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Ombatse Series 2: Baba Alakyo, Nasarrawa People’s Fetish Alternative to Injustice and Insecurity- another Okija Shrine

By Obinna Akukwe

Ombatse Cult, a fetish group which draws support from majority Eggon tribe of Nassarawa State is seen as an alternative to the failed social justice and security in Nigeria. Ombatse cult came into national limelight when their followers murdered over 100 personnel of the Nigerian police and the SSS. The national uproar which followed the crisis was well intentioned- if security personnel could be slaughtered like goat, then there is no hope for the common man. Everybody condemned the massacre and afterward a paltry N1millon naira was given to the families of slain policemen. The case has died down, everybody has forgotten the event, till another group rises up and kills yet more number of security personnel and another round of uproar will ensue. This is Nigeria where root causes of events are swept under the carpet.

I was expecting to hear about Federal Government Commission of Inquiries on why Eggon people of Nasarrawa see a 76 year old man, Lega Ahgu, popularly known as Baba Alakyo, from a sleepy Lakio village near Lafia, as a saint, savior and messiah of a sort. Having interacted with many Eggon politicians, administrators and professionals over the issue of Baba Alakyo , there is unanimous affirmation that the man is innocent and those who wanted to kill him are the villains. It is painful that even clerics from the state, Christians, Muslims, Pagans and their elite including professors, PhD holders all see Baba Alakyo as a persecuted citizen whom the gods delivered from the hands of a power drunken state. How can a fetish man whose followers killed security personnel be seen as a persecuted citizen?

The answer is simple, Baba Alakyo was the first person that gave the Eggon tribe of Nasarrawa State the fetish powers they needed to reverse the series of defeats they encountered in the hands of Fulani Herdsmen. Fulani Herdsmen have terrorized the people for long, killing, maiming and raping their women. They also confiscated and destroyed their farmlands until Baba Aalkyo came to their fetish rescue. When the man took over the battle, Fulani Herdsmen were severally defeated that for them the fear of Ombatse is the beginning of wisdom. Fulani Herdsmen recently have tried to avoid Eggon people and their incessant victories over communities in Kogi, Benue, Plateau, Enugu, Delta, Kaduna and Cross River states have not been extended to the Eggon people of Nasarrawa states in recent times. Thus this old juju man helped the Eggon people obtain a sort of respite from the marauding herdsmen. What the Nigerian Police, Army, SSS etc couldn’t do for them, an old fetish master did. That is the origin of allegiance to Ombatse and Baba Alakyo's rising fetish profile. ( Continues below..... )

Arrested Ombatse Cult members

Photo Above: Arrested Ombatse Cult members

Baba Alakyo is revered by some persons in Nasarrawa State. According to them, he doesn’t charge money for spiritual consultations and he gives herbs for medicinal purposes. He also consults spirits on behalf of persons. This fetish priest organized his people to form Ombatse, a cult whose aim is to ensure that Eggon people live in peace with each other by adhering to oaths of morality, fairness and equity especially when dealing with their fellow Eggon tribesmen. This cult group worships a deity known as Azhili and they indoctrinate their followers that their principles tallies with the Bible and Quran, principal among which is that an Ombatse member must be holy and shun theft, adultery, false witness, intimidation etc.

Ombatse cult also metamorphosed into a spiritual court where aggrieved persons bring their cases for the spirits to adjudicate. Cases of adultery, theft, robbery, ritualism, confiscation of family properties etc which normally should have been adjudicated upon by normal administrative courts were being handled by Ombatse group because the people lacked confidence in the courts. It seems the state apparatus hates the faces of Eggon tribesmen. Eggons in the police force are also being transferred en-masse to other states. In one of the transfer letters with Ref No CH:5250/ZN.4/VOL./194 dated 19th June, about 32 policemen from the zone were transferred out of the state in one fell swoop allegedly under pressures from the state. Governor Al-Makura had performed better than his predecessors in terms of providing infrastructures to Nasarrawa people but the culture of suffocating the Eggons did not abate under his regime.

It is obvious that the failure of security agents to provide adequate protection, the failure of the courts to dispense justice and the failure of the government to secure a better life for its citizens led the Eggon people to migrate towards a fetish medicine man as a savior. Chris Mamman, the President of Eggon Cultural Development Association (ECDA) had told newsmen severally that in recent times about 259 Eggon tribesmen had been killed and over 2500 houses burnt and the government never bothered to send in single police personnel to protect them from the regime of Abdullahi Adamu in 1999 till date. Listing litanies of unprovoked attacks Mamman said that ''On March 30, 2007, the Alago Militias attacked our peace-loving people in Assakio town in Lafia East Development Area to annihilate or cleanse the area of the Eggon people for no just cause. The Eggon lost so many lives and over 200 houses were totally razed. Despite our cry to both the state government and the law enforcement agencies, nothing was done to either compensate our people over the loss of properties or even a visit from any government official to condole with us over the loss of lives.

On Saturday, April 7, 2012, a band of Fulani militia attacked our people in Yelwa Ediya in Doma Local Government Area, killing Eggon people and burning 22 houses belonging to Eggon people.

On June 1, 2012, the Alago Militia with the support of other invited ethnic militias attacked Eggon quarters in Assakio town, killing some of our people. The reason for the attack is what they called non-payment of royalty/tribute on a bag of rice per Eggon farmer as imposed by the Alago community leader. Our people defended themselves. The rest is now history.

On October 18, 2012, a band of Fulani militia attacked our people in Angwan Alaku and Kadarko Railway Villages of Giza Development Area. This led to the death of nine Eggon people who were not only butchered but parts of their bodies were mutilated and removed and their corpses deposited in the bush close to their farms''.

Okija Shrine was one of such sister cult in Anambra State where people took various cases to for strange spirits to judge. Those whose properties and family land were confiscated, apprentice salesmen whose masters refused to settle, cases of robbery, mysterious death, theft, scandals and malicious defamation of character all took their cases to Okija Shrine. The Shrine attendants then sends emissaries to invite the accused to the place within 7-21 days to clear self of all accusations or the spirits will declare them guilty and mete justice. Such was the powers of this fetish Shrine that those allegedly killed by it are taken to the place and deposited to avoid spiraling death for others.

Politicians also used the shrine to administer oaths of secrecy and allegiance from followers. Senator Andy Uba allegedly ordered his brother Chris Uba to drag ex-Governor of Anambra State, Chris Ngige to the shrine to swear oath of surrendering state coffers to their family, and it took the resistance of the combined voice of Anambra people and some anointing oil Ngige obtained from an Anglican Bishop, before he wriggled out of the fetish oath. Former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia State dragged his successor to the place to swear oath of subservience.

Therefore, it is shameful that a society that has up to 20 million literates and about 5 million graduates from various universities in the world cannot put forward an effective social security, justice administration and policing system. It is disturbing that a nation like Nigeria is gradually retrogressing towards allegiance to fetish organizations in search of justice and protection. Even if more policemen were killed by Ombatse cultists, it will not change the minds of Eggon people, because they believe that during their hard times, the apparatus of the law offered no defense.

Days after the Ombatse attacks, some herdsmen attacked villages in Abutu, Guma and Gwer local governments of Benue State leaving over 40 persons dead. A month later, the herdsmen attacked Nzorov ward in the same Guma Local Government where the earlier attacks took place, killing over 45 persons again and the security agents seems helpless. Thus over 85 persons dead within weeks and the state offered no security. Soon these Benue communities will gravitate towards a sinister juju man for deliverance and the fetish self help cycle goes on. These strange spirits Nigerians are gravitating towards for communal deliverance will soon make strange demands on these wards because their protection is not for nothing. All the family and town prayer deliverances all over the place is because some forefathers mortgaged themselves to strange spirits in order to obtain reprieve from attacks, oppressions and injustice.

Nigerians travel to Ijebu- Ode, Calabar, Kano, Asaba, Warri, Bauchi, Benin and different places searching for groups and cults like Okija, Ombatse etc in an effort to obtain justice, protection and security. As a result, more educated persons including those trained in the US are paying loyalty to suspicious spirits for protection and preservation. This does not make for a good social and spiritual development .Churches and Mosques looks silly in the face of all these, while faith in God is being substituted for faith in juju priests. The earlier the Nigerian government and religious leaders develops a system of effective policing, security, justice and conflict resolution based on equity and the rule of law, the better for the nation. Deliberate confiscation of electoral mandates through corrupt connivance of the executive, judiciary and security agents are giving rise to such fetish allegiance, especially for people whose faith in God had suffered fatality.

Any Nigerian who thwarts justice, delays justice, oppresses his neighbor and embezzles funds meant for the welfare of the citizenry have indirectly contributed in driving people with little faith in God to hold allegiance to fetish groups like Ombatse , Okija, Egbesu , Civilian JTF as alternative to justice and security and soon God’s judgments will fall on them.

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*Bill Gates Writes Governor Obi of Anambra State

By Masterweb News Desk

Congratulations on leading Anambra State to achieve Best Performing State in South-East Geopolitical zone in the 2012 Nigeria governors’ Immunization Leadership Challenge. Your commitment to eradicate polio and.....READ LETTER BELOW

Bill Gate's letter to Governor Obi

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Nigeria: A Murderous Republic And Country At War Against Her Citizens

By International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety)

(Denver, Colorado, USA, 29th June 2013)-The Monday, June 24, 2013 public execution of Citizens Richard Igago, Chima Ejiofor, Daniel Nsofor and Osaremwinda Aigbuokhian on the executive orders of the Edo State Governor, South-south, Nigeria, is not only shocking but also savagely. Since June 1999, when the civil rule was restored on the polity, over 58,000 citizens have been killed outside the law in the country. The latest public execution of the four controversially processed convicts has brought the country thousands of years backward from being a member of the comity of civilized countries and human rights respecter countries. Nigeria is steadily descending dangerously into the abyss of savagery and cannibalism. The country now earns notoriety as a country not in war, but in war. She now records one of the highest global incidences of unlawful killings per month with monthly average of 200. When a political system is corrupt and weak to safeguard lives and property, incidence of safe-help method in inter-personal and group’s disputes grows astronomically dangerously-says Emeka Umeagbalasi today in Denver, Colorado, USA. A modern country that engages in public execution of its citizens whose actions are said to be in conflict with its criminal law, whether anachronistically or globally blended, is not only a direct descendant of the butchery of the old, but also instills homicidal militancy in the psyches of its civil populace to slaughter at will even in mere dissent verbal exchanges-further says Emeka Umeagbalasi.

Factually speaking, over 1,400 Nigerian citizens have been killed since January 2013; a period of six months. It has become a routine in the country to count not less than 200 unlawful deaths at every month end. From our empirical records, over 200 citizens were killed in May 2013 and in this month of June, 2013, the local and international media have reported over 200 more unlawful deaths including the communal killing of between 32 and 48 citizens on 27-6-2013 in the Langtang areas of Plateau State, North-Central Nigeria. Nigerian government’s reported excuses of using public execution of condemned law breakers to decongest the prisons or using same to reduce crimes clearly show how empty her security and justice policy makers and administrators are in matters of public governance, security, rule of law and accountability to the citizenry. They also remind us of similar infantile and barbarous reasoning canvassed by the promoters of monstrous vigilantism in the Southeast States of Anambra and Abia, which were repositories of the killer-Bakassi Boys that massacred over 5,000 citizens including the chairman of the local body of lawyers and his wife. It is an incontestable fact that 95% of Nigeria’s social problems or challenges are politically generated. The highest generators of violence in the country are her political leaders.

Comparatively speaking, over 2.3million jailed lawbreakers abound in USA; mostly jailed in connection with immigration, drug/alcohol and sex violence offences, yet they are being counseled, rehabilitated and substantially integrated into the American society so as to turn to new leaves and break laws no more. In Nigeria, less than 10% of her 53,000 prisons inmates is jailed lawbreakers, while only about 1000 of them are condemned lawbreakers. Up to 90% are awaiting trial inmates made to suffer from the failed and outdated justice administration or system. Revolutions and innovations have also characterized today’s justice administration or system globally. Court rules and other criminal and civil statutes are routinely upsized or downsized including expansion of sentencing and punishment options and management. To this effect, there are prisons labour, industry, community service, paroling, counseling & rehabilitation, suspended sentencing or jail holidays, foster homes, amnesty or pardoning, commutation, sporting, volunteerism, to mention a few; designed for today’s prisons inmates. The ultimate goal of modern prisons is rehabilitation; whereas that of the Stone Age was death for death, stealing for stealing and spiting for spiting.

Therefore, the traditional concept of sentencing by death is confined to the dustbin of the Yore. It is shocking that till date, the prisons facility management in the country is monopolized by one out of the country’s three tiers of government-federal government. While each of our senators crookedly smiles to the bank at every month end with N29.4million (over $190.000) in the form of allowances, which also includes a fraction of monthly basic salary and outrageous monthly newspaper allowance of N1.24million (about $8.000), in this era of internet; most of the country’s federal criminal and civil laws including the Nigerian Prisons, Police and Evidence Acts are begging for legislative upgrade with no hopes in sight. Most of the country’s criminal and civil laws including court rules were created in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. The Police Act, for instance, has not seen major changes since its creation in April 1930. The Prisons Act was created in 1972.

Intersociety feels deeply pained over the rising incidence of unlawful deaths in Nigeria including State sanctioned murder and killings emanating from the failed justice system. There are available records showing that dozens of condemned inmates have in recent years, if not months, been granted pardon in the country under the Prerogative of Mercy constitutionally exercised by Mr. President, governors and strategic heads of the judiciary. It therefore surprises us as what interest the Edo Governor has in sanctioning the execution of the four incarcerated citizens. We have it on good authority that the fifth person who was to be executed alongside four others, but got spared, temporarily-Citizen ThankGod Ebhos, is kept for execution in a later date soonest. Three out of the remaining four condemned inmates waiting for execution are Citizens Cyracius Ogidi, Agbonware Omorogie and Apostle Igene. Five other condemned inmates who spoke to Intersociety yesterday complained bitterly of starvation and denial of food and water for four days. This is a gross violation of national, regional and international provisions on the fair treatment of prisoners.

It is recalled that on 18th day of April, 2013, our leadership issued a public statement, captioned: Amnesty for Eight Condemned Prisons Inmates in Edo Nigeria: A Call for Urgent Action; informing the world particularly the leaderships of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch based in UK and USA respectively, through their researchers on Nigeria, about the imminence of the public execution of the eight Benin prisons inmates. Four out of the eight are now dead. Sadly, the two world respected rights groups did little or nothing concerning the urgent appeal, except belated statement of condemnation. They neither acknowledged our urgent call nor responded swiftly which would have possibly saved the lives of the executed citizens. Their enormous quick intervention global advocacy arsenal motivated us to write them.

It is sad and unfortunate that Nigeria, through her political leaders, has chosen a path of seemingly intractable backwardness in the global scheme of things including human rights, economic management and security, to the extent that the first African born US President skipped the country in his African tour itinerary. The other day, it was some defaced characters wearing parliamentary gowns that shocked their fellow country men and women with unpardonably falsified report on Ezu River massacre. The barefaced falsified report has exposed the mercantilization of legislative oversight civil inquiries in Nigeria and hijacking of criminal investigation by same. For us in Intersociety, we are least surprised having ignored from the beginning the shambolic exercise because of not-good characters behind it. The nexus between the provocative legislative Ezu River report and the public execution of the four citizens is incontestably linked.


Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman of the Board
Mobile Phone Nos.: +234 8033601078, +1 4143937972

Emeka Umeagbalasi

Photo Above: Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Intersociety, 41, Miss Elems Street, Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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*Much Ado About Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) And APCON's Position

By Chris Onyishi

I was glossing over a brother’s posts in the FACE BOOK recently and I stumbled over where he dropped a link to an article in the TheGuardian Nigeria, with the caption “Foreign Direct Investment: A Vote for APCON Reforms” which is credited to one Edwin Madueme.

An excerpt from that article read thus:

"The thing our government must do and urgently too, is to properly define who a foreign investor is. And for the avoidance of doubt, foreign investment does not include someone coming into the country to feed from values already developed and milk a market already ripe while funneling proceeds to his or her home country. A foreign investor is one (either an individual or a body corporate) with capital in terms of finance, technology or product capable of boosting the economy, generating income for the citizens and raising the standards of life in the country of destination. A foreign investment that dislocates and deprives citizens of opportunities must be seen as flying in the face of overriding national interest." ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

Without any prejudice, whatsoever, to the article and the position of APCON on the matter of foreign investment, I have entirely a different opinion about this issue. But a nation that is really wishing for or posing to be inviting a foreign investor will first put its infrastructures in the most minimally acceptable level.We do not need to go to Harvard or London School of Economics to understand this.

You do not expect an investor who comes with his own power, water, road, housing, security, etc to dance around – snuff ("ataba") in his palm – with you. No. It doesn’t happen that way. I know of a company in Nigeria that spends well over eighteen million Naira monthly on energy alone.

But I know a lot of people would quickly want to tell me that coming in to install our power system for us is also an investment except we are only looking at advertising as the only area that is calling for foreign direct investment in our country.

If you dare tell me that, then I will reply and say to you that some basic infrastructures are not good in the hands of foreign investors. We have to get our energy system right. We should be able to have close to 100% control of our energy supplies and close to 100% stable energy supply. And the good thing about some of these things is that they are at the level of technology and not rocket science anymore. There is little we will need from outside when it comes to installation of power systems. But corruption would not let us be.

Nigeria, as a nation, must define how it wants to become a truly independent nation first. We must put our house in order first. All these noise of one misguided President or one obtuse Minister trotting around the globe in the name of fishing for investors is arrant nonsense. Foreign Direct Investment (or FDI as they call it to make it sound big) initiative of the Federal Government is another disillusioned swaggering of the government which does not and will never be situated around any known principle.

What our rulers fail to understand is that there are certain issues you do not wish out or dream about without clear and well synchronized initiative. What people do not know is that you do not look for investors. Investors are smart guys who know where the atmosphere is safe and ripe to locate their funds and get good returns while not hurting the environment.

Our rulers are still leaving in the past and do not know that with the advent a what is known as global village, no one needs to come to your land before he or she knows how you stand. And even without the help of the electronic information systems, most of these foreigners have their embassy and offices in our country who feed them back on the true position.

One needs to see how sympathetic their hosts feel as they watch our rulers ramble about obtrusive investment climate in our country where they know none exists. They would usually, as well informed diplomats, give them a pat on the shoulder and assure them that they may even rich our shores before them. They never come. And our naïve rulers would, after spending and saving their loots in those lands, come back to play videos of empty promises from these country leaders and government agencies and the investor groups.

You can delude yourself, as an administration, to say that your climate is good for investment but the statement being made clearly shows that you are just fooling about. Are we so harangued to forget, so soon, that a corporate organization known as Michelin once had an operational location in Nigeria? Is Michelin still in Nigeria? Has Michelin come back to Nigeria? Has the reason and circumstances that drove Michelin out of Nigeria changed? What are we talking about? And I just want to save space here otherwise I can go on and on to mention hundreds of corporate organizations that have left our shores doe to unacceptable business environment.

It does not seem to me that our rulers are yet serious "... by the stretch of any imagination", if you permit me to use one of my brothers’ words. A country where a governor gives out cars to celebrities as a wedding gift and some spend millions of Naira in society weddings – in the face of abject poverty – and the President is all over the country commissioning churches built with looted funds does not strike a chord to me as a country of creative and proactive "leaders" that understand what minimal infrastructure is needed before asking anybody to come to invest.

I feel ashamed when people who do everything, good and bad, to get to power eventually get there and they cannot even come up with pulverizing argument about what they set out to achieve. If you are a crook and you have a very creative way of being one, I do not even mind. What turns me crazy is when you are a big fool and you do not even understand how foolish you are. If you understand that your “leader” or ruler is a creative person, but only surrounded by very naïve adventurers, you will have solace in time. But the truth is that very creative leaders know how to choose the best team.

That Stephen Keshi assembled the team that brought glory to Nigeria in the recently concluded AFCON goes beyond the fact that the lads are good. The crux of the matter is that Mr. Keshi has the intuition to know which of the lads from the pack is good and has the experience, will and sincerity of purpose to galvanize the individual strengths of these lads and use same to bring about a feat which our corrupt rulers now align with to claim that they are doing well.

Can you imagine a whole Senate President leading a delegation of government to a football tournament just to underscore the fact that this upper house identifies the galvanizing force of soccer or sports? Nobody undermines the efficacy of sports in engendering national development but an administration that touts success in sports as its achievement is an idle one.

The President has severally told us that he is on top of everything including our security. But it is on record that Nigeria has never - in the annals of our country - lost more human beings in security related issues, except during the civil war, than in this regime through Boko Haram alone.

It may be easy to fool everybody in Nigeria that all is well, but it won’t be easy to fool investors who are smart guys that the country is safe for any good investment. The only investors who would be willing to come to Nigeria at this point in time are only those who are racketeers and whose investment would only be to throw themselves up as mannequins for corrupt politicians to cart away their loots to foreign lands.

Part of the proof of countries and nations that are ripe for foreign investment is that their rulers or leaders do not need to carry their wealth (ill or well gotten) to other lands.

If any investor is set to do real and sincere work in Nigeria today, he or she will end up employing Nigerians as slaves whose income would be below a living wage. This will aggravate corruption in the land and the politicians will keep wallowing in unmitigated absurdities.

Our rulers have to, first, convince themselves and the local citizens that our land is safe and ripe for investment and thereafter the modalities for foreign participation would be spelt out. Today genuine local investors are regularly suffering under various levels of government by way of dual and triple taxations when these same governments never care to play their own side of the bargain by providing any meaningful infrastructure for investment.

What you get as infrastructure is that some governors erect street lights that are powered by generators kept along the streets. Then you get some senators and representatives who have bought over all the lands in their states and the Federal Capital territories where they have erected hotels and radio stations and churches from looted funds. That is what they try to sell to the foreigners as an indication of fertile investment environment.

Chris Onyishi ( writes from Owerri, Nigeria.

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*The Struggle For The Soul of The Catholic Church in Ahiara Diocese

By Chris Onyishi

I had sometime put up a rejoinder to an article on this matter which I titled “The Struggle For The Soul of The Catholic Church in Ahiara Diocese”. I stumbled on another piece credited to Mr. Uche Ezechukwu which he captioned “Mbaise Versus Catholic Church” on The Sun – May 20th 2013. I initially felt like giving this piece the title of “Mr. Uche Ezechukwu Versus Mbaise People” before I considered that it would sound too parochial.

I will amend that piece to make it reactive to the issues Mr. Ezechukwu raised on The Sun of the above date which is also linked.

“The Church in its over 2000-year history has seen and weathered greater challenges and this one by the rabble-rousers from the Ahiara Diocese and a few of their supporters is only a storm in the teacup which will be also weathered by the Church.”

The above excerpt by Mr. Ezechukwu, in the said article, is not only arrogant but indicative of someone who does not even believe in what he is professing. Obtuse and arrogant statement wasn’t what Jesus Christ was known for. Mr Ezechukwu depicted himself as someone who is not very keen on the developments in the Catholic Church all along its evolution. I am not going to dwell on the changes that had taken place in the Catholic Church over the years which the Celibacy issue was a major one. ( Continues below..... )

 A Christian Church service

Photo Above: A Christian Church service

It seems that as a columnist on Capital Matters – on The Sun (Nigeria), Mr. Ezechukwu has trespassed out of his known domain and has chosen to make up for his short comings in an unfamiliar terrain with incandescent arrogance. People who have the opportunity of doing columns on a respectable or mainstream print media must learn to be civil in their analysis of very provocative matters.

In as much as I am not an authority in Catholic Church maters, I have this instinct that the church must begin to accommodate the feelings of the immediate flock where it exists or it wishes to exist.

One of the strongest points in the agitation by Africans – that the next Pope should be an African – during the last search for the replacement of retiring John Paul was that, even though the seat of the Catholic church is in Europe, providence or circumstantial prudence demands that an African be made the Pope in view of their numbers within the body of Christ.

Mr. Ezechukwu, in my opinion, is an intelligent person. But my question to him is: Did Africa and Africans have any point in their demand based on their strength? The tradition of the Catholic Church should also be weighed against the population and feeling of the church. And I think the Catholic Church is sufficiently aware that followership is the strength of any church.

According to Mr. Ezechukwu, “Any Catholic, especially a priest who does not respect or accept, without question, the dictates of the Church, which, in any case is not a democracy, has automatically ruled him or herself out as a Catholic. Such a person should no longer have the right to use the institution or premises of the Catholic Church. That vocal and irresponsible Mbaise activists, currently embarrassing the very pious and active Catholics from the diocese, should be known and taken for what they are – rogue Catholics and the constituted authorities of the State should take note of their nuisance factor, especially at this time when the country cannot afford another social blow-out by selfish and self-serving deviants.”

The above excerpt, from Mr. Ezechukwu’s piece on The Sun, is most unexpected assertion from someone who believes in the doctrine of the Catholic Church and I think Mr. Ezechukwu got it all wrong. He is too abrasive. One would have expected Mr. Ezechukwu to be more civil and light hearted if he is really supposed to be seeing the event in Ahiara Diocese from the perspective of a good Catholic. Once in a while, in the said publication, he used some derogatory language on a people just because he wants to make a point and to protect the interest of the junior brother to his – “nwa nwa ibem” – maternal cousin. I guess he may be trying to secure the favor of the yet to be ordained bishop now that the coast seems clear that the ordination is a matter of hours.

Catholic Church may not be a democracy as Mr. Ezechukwu wishes people to understand, but any dynamic mind will realize that the Church of the late 19th century is far way back such that people will not want to use that time against the believers of the 21st century.

If a church refuses to be responsive to the wishes and aspirations of its members, it will discover that, in no time, it will either loose its membership to other more accommodating churches or face outright indignation from less committed members. There are cases why patients have walked out on arrogant physicians. True Democracy is inherent in people.

“Secondly, Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola of the blessed memory once said that it is unwise of someone to urinate into a pool from which one hoped to draw his drinking water”, according to Mr. Ezechukwu.

This is very correct just as the same Late M.K.O Abiola, may his soul rest in peace, did say that “… you can only shave the hair on the head of someone who is present in the barbers shop”.

I find certain excerpt from Mr. Ezechukwu’s piece a little uncomfortable because no matter what a church wants and claims to be, the location and people where it exists has tremendous impact on its success, whether these are members or not. And in most cases church members come from families who may be of different dominion.

We have had cases where churches try to ostracize the parents of the youths who are major contributors to church funds in the name of instilling one form of Catholic tradition or the other. Is Catholic Church unmindfull of the fact that time changes?

21st century churches must begin to accept the true tenets of using church as the vehicle of reconciliation and not an agent of infraction within the locations and amongst the people where they find themselves, and it would serve people like Mr. Uche Ezechukwu better to use their portfolio to bring about the beauty of churches to the fore by exhibiting piety in their public discuss.

  Chris Onyishi ( writes from Owerri, Nigeria.

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*Egba Community Welcomes Obasanjo in Milwaukee (Photo)

By Masterweb News Desk

Egba Community welcoming Obasanjo

Egba Community welcoming Obasanjo

Photos Above: Mr. Idowu Oguntade of Progressive Alliance Movement; represnting Egba Community in Milwaukee displays a placard welcoming Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ) to Milwaukee; Wisconsin; U.S.A.; during the ex-Nigerian president's visit of Milwaukee on June 12; 2013.; Mr. Oguntade is a prominent leader in both Egba and Nigerian communities in Milwaukee; he can be reached by phone at +1 4149218111 or by email at

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*Obasanjo Photos With Nigerian U.S. Boxing Champ During Milwaukee Visit

By Masterweb News Desk

Nigeria Masterweb News Desk was on ground last week, June 12, when Ex-Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ) visited University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (UWM) where he was a guest speaker promoting future relations and strengthening of ties between UWM and African Nations. Masterweb was also there the previous night during his arrival as guest at an exclusive hotel in Milwaukee. Milwaukee community leaders including Dr. Sunday Olafintila, Mr. Idowu Oguntade of Progressive Alliance Movement, Mr. Enobong Umohette (Wisconsin State Heavy Weight Boxing Champion), Mr. Okey Akubueze, Engineer Ben Eruchalu, Mazi Chris Nwonye, Rev. Chris Ikanih, Chief Charles O. Okereke (Publisher – Nigeria Masterweb & Composer God Bless Africa – African Union Award Winning Anthem) and selected cross section of others were also at the hotel reception. Below are some of the photos taken both at the hotel and UWM event during OBJ’s visit; more photos will be published soon. ( Continues below….. )

Ex-President and entourage arriving the Milwaukee exclusive hotel

Photo Above: Ex-President Obasanjo, his aides and Wisconsin/Illinois community leaders arriving the Milwaukee exclusive hotel. [ Photo By Nigeria Masterweb ]

In champ’s (Enobong Umohette) words: “Baba's request for boxing gloves was a joking tease on Tuesday night, until we met at his hotel suite and I told him the story of how he personally handed me a pair of souvenir construction gloves at Wilberforce Island in March 2001. I was a young SSS Security operative and single-handedly secured the successful Presidential advance party operations for His Excellency President Obasanjo at the site of the commissioning of Niger Delta University at Wilberforce Island. President Obasanjo was faced with his first and most serious security threat on that state visit to Bayelsa State which happened after the Odi Military conflict. His Excellency remembered that state visit and was amazed to find that the young SSS officer he gave the souvenir gloves to; 12 years ago was returning to him as a boxing champion, so the boxing gloves was a symbolic pledge I made to him in fulfillment of a destiny he foretold by his own gift of a pair of gloves to me on that fateful day in March 2001. ”


 Wisconsin State Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, Mr. Enobong Umohette helping OBJ put on boxing gloves

Photo Above: Wisconsin State Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, Mr. Enobong Umohette helping OBJ put on boxing gloves. [ Photo By Nigeria Masterweb ]

 Enobong Umohette shadow boxing with Ex-President Obasanjo

Photo Above: Enobong Umohette shadow boxing with Ex-President Obasanjo [ Photo By Nigeria Masterweb ]

Enobong Umohette raises Ex-President Obasanjo’s hand as winner

Photo Above: Enobong Umohette raises Ex-President Obasanjo’s hand as winner of the shadow boxing between him and the ex-president [ Photo By Danitephotos ]

Enobong Umohette hugs Ex-President Obasanjo

Photo Above: Enobong Umohette hugs Ex-President Obasanjo [ Photo By Nigeria Masterweb ]

Enobong Umohette exchanges greetings with Ex-President Obasanjo

Photo Above: Enobong Umohette exchanges greetings with Ex-President Obasanjo


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*Obasanjo Visits Milwaukee, Meets Wisconsin Heavy Weight Boxing Champ Mr. Enobong Umohette

By Masterweb News Desk

International elder statesman and former Nigerian President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was honored during a recent visit on June 12th, 2013 to University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (UWM) where he was a guest speaker promoting future relations and strengthening of ties between UWM and African Nations.

His Excellency President Obasanjo who has served severally as a United Nations and African Union envoy is internationally accredited as the first African Military head of state to hand over to a democratically elected government in 1979 where he assumed leadership of Nigeria after the assassination of the then Military head of state General Murtala Muhamed in 1976 and further served two terms as an elected Civilian President of Nigeria between 1999-2007. His Excellency Chief Obasanjo had a successful Military career retiring as General and has bagged numerous awards and Honorary Degrees from all over the world for leadership, social crusade and International advocacy for peace, human rights and development.

President Obasanjo spoke to a cross section of the organized private sector, academia, Nigerian community, the diplomatic corps, top political office holders in the city of Milwaukee and members of the press at the event.

One of the highlights of the UWM event was the presentation of awards and gifts to His Excellency President Obasanjo which was kicked off by the presentation of a pair of Boxing Gloves to President Obasanjo, by Enobong Umohette (THE NIGERIAN GENTLEMAN), who is the current State of Wisconsin Heavyweight Boxing Champion. ( Continues below….. )

Enobong Umohette presenting pair of Boxing Gloves to President Obasanjo

Photo Above: Enobong Umohette presenting pair of Boxing Gloves to President Obasanjo

President Obasanjo who not only thanked the Nigerian born Heavyweight boxing Champion for the gift, but proudly wore his new boxing gloves and to the standing ovation by the audience, engaged the boxing champion in a session of shadow boxing.

The current Wisconsin State Heavyweight professional Boxing Champion, Mr Enobong Umohette during a private dinner with His Excellency President Olusegun Obasanjo prior to the UWM event, narrated a touching story of his first meeting and encounter with President Obasanjo. In that meeting Mr Enobong Umohette described how as a sitting President of Nigeria, Chief Obasanjo handed him a souvenir pair of construction gloves in gratitude for his exemplary service while conducting a successful advanced party security operation ahead of a State visit to Wilberforce Island in Bayelsa state in March 2001. Mr Umohette who was then a member of Nigeria's elite secret service (State Security Services-SSS), described vividly the fateful circumstances that propelled him to assume leadership position in the operations that was solely responsible for the life, security and safety of President Olusegun Obasanjo who was then the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria at the site of the commissioning of the Niger Delta University located in Wilberforce Island.

President Obasanjo who recalled the State visit of March 2001, clearly remembered the event and described his first meeting with Mr Umohette, the career journey of Mr Umohette and his second meeting with Mr Umohette now a USA State boxing Champion as an act of God.

President Obasanjo acknowledged the Hand of God in the affairs of man be it individually or collectively and pledged to support Mr Umohette's boxing career as he prayed for the Wisconsin State Champion's continued success in the ring.

In attendance at the private dinner with His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was Otunba Abbey Badejo of Prometheus Consulting, an International Consulting firm based in Chicago, Alhaji Surajudeen Akande, renowned poet, publisher and African Union Award winning song composer; Chief Charles Okereke, Linda Oyewopo, 1976 Masters degree Alumni of UWM-Milwaukee; Mr Christian Akiwowo, Deputy Chief of Mission Nigerian Embassy Washington DC; His Excellency Ambassador Bassey E. Archibong and a few other dignitaries.

Mr Umohette described His Excellency President Obasanjo as a father and one of Africa's most iconic historical figures and thanked him for honoring the State of Wisconsin by his visit.

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How Nigeria Murdered Democracy Since 1999 & Kept June 12 Alive

By International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety)

(Washington DC, USA, June 11, 2013)-Firstly, the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law, Nigeria; ably represented here in Washington DC, USA, by Comrade Emeka Umeagbalasi, wishes to appreciate, deeply, the invitation of its Chairman of the Board by the US Department of State, to participate in the internationally respected and prestigious International Visitor(s) Leadership Program for NGO Management in USA & related others. We appreciate, commend and congratulate the Department of State of the United States and Its officials, distinguished members of the ECA/PE/R/V and the FHI-360 Project teams, respected and reputable IVLP colleagues and all other institutions and persons involved directly or indirectly in the ennobled program scheduled to cover the US States and Cities ranging from Washington and Washington DC; Seattle, Louisville, Kentucky; Huntington and Birmingham, Alabama; East Lansing, Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri; to Denver, Colorado. We wish all the participants in the program and its organizers huge successes at the end. The program was opened on Monday, June 10 and expected to end on June 29. The leadership of Intersociety celebrates the nomination of its Chairman of the Board, Emeka Umeagbalasi as the only Nigerian nominated to join other 23 international personalities drawn from twenty-four countries around the world including Russia, UK, India, Mexico, China, Costa Rica, Romania and Italy.

Our Beloved Country(Nigeria) As Murderer Of Democracy, Civil Liberties & The Rule Of Law:

Nigeria; a country of approximately 160million to 170 million people with 923,000 square kilometers of landmass; 3,500 kilometers of railways; 8,600 kilometers of inland waterways; 22 airports- both domestic and international; 17% of African population; 9.2% of African landmass; 2.5% of the world population; highest populated black country on earth; 3.5% of the world landmass; roughly two times the size of State of Alaska in USA in terms of landmass; and 198,000 kilometers of federal, states and local governments’ road network; blessed with abundant human and material resources ( with over 33 solid mineral deposits), has been caught up in a crossfire of social, economic and political crises particularly since her return to civil rule in 1999; a period of 14 years and 12 days. Though, our beloved country had been in crises since her statehood in 1960, but the present crises came about as a result of the seizure of political power in 1999 by Nigeria’s enemies within- corrupt members of the political class, which included military apologists, advance fee fraudsters and ritual cultists such as “Otokoto” occultist confraternity in Southeast Nigeria. Nigeria is akin to Cambodia of 1975 to 1979 under bloodthirsty “Comrade” Pol Pot.

Conversely, in the Union of South Africa, the political activists led by Mr. Nelson Mandela who fought for their country’s independence, foresaw the dangers of abandoning the political leadership in the hands of their country’s “black sheep”. As a result, they moved in and took control and dogmatized and systematized their country’s political leadership. But in Nigeria, the reverse was the case as her heroes and heroines of democracy struggle stayed away and allowed the criminal political class limitless access to the corridors of power. This marked the beginning of Nigeria’s current social, economic and political woes till date.

In this context, therefore, Nigeria’s crises are divided into three major areas of: insecurity & spiraled crime rates; failed governance & economy and failed justice system & deplorable human rights state.

Security & Crime:

Security threats and other unsafe conditions have remained Nigeria’s major challenge till date. Our beloved country can best be described as “consociation democracy”- a sort of a democratic country that is highly divided along ethnic, religious and political lines with high incidence of self-help method in respect of inter-personal and inter-group disputes. The mountainous and untamed security threats have converted our beloved country into a death theatre.

In December 2011, during the 63rd World Rights Anniversary, we released a report to the effect that since 1999, approximately 54,000 Nigerians were killed outside the law by our beloved country’s malicious citizens operating as “State actors” and “non-state actors”. See (under press releases and newsletters) for the report, captioned: “How 54,000 Nigerians Died outside the Law Since 1999”. The said unlawful deaths arose from Vigilante killings dominant in the Southeast Nigerian States of Anambra and Abia. Others arose from the Police violent crackdown on members of the Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra-MASSOB; intra-communal and inter-communal conflicts; ethno-religious/sectarian conflicts such as Jos killings and Boko Haram insurgency; election related violence; police custody/pretrial killings; political assassinations/killings; kidnap killings; culpable homicides; and excessive use of force by military/police against Nigeria’s malicious entities and members of the civil populace.

From the report, it was approximated that over 15,000 unlawful deaths arose from vigilante killings. The ethno-religious/sectarian killings including the Boko Haram insurgency accounted for over 16,000 unlawful deaths; police/military unlawful or extra-legal killings accounted for 21,000 deaths; and election violence took over 2,000 lives. Beyond this, the in-depth review of the continued unlawful killings in our beloved country from January to May 2013, showed that more 4000 Nigerians may most likely to have been killed outside the law, between January 2012 and May 2013. The 2011 report covered June 1999 to December 2011. This brings the total number of unlawful deaths in Nigeria since 1999 to approximately 58,000. For instance, between January and April 2013, over 1000 Nigerians were killed unlawfully by malicious elements within and outside the country’s security forces. The killings according to our public statement of 1st day of May 2013, titled: “Nigeria Is A Death Theatre: How Over 1000 Citizens Were Murdered In Four Months By Malicious Elements”; arose from police custody killings such as Ezu River Killings; ethno-religious/sectarian violence such as Jos killings; and the Boko Haram insurgency.

In the area of police pretrial/custody killings, over 200 Nigerians may most likely to have been killed between January and April 2013. The unlawful killings included over 50 young Nigerian males of the Igbo-Southeast extraction, killed by Anambra State Police SARS in January 2013 and dumped into Ezu River in Awka, Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria (see the Intersociety’s reports, titled: the Return of Anambra’s Killing Fields part 1, 2 & 3 at On the issue of Boko Haram insurgency, over 600 Nigerians have been killed since January 2013. The killings included over 220 citizens killed on 16th and 17th of April, 2013 in the Baga (Borno State, Northeast Nigeria) violent clashes between Boko Haram militant Islamists and the Multi-national Joint Taskforce led by Nigerian security forces in which 2,275 thatched houses were destroyed (HRW May 2013), as well as the killing of over 180 citizens, mostly citizens of Southeast Igbo extraction, on 18th day of March 2013 at the Sabon Gari Luxury Bus Park in Kano State, Northwest Nigeria.

Other unlawful killings that took place between January and April 2013 are the Jos ethno-religious/sectarian violence where over 200 citizens have been killed. In May 2013, alone, up to 200 Nigerians have died in unjustified manners in our beloved country. The May 2013 killings included the death of 90 members of Nigerian security forces on 8th day of May, 2013 in Lafia, Nasarawa State, North-central, Nigeria and the killing of 55 citizens including 22 police officers, 14 prisons officials, two soldiers, 13 Boko Haram insurgents and four civilians (see Intersociety’s letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, titled: “Hausanisation & Islamization Policy In The Nigeria Police Force: Igbo-Southeast As Endangered Species With The Loss Of Over 2,500 Souls Under Your Excellency’s Administration-Part Two”, dated 13th day of May,2013-

Importantly, the killings under reference (58,000 unlawful deaths) did not include those killed in motor accidents. In the five months of 2013 alone, over 300 Nigerians have been killed in motorization mishaps. Between December 19, 2012 and first week of January 2013, according to Nigeria’s Federal Road Safety Corps, 280 Nigerians were killed in road accidents. The Igbo-Southeast region of Nigeria, on her part, has lost over 2,500 of its citizens since 2010 to killers who kill outside the law. Those killed died in election violence of 2011, Jos violence in North-central Nigeria as well as in several bombs and weapons’ attacks launched by the Boko Haram insurgents in some northern parts of Nigeria. In the Kano Luxury Bus Park bomb attacks of March 18, 2013, for instance, up to 150 of them were killed. The Igbo race is the most unprotected race and targeted victims of hate violence in our beloved country.

Between January 2011 and January 2012, the number of citizens of the Igbo-southeast Nigeria killed in Boko Haram insurgency was about 510, out of about 714 Nigerians killed. See our letters to President Goodluck Jonathan, dated 18-1-2012 and 18-5-2013, titled: “Chilling Killing of 510 Igbo-Nigerian Citizens Amounts to Crimes Against Humanity” and “Hausanization & Islamization Policy in the Nigeria Police Force & Killing of over 2,500 Igbo-Nigerians Since 2010”. They are available at Nigeria has also recorded over 230 unresolved political murders since 1999 (see Intersociety’s report: “How 54,000 Nigerians Died Outside The Law Since 1999”, dated 11-12-2011). These killings outside the law have continued unabated and increased as days go by with impunity.

Further, corruption, favoritism, nepotism, ethno-religious division, primordial policing and proliferation of illicit small arms have been identified via researches as major challenges or banes militating against effective policing in our beloved country. Out of the UN’s recommendation of one police officer for 400 citizens, Nigeria presently maintains about 500 citizens for one police officer with about 371,000 police officers and 6,651 police field formations in her police establishment, policing between 160 million and 170 million populations. Yet our beloved country and her populous citizens are still going through chronic insecurity and other unsafe conditions.

A link between police unlawful killing and police corruption in Nigeria has been indisputably established. On 11th day of December, 2011, we released twin reports captioned: “How 54,000 Nigerians Died Outside The Law Since 1999” and “How Nigerian Police Personnel Raked in N53.4Billion ($336.6million) From Nigerian Roadblocks In Three Years-2009-2011” (see The report on extortion and corruption in the NPF documented and exposed with pictorial pieces of evidence, the use of over 3,500 police roadblocks across Nigeria particularly in the Southeast zone, as an avenue for criminal enrichment and unlawful killings. There were also reports issued by other rights advocacy organizations such as “Rest In Pieces” of the Human Rights Watch, 2005;”Killing At Will” of Amnesty International, 2009; “Criminal Force” of the Open Society Justice Initiative and the Network On Police Reforms In Nigeria-NOPRIN (revised version), 2010; “Everyone’s In The Game” of the Human Rights Watch, 2010; and the US Department of State Reports on the State of Human Rights in Nigeria, of 2009 and 2012. These credible reports documented and exposed monumental corrupt practices of many police officers in Nigeria, which embolden them to kill Nigerians indiscriminately outside the law with impunity.

Though, the reports under reference, particularly our own version of December 2011, have been partly acted upon, which led to drastic reduction in the number of police roadblocks on Nigerian roads and drastic decrease in police roadblock killings since February 2012, but incidences of corruption, nepotism, favoritism, deep ethnic divisions and custody killings are still very high in the Nigeria Police Force. Promotions and postings in the Force are grossly lopsided and carried out to favour the Hausa-Fulani Muslims as well as the Yoruba Ethnic group of Southwest and North-central Nigeria, while the Igbo ethnic group and other Christian minority tribes of the South-south and northern parts of the country are acutely sidelined( see the Intersociety’s letters to President Goodluck Jonathan, captioned: “Hausanisation & Islamization Policy In The Nigeria Police Force & Related Issues-1 & 2”, dated 06-05-2013 and 13-05-2013 at . The Nigeria Police Force is also haunted by primordial and gun-culture policing. Its intelligence network has gone moribund. Modern preventive and gadgets’ policing are almost non-existent in its confines. Its crime investigation and prosecution managements are anachronistic and unscientific (see our public statements on Ezu River Killings part 1, 2 & 3, dated: 19-01-2013; 04-03-2013 and 11-03-2013-

Proliferation of illicit small arms and their unlawful bearers is another major contributor to insecurity and other unsafe conditions in Nigeria to date. It is the major factor aiding the incompetence and incapacity of the Nigerian security forces led by the Nigeria Police Force in crime prevention and control management. Our Organization strongly believes that there are presently over 5million illicit small arms in wrong hands in Nigeria (see our public statement of 7th day of November, 2012, captioned: “Focus on Anambra State Of Nigeria: Security & Crime Under Review”- We in the Intersociety-Nigeria see illicit small arms as “illegally acquired technologically manufactured lethal weapons other than weapons of mass destruction, found in wrong hands, ranging from rocket launchers to AK-47 assault rifles, revolver guns and related others”.

There are approximately 8,000 to 10,000 unconventionally trained armed vigilante groups operating in Nigeria today, with dominance in Anambra and Abia States in Southeast, Nigeria. Over 2000 of them are believed to be in the repositories of the two States. Skyrocketing increase in illicit small arms proliferation and their unlawful bearers in Nigeria in recent times is premised on vigilante militancy, political thuggery and brigandage, rise in violent crimes, and the resource control and ethno-religious insurgencies. Politicians remain the largest generators of violence in Nigeria till date. The South-south, Southeast, Northeast, North-west and North-central geopolitical zones of Nigeria are strongly believed to have the largest quantities of illicit small arms in Nigeria today.

In the Southeast zone, Anambra and Abia States run neck to neck as largest bearers of illicit small arms. In the South-south zone, Rivers and Bayelsa States are leading Delta State. In the North-west zone, Kaduna and Kano States are on top. In the Northeast zone, it is Borno State, followed by Yobe, Adamawa and Bauchi States; and in the North-central zone, Plateau State is on top, followed by Benue and Nasarawa States. Though the Southwest zone is relatively free from high concentration of illicit small arms circulating in Nigeria, but Lagos State parades the highest quantity of illicit small arms in private criminals’ hands in the zone. A total of 270 people were killed in the State by violent criminals between first quarter of 2012 and first quarter of 2013 (Lagos State Police Command 2013).

There are over 300,000 of such illicit small arms in Anambra State of Southeast Nigeria alone and over 1000 unconventionally trained armed vigilante groups operating in the State to date. A 2011 UN’s Small Arms Survey, disclosed that out of 875million small arms produced by over 1000 companies in over 100 countries worldwide, Nigeria’s share hovers around 5.95million, 7million and 8million, thereby making her a dominant illicit small arms bearer in West Africa and a major world illicit small arms bearing country. Our beloved country is put in the same category with Yemen and the United States. The Nigeria’s Nation Newspaper of 9th day of March, 2013 reported the arraignment in UK of a Briton, Mr. Gary Hyde, for illegal shipment into Nigeria of 80,000 riffles and pistols and 32million rounds of ammunition. The illegal shipment included 40,000 AK-47 assault rifles, 30,000 riffles and 10,000 9mm pistols. Caches of weapons have been discovered from left, right and center in Nigeria in recent times. An Iranian was recently convicted by a Nigerian court for similar offence. Nigerian laws responsible for regulating the importation and use of small arms are very weak and outdated. Such laws are the Firearms Act, Cap F28 of 2004, the Private Guards Act of 1986 and the Custom & Excuse Management Act of 2002, etc. The controlling and regulatory agencies in our beloved country are also very corrupt and incompetent.

Failed Economy & Governance:

Nigeria’s public governance and state of economy has been in a sorry state since 1999 despite the abundance of her human and material resources. Over 33 solid minerals abound in the country. With the exception of oil and gas, others have remained at subsistence levels. Our beloved country continues to perform abysmally in every regional and international social indicator; from regional and international universities’ ratings to infant mortality; from high cost of governance to highly indebted poor countries’ status, etc. The incidence of corruption and bad governance has remained alarmingly high in our beloved country and the state of infrastructures including key ones like air and seaports, energy, health facilities, schools, roads, etc, is in steady decay, with the exception of few States like Anambra and Edo where the reverse is substantially the case courtesies of their legitimate State Governments.

Nigeria runs one of the costliest public governances in the world. In 2002, barely three years after the return to civil rule, Nigeria enacted a law called “Salaries & Allowances Of Top Public Office Holders Act of 2002”. The Law allocated N755.8billion (about $5billion) for the servicing of her 17,500 top public office holders annually. In 2008, the law was revised and the said salaries and allowances increased to N1.13trillion (approximately $7.5billion). Yet, to date, the spirit and letters of the law are not strictly adhered to. In other words, the law is totally observed in breach. This is because pieces of annual federal and states’ appropriation legislation are used to allocate and pocket hundreds of billions of naira in the form of “allowances and jumbo pay”, which are in gross violation of the subsisting pay Act, revised in 2008. The shocking part of it all is that almost half of these monies are borrowed locally and internationally with prohibitive interests and penalties. Nigeria borrows to consume and not to produce.

Nigeria, to date, has 17,500 top public office holders; out of which, 13,500 occupy elective offices and 4,000 others occupy appointive offices. According to the revised pay Act of 2008 under reference, N592billion( approximately $3.9billion using N155.00 for $1) is spent annually in servicing the 12,788 top Local Government Areas’ officials; out of this, allowances take N550billion or over 90%, while salaries account for only N41.8billion or less than 10%. There are 774 constitutionally recognized LGAs in Nigeria as of date. The sum of N300.5billion is spent on about 2,664 States’ executives of Nigeria’s 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory. The sum of N40.9billion is spent on 1,152 States’ lawmakers; N98.3billion is spent on 472 federal executives; N60.4billion is spent on 469 federal lawmakers; N18.5billion is spent on 792 State High Court Judges; and N14.8billion is spent on 142 federal judges.

In summary, two sets of allowances abound for Nigeria’s top public office holders; one is contained in the revised pay Act of 2008 and the other is criminally smuggled into the Federal and States’ annual budgets. Out of N80trillion ($500billion) shared among the Federal Government of Nigeria, the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT (federal capital territory) and the 774 Local Government Areas from the Federation Accounts since June 1999, up to 70% of same went into payment of salaries & allowances and debts servicing, while only 30% went into execution of public-interest projects. Also, out of the total budgets of N37, 665trillion ($240billion) made by the Federal Government of Nigeria between June 1999 and 2013, N21, 7trillion (about $145billion) was spent on consumption (recurrent expenditures), while only N11.3trillion (about $70 billion) went into production (capital expenditures). The remaining sum of N4.5trillion ($28billion) was used for local and foreign debts servicing. These explain why Nigeria runs one of the costliest public governances on earth to date.

Our beloved country has also returned to the “Highly Indebted Poor Country” status with total public debts of over $100billion. This debts figure includes Federal Government’s court judgment of N188.5billion as of 2012; government ministries and parastatals ‘debts; States’ foreign and domestic debts; as well as Federal Government’s foreign and domestic debts. According to official records of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the current total public debts stand at $52billion including its 2013-2015 foreign borrowing proposals of $7.9billion; domestic debts of N6.15trillion ($40billion) and foreign debts of $6,035billion. This account did not include the Federal Government and States’ government incurred court judgment debts; their ministries and parastatals’ debts and huge local debts incurred by the 36 States, the FCT and some Local Government Areas, which are on steady increase. Nigeria’s foreign debts increased from $970million in 1970 to $36billion in 2006. It came down to about $6billion in 2006 as a result of debts forgiveness and rose again to over $15billion in 2012/2013.

As at December 2001, Nigeria borrowed a total of $13.5billion from the Paris Club and spent a total of $41.2billion in its servicing. Nigeria’s journey to huge local indebtedness began in 1986 with a total local debt of N28.44billion ($1.3billion then using N22.00 for one USD), by 2006; it spirally rose to N1.8trillion (about $13billion then) and by 2012/2013, it alarmingly increased to over N9trillion (about $60billion) possibly excluding huge local debts of various States’ government. For fuller details, please visit our website at for our two reports, dated 03-09-2012 and 01-10-2012 and captioned: “How Nigeria’s Trillion & $44Billion Debts Are Pocketed By 17,500 Politically Privileged Nigerians and “Nigeria In Desperate Need Of Another Iweala Debts’ Exit Magic”. While China; Nigeria’s economic peer in the 60s, 70s and 80s, has increased her foreign exchange reserves from $700 billion in 2006; $2.3 trillion in 2010; to $3 trillion in 2012, Nigeria’s fell from $60 billion in 2006 to $50 billion in 2013. Our beloved country has also depleted her excess crude oil sales reserves from $20 billion in 2006 to almost zero USD in 2013.

Archaic Body of Laws:

Nigeria’s criminal and civil justice systems are in dire need of reforms. Apart from deformities inherent in her Constitution of 1999, most of the pieces of her criminal legislation are outdated. The country has also refused to accede to numerous international rights and humanitarian treaties by way of ratification and “domestication”, in accordance with Section 12 of her Constitution. These have earned her a pariah status internationally. Section 6, sub 6(c) of her Constitution has continued to deny citizens and courts rights of judicial justice and judicial review with respect to the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights, contained in the Chapter Two of her Constitution. Nigeria’s outdated pieces of criminal legislation and court rules have continued to encourage extra-judicial killings, torture and massive corrupt practices in public establishments. Her judiciary organ is one of the most corrupt judicial institutions in the world as of date and a leading corrupt public institution in the country.

For fuller details on Nigeria’s failed justice system, please visit our website ( Specifically, see the following: 1. Letter submitted to the Clerk of the Nigeria’s House of Reps Committee on Constitution Review, dated 12th day of November, 2012. 2. Second letter to the same House on the same issue; dated 18th day of November, 2012 and captioned: “Ousting The Ouster Clauses In The Chapter Four Of The Constitution”.3. Letter to the Attorney General of Nigeria on need to drastically reform Nigeria’s criminal and civil justice systems, dated 13-12-2012. 4. Public statement, captioned: “Return of Anambra’s killing Fields- part two”, dated 11-03-2013. 5. Public statement, captioned: “Oyerinde’s Murder Investigation In Edo State: Saving The Nigeria Police Force From Media & Political Cruxifion,” dated 05-04-2013.

From the foregoing, therefore, our beloved country’s 14 years of civilian rule since 1999 has been tortuous and challenging. This has enlivened the event marking the murder on June 12, 1993 of the historic electoral free speech by the Ibrahim Babangida’s military epoch. It is unreservedly correct to say that most of Nigeria’s social problems of today are caused by tainted and criminal political class, which hijacked the political power from the military in 1999 on account of the refusal of the social saints who fought and won our hand-earned democracy to step in and nurse-maid the political governance. In-spite of these man-made woes, bright hopes still abound in our beloved country. It requires congregation of forces of the social saints with positive international supports for things to be turned around for the good of every Nigerian in no distance future.

About Intersocity-Nigeria:

We were incorporated in Nigeria in April 2008 and launched in July 2008. We operate from Onitsha, Anambra State, Southeast, Nigeria, with a mission to: protecting the civil liberties and other human rights of the Igbo-Southeast citizens of Nigeria, Nigerian citizens and world citizens at all times, in accordance with the UDHR provisions; standing at all times on the side of the abused and the victimized; standing at all times against human rights abusers and enemies of the rule of law be they State actors or non-State actors; campaigning vigorously for the enthronement and sustenance of the rule of law and judicial accountability including periodic reforms in civil and criminal justice systems; and seeking for an end or reducing to the barest minimum of official misconducts in Nigeria and the Continent of Africa including sit-tight political leadership, State murder, bad governance and corruption.

Our vision is to: become a successful, fiery and leading civil liberties and the rule of law advocacy movement in the Igbo-Southeast Nigeria as well as at national, regional and international levels; and see our beloved country quitting her inglorious killing field and economically impoverished self-initiated club. Since the inception of our Organization in 2008, we have carried out over 150 advocacy activities covering reports, public petitions, public statements, articles, researches, publications and documentaries (see our for more). These we have done with small local assistance only. We humbly seek to be supported internationally to do more and improve upon what we have done. Our motto is: taking civil liberties (human rights) and the rule of law campaigns to the grassroots.

For: International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law, Nigeria

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman of the Board
Mobile Phone Nos.: 08033601078, 08180103912


The Executive Chairman, Federal Character Commission, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria
Deputy Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria
Deputy Speaker, House of Reps, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria

Emeka Umeagbalasi

Photo Above: Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Intersociety, 41, Miss Elems Street, Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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*Press Release: Disclaimer on Groups Claiming to be Youth Wing of Ohanaeze

By Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council

Some misguided Youths have recently been going about claiming to be the Youth Wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and using the hallowed name of Ohanaeze in different forms to put up Advertorials and unauthorized information in the media. They use such names as Ohanaeze Youth Congress, Ohanaeze Youth Forum Etc. Let it be known by all Nigerians that such claimants are fake and dubious and should be disregarded or reported to the security agencies for impersonation and misrepresentation.

There is only one youth wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo which operates from No. 7 Park Avenue, GRA, Enugu. The Last President was late Hon Nnamdi Nwokocha (Carmel) and the last Secretary -General was Comrade Chuks Ibegbu, the well know Social Analysts and now the President of the World Igbo Leadership, Educational And Cultural Council (WILECC). Until an election is held to throw up a new executive body for the youth wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, comrade Ibegbu remains the BOT Chairman and custodian of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Wing.

He is expected to officially hand over to a democratically elected Executive of the body.

The security agents are advised to arrest and prosecute anybody claiming o be the leader of these fake organizations and also we advise the EFCC and the CAC to cancel any registration done with regards to these fake Ohanaeze outfits or wings.


Hon. Elvis Iwuajoku

Hon. Pat Anyanwu

Hon. Okey Isiguzoro

For Stakeholders
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council
No. 7 Park Avenue
GRA, Enugu, Enugu State.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo logo

Photo Above: Ohanaeze Ndigbo logo

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