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*Why Igbos Are Nigeria's Chosen Tribe

By Dr. James C. Agazie

Frightening statistics are arriving. Remove the Igbos from the country, and Nigeria will collapse like 1-2-3, like a flimsy deck of cards. Despite all their travails, the Igbos are the tribe chosen to bear the burdens of Nigeria. Throughout the 50 years Nigeria has masqueraded as an independent nation, Igbos have been credited with making meaningful strides to maintain Nigeria’s membership among the league of civilized nations. What the Igbos garnered with picks the other tribes scattered with spades or embezzled or sold off with when no one was looking, And the Northern oligarchies, long known for their aversion to Western education, are rarely stakeholders in Nigerian affairs. The Bedouins have siphoned off all they could to Saudi Arabia and other clandestine places. Now, tell me. What have the oligarchies done with the zillions of Naira sunk into Northern abyss? Nothing. An absolute zero. Zilch. Nothing was accomplished unless you want to determine the numbers of the blind, leprous, and beggary citizenry neglected by their state governments. The Igbos are the only tribe to possess the semblance of modernization and patriotism that translates to patriotism or desperately needed love of country. Can one say the same thing about the other tribes?

Statistics proves the Igbos are becoming the fastest growing ethnic group in the world, making up 75-80% of Lagos, 40% of Northern cities such as Kano or Jos; and flocking to Ghana by the hundreds everyday. The ubiquitous Igbos are migrating to America, UK and Canada by the millions. Why? First, the Igbos love to lead; they love education and they love progression, as opposed to regression (defined as weakening, failure, decay, deterioration, waning, drop, or degeneration). The Igbos hate stagnation in all its ramifications.How else can the Igbos duplicate themselves but through education and regeneration (defined as renewal, revival, renaissance, rejuvenation, or restoration)?

The Igbos believe in taking care of their children. Contraception is a taboo in the Igbo culture where madu ka eji aka (we win by sheer numbers). Advocating sterilization or abortion in the Igbo community is considered the enemy’s ploy to wipe out the tribe, much as the boko harans, a group of violent, illiterate, nihilistic disaffiliates attempting to express political ambitions camouflaged as diabolical religious views. Fourthly, the physical Igbo child is sublime (defined as inspiring, inspirational, sensational, awe-inspiring, moving, transcendent or simply motivating). Who doesn’t know that Ahamefula (my name shall not be lost) and Nwakaego (the child is more valuable than money) are popular names for Igbo boys and girls, respectively?A child provides the mechanism through which society continues to exist. So, what do the Igbos do to maintain the leadership Nigeria desperately needs? ( Continues below..... )

 Map of Igboland

Photo Above: Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria)

Let Igbo brains spring forth and excogitate ways to maintain the leadership Heaven has thrust upon them, particularly leadership in agriculture, business, education, politics, and medicines. There are sore difficulties involved in leading Nigeria by way of increased agricultural production because the Igbos have not much arable land, as you have in Benue State and other states in Northern Nigeria.And if the Igbos manage to buy some arable land, good policies will have to be put in place to prevent people squabbling and committing crimes as inhabitants in the Western Nigeria do with body parts. Try confiscating Izza land in Abakaliki, and you risk of having disgruntled men come after you with machetes, and blunt implements. Entrepreneurship won’t do it because the Northern Nigerian oligarchies, as hosts, do not usually allow the visitor free purchasing power in land . Case in point: Igbo visitors in Northern Nigeria are chased out after developing the land.

With the level of economic power the Igbos have, they can easily electrify Nigeria, build roads, and usher in massive industrial development to make unemployment a thing of the past. Will non-Igbo tribes whose faces are contorted by murderous jealousy allow this to happen? Please reread my essay on Nigeria being the burden of suffering Igbos: the Igbos must develop Nigeria and be willing to die in the process. Since agriculture and education are not viable tools in Igbos hands to develop Nigeria, could one consider entrepreneurship as an alternative? But my homeboy Silas stopped me with a reminder: “Remember the Ebenato man from near your mother’s village and how he placed his medical degree from India in the toilet and went into business like crazy?”

What of education? Because the Igbos have been lovers of education long before Nigeria achieved independence as a sovereign nation, they had become successful community developers, city planters, and managers of schools.Igbos went to school with intensity and acquired all types of skills that kept Nigerian in good stead as the country prepared for self government. There are Igbos with expertise in all fields Nigeria needs to develop as a nation. It is unfortunate that tribalism, nepotism, and greed do not permit full exploitation of Igbo talents. After working for 2- years as so at jobs under dangerous, unfriendly conditions, the Igbos are packing their bags and heading into business, Silas comes again: “Remember that young doctor from your village with engineering doctorate who served as commissioner for the environment in the North and how he quit and went into self employment at Abuja?” Yes, I remember this man and once spoke with him.

“Dr O (real name), Sir, what are you doing at Abuja?”

“Environmental consulting with Federal Government.”

“Ehe, damn. Why’s that so, homeboy?”

“I just don’t see myself working for someone in a hostile environment or being in some political appointment.”

How do the Igbos measure up in politics? There are rumors the Igbos arenot temperamentally suited for politics; they are too inflexible, impatient, proud, self aggrandizing, and possess a convoluted theory of tribal superiority (just as the Jews do).Many Igbo friends decry corruption, downrightthievery and piracy of national treasury. Yet, give the some Igbos power over some important entities such as the Central Bank, and see what happens. From the body parts traders to the West and the cattle herdsmen in the North, the Igbos must not learn to rob motherland literally blind. Success in politics requires you learn by association and play wuruwuru games with the Hausas, Fulanis, Yorubas, Oyibo, armed robbers and kidnappers, all of whom you hold dear as bosom friends. Besides, politics isn’t about progress or love of country. The Igbos must be chameleons that change colors to match the environment? Successful Igbos are those who understand how to accommodate the other Nigerian tribes. Why Accommodation Is Not Enough is a topic for another essay.

Dr. James C. Agazie ( )

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Map of Nigeria


*Nigerians in Thailand Celebrate the 52nd Independence Day Anniversary in Bangkok, Thailand

By Emmanuel Nweke Okafor

As we were told that, by an act of the British Parliament, Nigeria became an independent country within the Commonwealth on October 1, 1960. This great event has always been remembered all over the world by Nigerians at home and in Diaspora. As a commemoration, the Nigerians in Thailand celebrated their Country’s 52nd Independence Anniversary on Saturday 6th October 2012 with splendor and spectacle at First Hotel in Petchaburi Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand.

This great event has additional meaning for Nigerians in Thailand as it was also an avenue to celebrate peaceful moment for the Nigerian Community in Thailand as peace once eluded Nigerians in Thailand has been restored (at least temporally) through the diplomatic and sincere efforts of His Excellency Ambassador Chukwudi Newington Okafor. Nothing motivates a community than a transformational leader as evidenced in the ambassadorial style of the present Nigerian Ambassador to Thailand. Nigerians in Thailand gathered to show their support and love to one another. Nigerians gathered to demonstrate willingly that they are indeed renewed.

As usual, the Ceremony was graced by the Nigerian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand His Excellency C. N. Okafor, Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Babatunde Olanrewaju Ajisomo, Minister/Head of Chancery, Mr. Danjuma Itahari Tarfa, Minister (Political & Economic), Mr. Raymond Brown, Senior Counselor (Economic Matters), Mr. Geoffery Ijomah David Chima, Administrative Attaché I, Mrs. Beatrice Ogechukwu Ezendu,. These distinguished guests from the Nigerian Embassy were accompanied by their individual spouses. ( Continues below….. )

Map and Flag of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map and Flag of Nigeria

In his welcome Address, the President of the Nigerian Community Association, Thailand (NCAT) Mr. Gilbert Akudos Ndigwe lauded the Nigerian Ambassador and all the Nigerian Embassy staff for taking their time to attend the 52nd Independence Day Celebration and highlighted the roles Nigerians in Thailand have continued to play in the development of Thailand as well as improving the image of Nigeria as country. His statements may have explained and answered the question: why are the Nigerians in Thailand?

In his remarks, Ambassador C. N. Okafor commended the Nigerians in Thailand for comporting themselves in a good manner, he went on to emphasize on the idea and the need to maintain the atmosphere of peace, unity and forgiveness that is noticeable among Nigerians in Thailand in recent time. The ambassador further highlighted the recent efforts by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria led by President Goodluck Jonathan to make Nigeria a better country. The Ambassador noted that the Government is fighting against corruption and call on all the Nigerians in Thailand to help in their various units because the work of fighting for corruption should be done by all sides. He outlined the efforts being made by the embassy to organize the Nigerian in Diaspora Organization (NIDO Thailand chapter). He also hinted on the efforts to organize Nigerian students in Thailand. He urged the Nigerians in Thailand to continue comport themselves in good ways to attract foreigners to Nigeria. To read the remarks of the ambassador in full please check (

It is good to mention that Nigerians have never gathered in such a great number as seen on 6th October 2012. The get-together was a demonstration of the acceptance and happiness towards the great change at the Nigerian embassy Thailand. In Latin, it is said “contra factum non datur argumentum” meaning that you cannot argue against a proven fact. What is the proven fact here? Many may ask and the answer is not far off namely; that we have a transformational/people-oriented/listening leader in the Nigerian embassy now. It has never been recorded that, about one thousand Nigerians gathered with love, peace and unity in Thailand. It was only made possible because a leader who knows what it takes to be a leader has arrived; such leader is no other person than Ambassador C. N. Okafor. A nation building begins when we call a spade and spade. The Ambassador and his entourage joined with the president of NCAT went on to cut the independence anniversary cake followed by merriment and festivity by all present. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Thailand

Photo Above: Map of Thailand

During the events, the Federal Character was undeniably displayed as many other ethnic groups were perfectly represented. The diverse Nigerian-multiple cultures were in action. Various tribes were also involved in the Fashion Parade. Traditional War Dance, and drama also took place as many Nigerians were at their elevated spirit. Great and vibrant contributions of some distinguished Nigerians in Thailand were clearly observed, recognized and acknowledged. The financial secretary of the association was very active as he was able to showcase our Nigerian culture in most of the social events. He was able to mobilize his groups to achieve the goal.

Finally, the event ended with a closing prayer by one of the Nigerian pastors in Thailand. This write up cannot be concluded without pointing out the individual efforts of some executives in the Nigerian Community Association Thailand. Among the executives are the General Secretary, Mr Asuquo Dallas Sam, he had a sleepless night putting things in a rightful perspectives. The Assistant Secretary was in charge of the media outlet. He did a great video coverage and in fact had always interceded for Nigerians who are badly treated in Thailand. Though he is holding an assistant position but he does a lot to help Nigerians in Thailand. Many believed that the idea behind the magazine that featured some activities of Nigerians in Thailand was a brain child of the Assistant P.R.O Mr. Onyeka George Ikechukwu a student from Siam University, Thailand. Mr.Onyeka had sacrificed his time and his studies just to make the event a great red-letter day. The huge turnout might be accredited to him. In all, kudos goes to “Kudos”, the president of the Nigerian Community Association, Thailand and all his executives for making the day a remarkable day in the life of Nigerians in Thailand. It was indeed a day of special significance.

Emmanuel Nweke Okafor is a PhD Student in Graduate School of Philosophy/Religion, Assumption University Thailand. He is presently a lecturer and the Supervisor in Language Laboratory Center, Siam University Thailand. He is a licensed Nigerian teacher in Thailand. He can be contacted via his email address

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*Ohaneze Crisis And The Auctioning of Igbo Presidency (Part 1)

By Obinna Akukwe

Ohaneze Ndigbo the apex Igbo Social, cultural and political rallying point is enmeshed in crisis over allegations that some of the leaders have auctioned the Igbo presidency 2015 project due to presidential largesse estimated to run into billions of naira. This amount includes various sums allegedly released by the presidency for the purpose of settling Ohaneze chieftains in support of 2011 presidential bid and the second tranche released in appreciation for the role Ohaneze played in garnering Igbo votes for president Goodluck . There is wide belief among the protesting Ohaneze chieftains known as the transparency group that other sums, contracts and appointments are being obtained secretly to auction and scuttle any attempt by the Igbo people to present a common front for 2015. Presently, Ohaneze President General, Ambassador Ralph Uwechue is at loggerheads with the Secretary General, Chief Nduka Eya and Deputy President General, Chief Nnachi Enwo Igaliwey , Chief Chukwuemeka Onyesoh among others. Uwechue and his loyalists including Chief Joe Nworgu, Chairman of Igbo Day Organizing Committee among others are insisting that no such largesse was ever received from President Jonathan. This crisis have become so protracted that Ambassador Uwechue runs the Ohaneze Secretariat from his African House Residence in Asaba and has not visited the secretariat more than thrice in 2012.

Chief Nduka Eya has been insisting that transparency must be the watchword in Ohaneze Ndigbo financial dealings to avoid a situation where Igbo interests are sabotaged. He insists that whatever largesse from anybody, group, forum and even the presidency must as a matter of policy be tabled before the Ime-Obi Ohaneze so that the forum would decide whether to accept the gift or not, and on what condition. Chief Igaliwey claimed that he rejected his own share of Ohaneze national cake of N20 million naira which was an attempt to bribe him. He claims that since he rejected and exposed the dealings, his life is being threatened from unknown sources including sources claiming to come from within the presidency. Therefore, the man lives a life of hiding for safety purposes. ( Continues below….. )

Hon. Amb. Ralph Uwaechue

Photo Above: Hon. Amb. Ralph Uwaechue, President General Ohaneze Ndigbo

The accusations and counter- accusations which started as unsubstantiated reports have now grown to the point that the documented evidences are volumes and the chieftains are threatening to expose the entire dealings if the leadership fails to confess and ask for forgiveness. Since the once secret affair blew open, a lot of Igbo youth organizations and opinion leaders have been going on pilgrimage to Asaba to know whether they can collect their own share from the Ohaneze leader and reports have it that some of these groups did not go home empty handed.. Chief Rochas Okorocha called a meeting at Government House, Owerri in early September 2012 to settle the rift but the two parties stuck to their guns. Three days later he paid an unscheduled visit to Ohaneze Headquarters but met a disillusioned workforce.

Chief Nduka Eya , Chief Igaliwe and Chief Emeka Onyeso are leading the group which insists that Ohaneze Ndigbo is not a one man show and that Ambassador Uwechue must consult widely before any critical decision. They posited that neither the exco meeting nor the Ime Obi meeting has been called in the past twelve months. When the new National Security Adviser, Sambo scheduled to talk with Igbo leaders on the state of the nation at the Ohaneze Headquarters on the 13th of July 2012,, they accused Uwechue of scuttling the meeting because of personal differences with Senator Chukwumerije. ( Continues below….. )

Chief Nduka Eya

Photo Above: Chief Nduka I. Eya, Secretary-General (SG), Ohanaeze Ndigbo

They pointed out that Uwechue set up a personal outfit, the Ohaneze Foundation, which he allegedly used to collect billions of naira from the Goodluck Jonathan team under the guise of Igbo interest with the assistance of a presidential aide, Mr Akachukwu Nwankpa. This Ohaneze Foundation as part of its business venture is a transport outfit known as Ikenga Express with a fleet of about 30 buses. They insisted that Uwechue has been hijacked by the presidential aide and both of them are doing business with the name of Ohaneze and deceiving Jonathan. They claimed that he has cancelled the monthly Ime Obi meeting and Executive Council meeting, which has not held more than four times since the inception of his tenure in 2008 The Uwechue group insists that the Ohaneze leader have been running the secretariat from his personal finances since he came on board as the leader ,including payment of secretariat staff salary without any help from the disgruntled group, therefore they should hold their peace. They also insisted that there was no such business transaction and that Uwechue have used personal finances to support Ohaneze since the South East Governors failed to support the body financially. They also believe that Uwechue have not betrayed any Igbo interest if he collected some money to run Ohaneze when other ethnic nationalities were collecting theirs.

Various traditional rulers and elder statesmen in Igboland have tried to mediate on this crisis since the past eleven months to be able to forge a common front to present Igbo interests but the two groups have stuck to their grounds. This crisis almost took the shine off the 2012 Igbo day celebrations held at Asaba, Delta State. Many Ohaneze Chieftains boycotted the Igbo Day celebration at Asaba, Delta State in September 2012. However Governor Peter Obi graced the occasion while Governor Rochas Okorocha came after the end of the event.

It is obvious that other ethnic nationalities are repositioning themselves for 2015 while Ohaneze Ndigbo is bickering over presidential largesse which informed sources said was also extended to leaders of other ethnic nationalities, including the O’dua People’s Congress(OPC), Arewa Consultative Forum(ACF), South South Peoples Assembly (SSPA), Middle Belt Forum, among others before, during and after the presidential elections.. The sharing of this national cake has not brought any conflict within other nationalities. They have swallowed their share and cleaned their mouth. The other ethnic nationalities are repositioning their people in preparation for 2015. The Buhari- Tinubu alliance is a strong South West agenda to recapture power after the turn of the north. The Middle Belt Forum (MBF) is looking seriously in the direction of Senate President David Mark. The Core North in the ruling party,PDP, still has Vice President Sambo as a joker if Boko Haram succeeds in frightening President Jonathan into the creeks. Former Vice President Atiku is still breathing around the corner and incumbent president Jonathan is being prepared by his South South and Ijaw people to recontest in 2015. It is only the Ohaneze that is still at the level of speech making while others nationalities are strategizing ahead of 2015.

The situation in Ohaneze, if not checkmated will greatly imperil Igbo Presidency project 2015. The two elephants are fighting and the grasses, the hardworking Igbos are being massacred by Boko Haramists and other enemies at the slightest provocation. Their means of livelihood is being destroyed with nobody to help them. The state of infrastructural decay in Igbo land is monumental and is seems the war is not yet over.

A cross section of Igbo leaders including Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, Dr Dozie Ikedife, Col Joe Achuzia, Chief Charles Okereke among others have canvassed support for Igbo presidency severally with the mindset that the apez Igbo body is working assidously towards it. The optimism may be misplaced because this crisis have taken the front burner and the task of repositioning Ndigbo has been limited to fine speeches and rhetorics without any serious strategizing Ohaneze cannot continue to chase rat while the house is on fire. They should settle this rift urgently and not allow this distraction from sabotaging the uphill task of reaching out to other nationalities ahead of 2015 or risk being appropriately labelled turncoats who have auctioned Igbo their people for a bowl of presidential porridge.

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*My Dreams for Nigeria ( Poem )

By Victor Igiri

I dream of a country where all men would live in peace
And there would be nothing like wars or Boko Haram to break us apart.
I dream of a time when all tribes would speak one language called peace
And there is equality for all.

I dream of a land when religious sentiments are set aside
And unity would strive amongst all.
A time when all will share the nation’s wealth as one
And not a few acting as lords over all.

I dream of a land where corruption is killed
And transparency becomes a friend of all.
A land where everyone will put on the garment of purity
And the stains of kidnapping, oil bunkery, armed robbery
Money laundering, examination malpractices
And all forms of filthiness are cleansed from all hearts.

I dream of when laws are made and obeyed by all.
A time when the bridge that exist between the rulers
And the ruled is slain and only great minds are enthroned
And not selection through violent elections.

I dream of a time when citizens no longer live in fear.
A time when the future of tomorrow’s leaders are guaranteed
Only then will the dividend of democracy is defined.

I seek for a time when past glories is restored in our sports
And we would not have to struggle for medals anymore.
A time when good roads are seen
And citizens no longer sleep on roads.
A time when all will turn farmers
And we would not have to import what we have any longer.
A time when citizens would no longer queue for fuel in our petrol stations.

I long for when citizens will be willing to help the nation
And no longer beg for the nations help.
A time when the Greenland across the globe is pronounced
And citizens speak no evil of this land anymore.

This Greenland,
The land of my birth
May my dreams for you be fruitful
Even as you celebrate longetivity on earth.

Map and Flag of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map and Flag of Nigeria

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*Nigeria: Anambra Govt Signs MoU With DFID

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Monday, October 8, 2012: The United Kingdom Department for International Development, DFID has expanded its programmes in Anambra State. The Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of the programmes was signed by the State Government and the Agency in the Exco Chambers of the Government House, Awka.

The signing of the MoU increased the programme of the DFID in the State to five, covering good governanc, service-delivery and malaria control, among others. Governor Peter Obi signed for the State Government, while the head DFID in Nigeria, Dr. Richard Montegomery signed for the Agency.

In his speech, Governor Obi said the partaking would assist in the State government 's efforts to uplift the quality of life and entrench principles of good governance.

He explained that his administration introduced public participatory and grassroogt-oriented governance, while poverty mapping and effective data-generation have enabled government to identify poorest communities and introduce multi-dimensional approach to fight poverty and eradicate hunger. ( Continues below….. )

Photo Above: Gov. Peter Obi (left); the Head of DFID in Nigeria, Dr. Richard Montegomery (right); and the Commissioner for Planning in Anambra State, Prof. Chinyere Okunna at the signing of the Memorandun of Understanding between Anambra State and DFID at the Government House yesterday.

The Governor said that in addition to various economic empowerment programmes, the State government was equally supporting and promoting Agricultural programmes and attracting investors to generate employment opportunities.

The head of DFID in Nigeria, Dr. Montegomery said the Agency was impressed with Governor Obi’s efforts to tackle various developmental challenges and reposition the State for sustainable development. He explained that the partnership is geared towards the support of the State government to promote good governance and enhance service delivery.

Dr. Mentegomery noted that Governor Obi’s administration has continued to carry all stakeholders along in the implementation of its policies and programmes and applauded his efforts in attracting development parties and donor agencies.

He explained that bilateral relationship with Nigeria is yielding the desired goals as the Agency is supporting Socio-economic and political reforms in the country. ( Continues below….. )

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Peter Obi

The DFID Regional co-ordinator , South-East, South-South, Mrs. Olachi Chuks Ronnie said some of the programmes were already on in the State while new ones had been introduced.

The Chief Authorizing Officer, EU programmes and Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Professor Chinyere said Government commitment to reform and welfare of the grassroots, continued to uplift the lives of the people.

Professor Okunna noted that the partnership is a testimony that the State government is on course and assured that local and International best practices will continue to be adopted to ensure that the interventions are properly utilized to fill existing gaps. She explained that prudent Management of available resources have enabled the State to make a difference inspite of low revenue profile.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Babangida And The Politics Of Corruption And Boko Haram

By Obinna Akukwe

Ibrahim Babangida has become the most criticized former leader of the Nigerian State specifically on account of corruption and recently alleged suspicion of being a Boko Haram sponsor. This Minna born General, said to have married his late wife Maryam according to both Islamic and Christian rites is widely believed to have institutionalized corruption in Nigeria.

This same General used the genius in him to dribble all the Nigerian politicians of recycling reputation in his never ending political transition which led to the proscription of all political parties in 1992 and the formation of NRC and SDP, two government parties with rightist and leftist leanings. Babangida made a mess of political ambitions of Adamu Ciroma, Bamanga Tukur, Arthur Nzeribe, Shehu Yar-adua among others and he dribbled them into the dustbin of politics in the order of Argentine footballer ,Diego Maradona.

The attempt to dribble MKO Abiola was the watershed that led to the fall of Babangida in 1993. The Nigerian people got tired of his dribbling skills and mobilized enough pressure that he had to abandon Aso Rock in August 1993 for Chief Ernest Shonekan under the security watch of late General Sanni Abacha. ( Continues below….. )

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

Photo Above: Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (rtd.)

During the Babangida era, corruption became so magnified that the Shagari era was described as Introduction to Corruption. When one of the military governors cornered state wealth to his pocket in a brazen manner, the then Chief of General Staff, Admiral Augustus Aikhomu , described the exercise as misapplication of public funds and not misappropriation. A whopping $12billion dollars of gulf oil windfall was said to have vamoosed under his nose such that an irritated General Sanni Abacha had to commission an enquiry to discover how the funds disappeared or was spent.

Babangida introduced discretionary award of oil block to Nigerians and Conoil was the first indigenous oil company to benefit from the largesse. Discretionary oil block involves a situation whereby a head of State after a sumptuous meal of amala and gbegiri soup could decide to reward the experienced cook with oil block as a compensation for satisfying his stomach with such a local delicacy.

Recently elder statesman Edwin Clarke at the 2nd State of the Federation lecture organized by the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in Abuja alleged that Babangida is among the mask behind Boko Haram. According to Clarke ’’ IBB should have spoken on the Boko Haram issue long before now, why has he been silent all this while? Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has visited Maiduguri, why have IBB and General Buhari not visited the place?’’ Babangida promptly replied by calling Clerk a senile man and in his defence he made a statement which appears a bit reasonable. Acording to his spokesman “IBB has since left the political turf for the younger generation of Nigerians. He has said repeatedly that he will no longer be an applicant in the political industry in Nigeria until Allah calls him home. Rather than crucify General IBB for nothing, Chief Edwin Clark should blame the corruption in the system and the several incompetence and inadequacies of the present system”

Babangida had left office since 1993, almost twenty years now and successive regimes had the opportunity of reversing whatsoever wrong Babangida did. Abacha, Abdulsalami, Obasanjo, Yaradua and now Jonathan all had twenty years now to correct the ills of Babangida and yet the situation had not improved substantially. The Tony Elumelu Committee Report and the Farouk Lawan Committee Reports all alluded that N1.3 Trillion naira and N1.7 trillion naira respectively was wasted on power projects and subsidy bills and it was not under Babangida regime.

Babangida annulled the freest election in Nigeria in 1993 and successive regimes elevated annulment to the more you look the more your votes disappears in instances of monumental rigging. The 1999 elections widely believed to have been won by Olu Falae were rigged in favour of Obasanjo. The 2003 and 2007 presidential election which Buhari was believed to have won was rigged in favor of Obasanjo and Yaradua. What Babangida introduced in 1993 have been digitalized and amplified by successive regimes that Nigeria has become an experiment in rigging technology.

Olu Falae was robbed in 1999, Buhari was robbed in 2003 and 2007 and most states and local councils in Nigeria had public officials selected through flawed and fraudulent electoral processes and nobody appears to now have the solution. Babangida is certainly not behind these. The corrupt system brazenly elevated is frightening and threatening his presidential ambition. ( Continues below..... )

Nigerian Presidency Fraud Alert Symbol

Photo Above: Nigerian Presidency Fraud Alert Symbol

Babangida increased fuel price by about 50kobo from 20 kobo in March 1986 to 70kobo in March 1991, while successive regimes have increased it from 70kobo in 1991 to N97 in 2012.

Babangida was alleged to have killed Dele Giwa through letter bomb. Under successive regimes including civilian regimes Bola Ige, Harry Marshal, Ugwu, Oyerinde among others were allegedly killed by politicians. Therefore Babangida is not the major problem of Nigeria. Some regimes after him had proved worse than his. Obasanjo regime received in 2005 the same revenue Babangida got in his entire eight years. Some South South states have received in eight years the same amount Babangida received in eight years and yet all these funds are now hidden in foreign accounts.

The discretionary award of oil block first introduced by Babangida has been elevated to the level whereby mistresses are compensated for good night sleep with oil blocks worth billions of dollars as though it is Keke Napep (tricycle) that is being distributed.

Babangida introduced corruption into Nigeria but it is obvious that we cannot continue to blame Babangida for all our woes when successive regimes had all the chances to reverse the ills and the challenges have overwhelmed them. Blaming the evil genius for increasing corruption in Nigeria is simply playing politics with corruption. Successive regimes should endeavor to move the nation forward and correct the ills of the past. If the government of the day has evidence that Babangida has hand in Boko Haram activities, they should stop the politics,sanction him appropriately and save further loss of lives or else hold their peace and allow us put our fate in God.

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*Anambra Sports Festival Ends

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Wednesday, October 3, 2012: The sixth Anambra State Sports festival was rounded off at the weekend in colourful style with Governor Peter Obi and his wife Margaret in attendance. The Festival which kicked off on Tuesday at Chuba Ikpeazu Stadium attracted participants from all parts.

Njikoka Local Government Area came the overall first with sixty-six Gold, Fifty Six Silver and thirty nine bronze, while Oyi and Awka South came second and third respectively.

Aguata defeated Nnewi South Four-Two on penalties to win the male football competition while Anocha beat Onitsha South Five- Four on penalties to lift the female football trophy. ( Continues below….. )

Photo Above: Gov. Peter Obi in a group picture with Aguata team that won the football event at the Anambra State Sports Festival, at Justice Ikpeazu Satdium, Onitsha.

Highlight was presentation of prizes and awards to the winners and other sports stakeholders by Governor Obi.

Speaking at the event, Chief Anthony Agidigbo Oguejiofor said that the return of school sports and Sports Festival, last held in the old Anambra State would be one of the enduring legacies of peter Obi Government.

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Nigeria: Obi Assures Continued Recognition of Worthy Anambra People

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Tuesday, October 2, 2012: Governor Peter Obi has reassured that his administration will continue to recognize and honour those who served the society faithfully. Governor Obi was speaking at the burial service of the former Deputy Governor of the old Anambra State, Chief Vincent Aniagoh at Saint John’s Anglican Church, Abagana.

The Governor said there should be collective efforts towards restoring the social and moral values as well as project positive role models people should emulate. He expressed satisfaction that the collaboration with the church is yielding the desired goals as testified by outstanding results recorded by students in external; examinations.

On Onitsha Inland Port, the Governor said the Management would be under Public Private Sector partnership. He explained that his government is working to entrench a private sector driven economy to build entrepreneurs and generate employment. ( Continues below….. )

Photo Above: The Anglican Bishop of Enugu, Emmanuel Chukwuma (middle), Gov. Peter Obi (right) and the Governor’s wife, Margaret Peter Obi (left) after the requiem mass for the former Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Chief Emmanuel Aniagor at St. John’s Anglican Church, Abagana at the weekend.

In a sermon, the Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Right Reverend Emmanuel Chukwuma charged Christians to aspire to attain salvation. He condemned unbridled quest for materialism and self-enrichment from public wealth, stressing that all will give account of their deeds at the judgement day.

The Transition committee Chairman, Njikoka Local Government Area, Chief Dazza Udozor said Chief Aniagoh will be remembered for his immense contributions to the Civil Service and governments of old and present Anambra State.

Chief Udozor noted that his virtues of humility, integrity and hardwork should be emulated and thanked Governor Obi for his support to give the deceased a befitting burial.

In his remarks, a retired judge, Justice E.U Ubazonu said the Governor had remained humble and responsive to aspirations of the people and prayed God to continue to guide him to achieve his vision for the State.

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*Nigeria: Flood Disaster In Anambra State

[ Special Appeal ]

An Overview

Over the past three weeks, the nation has faced an unprecedented flood disaster resulting in loss of lives and property running into billions of Naira. Several states were affected, with Anambra, being the most acutely affected.

As of today, eight local government areas are affected, with Anambra West and Ogbaru LGAs now completely under water. The number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) now runs into thousands with an estimated 10,000 homes fully or partially submerged. Leading industries in south of the Onitsha Metropolis are also under water and no longer operational. The situation for these communities remains dire and very bleak. While homes, farmlands and livelihoods and productivity estimated at billions of naira have been lost, there has been minimal loss of lives with four casualties, thanks to the early warning and proactive intervention of the Anambra State Government (ANSG). Nonetheless, Anambra State is now a flood disaster zone.

The Anambra State Government has risen to the occasion, doing its utmost, within its limited resources to assist the affected communities and IDPs. The State-based Army and Navy formations, the police, churches and NGOs have been most proactive in assisting the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) in rendering the much-needed assistance to those most affected.

His Excellency Gov. Peter Obi, CON, has called on the Federal Government to intervene to assist those affected by this horrendous flood disaster. Other well-meaning Anambrarians have made similar calls to the Federal Government, as well as to international donors and organizations to assist the State. So far, SEMA, and its federal counterpart, NEMA, as well as UNICEF have conducted needs assessment missions. Consequently, relief materials are being delivered by NEMA and other donors, but remain far from the robust support required under the present circumstances.

ANSG in collaboration with the Nigerian Army and Navy continue to carry out evacuation and search and rescue (SAR) missions for stranded persons. Those already evacuated are being hosted in fifteen (15) IDP camps, namely, Sharon House, Bishop Crowder School, the Army Barracks, New Bethel Primary School, and Onitsha-South LGA premises in Onitsha; Health Centre Umueje, Community Primary School Igbakwu, the Skills Acquisition Centre Anaku, in Ayamelum LGA; St. Augustine Catholic Church and Unity Primary School Umuoba Anam; General Hospital Umuleri, and St Joseph Secondary School, Aguleri, all in Otuocha and Schools in Ossomala, Atani and St. Gregory Church Odekpe in the Ogbaru LGA.

The IDPs are accommodated and fed with medical care provided to them by the Anambra State Government and its local collaborators. IN-KIND DONATIONS:

Well-meaning citizens and organization have also been making donations in kind, through SEMA. All in-kind donations should be directed to the SEMA Office along the Enugu-Onitsha Road (by J-Jumac Hotel), Awka (SEMA contact is 08037424242). Similarly, numerous enquiries about cash donations from Nigerians and Anambrarians at home and in the Diaspora have necessitated the establishment of a centralized fund where the donations can be remitted:

The ANSG has set up the Anambra State Flood Disaster Emergency Fund, at the following banks:

Diamond Bank, Nigeria, PLC
AC #: 0028548840

Fidelity Bank, Nigeria, PLC
AC #: 4020912984

ANSG Contacts:

• Prof. Chinyere Stella Okunna
Chief of Staff/Commissioner for Economic Planning
Tel: 0803-336-4322

• Ms. Ngozika B. Okoye
Hon. Commissioner for Finance
Tel: 0809-777-1308

• Mrs. Azuka Enemo
Hon. Commissioner for Local Government
Tel: 0812-203-7655

ANSG invites Anambrarians and the Nigerians at home and in Diaspora as well as all well-meaning citizens of the world to rally to the support of the affected citizens of Anambra State. The bigger challenge will be in the medium and longer terms, when the IDPs will need to be returned to their respective homes, rehabilitated and resettled after the flood recedes. The ANSG will be counting on the Federal Government, its agencies, especially NEMA and its international partners, to join with it in overcoming this unprecedented humanitarian challenge.

We thank all those who have expressed concern in cash or in kind or sent goodwill messages about this catastrophic disaster.


Oseloka H. Obaze
Secretary to the Anambra State Government

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State

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*Tragedy Averted As Obi Swims Through Flood At Osamalla

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Monday, October 1, 2012: As at 11.00 pm on Sunday, Governor Peter Obi had concluded arrangements concerning Independence Day celebration – the match pass, the reading of Mr. President’s Speech and visit to the less privileged. However, everything changed when, at 11:30pm, the Secretary to the Government, Mr. Oseloka Obaze brought the message of impending doom at Ogbaru if the people were not evacuated. Immediately, Governor Obi ordered evacuation to start and promised to join the team at 5:30am. With this, he delegated the Independence Day ceremonies to his deputy. He agreed that Anambra people must be alive first to celebrate Independence.

At 5:45 am, Governor Obi was at Ogbaru.

What would have been a major tragedy was averted when the Governor insisted on talking to the people directly to leave all their property and be evacuated to safe places. When he was coming out from Osamalla, flood had already covered the entire road though which he would leave. The Governor and his team had to wade through the flood, which reached their waists, to safety. ( Continues below….. )

Photo Above: Gov. Obi encouraging the people to move to safer areas provided by the Government

At each of the community - Akili-Ogidi, Akili-Ozizor, Amiyi, Atani, Mputu, Obeagwe, Ochuche, Odekpe, Ogbakuba, Ogwu-Aniocha, Agwuikpele, Ohita, Okpoko, Ossomala, Umunankwo, Umuodu, Umuzu, the Governor explained to them why they should be evacuated and promised them that Government would continue to assist them till the flood is over and even to rehabilitate them thereafter.

The Governor also toured part of Onitsha that are also affected by flood, especially Habour Industrial Area. He waded through flood to visit all the factories affected by flood some of which are Pokobros, Krisoral, Bororo pipes and profiling, among others. He assured them that Government would stand by them at this time of trial.

One of the Chief Executive Officers of the companies visited, Chief Emmanuel Eziokwu thanked the Governor for coming to sympathise with them and lamented that they suffered heavy losses as the flood had destroyed equipment and products worth billions of naira. ( Continues below….. )

Photo Above: Gov. Obi with the SSG, Oseloka Obaze wading through the flooded area of Osamalla.

The Governor also visited Iyi-owa Odekpe areas of Ogbaru, where canoe peddlers are making money evacuating people. He encouraged them to move to camps set up by Government and that they would be adequately taken care of.

Speaking, the Anglican Bishop of Ogbaru Diocese, Rt. Rev. Samuel Ezeofor who was part of the rescue and evacuation team thanked the Governor for identifying with the people.

Many buses were seen along the road evacuating people to safe areas.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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