as head of should have acted to protect innocent civilians in line with his constitutional responsibility to protect life and property. There can be no justification for the mass slaughter of civilians. We must not forget that even in a time of war killing civilians or soldiers who have surrendered is a war crime. If killing civilians in war is a crime how can anyone justify the slaughter of civilians while the head of state did nothing? For Nigeria to progress we must begin to respect the law at all times that is the only way we can build progressive countries like Europe.
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Mrs Adefisan

In response to: Femi Fani-Kayode As An Assassin In Government: The Story Unfurls

Mrs Adefisan [Visitor]
Femi Fani-Kayode is a westerner man He is too far to the

description, he is a man if integrity who can hardly harm no one. People can say rough thing to silent someone but you need to remember that is watching over us
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maya james

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

maya james [Visitor]
I was reading a book titled half of yellow sun by chimamanda and i got so shocked of how the igbos prompted me to look for articles and history books on the biafran/ civil war.i am 30 yrs old and didnt know all these gory details because it wasnt taught in history classes.its a shame to hide such an historical event.i am not an igbo but i am deeply pained by it all. Thanks to you for writing this article as well.God save us all.
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Johnson Babajide

In response to: Open Letter to General Gowon

Johnson Babajide [Visitor]
This is the dumbest article of the 21ST CENTURY, so sentimental and one sided, characteristic of a typical educated illiterate. Please research well and write a more deserving article.
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Sir Christian Ikelemote

In response to: Masterweb Interviews Mabel Mark, Nigerian Spanish Acid Attack Victim

Sir Christian Ikelemote [Visitor]
Mabel's husband has not metamorphosed sufficiently into man form. He should be sent to the bad bush to live with the animals.
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Agabison j Williams

In response to: Are The Jukuns Jews?

Agabison j Williams [Visitor]
Very interesting, very thought provoking
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In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

jijj [Visitor]
If there have never been an audit in 16 years as stated above why do people (disaffected ones) keep going to meetings and or gatherings. Why associate yourselves with an organization that has no accountability? I think all this is nonsense, and a shame. They say, 'you can take one out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of them'. Same type of disgruntled and fraudulent behavior back home is being shown here in a foreign land. What is the big deal to have a respectable "unit" and account for every dime, penny and kobo contributed? Nigerians to an extent Ndi Igbo, na wah for una o!.
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In response to: Femi Fani-Kayode As An Assassin In Government: The Story Unfurls

longman [Visitor]
It really amuse me how people blindly defend people accused of doing one wrong things or the other. The writer has written albelt with documents evidency the event. it is left for the actors accused in the write up to promptly and accuratelly respond to the allegations. If I am in the shoe of the accusers, I will not only seek to debunk the story but also seek redress for assasination of my character thereby even making myself some dough.
Thank Allmighty God, the accuseds are still all alive, why don't we allow them to come out and defend themself.
We should note that what goes round, they say, comes round. While I am still not wanting to see the actors painted as the writter has written about them, I believe we should all rise up to force them to speak out and defend themself otherwise, we shall assume the allegations are true. If we all failed to force them to speak out and seek justice for any side of the pedullum the case tilted, it may come round to be anybody' s turn tomorrow and then it may be too late.
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Aminu Adamu

In response to: Intersociety Challenges Reckless Suspension of Part-time Programmes In Nigerian Universities

Aminu Adamu [Visitor]
Good write-up.
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Royal Michael  Umezinwa

In response to: COMMENTS on T. B. Joshua: True or False Prophet?

Royal Michael Umezinwa [Visitor]
if T.B Joshua fake or real?well; God give every one mind to reason it quite a long time am hearing about TB Joshua is fake he is fake for so many years and he keep on waxing stronger and stronger since when i was younger and now am matured nobody can stand on my face and talk all this nonsense . but pls i want ask you people on question can any of you tell me which pastors in Nigeria can do what TB Joshua is doing to people all over the world healing the sick as matter of fact he heal me through anointing water.something that has been disturbing me for so many years just a spray of anointing water i got heal i didn't even go there i only watching the Emmanuel tv seen what this man is doing i mean people should stop confusing other people that got their deliverance for one problem or the they keep on listen rubbish . for my own point HE TB Joshua is a true man of God HE IS GOD SENT but it will late for you Nigeria will know.
PermalinkPermalink 09/20/14 @ 14:03
MacDonald Obi

In response to: COMMENTS on T. B. Joshua: True or False Prophet?

MacDonald Obi [Visitor]
If TB Joshua is fake then he must be the best fake in the world and if he is REAL, then he is the best HEALER, PROPHET in the world as of today.
I see him as REAL because I have followed his healing and prophetic progam
PermalinkPermalink 09/19/14 @ 17:42

In response to: Masterweb Interviews Mabel Mark, Nigerian Spanish Acid Attack Victim

nosa [Visitor]
na waa for una comment,how will a man that was in Spain bath the wife in Nigeria with acid at her uncle's area in a salon.u mean he sent people to monitor her to that place the mother of his child.we should all try to always give valued judgement. as for me a thorough investigation should be carried out on this matter.
PermalinkPermalink 09/19/14 @ 09:12
prophet iffy anaedobe

In response to: Download / Purchase All Hail Biafra (Cry of A Biafran Child) & Other Selected Songs By Composer

prophet iffy anaedobe [Visitor]
fellow citizens of biafra GOD reveal to me in 1998 that their will be a nation call biafra all we need to do is to pray so that GOD will bring it to pass instead of wasting time praying for a nation that GOD had dissolved since 1998. GOD bless biafra.
PermalinkPermalink 09/18/14 @ 07:09

In response to: The Sermon of Bianca Ojukwu To Nigerians In Spain During Igbo Carnival

ERICK [Visitor]
I thought it wise for you to mention the names of those awarded on the Igbo carnival held in Valencia, Spain on August 23, 2014 by the Igbo Improvement Union for the world to know hence the award was for good reasons.
PermalinkPermalink 09/17/14 @ 10:46

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

Striper [Visitor]
US Government should send back Uduh to where he came from, to avoid corrupting other good American and Non-Americans.

One love!

PermalinkPermalink 09/17/14 @ 08:56
Andrew Ofor

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

Andrew Ofor [Visitor]
Emeka must be a member of Boko Haram and suspected Ebola Virus Career.

Please Ndigbo In Wisconsin, Inc. (NIWI) should terminate his membership for your own good and for the good of other USA Citizens.
PermalinkPermalink 09/17/14 @ 08:53
Ogbonna Kennedy

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

Ogbonna Kennedy [Visitor]
Thanks be to Nigeria Masterweb for exposing Emeka Uduh and his criminal tendency.

Chief Charles should not worry about the statement of that fool that calls himself Emeka Uduh. That is how he behaves and acts while in Nigeria.

He was a school dropout who spent most of his lifetime in motor parks as “Agboro” at Umuahia, Abia State of Nigeria.

He is owning me and other people here in Nigeria, and we pray that USA government deport him so that we can get our money back. I wonder what he is doing in USA because I know that he is not trustworthy neither is he employable.
PermalinkPermalink 09/17/14 @ 08:49
Emeka Umeagbalasi

In response to: Sponsorshi​p Of Nigerian Insurgency Violence: Why Your Distinguis​hed Criminal Court Must Not Be Misled & Misinforme​d

Emeka Umeagbalasi [Visitor]
We hardly have time to respond to frivolous opinions on issues related to our activities. Like the one above, the so called "Kibon Ado" and his warped opinion represent the chronic divisive sickness that have hunted our beloved country for decades.We would like to be challenged on the points we raised in the letter one by one with incontrovertible counter facts. Till this is done by "Mr. Ado" and his likes, we will respond no further.
PermalinkPermalink 09/16/14 @ 13:03
Kibon Ado

In response to: Sponsorshi​p Of Nigerian Insurgency Violence: Why Your Distinguis​hed Criminal Court Must Not Be Misled & Misinforme​d

Kibon Ado [Visitor]
I want to agree 100% of Dr. Stephen Davis findings because it reflects the really on the ground.One of the few examples is that Maiduguri internatoinal airport has been closed for quite some time now but when one of the accused boko-haram sponsors traveled to Maiduguri the airpirt was opened just for him alone.
My question to so called Emaka is that:
Who ordered for the reopening of the airport?
If Emaka is claiming that he is representing international society for civil liberties where were you when a ritual group killed almost a hundred police men in Nasarawa State on whom government spent publice funds to train but up till now their families were not compensated.

My suggestions here is that let your civil society look for a decent leader who can think and act without bias.
PermalinkPermalink 09/16/14 @ 06:27
Ij Onuigbo

In response to: What Does Cloud Computing Portend For Developing Nations - Part 1

Ij Onuigbo [Visitor]
Great article. I have wondered as you mentioned, what will happen if I try to log into my yahoo one day and find that it's gone. It was interesting that you mentioned that.

On that issue of insurance used as an example. Does insurance really work well in Nigeria. Due to the nature of Nigeria bad leadership and economy, I did not think that any insured would ever get their claim paid if the need arises.

Finally, I do not think that proponents of cloud computing put Nigeria's fragile socio, economic and political situation into consideration. Cloud computing will work well in industrialized economies not Nigeria. Nigeria does not even have the basic infrastructures necessary for such endeavor. It would be a big mistakes for Nigeria banks especially to venture into cloud computing at this stage of the nations condition.

Even most organizations in industrialized nations host their own software and program management. They hire their own IT professionals and protect their IT Systems with firewalls and all worth not. We are simply not there yet in Nigeria in my humble opinion.
PermalinkPermalink 09/15/14 @ 21:32

In response to: Why Igbos Are Nigeria's Chosen Tribe

ayode [Visitor]
Am a yoruba man but I will not fail to give kudos to the igbos for there job well done any were they find them selves.
PermalinkPermalink 09/15/14 @ 04:32
Ugwu cyril

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Ugwu cyril [Visitor]
Yakubu Gowon must go to biafran land and ask for forgivenss before this country will be good again because the spirit of biafran people who died during the war still moving around this country for my own opinion
PermalinkPermalink 09/14/14 @ 15:19

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Eji [Visitor]
I am neither from the East or North by i find the nonsense by Ebho Abure trying in vain to justify the mass killing of innocent civilians. His justifications can only come from the evil himself. According to Ebhure when someone taunts or abuses you assuming his fallacies are true then the response is to kill innocent civilians. What barbaric way of thinking. This Ebhure obviously lacks any humanity in him. If i may ask, how many people has Mr Ebhure killed for abusing or taunting him in his lifetime or better still how come he is still alive since he must have abused or taunted some people in his lifetime? How come the people he taunted didnt kill him? It is often said that not every thing with two legs is a human being, Ebhure or whatever he calls himself is obviously not a human being. Ebhure is a bloodthirsty and callous maniac who needs help from a psychiatric doctor.
PermalinkPermalink 09/14/14 @ 13:47

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

I lost my only brother.I was running inside a thick bush forest and no food to eat.The Nigerian Soldiers confronted me in the bush as I escape but they still fire bullets that missed me and I thank God I had to craw like a snake as they came back and carry all our properties.They were very tall human being and left with one of our sisters.After the war my late father was only given Twenty pounds for all the money he left in Backlays bank now Union Bank Kakawa street Lagos.The property owner at 19 Agunbiade Tejuosho Yaba lagos took us to court and auctioned our property.My late mother shop at Tejuosho market built with plank then was not recovered. At 36 Idumagbo street all goods worth thousand pounds and more were auctioned to the public on court order.While my mates were schooling in the North and west I was running inside the bush for a civil war I know nothing about.I still thank God for keeping me a life today by his mercy.The children born during the mid fifties and early sixties are the most affected by the civil war.The military men all of them East,West,and North took advantage of Nigeria and play their gambles.Thank you my brother for knowing the truth.
PermalinkPermalink 09/14/14 @ 09:52
woji princess

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

woji princess [Visitor]
I wonder why the reaction from emeka
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 15:28

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

kiara [Visitor]
Very corrupt and abusive use of words...too bad for a full fledged igbo
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 15:25

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

may [Visitor]
I believe in transparency..i think you guys should do this audit and throw off any negative believes
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 15:18

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

mary [Visitor]
I respect NIWI and respect the founder.i say no to any corruption
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 15:14

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

kennedy [Visitor]
Funny how people ridicule themselves. Please I support the auditing
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 15:07

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

princess [Visitor]
Just passing, let me just drop this,civilisation is what we preach, we should learn to be civilised in words and actions,
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 15:01

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

bisola [Visitor]
Auditing...hmmmm,why do we Nigerians so much kick against that? Same happened in my organisation. Emeka or whatever you call yourself, that was so little of you.
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 11:35

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

daniella [Visitor]
Chief Charles, keep the flag flying.
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 11:24

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

chinonso [Visitor]
Emeka, repent.
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 11:02

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

Andrea [Visitor]
Instead of commending a job well done by Chief Okereke, some persons resort to tarnishing another's image, I wonder what humans are turning into.
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 10:59

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

precious [Visitor]
Why should an auditing of an organisation raise such dust? Emeka's comment was uncalled for and damaging. I say no to corruption.
PermalinkPermalink 09/13/14 @ 10:54

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

Edgar [Visitor]
Auditing is a normal procedure...more especially for a respectable organisation like NIWI..abuses and name calling has never been a solution to any would non igbos see us in this disunity...I say no,ndi igbos must stand....with regards to chukwuemeka,that was a total over step..
PermalinkPermalink 09/12/14 @ 14:34
kesterndudi opana

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

kesterndudi opana [Visitor]
i think emeka was so rude..igbos am not an igbo but what i see here is share diversity between igbos...
PermalinkPermalink 09/12/14 @ 14:13

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Mike [Visitor]
Anybody trying to excuse the pogrom should go and live in a zoo because he or she is not qualified to be a human being. Human beings are ruled by law and not by the jungle creed. There has always been ethnic and religious violence in the North and that is the origin of the pogrom and the violence of boko haram today. In 1945 there were ethnic riots in the North that killed hundreds, so also in 1953, then 1966 which some satanic animals are trying to justify and since then ethnic-religious riots have become routine in the north. There have in the last 40 years been maitsatsine riots, zango kataf riots, kaduna riots, kano riots, Jos riots, Denmark cartoon riots, Sharia riots and now boko haram terrorism. Hausa fulani people love mass killing.It is in the Culture of the Hausa-Fulani to indulge in mass killing and that is the true reason for all the pogroms in the north since 1945. These days even Fulani herdsmen are raiding villages and killing people at random. Gideon Orkar is from the middle belt but he did a coup in 1990 that removed the core north from nigeria. People should go and read his reasons and see if there is any difference between what he said and what Ojukwu said. Untill this generation of nigerians learn from their past and unshackle themselves from lies the nation will continue to fail.
PermalinkPermalink 09/12/14 @ 07:55

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Mike [Visitor]
@ Ebho Abure,You are obviously too ignorant to know that there is something called the rule of law, there is also something called international human rights law and the Right to protect (R2P), these are all statutes of law that protects civilians even in the worst case scenarios of war. However there is no suprise that evil people like you will try to justify your evil by bandying conspiracy theories and propaganda none of which you can prove to justify your evil. Give a dog a bad name in order to kill it is what they call that method. Adolf Hitler tried the same on the Jews, he came up with all kinds of excuses to justify the genocide against the jews but in the end his accomplices faced trial in nuremberg and were all convicted. Bottomline, even if your fairy tales are true it is still not a justification to commit pogroms/genocide under the law. The Author has written his article with empirical evidence but people like you who dwell on lies and propaganda cannot write any article because you have no facts or evidence to back up your claims, so you end up writing comments with fake names and faceless handles online because that is the best you can do to propagate your lies. The questions liars like you can never answer is how come there has been riots in the north since 1945, 1953 etc were so many people were killed long before the january 1966 coup? so who caused those riots? There have been riots in the north since the end of the civil war from 1979-1980 Maitsatsine riots and regular riots in the north, so who caused these riots? Now there is boko haram killing people in the north, again who caused the riots? If the Igbos caused the pogroms in 1966 according to you, how about the ones in 1945,1953, 1980 and all the regular riots upto boko haram in the north? I am sure you cant answer this question because it sufficiently exposes your lie. Those who engage in evil will always find justification for it but oneday your cup will be full. The most important duty of a president is the protection of life and property, hence Gowon failed to do that he caused the war. No amount of lies and propaganda by evil people like you can change this simple fact!
PermalinkPermalink 09/12/14 @ 07:42
okoro chukwudi

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

okoro chukwudi [Visitor]
I say no to corruption among our fellow Igbos.
PermalinkPermalink 09/11/14 @ 09:20

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

Ibeanyidoonu [Visitor]
Ndi Igbo Wisconsin should please save us Ndi Igbo this embarassment. It is an obvious but disheartening thing that Nigerians in general don't like audit. The worst still is that those of us who are in Oyibo man's land have not learnt anything better from the good people we live and work with/for. Instead that which makes the (Nkakwu) to smell still lives in its marrow. Why should somebody refuse to account for his service to his people if he or she is honest about it? At our offices we account to the last cent of our stewardship but when it comes to that with our brothers instead we prepare for a fight. That is not good. Also at times it is "amaghikwu na akpata amaghi sa". We should learn how to talk to each other. Chief Okereke's treat of instructions to his attorney at the first letter of demand does not sound good unless there were earlier discussions which was not disclosed here. Finally, please let all concerned sheet their sword and settle this amicably. We as Ndi Igbo and in the Diaspora for that sake should set good example if our complaint about corruption in our mother land will be meaningful.

Comments By Chief Okereke: The current NIWI executive leaves office in November this year after elections are conducted for new officers. The anti-accountability clique is secretly planning to put in place some of their members in the new executive to scuttle any move for an audit. If the current administration does not carry out the audit and the clique infests the new executive with their members, I very much doubt whether NIWI will see the light with an audit. This is the reason why I was considering whether to have the court order the audit before the current administration leaves office in November, few months from now.

PermalinkPermalink 09/11/14 @ 08:00

In response to: Masterweb Interviews Mabel Mark, Nigerian Spanish Acid Attack Victim

please my dear sister pray more fervently for God's grace for him not to torment you for life.i wish you all the best with your surgery and make sure you take very good care of your lovely daughter.your good works will not be in vain,be blessed
PermalinkPermalink 09/11/14 @ 02:10

In response to: Emeka Uduh's Anti Probity & Accountability Thuggery

Ifeanyi [Visitor]
Did I hear sixteen years?

Igbos people are not criminals.

You guys should do this Auditing and be free, except if you guys have skeleton in your cupboard.

Igbo ndi oma, Kwenu!
PermalinkPermalink 09/10/14 @ 14:45

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Tony [Visitor]
@Ebho Abure and Omo Peju, you can dwell endlessly on conspiracy theories as much as you like that will not change the facts. You can seek to justify the pogrom as much as you like, you can call the coup igbo coup even though the corrupt and election rigging criminals that were wrecking the nation were from other regions, you can come-up with the same old fairy tales that we have heard a million times, but the hard fact is that none of those stories can justify the heinous criminality of pogroms/genocide on civilians. May i remind you that even in war were the provocation and propaganda by both sides is at a maximum and the business of war is to kill it is still a war crime or a crime against humanity to kill innocent civilians or even soldiers who have surrendered. But i am not surprised, at the mindset of people like you who find excuses to justify heinous crimes against humanity such as the pogrom, afterall you are nigerians and in nigeria people justify everything. Nigerians have injustice running in their bloods thus in nigeria people justify corruption and worship corrupt leaders. isnt that the reason your nigeria remains a land of monumental justice. As what goes around comes around the accepted culture of genocide has been repeated in Odi, Zaki Biam, in the northeast and is sure going to be repeated else where. Maybe oneday it will reach your doorstep and then you will sing another song. Finally where is your nigeria today? are you not at war again this time by boko haram killing people everyday? Is your nigeria not the most unjust and corrupt nation on earth today? The Igbos have since 1967 left the scene but under the leadership of people like you who justify pogroms and other excesses nigeria has progressively become worse to the extent of fighting another war. We have had more than 40 years of religious violence in the north. Sharia riots killed over 20,000 people. Did the Igbos also cause the repeated riots in the north upto boko haram that wants to impose an islamic caliphate? Those of you who thrive on promoting absurdities and justifying all kinds of injustices i congratulate you on what your nigeria has become. Nigeria is finally facing what Ojukwu and to some extent Major Gideon Orkar saw years ago. By the the time those of you who continue to dwell in deceit wake up from your dream to confront the reality of nigeria it might be too late, meanwhile injustice and misrule will continue to be yoiur portion because that is the kind of nigeria you want!
PermalinkPermalink 09/10/14 @ 13:56

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