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Oluwatominiyi David

In response to: Femi Fani-Kayode As An Assassin In Government: The Story Unfurls

Oluwatominiyi David [Visitor]
AS a Yoruba man i sincerely believed the writer of this column.Femi is a small boy in the corridor of power. We must now see that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It was the fault of OBJ to have appointed such a young boy without any experience at all. How can he not kill his elder brother. Another thing is that he calls himself a Christian but his behaviour and attitudes that of a pagan. He was power drunk to the extent that he called Lagos state officials "assassins". I believe that if those people had been killed in error, a lot of chains could have been pulled. When his cup is full God Himself that he claimed to worship will bring him to judgement. However, Let the Mountain of Fire and Miracle beware of this satan in sheep's clothing.
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In response to: Download / Purchase All Hail Biafra (Cry of A Biafran Child) & Other Selected Songs By Composer

CHIKA. [Visitor]
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In response to: Femi Fani-Kayode As An Assassin In Government: The Story Unfurls

Peter [Visitor]
Bullshit! Why didn't you speak up when the bed was rosy ? Hypocrisy! Don't seek revenge here!!!!
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In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Jude [Visitor]
Omo peju, tribalism has not helped Nigeria and will only lead Nigeria to destruction. People who tribalise everything like yourself are the reason nigeria is a failed state and the most corrupt nation on earth. Those that were killed in the coup were the corrupt characters that were ruining the nation. Even if a coup is done today to kill the corrupt leadership most of them would be from some regions as the north alone has four out of the six surviving former and serving presidents. Supposing a coup is done and all the former presidents most of whom are from the north are killed, people like you will leave the essence of the coup and infuse tribalism into it. Jerry Rawlings did not need to kill anyone from his tribe for ethnic balancing, he killed the corrupt characters in Ghana and they are better for it.

If you were not just an empty tribalist you would have made some sense by debunking with facts the things written by the author, but you did none of that. Since facts are sacred, you need to tell the public if any of the facts written by the author are false. Did gowon as head of state not have responsibility to protect the lives of innocent citizens? Did the north not do the counter coup (Araba) to secede before they were advised not to secede by the British? Did gowon not renege on aburi accord? Did those who killed Aguiyi on the pretext of introducing a unitary system not end up entrenching the unitary system till today? Did northern leaders not historically reject one Nigeria? Was Azikiwe not the foremost nigerian leader who championed one Nigeria? Does a head of state take sides with mass murderers as gowon did or is a head of state supposed to protect lives and property? Hence gowon as head of state did nothing to protect the lives and property of over 50,000 thousand innocent civilians that included children and pregnant women is he not responsible for creating the conditions that led to war?

When you are able to answer these questions objectively you will liberate yourself from lies and the prison of tribalism that has made it impossible for you to accept the truth as it is.

Finally, your disharmonious and fractious Nigeria of today has not vindicated gowon and those who fought a needless war .

With 12 sharia states and boko haram seeking to islamise the whole country and killing people on a daily basis Nigeria is once again at war as a result of the same contradictions. Aburi accord would have solved nigeria's problems and prevented the situation we have today, but tribalists like you truncated Aburi and Nigeria is paying the price. After the genocide of Tutsi's in Rwanda Paul kagame did not launch reprisal genocide on hutu's instead he went for reconciliation and today Rwanda is enjoying stability. Those of you who support yalubu gowon's inaction when thousands of civilians were being killed should realise that you are behind the mess, impunity, state failure and corruption in Nigeria today.
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In response to: Download / Purchase All Hail Biafra (Cry of A Biafran Child) & Other Selected Songs By Composer

mbey [Visitor]
Thanks for such a reflection on Hail Biafra.Iam a strong advocate on letting Ibos be a separate country from Nigeria. Ibos are simply different from the rest of Nigerians. Therefore, I'm advocating for Biafra without blood shed. Again, thank you.
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In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Mike [Visitor]
Omo peju, your take on the whole saga is pathetic and smacks of ignorance. First of all coups are not done with ethnic lists. Coups generally aim to eliminate the trouble makers which is the same thing jerry Rawlings who killed no one from his ethnic group did similarly in multi-ethnic Ghana for which Ghanainans are now enjoying good governance. If the coup was driven by ethnic considerations then the coup would not have happened in the first place as the regions that were burning from violence, election rigging and thuggery was the western region and parts of the north. The regional leader who was in prison was Awolowo from the West. It was in the Western region particularly that violence, arson and thuggery was killing hundreds of people on a daily basis and continued from 1964 to 1966, almost two years. The East was not affected in any of the crisis and if tribalism was a factor in the coup, then the officers would not have risked their necks to save other regions from their self destruction.

The coupists acted out of patriotism risking their necks for other regions and people like you infused tribalism into it and wrecked the whole essence of the coup. I would have expected that people like you would have learned a lesson by now especially with the way corruption is now wreaking havoc on the nation, but unfortunately you remain primitively stuck to the tribal shackles that has created the impunity and sustained the corruption. Little wonder they say jerry Rawlings kind of coup to rid Nigeria of corruption is not possible in Nigeria because people like you will jump to the altar to tribalise everything done with good intentions and so we are stuck with corruption until it totally destroys the nation.
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In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Tony [Visitor]
@saka Pena, you stand the truth on its head as it concerns the so called unitary system. Aguiyi Ironsi inherited a nation in crisis and he was advised that the only way to hold the nation together was to unify and he did so in good faith unifying the country only symbolicallly/tokenly as the regions and resource control of the regions was left intact. Now ask yourself? If those who killed aguiyi because of a symbolic/token unitary system were sincere and genuine why did they go on to not only broaden and consolidate the unitary system by creating states and removing resource control? And why are the same group upholding and defending the unitary system to date?

The inability of many of you to think critically, look beyond the surface and see the truth is the bane of Nigeria. Next time look beyond the surface and you will see the truth. Those who killed aguiyi were mere opportunists who needed an excuse to kill him and they used the unitary system, but as soon as they came to power they went on to consolidate the unitary system and uphold it to date!

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In response to: SpecialReport 4/2/2014: Unmasking "Dogari" Policy In The Nigeria Police Force - Part 1

ebi [Visitor]
great right up.please mike zuokumor is from burutu delta state not bayelsa,nxt ig should come from south east and a cp. please include retirement date of south south cps.
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In response to: Why Igbos Are Nigeria's Chosen Tribe

Chekwas [Visitor]
I quote dr. Lawrence above
I would have appreciated your write up the more if only you would have been more academic in approach than the pedestrianisation hence losing the facts you would have marshalled out in the translation. I therefore consider your article a bit of an insult to the intelligence of these three tribes of Nigeria. I would expect that you do a follow-up of your article as an opportunity for you to put facts properly."
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Kofoworola Gbadebo

In response to: Anambra Killing Fields: How Victims Were Suffocated To Death By Nigeria Police SARS

Kofoworola Gbadebo [Visitor]
Dear Mr Emeka Umeagbalasi

This report mirrors every thing happening when mankind rejects God. Whether you acknowledge my comment or not, is irrelevant, all I know is my Heavenly Fathers Spirit will not always strive with men, SARS is in all nations not just a particular group of people.

Nelson Mandela fought for Africa and the world, he paid a high price with his incarceration for several decades.
There is a new film out over here in London called "Noah". It's a story about Noah's Ark illustrated in The Holy Bible ,The Book of Genesis to be exact and the story of Noah is told graphically, visually and has accuracy with a twist.

Genisis 1:12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: 13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth".

Mankind have been murderers from the garden of Eden, as parents we would kill and die for our children's sake...making all Natural Born Killers. Our motives to kill is called Self-Preservation, meaning that God will eventually intervene. When? and how? Is what makes him the Creator and His Will Be Done Here On Earth, As It Is Done In Heaven.

No one knows for sure how many species of animals exist on Earth. In fact, some 10,000 species of animals are discovered each year, with over one and a half million species already described. Projections for the total number of species on Earth range from 2 million to 50 million.

Animal group Number of species
Amphibians 6,199
Birds 9,956
Fish 30,000
Mammals 5,416
Reptiles 8,240
Subtotal 59,811
Insects 950,000
Molluscs 81,000
Crustaceans 40,000
Corals 2,175
Others 130,200
Subtotal 1,203,375
Mosses 15,000
Ferns and allies 13,025
Gymnosperms 980
Dicotyledons 199,350
Monocotyledons 59,300
Green Algae 3,715
Red Algae 5,956
Subtotal 297,326
Lichens 10,000
Mushrooms 16,000
Brown Algae 2,849
Subtotal 28,849
Total 1,589,361

My point is on Noah's Ark, the animals out numbered Noah's family. Why?
God was fed up with mankind's wicked activities and regretted ever making any of us. All the animals were innocent, and came two by two, male/female, God even saved the plants.
WOW !!! *_*

Conclusion: Love Your Neighbour As You Love Your Self
Let us Campaign it, in so doing we acknowledge God Jehovah who sent Jesus to die for mankind...He is not that helpless Pikin again. When war comes, it will be between light and darkness, even the Devils Children will say Jesus Is Lord. Let us watch and pray because He is always, always and always be in control.

Praise and Worship is the New Ark.


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In response to: “Purging Racism, The Enemy Within”, An Analysis.

Serena [Visitor]
Such deep insights and erudition. Congratulations for this interview and please allow it to be sent to many papers
God Bless!
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In response to: What Is The Matter With Sowore And Saharareporters Sef?

Balogun [Visitor]
It is obvious that Sowore/Sahara Reporters is on a deliberate mission to tarnish the image of Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala for no reason at all. That's so disreputable of any media outfit.
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In response to: Masterweb Launches Mobile Channel And RSS News Feed

chris [Visitor]
very useful feature, thinking to implement something similar, though we use responsive design on NaijaWeb
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Engr.Okeke M C

In response to: Bill Gates Writes Governor Obi of Anambra State

Engr.Okeke M C [Visitor]
It is my utmost joy anytime i look around and see peter obi's hands as it has touched every nook and cranny of Anambra state,he is a heroe one that can never be forgotten even in times to come,
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Engr. Camillus

In response to: The Sovereign Biafran State: What will it Look Like?

Engr. Camillus [Visitor]
Biafra is a must. Long live Republic of Biafra, long live our father land, for we know where we come from. Fake Nigeria
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In response to: Return Of Anambra Killing Fields: A Criminological Evaluation Of Ezu River Of Death & Related Tragedies (Part 2)

kristiina [Visitor]
Mr julius , am stunned at ur narrowmindedness ,am positive u are an insensitive trigger happy moron, frm ur views here u dnt tink drs smtin wrong wt kkilln Pple nd dumpn dm in a river. If pple like u eva assume any positn of authority u will massacre d Entire populace.God help nigeria nd sAve dem. Frm ur specie
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Dr L C Egemba

In response to: SpecialReport 11/3/2014 - Two Is Fighting: Nigeria’s Hausa and Igbo

Dr L C Egemba [Visitor]
Dr Brimah, your write up made interesting reading. I don't know other means/platforms you used to publicise it, it may not reach the actually people who need it most - the less informed, ignorant among us. You see, lack of/misinformation and ignorance garnished/packaged in political harlotry/banditry and religious bigotry breeds poverty, hatred and under-development. This is the problem of your Nigeria.
I am unashamedly Biafran activist and have less regard for Nigeria (call me names, etc - I am not bordered), but I wish other people/nations the good I fight for my people/nation - hence my interest in this write up. Yes, there is misunderstanding/conflicts between the two people and others within the country, these are magnified and made worst by selfish/greedy politicians, born-to-rule mentality and whipping up of religious sentiments. Unless and until these issues are address (sorry, no visionary leaders to address them) your Nigeria will know no peace.
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Sam Diala

In response to: Power Must Shift To South East (SE) After Jonathan

Sam Diala [Visitor]
Nwanna, kedu kwanu ka isi bido n'asusu Igbo ma gbaba n'asusu Oyibo? I nwghi ike iji Igbo dee ihe a i choro ide?
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In response to: Download / Purchase All Hail Biafra (Cry of A Biafran Child) & Other Selected Songs By Composer

the solution is to divide dis naija into three part and i hope der will be a change both in north south easth and westh
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Inemibo Kalada Opuiyo

In response to: SpecialReport 11/3/2014 - Two Is Fighting: Nigeria’s Hausa and Igbo

Inemibo Kalada Opuiyo [Visitor]
That was a brilliant article. Dr.Brimah, I am very proud of you. Please give us more. You did an excellent research. Keep it up. Fantastic food for thought.

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Omo Peju

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Omo Peju [Visitor]
I like your Igbo perspective of blaming all the ills of Nigeria on other ethnic groups. The Igbo can do no wrong, and that Nnamdi Azikiwe was God’s incarnation on Earth. The Nigerian civil war was an unfortunate calamity that was preventable. As in most wars, the innocent are the grass trampled by the elephants. The Aburi Accord was nothing more than a process to dissolve Nigeria. After all, when you have a confederation, any entity can leave on its own accord. Gowon could not abide by that. Neither did Abraham Lincoln. No leader will willingly partition his or her country regardless of promises made.
The 1966 Igbo coupists precipitated the civil war. In a volatile country like Nigeria, if you are going to kill in a coup, then be an equal opportunity killer. Don’t kill the Yoruba premier of Western Region, the Fulani premier (and head of the party) of Northern Region, and spare the Igbo premiers of the Mid-West and Eastern Regions, and expect the other ethnic groups to welcome you with open arms and candies. The fact that an Igbo became the new leader, the celebration in the North by the Igbo to the Sardauna’s death, and the nonchalant attitude of Ironsi to the call for the trial of the coupists were also contributory.
You can bash Gowon all you want but he didn’t fly to Ivory Coast on a transport plane with Mercedes cars in its hull. Igbo are quick to tell other – especially Yoruba – that they are very brave. If that is the case, then Ojukwu as one of the “bravest” Igbo should have stayed with his people to the end, and dared the consequences. Remember Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi, they stayed.
Igbo should stop talking about marginalization, and ask the Efiks how they feel about the removal of Eyo Ita as Leader of Government Business of Eastern Region. Wasn’t that the reason why Southern Cameroon bolted fearing Igbo domination?
In retrospect, the First Republic failed because of ego, selfishness, incompetence and corruption among the ruling elites – Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo. The idiotic Igbo vehemently despised an equally idiotic Yoruba and Hausa and vice versa. All along, your so called leaders whom you thought were enemies were busy colluding and conspiring to steal your money while at the same time were letting their children married the children of their political “opponents”. All along, the common man was in the bar drinking palm wine, and shouting eyinba, eyin.
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Saka Pena

In response to: How Yakubu Gowon Caused The Nigeria-Biafra War

Saka Pena [Visitor]
This exercise in selective/revisionist history is not helping matters. It is obvious many of our modern day writers are fired up by oral traditions of fathers and uncles who are telling the part of the story that exonerates their ethnic groups. Only Ibos saw Ironsi's Unitary system as altruism..not others within Nigeria. It was convenient altruism given who was in power. Nigerian troops massacred Ibos in Asaba. What did Biafran troops do to Hausas when the tables were turned a few days before? There are enough blames to go round.
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OBRO Robert

In response to: Femi Fani-Kayode As An Assassin In Government: The Story Unfurls

OBRO Robert [Visitor]
Having read this 'wonderful' piece of Enobong Umohette, it is a soul killing information. My question is: how did he manage to carry this for the years and why did he not resign from his job after the first three atrocities? Well, Nigerian politicians should stop fooling us and like gone years Pastors making waves of first out ministry by telling wonderful and dangerous stories about themselves before conversion. We have been fooled for too long!!!
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frank dominic

In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

frank dominic [Visitor]
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In response to: Intersociety Writes Jonathan On The Chilling Killing of Igbo Christians By Boko Haram

gold [Visitor]
igbos!!!! Leave the North! Or live to die there!!!
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In response to: Femi Fani-Kayode As An Assassin In Government: The Story Unfurls

Gbenga [Visitor]
Mr writer, You should know this piece is rather too long especially as you are not in a position to give on speech on "the Nigeria today". Can you try to make your points apt or you segment to part (i,II,III,IV etc), it makes your point in-assailable at some point. I appreciate your dept of grammatical aptness though.
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jim kelly

In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

jim kelly [Visitor]
If you know the type of suffering and hardships this young men passed all the way from Africa perhaps Nigeria to the point of their death you will surely pray for their souls. It is horrible venture and wasted ambition and the risk is not worth it at all because European economy is fast dwindling and Africa is growing in a fast rate. May their soul rest in peace. Amen
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Voronov Ruslan

In response to: Indonesian Swindled By Nigerian Scammers Writes President Jonathan

Voronov Ruslan [Visitor]
Real, email Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, please write to me, write from his name Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and Facebook, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan not respond, ME.
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In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

jonathan [Visitor]
Human life is sacred and no life deserve to be terminated this way, the act is satanic and evil, the perpetrator will definitely PAY for their action, if not today them tomorrow, if not by man them God, evil of this nature done to man by man will not go free . Where is united nation? What are African leaders doing about it?
Leaders in African.. wake up and make Africa nation heaven on earth, we have the resources both human and natural
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In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

apostle [Visitor]
calling on united nations is something i cant understand if you guys are saying that the white dont care why united nations because its same white folks that own or rathaer control united nations.African leaders shoild wake up from their slumber because the white can change their mind and decides to invade africa again by force because now they are doing it logically white politic and nobody is seeing what is happening in africa.
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Prof Suresh Kumar

In response to: A Resurgent Nigeria: Forging greater unity, planting the seeds of togetherness. Discussion with Dr Kusum Gopal

Prof Suresh Kumar [Visitor]
This is the real story of Nigeria but the question arises that who is responsible. Can We put the responsibility on the common people of Nigeria or the ruling party government? The concern here is it is the duty of the Nigerian government to expedite the elements of unity in the diverse society of Nigeria. The government should not fail in delivering the social goods to the society i.e. education, employment and social security. Once the government fulfills the bare minimum needs of the common people of Nigeria today, result will be seen tomorrow.
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alabi bashir

In response to: Masterweb Launches Mobile Channel And RSS News Feed

alabi bashir [Visitor]
very ok
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In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

As a social commentator, the action of Spanish Police of killing some African Immigrants is man inhumanity to man.

The white men introduced the English Law, and have been championing the respect to human right and dignity to life. How comes then that these same people are the ones killing their fellow human beings without thinking thice.

I rightly thinks that they don't believe there is God who is going to judge the act of every body after death.

I will suggest that the United Nations should as a matter of fact investigate the killings and bring to book all those involved in the wicked act.
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In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

Osemwengie [Visitor]
Awareness is our problem,how do i know that spain is not better than my own country Nigeria?the rest factor is our leaders .May the wasted souls rest in peace
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In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

G [Visitor]
This is where Nigerian and African people are making the mistake,Spain is not better than Nigeria and Nigeria is richer than Spain. for someone to lose his life coz of going to Spain is very bad. They are all haters of black and if you give them a little opportunity they'll mess you up. Like some one said, lets repair our country and Spanish people will be cleaning our toilets.
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Julius Omorogbe

In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

Julius Omorogbe [Visitor]
It is so sad to hear this things,when will the western world or others respect Africans as humans,they go there to get what they want (wealth),but reject them as people,our govt officials will hard talk on such matter as these because of corruption,please announce the day of protest so i can be a part of it here in Spain.This is an inhuman act,not even the devil can do such thing,the saddest of it all is that you can hardly see it on TV
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henry taylor

In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

henry taylor [Visitor]
You see!blaming on corruption back home?partly;but you are the same media that wrote against sanusi(governor of central bank) exposing 20 billion unaccountability.Sticking the gov.of Abia state in front of you web page,praising him and you think that the world is not watching.Lets stop fooling ourselves thinking that white people has value for we Africans...
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Kuskus Odakeme

In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

Kuskus Odakeme [Visitor]
I am shocked at the thought that highly esteemed as I thought Spain was in civilization, the police that is the custodian of their civil security can raise guns at fellow human beings who were not any threat to the individual police officers.
It beats rational imagination as to what intuition could have driven a police officer to this barbarism and marks the Spanish police presence as a high-risk situation.
I'll recommend a thorough psychiatric examination of the police officers the perpetrated this despicable act.
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george emmanuel

In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

george emmanuel [Visitor]
I join you to condemn the barbarism displayed by the Spanish border police.UN commission for Human Rights should place Spain on sanction. On the other hands, what is there in spain that is worth all the risks black emmigrants take? African continents has better potentials than that godamn place. Let the young people provide their courage in overthrowing corruption and mismanagement in Africa and the Spanish people will come and wash toilets for us.
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Longinus Uche

In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

Longinus Uche [Visitor]
This is barbaric of the spanish police, and great afront to civilized behaviour.
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Ephraim Osazuwa

In response to: Nigerians In Spain Condemn Spanish Police Shooting of African Immigrants On The High Sea

Ephraim Osazuwa [Visitor]
The "White Supremacist" at work. While they cry over their cousins in Ukraine, they can not stand the sight of Africans in their shores. This is how their pretense of "Human Rights" are exposed.
Can all African government rise up to their responsibilities to their people by making welfare of their people top priority, and stop this daily carnage in the hands of these African haters.
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peter omelazu

In response to: Grave Lopsidedness In Promotions & Postings In The NPF: Defending The Indefensible

peter omelazu [Visitor]
Mr.President,We call on you to urgently investigate the claims as you have always done with others similar cases in the past to redress the unwritten policy to extinct igbo presence out of the commanding height of the Nigerian police force.Initailly ,when IGP MD Abubakar came on board to replace Ogbona Onovo,many us welcome his appointment based on his operational performance in Lagos as Cp.However,It would be a great stain in his shining career if he allows the perceived injustice of this magnitude to stick to his image.
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thompson ben

In response to: Download / Purchase All Hail Biafra (Cry of A Biafran Child) & Other Selected Songs By Composer

thompson ben [Visitor]
May God bless biafra
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In response to: Bianca Ojukwu, Proctector of Nigerians Abroad – Read More in This Thrilling Interview With Bianca.

anthony [Visitor]
Biancas job in spain is worth talking about loudly because some ambassadors do not take the plight of some Nigerians into consideration even though some of them came into such countries without proper documentation, even instances abound from other parts of the world where legal entrant Nigerians are treated any how,Bianca has been able to prove and defend the rights of Nigerians in spain,this is one major job an ambassador should be interested in, she has become a voice to many voiceless Nigerians in spain I want to appeal to other Nigeria diplomats and ambassadors to kindly tow this line to bring sucour to many Nigerians in other parts of the world.
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In response to: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Theory of Masturbation, Alcoholism and Smoking

Louis [Visitor]
Those of the spirit will know what the man of God said. Those of the flesh will keep on criticizing.
Make sure you are not condeming yourself my brother. Those who congratulate and thank you for this, just praise you for criticizing the man of God. God is near and rather do something for the Kingdom.
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In response to: Bianca Ojukwu, Proctector of Nigerians Abroad – Read More in This Thrilling Interview With Bianca.

Oludare [Visitor]
Nigeria need more of Bianca Ojukwu and less(if not non) of the politicians. This woman has human feeling, a very decent woman who knows the full meaning of her position as the Ambassador of Nigeria in Spain.
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In response to: Bianca Ojukwu, Proctector of Nigerians Abroad – Read More in This Thrilling Interview With Bianca.

Bartholomew [Visitor]
I visited the Nigeria Embassy fin Madrid from my base in Barcelona and walk pst the building. The building is now nothing short of edifice. It was looking rundown before but now is like an international complex. Infect it is now the most prestigios building in that area. Bianca OJUKWU have transformed it and I am feeling so proud as a Nigerian. When I entered the inside, it was so fine. She have write her name in gol in this Spain. No other ambassador that serve here have done what she have done.
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In response to: Bianca Ojukwu, Proctector of Nigerians Abroad – Read More in This Thrilling Interview With Bianca.

King [Visitor]
Mr. Martin Zano, you are absolutely correct. I worked at the Nigerian Embassy in one of the EU countries. The Nigerian embassies all over the world are microcosm of the Nigerian society. It's rotten and the staff—diplomats and local staff are rotten to the core. I left because of it. I know H.E. Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu will not take that nonsense. Everything falls and rises on leadership. Nigerian leaders are rotten corrupt -- no love for their nation at all, only to eat, chop, and steal it empty. It’s a shame. We need leaders like the beautiful and brilliant H.E. Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu.
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In response to: Bianca Ojukwu, Proctector of Nigerians Abroad – Read More in This Thrilling Interview With Bianca.

King [Visitor]
I agree--this is a great interview. She should speak more. Before her hero husband passed on, I wrote that she should be groomed to run for presidency. With her appointment as the leader of APGA, I see that happening soon or later. She is not only the epitome of beauty but a brilliant and articulate woman. I cherish her a lot.
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Martin Zano

In response to: Bianca Ojukwu, Proctector of Nigerians Abroad – Read More in This Thrilling Interview With Bianca.

Martin Zano [Visitor]
I had the opportunity of meeting this woman at the Nigeria Embassy in Spain last year and am i glad i did. She is a diplomat to the core. I told her ¨if Nigeria can have two of her, the country will be a better place.
Going to the Nigeria Embassy is what many in that country dread like a plague. Every staff memeber in the place is rotten, despite being in Spain, they still brought their waywardness from Nigeria to bare on everyone whether Nigerians or Foreigners who comes to the embassy for one business or the other. There was a day my Spanish girlfriend called the Nigerian Embassy to request some informations on my behalf the telephone receptionist was so rude to her that when i got home the first thing she asked me was, ¨why do Nigerians not have manners, even for someone who is working at an embassy which is representing a country abroad. I was ahamed and could not deny anything but just turn away in shame. There is this woman there, the head of immigration who is so rude and wayward any reasonable human being would wonder how on earth someone like that ever got such a posting.
Bianca Ojukwu has brought orderliness to that embassy, every bottleneck the incompetent staffs created to further their corruption has been dismantled and the place now function like a clock work at least for now. Even though i am not Ibo, i will personally come to Nigeria to campaign for this woman should she decide to seek any elective political offince in Nigeria because she has what it take. God bless her parents, she is a very thorough bred.
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