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*Nigeria – The Cost and Consequences of Coerced Amalgamation – Part 1

By Rev. Dr. C. Kingston Ekeke

Nigeria is in perilous times - an era of cleavages, of fragmentation, of radical violence, religious ignorance and intolerance, authoritarian and corrupt political leadership, secessionists and anarchists. Nigeria is also rapidly falling apart and disintegrating and the rulers care less about it. The truth is that Nigeria is faced with serious challenges of nationhood and that is something fundamentally wrong with Nigeria. And most Nigerians don’t want to hear it.

Since the return to democratic government in 1999, Nigeria has allowed itself to wallow in religious and sectarian violence, political leadership failure, economic crisis, moral crisis, and corruption and security challenges. The nation will not stand and cannot survive as currently constituted and governed. The ethnic bias and hatred, injustice and manner of governing at the federal level are evil and mischievous. And if the anomalies are not eliminated or curtailed through a candid dialogue of all the stakeholders, Nigeria’s disintegration will be just a matter of time. For Nigeria to remain a united, indivisible nation with its rich diversity, endowed natural resources and blessed human power, the anomalies and injustices in the system must be eradicated or rectified. The rectification of these anomalies is not going to happen by a bunch of greedy politicians behind the doors of the National House of Assembly amending the 1999 constitution. Frankly, the entire 1999 constitution needs to be re-written to accommodate the desires and aspirations of all the variant groups that make up Nigeria

Nigeria is rapidly falling apart and disintegrating, and if we are to go by the United States Federal Bureau Intelligence on Nigeria’s demise in 2015, one would agree that their prophetic pronouncement is eventually becoming a reality. Earlier this month, on August 2, 2012, the Ogni General Assembly declared for self government and political autonomy from Nigeria. Dr. Goodluck Diigbo, the leader of MOSOP said I quote: “By this declaration of political autonomy, we, the Ogoni people are determined to enforce the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, without fear or retreat,” He further said, “I am very delighted to announce that the Ogoni autonomy is irreversible.” Thousands of Ogonis marched and participated in the conference to celebrate their freedom from a tyrannical and evil government of Nigeria. ( Continues below..... )

Map and Flag of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map and Flag of Nigeria

A week after the Ogni self-government, the Chief Press Secretary to Baysela State Governor, the home state of President Jonathan, unveiled its State Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem, as a way to promote Ijaw integration and fundamental interest. Although many do not see this as a threat to secession, however, many questioned why now. Three days later, the oil rich peninsula of Nigeria, Bakassi Island, which General Gowon ceded to Cameroun in the 1960’s to punish General Ojukwu and the Southeast, also declared own secession from Nigeria. A group know as Bakassi Self-determination Front (BSDF) announced its secession from Nigeria, established its own flag and radio station. The Commander-General of the BSDF, Ekpe Ekpenyong Oku, said arrangements had been made with some international liberation groups to assist the Bakassi natives in the battle with Cameroun who is sending in troops to quell the declaration of independence by the group.”

Earlier this week, a splinter group known as Biafra Zionist Movement, BZM, led by Mr. Ben Onwuka gave justification why his group applied to United Nations (U.N) and African Union (AU) for recognition as a member group. This action he believes will lead to the actualization of Biafra republic, which Chief Ralph Uwazurike, leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has been fighting for years. At the meantime, the Boko haram jihadist sect has not ceased to maim and massacre innocent Nigerians in the Northern part of the country. recent authoritative pronouncement by its leaders claims they are fighting not just to Islamize the North, but to Islamize the entire Nigeria and enthrone Sharia Constitution. This is clearly calling for the “Somalization” or “Senegalization” of Nigeria. They are clearly aspiring for Nigeria to become an Islamic state – although their vision is a “Mission Impossible.” God forbid! It will be “all-out” religious warfare never seen in human history.

IBB attempted this evil desire in the eighties when he enrolled Nigeria as a full- member of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). However, due to his poor foreign leadership, the political and economic benefits of that enrolment never yielded many results. Recently, the Central Bank Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, a radical Islamic scholar, who was smuggled in to head the Central Bank of Nigeria is largely pursuing the economic islamization of Nigeria through his radical Islamic banking polices and reforms. Time will tell, if Christians, animists and atheists will do business with those kinds of banks adhering to Islamic laws and principles.

But, let look back to history to investigate how and why Nigeria got to this perilous period of her existence. When nations around the globe – especially in this 21st century high technology world - are prospering, educating their young generations and motivating them to achieve great things, Nigeria is lagging behind and enemies of progress like Boko haram, ethnic jingoism, bias, and hatred, injustice, poor leaders, and corrupt politicians, looting of public treasury, money laundering and monumental corruption buffet every aspect of the nation’s life.

Brief History of Amalgamation – Variant Groups Were Coerced to Live Together

One cannot count the cost and consequences of amalgamation of Nigeria without looking briefly at the history. How did the variant and distinct groups of empires and kingdoms come together to become a nation known as Nigeria? It is an established historical fact that before the Europeans especially the British, French and Portuguese invaded the continent of Africa in search of slaves and mineral resources during the later 19th century, the kingdoms of Oyo, Bornu, Hausa, Benin, Bonny, Jukun, Idah, Aro and Ibo in the Western Coastline of Africa lived in peace and traded among themselves. These peoples and kingdoms had existed hundreds of years even before the coming of the Europeans. The peoples of these kingdoms and empires had deep political, social, religious, tribal and linguistic differences. By the later part of 1890’s when the British invaded and conquered these kingdoms; they created a monstrous nation for their political and economic interest and power rivalry with the French. And so, the peoples of Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, Ibo, Yoruba, Kalabari, and Ijaw were forced to live together without a well-defined set of core values that addressed national unity, patriotism and parameters to discourage social, cultural, religious and linguistic differences between the peoples of this new nation. Flora Shaw, the wife of Lord Lugard, Nigeria’s second governor general, suggested the name “Nigeria” for these variant groups of kingdoms and territories around the Niger over which Britain had established a Protectorate.

Imposition of Indirect Rule – And Why the Nationalist Leaders Allowed It

After conquering these unique African kingdoms and empires, the British forcefully merged them together and imposed a system government and administration popularly know as “Indirect Rule” in which the local affairs were largely left in the hands of the traditional rulers such as the Emirs, Obas and Chiefs, while the national affairs were completely controlled by the British officials. Also, the political structure was intended to preserve the tribal distinctions in her new found colonial empire. The North without hesitation, accepted the “Indirect Rule, “ while some local traditional leaders from the West, East and South , who had managed to receive some education through British established missionary schools in the Southern Nigeria, began to challenge the British system of Indirect Rule.

Some years later, a good number of Southern leaders including some Northern leaders aspired to share in the national government, which was the exclusive preserve of the British. Those elected to the congress were all British officials and the nationalists thought that the national administration did not represent the Nigerian masses and therefore protested against the British government to revise the 1922 constitution to include Nigerians in the Legislative Council. Nationalist leaders such as such as Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Belwa, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, Ernest Ikoli, H. O. Davis, Chief S. L. Akintola, Dr. M. I. Okpara, Solanke, and Eyo Ita among many others wisely challenged British style of government which was established for the people of Nigeria and most of Africa then. Through their struggle and pressure against the British colonial rule, Nigeria's independence was granted due to the activities of people like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello, who were the pioneers of the nationalist grievances against the British system of indirect rule. Nigeria received her independence from Britain in October 1, 1960, and became a Republic in 1963 under a British Parliamentary system of Government.

The Turbulent Period that Led to Nigeria’s Civil War and Ethnic Jingoism

Sir James Robertson became the first Governor-General of the Independent federation of Nigeria. While Alhaji Hon. Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sarduna of Sokoto, premier of Northern Nigeria and President- General of the Northern Nigeria People’s Congress, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the national president of N.C.N.C, was elected President of the Senate. Chief S. L. Akintola became the Premier of Western Nigeria and Deputy Leader of the Action Group, Dr. M. I. Okpara, Premier of Eastern Nigeria, and Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Action Group. The nationalist leaders established the parliamentary system of government, in which Sir Abubakar Tafawa Belwa became the first Prime Minister of Nigeria and Dr. Nnamdi Azkike, the first indigenous governor general of Nigeria.

That arrangement did not last before tribal politics and religious sentiments led to the truncation of the parliamentary system. The first Nigerian military coup was planned and in 1965, Sir Abubaka Tafawa Belwa was assassinated. Major Agui Ironsi became the military head of State. Within six months, he was assassinated by a group of Northern military boys, who revenged against the killing of Sir Abubaka Tafawa Belewa. The activities led to the horrendous pogrom against innocent easterners living in the Northern states in which more than 300,000 Ibos were massacred. The events of that turbulent period 1965-9167 led to the political crisis, tribal and religious violence that led to unforgettable genocidal civil war of 1967-70 that decimated more than two million lives and left so much bitterness, anger and hatred among the peoples of Nigeria. Before the civil war, Nigeria had established three regional government regions – North, West and Eastern regions.

After the war, General Gowon became the head of State of Nigeria. In the 1970’s with the oil price at all time high, oil coming primarily from Eastern region, yet General Gowon through his finance minister, Chief Abafemi Awolowo, introduced monetary policies that were purely punitive and spiteful treatment of the so-called enemies of the Nigerian state, that kept the majority of the people from the Eastern region people poorer than they were during the civil war. Nine years of spite and punitive rule against the people of Biafra despite the end of War Slogan, “No Victor NO Vanquished”, and the military peacefully ousted him, but the short-lived administration of General Murtala Mohammed paved the way for General Obasanjo to head the government. Despite the excess external reserves in the billions of dollars from oil revenue during that time, General Obasanjo surprisingly introduced austerity measures and prudent fiscal measures which had severe effects on millions of people from the Eastern region. Poverty, pandemic diseases including quasiokor and other health hazards of the war era became rampant and afflicted many Southeasterners especially the children and elderly.

Look-out for Part-2 of this essay. I will be continuing with the consequences of Amalgamation discussing the Era of Military Juntas, the Return to Civilian and Democratic System of Government, the Rise of Political Hooligans and Lawlessness, Niger Delta Militancy, Boko haram Jihadist Sect, Insecurity & Internal Terrorism and the Way Forward – Remedies to remain as one indivisible Nation or separate into manageable Nation States.

Rev. Dr. C. Kingston Ekeke is a public theologian, author, and leadership scholar. He is the president of Leadership Wisdom Institute.

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*Why are Nigerians in Thailand? (The Ambassadorial Outlook)

By Emmanuel Nweke Okafor

Introduction Leadership has been variously explained but the most satisfactory description of a good leader which is acceptable to all is the fact that a good leader has the ability and the power to unite others in order to freely achieve a goal. Almost all associations, organizations and communities of the world crave for a good leader for the simple reason that a bad leader brings sorrow and pain while a good leader brings joy, happiness and peace within a given community. Thus, Nigerians in Thailand have unexpectedly embraced peace, unity and affability which had eluded an average Nigerian in Thailand because of quarrels and various fractions which many Nigerians in Thailand have created. It is no longer a secret that various factions have been united by the present Ambassador to Thailand, His Excellency, Chukwudi Newington Okafor. Just within a month and few weeks this erudite scholar, seasoned and experienced career diplomat has enveloped all the various Nigerian groups with love and the spirit of good and a focused mission not only for the diplomatic relationship but also in the area of human relations. In all these, many Nigerians in Thailand have realized that nothing is as good as having a good leader with the following demonstrated disposition from the Nigeria Ambassador to Thailand.

Clear Vision: It is one thing to talk about a vision but another thing is to have a clear vision, explain it, share it among the people and create an atmosphere so that people are enabled to act on it. His Excellency, Ambassador Chukwudi N. Okafor has indeed demonstrated that the best way to connect Nigerians in Thailand is not only by talking to them individually but by creating a functional website where information can flow. It was as if Nigeria Embassy in Thailand was a blind alley in terms of getting befitting information but the coming of the new Nigerian Ambassador has given us another opportunity. Now both Nigerians and non-Nigerians can have access to information about Nigeria and its people via the . To some it should not be a new thing given the global (internet) epoch but to some of us in Thailand it is indeed a dream come true. It is a trend provided by a leader with good vision. We love it. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Thailand

Photo Above: Map of Thailand

Assertiveness: The need to clearly state objectives and expectations is a great leadership ingredient to avoid unnecessary interpretations and misunderstandings. The ambassador has shown his assertiveness in his inaugural speech to Nigerian Community in Thailand. I see the speech as a means to get the desired results. To view the speech please go to this blog (

Fairness: The ambassador, among many other good qualities of a good leader he posses, entered Thailand at the point many Nigerians are fighting themselves via smear campaigns and poisonous gossip yet he has handled the situation with a great amount of honesty, fairness, consistency and justice. He checks all the facts, hears everyone out and listens to all before acting for the sake of harmony. Now most Nigerians in Thailand are in the process of regaining the lost trust on Nigerian Embassy Thailand because the ambassador has shown loyalty and dedication. It is now our own turn to be fair to one another.

Integrity: The ambassador has demonstrated that he trusted the Nigerian Community in Thailand through his Town Hall Meeting in Sukunvit Soi 101/1. For me, the meeting was a display of a high level of integrity which a good leader must show to the followers. He provided the time for Nigerians in Thailand to ask questions and through such questions answers were provided which enabled the community to understand the situation of things better. The great moral lesson here is that the ambassador is approachable and lovely. It is a great challenge to all of us. Nigerian students in Thailand are hereby called to move towards integrity instead.

Dedication: The ambassador has inspired dedication by example when he expressed forgiveness to the unacceptable incident that took place in Nigerian Embassy in Bangkok last year. He went further to outline the positive steps he has taken to properly settle the case in the court of law. He has continued the good steps of his predecessor, Ambassador Suleiman when he used the word forgiveness and called all the Nigerians to follow his step so that peace will reign.

Magnanimity: In all the steps taken so far to reach out to Nigerians from all sectors, he has shown that he is not a leader who knows it all. He consults all and sundry and calls for the best way to move Nigeria forward. Almost all Nigerians in Thailand right now feel good about one another and are now coming together to reason out how the apparently damaged image of Nigerians in Thailand can be corrected. Just like Mahatma Gandhi, the ambassador has chosen to pursue a "follower-centric" ambassadorial model. We must now avoid all sorts of illegalities.

Openness: Nothing motivates followers more than creating the atmosphere that suggests that you appreciate their ideas; that is what the new ambassador has done. He went as far as suspending all forms of judgment while paying greater attention to the needs of all Nigerians in Thailand. His approach builds communal admiration and confidence between the Nigerian Community in Thailand and the Nigerian Embassy in order to complement each other’s vision.

Creativity: The ambassador is gradually directing Nigerians towards the right path namely keeping to the rules and regulations of the country of residence; behaving in manner typical of those with the knowledge of international responsibility and fulfilling the pledges in our national anthem. For the ambassador to have achieved this most difficult task, one can notice that he has all that it takes to think differently or to think outside of the box. For me he is an ambassador with good sense of creativity. We pray that he will continue in this way.

The secret behind his good attitude: There is secret behind any successful leader. The new Nigerian Ambassador to Thailand has serviced successfully in various sectors and organizations. In order of education, he has a Master Degree in Conflict Management from Kennesaw State University, Georgia, Atlanta, USA, a Master Degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, a Certificate in International Relations, Law and Diplomacy, Foreign Service Academy, Lagos, Nigeria and B.Sc. Political Science (Second Class Upper Division), University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Conclusion: From the above qualities, it is very clear that what Nigerians in Thailand needed was nothing but a career ambassador and an experienced leader who will not only look at the problems from the diplomatic point of view but from national point of view. Nigeria is a country full of human resources but these resources have not been fully harnessed because of leadership mess. If all Nigerians in Thailand should use the past to plan for a better tomorrow as requested by the new Ambassador, we shall be on our way to rebranding, repositioning and correcting all the negative images we have allowed ourselves and non- Nigerians to place on us. We must embrace this marriage of reconciliation and unity or we will be ruined forever in Thailand. Let all those who thrive in illegal businesses like 419, drug related business and illegal visa issues stop! If we all cooperate with the new leader there is no doubt that Nigerians in Thailand will Smile in the land of Smiles.

Emmanuel Nweke Okafor is a Nigerian lecturer in Siam University Thailand. He is presently a supervisor in the Language Laboratory Center in Siam University. He is also a graduate student in Masters of Peace Studies and Diplomacy in Siam University Thailand. He can be contacted vis his email address

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*How Do You Talk to An Angel? The Plight of Parents Raising Disabled Child
[ We All Have Special Needs ]

By Chuks U.C. Ukaoma

"How Do You Talk to An Angel" was a one-hit wonder of the Heights musical group. It could also be a rhetorical question that enlists answers from various schools of thought. This article is not about music and musicians. It is not about heaven and paradise because it has "angel" in the title either. It is about real life events that befall real people here on earth. You may know some of the people very well. They may be your acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, members of your place of worship; nevertheless, these are people you know. You might even be one of them.

Let me preface this piece by saying since no human is perfect, we all have special needs; we each have our own handicaps or disabilities, so to speak. The degree of specialness may vary.

I previously published this article on Yahoo and other websites.

When faced with one of life's complexities to the point mini juru nwa awo onu (one is rendered speechless), I resort to this statement: "life is something". In December 2010, I accompanied someone sick to a special medical facility here in Austin, Texas. What I witnessed that fateful day rocked my core. There were husbands helping their sick wives, parents attending to their stricken children, some as young as two years old, adult children helping their ailing parents. Then there were people who looked healthy on the outside but are in for the fight of their lives. All the sick people there were fighting cancer.

As I struggled to take in the strange environment while remembering to breathe so I don't pass out from nausea, I asked myself, could it be possible that a few city blocks from this treatment center, there are healthy husbands and wives engaged in all-out divorce battles? Couple these once-madly in love couples be wishing the other death and sickness now? Could a brother be so jealous of his sibling that he wishes him or her harm? Could arguments over irrelevances be robbing some families from treasuring today? Could these feuding folks witness this other hospital scene over here? Do we always acknowledge how precious and precarious life is? Life is truly something! ( Continues below..... )

Chuks Ukaoma

Photo Above: Chuks U.C. Ukaoma, Article author

Whether you an agnostic, Atheist, Christian, Ethicist, Hindu, Jew, Moslem, Pagan, etc. you sometimes arrive at a point where you question your belief and wonder if the alternative is a better choice. It is at the point you could rhetorically ask, "how to you talk to an angel?", any angel of any faith that will give you answer to the pointed question you ask.

How does someone raise a special need child and remain sane? How? While you ponder that question, let me compound it by asking what type of higher power (Father, God, god, Allah, Buddha, Juju, Idol, Maker, Almighty) allows such hardship to befall mortal beings who have done nothing to be so deserving? Finally, if the parent(s) deserved it for whatever reasons that did not merit forgiveness, then why bestow such heavy crosses on innocent children? As the Supertramp put it, " There are times when all the world's asleep, the questions run too deep for such a simple man". Think about it; don't just brush it aside by saying "it's just part of it, that we've got to fulfill the Book", or the Lord will not allow you to tempted beyond what you can bear. To the naked eyes, some of these loads are pretty Sisyphean and are calling for any angel to come lighten these massively heavy loads

Sadly, some men and women of the cloth have taken advantage of the stricken at their weakest point. A good friend summed it up by saying, it is what is "behind" the place of worship that is more important: the kindness to others, assisting people you don't expect to return the help to you, standing up for people who cannot stand up for themselves, remembering your former teachers, helping people in need both here and overseas, aiding an employed person find work and hope, flashing smiles to brighten sad faces as you pass by, cleaning the windshield of the elderly woman or man next to you at the fuel station. Telling that embarrassed waiter/waitress who just dropped your food on the ground that it is OK and that you're glad he or she did not get hurt. Knowing, if you are in power, that "no condition is permanent". And being kind to people you meet on your way up because you will meet them on your way down where they will remember you by your record.

What makes this article more difficult to write is, I am a mere outsider looking in. I have not lived the life of caring (on a daily basis) for a special need child or parent or wife or sibling. While I am thankful for not being in any of those shoes, I do not feel those who are doing this true labor of love work are less fortunate than the rest of us. In every previous article, I start out stating a problem, discussing that problem, and tabling solutions the reader can use to solve that problem. In this case, I have no solutions. In fact, I am asking the reader how does one go about helping caregivers or parents of special needs children? While the Internet is full of what appears to be excellent information on this subject, only first-hand practical solutions will suffice.

If someone you know goes to a hospital to deliver a baby and comes home with a special needs child, how do you go about supporting that family in deed, not just with words, if you have not been in this situation before?

As often the case, families who have had to carry these extra heavy loads tend to have extraordinary powers and resiliency of coping. They develop Sampson-like strength of dealing with life without asking or wanting anyone to feel sorry for them. They seem to feel it is their cross and they are going to bear it with grace and without leaning on friends and family. And if you are that friend or family of the caregiver or parent, how do you get in a word in edgewise, so to do you begin to show you care and want to be of help without stepping on the toes of same people you want to aid? How?

Do you offer to help take care of the child while the parents take a break, albeit for a few hours? If the parents allow you to do so, would you know what to do and how to take care of the child? Is helping one day a week or a month good enough? Are you really strong enough for this task, in other words, can you handle it?

If you have not witnessed a snippet of how difficult it is to care for a special need child, next time you are in a public place (park, bus, hospital, etc) keenly observe what it takes to get that 8-year old child with Cerebral Palsy in or out of a vehicle just one time. Then imagine if the parents can't afford a vehicle as the case in many developing countries and here in the United States. To add salt to injury, Nigerian well-to-do parents who happen to have special need children are often accused of using their stricken children for black magic money machine (ogwu ego), due to sheer ignorance. Some Nigerians believe that stuff. Birth defects and cancer afflictions in the middle and upper income families were erroneously attributed to this money machine nonsense. This stereotype makes it possible for society to pile on these innocent people like they were the Witches of Salem instead of affording them the compassion they crave.

Imagine the unfortunate stare and shame of the whole situation day after day.

Think about what that parent of a down syndrome child was goes. Then imagine that scene repeated day and night, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year and years on end. Imagine being that parent, my friend!

The essence of the above vicarious exercise is not to create the misery-likes-company feeling of seeing people who are worse off; I totally reject this notion. Rather, the goal is to foster empathy and humility and gratitude and to treasure every moment we have because it could easily be worse. Also, we need to accept the fact we may not have done everything to deserve our good fortunate or the challenges in our personal lives. No, they did not bring these evils on themselves.

The simple act of going to the grocery store or the doctor's office or to the park entails Pentagon-War-Room logistics. The caregiver has to check off things on a long list. Some things will have to be planned way in advance with every t crossed and i dotted. Even normal fun-filled family vacation becomes another Mission Impossible for those who can afford to go on vacation. Then there are parents who have to do these things and still work demanding jobs outside the home. Some work for bosses who either have no clue or don't care about what these caregivers are going through in their home lives.

Then there are cases where the heavy load befalls a happily married couple and after bearing it for some time, one of them gives up and leaves because he or she can't take it anymore. Sometimes both decide their child is better of in a home or institution. Either way the parents live with the heavy hearts of thinking they did not do enough for their special need child. Who are we to judge any parent or situation, especially when we have no idea of how hard a road that is?

Parents of normal kids and special needs children have it tough too. The normal children may feel they receive less attention than their sick sibling. This may create the Prodigal Son-like jealousy. The normal children may also feel burdened by helping take care of their sibling or even the uneasiness or awkwardness some people feel being around people who are different. Parents can be caught in the middle of all these family storms with no escape hatch.

There are lessons we all can draw from this topic: treasure everyday and count your countless blessings. Regardless of how bad you think life is today for you, don't make it worse, because it could be worst.

I don't even know where to begin to write about parents who have had the unthinkable task of burying a child, especially parents in Diaspora whose children passed away. Whether the child was laid to rest here or in motherland, the child is resting in peace. It does not really matter where one is buried as long as the person is rested in peace. Either by choice or by circumstances, many of us (including the big wigs back home) will meet our Maker abroad. The big wigs will likely be on their last medical trip overseas when they kick their bucket. They could help themselves and the masses today by establishing in Nigeria the same first-class medical facilities they seek overseas. But would they?

For some of these parents whose only child or only daughter or only son son passed away, take heart! The parents can legally adopt another child or daughter or son, not to replace the irreplaceable one, but to help fill the void. If you have other children be they all boys or all girls, still count your blessings. Don't be so consumed in mourning the dead that you forget to be appreciative of the living. There are childless parents who want a child...any child in any condition.

Also, there perfectly normal parents with normal children who adopt special needs children, like the Orlando Magic Basketball General Manager Pat Williams. There are parents of dead children who wish their children were alive and severely disabled. There may be parents of critically challenged children who want to end it to save their children from the pains. There are perfectly normal families that have all perished in an accident or crash. This happens all over the world all the time to people who did not do anything to deserve such fate. Life's something.

So to parents and parent-to-be everywhere, be grateful for what you have. If you are blessed with only girls and you long for a boy to carry on your family name, can you (in the wise question of my friend Fidelis Okonkwo, M.D.) please tell me the first name of your great grand father who was a boy? And can you positively identify his grave? If you can't name (or ID the grave of) your all-important great grand father, then relax and be happy! Being male or female does not matter after a while after all.

If you have only boys and wish for a girl to care for you in your old age the way only a daughter can, chill out! Boys can care too. So what your child made A-minus instead of the A-plus you wanted? Big deal your child scored less points in a game than you expected? So your week or day has been too routine and boring for your liking because everyone is healthy and normal in your family? Well, do you know getting into a serious car-wreck or your child getting sick can really excite your life and get you jumping and your days hectic and less boring? Boring can be great!

So when your child comes home from school in one piece, but just hungry, I say, rejoice! When your wife comes home whole, overjoy! When your husband arrives home safely, forget any arguments of the night before and say a little prayer of gratitude. Should you make it a point to hug each member of your family the first time they walk-through the door everyday? Do we really have time to ignore, disrespect, and not smile at people we are supposed to love? Should one divorce the spouse because he or she has a chronic illness; or that one now makes more money than the spouse? Should one parent ever cause their child to disregard the other parent?

In the heat of the moment and the battle, it is easy to sometimes forget how good we have it. For a majority of us, what we term our bad days are better than some people's best days! Let us keep that in mind as we treasure the best times of our lives which is NOW. That might be how we talk to an angel of our faith.

Chuks U.C. Ukaoma and his family reside in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. He's from Abia State, Nigeria.

Chuks Ukaoma

Photo Above: Chuks U.C. Ukaoma, Article author (Photo 2)

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*Nigerian Wounds 5 In US Walmart Store Shooting

-Masterweb Reports

Soloman Onwukaife, an 18-year-old Nigerian American teenager Sunday morning around 4.30 am at an Austin, Texas-area (Cedar Park) Walmart shot five people in an earlier dispute over a girl. Onwukaife and the gunshot victims after the dispute at a different location, agreed to meet at the Walmart store for a fight. "This stemmed from a party that occurred possibly somewhere either in Williamson County or Leander, in which there was alcohol consumed at that party," Henry Fluck, Cedar Park Police Chief said in a press statement. ( Continues below..... )

Soloman Onwukaife

Photo Above: Soloman Onwukaife in police custody

According to Cedar Park police, fight broke out in the Walmart parking lot and Onwukaife began shooting hitting five people. The incident took place at a time when there were few customers in the Walmart store parking lot. No Walmart employee nor customer was injured in the shooting. The store closed briefly (as police sealed-off the area conducting investigations) and re-opened at 9 a.m. "This morning at 4:30 a.m. I heard a 'pop, pop, pop,' like firecrackers. All of a sudden I saw police and ambulance," an unidentified woman told reporters.

19-year-old Shayne Davis, 22-year-old Leland McGlocklin, 19-year-old Zacharia Gietl, 18-year-old Cody McGrath and an unidentified victim were wounded and taken to St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center. Davis, McGlocklin and McGrath remain in critical condition. Gietl, was treated and released the same day (Sunday). Onwukaife who suffered facial injuries was treated and handed back to police. He has been charged in court with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident.

Gietl told police the dispute began when a man choked a woman at a nearby party earlier in the evening (Saturday) and several people agreed to fight at the Walmart parking lot. He said he was not at the party but went to the parking lot to stop his friends from continuing the fight.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Nigeria Is Negotiable

-Masterweb Reports

Two retired generals and former heads of state stirred up a hornet’s nest recently when they proffered solutions to the growing insecurity and hopelessness in the country. Coming on the heels of a war of attrition between them, there was enough reason for Nigerians to be guarded about the intervention by Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida who ruled Nigeria cumulatively for 19 years.

The periods that these generals ruled (1976-79; 1985-93; and 1999-2007) were about the most glorious of the nation’s history, not in terms of development or genuine attempt to redefine the future of the country, but in terms of hope and desire on the part of Nigerians to lift up their country and make it a global contender. As it turned out, Obasanjo and Babangida made sure theirs were the years of the locust. Obasanjo and Babangida orchestrated perhaps the greatest despoliation of Nigeria, its wealth as well as human and material resources. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

Obasanjo and Babangida talked about the greatness of Nigeria and Nigerians, but they did everything possible to undermine the country and its people. They had the opportunity to write their names in gold as true statesmen, but they botched it. Of course, on the personal level, both Obasanjo and Babangida have received adequate response to their unwelcomed intervention so I shall not dwell on that. I shall focus on the thrust of their intervention.

“Nigeria’s existence not negotiable – OBJ, IBB”, was how one newspaper headlined the intercession of the retired generals the morning after. The paper reported Obasanjo and Babangida as saying that “the worrying trend emerging from the violent attacks, bombings and mindless killings of innocent Nigerians was creating room for doubt about the end of the carnage, but that ‘the continued unity of this nation is not only priceless, but non-negotiable’”. ( Continues below….. )

Nigeria Ex-President Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo

Photo Above: Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo (OBJ)

I wonder what our rulers really mean when they say the “unity of Nigeria is not negotiable”. If you hear this glib talk from people who actually did something to advance the unity of Nigeria, then it is understandable. It becomes worrisome when those who advance this proposition are those who have done everything possible to undermine the unity of the country. In simple terms, “negotiable” means “open to discussion; not fixed, but able to be established or changed through discussion and compromise”. Considering the current state of the nation, the social and political upheavals that go to the very core of national existence, only a masochist will deny that this is time to “negotiate” Nigeria.

A nation is usually united around a common national ethos, a set of values and principles that are abiding. Not so in Nigeria. For the ruling class in Nigeria, the only unifying factor is corruption, as one of their own, Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State, eloquently espoused in his speech at Chatham House, London, in June. For the majority of Nigerians, the unifying factor is a life of grinding poverty and hopelessness. No country sustained by corruption and the poverty and hopelessness of its citizenry can survive for too long.

In a sense, therefore, the real threat to the unity of Nigerian has come from those who have succeeded in dividing Nigerians through their pillage and misuse of our patrimony. Our rulers know that the country is not working because of massive corruption and that we can’t sustain the current system for too long. Yet, because our elite, and in some cases ordinary Nigerians, seem satisfied with the proceeds of corruption, they are blind to the danger we are all entrapped in. While we are nibbling at the seams of the nation, we willfully assume that the country will still hold together and that things will get better. It is this same false hope that led us to the London Olympics after just three months of preparation. The London games ended without any medal for Nigeria. Anybody who understands Nigeria will not be surprised that this may yet be our worst Olympics. Regrettably, our youths on whose shoulders the survival of this nation rests, appear to have imbibed the worst examples of the “wasted generation” before them. That is the real tragedy of our situation. Only recently, the African Centre for Media & Information Literacy held a lecture to mark the 2012 International Youth Day. It was meant as a sober occasion for our youths, the greatest resource of our nation, to reflect on their role and contribution to national development as well as the responsibility of the government to the youth. Many of the so-called youth leaders that came for this event arrived with much enthusiasm, with retinues of aides in tow. All someone close by could mutter was: “if these people ever come close to power, they will do worse than our current crop of rulers”. ( Continues below….. )

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

Photo Above: Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB)

When I look at corruption in Nigeria, our dismal showing in London, the attitude of our dehumanised and traumatised youths, and the war mongering going on, it all makes sense to me. The conclusion I have arrived at is that it is necessary but not sufficient to do critiques of sectoral deficiencies of our problems as a nation. Nigeria has collapsed. It is imperative, therefore, that the systemic dysfunction in Nigeria is confronted and changed to cater to all in a truly law governed country. And the only way to do this is to “negotiate” Nigeria through a Sovereign National Conference (SNC), not just of so-called ethnic nationalities, but also of marginalised and pauperised people of Nigeria.

Part of the reason corruption thrives so much in Nigeria is the structure of the country. Political violence is rife, states and ethnic nationalities are threatening secession, yet there are people who still insist that it is forbidden to question the status quo. Those who are really concerned about Nigeria and genuinely fear that the country will break up if it goes the route of SNC, as opposed to those who mouth “the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable” should rest assured that it won’t happen without a very bloody war or wars. It is not exactly clear which ethnic nationality wants to embark on that futile journey. The greater prospect now is that of anarchy (as in Somalia) or the rise of fascism through what Edwin Madunagu describes as “a coalition of the most unlikely bed-follows’”.

What Nigeria needs now is a radical change that will redefine the country and create a new national ethos. It is for this reason that all those who have bled the country and brought it to its knees should be wary, not just of social media, but also the street anger of Nigerians.

This street anger must fester and yield positive results if we are to achieve a national renewal and end what a colleague has described as the hackers’ paradise called Nigeria.

Chido Onumah, Coordinator of the African Centre for Media & Information Literacy, Abuja, Nigeria ( Email: )

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Rivers 2015 Election: Is it really the moment for Princewill?

-Masterweb Reports

Though the 2015 gubernatorial election in Rivers State is a few years ahead, there has been palpable questions, discourse in the media, political and elite circles as to whether the former Action Congress Governorship aspirant in 2007, Prince Tonye Princewill, will contest for the governorship position now that he is an active member of the Peoples Democratic Party. While majority of political pundits who have been watching closely the political arithmetic and pulsations in Rivers State had expressed possibility of Princewill contesting for the governorship position, others are of contrary opinion. This view which is held by majority of political observers in the Treasure Base of the Nation may not be unconnected to the plausible, emulative and commendable roles he (Prince Tonye Princewill) has continued to play particularly in his home state since he joined active politics in 2006. In the course of this write-up such plausible, emulative and commendable acts which have made this scion of the Kalabari King popular and also endeared him to a cross section of Rivers people will be reeled out.

This acclaimed political enigma may not need any introduction to those who are familiar with Rivers State and by extension Nigeria politics, but for the sake of those who are not familiar with him, an introduction in two or more paragraphs may suffice.

Introducing this acclaimed political colossus cum enigma, this writer once wrote: Born a prince to the famous Amachree Dynasty in the Kalabari kingdom with its century-long history of bravery in war and gift of oral narration, trained as an aristocrat par excellence and bequeathed with a rare wisdom from God, this Prince hardly needs an introduction in any political gathering in Nigeria. ( Continues below….. )

Prince Tonye Princewill

Photo Above: Prince Tonye Princewill

Though it was beyond him to be born a prince, it is however in line with his character, remaining at the apogee of his life's endeavour, through sheer hard work. The prince is calm, focused, intelligent, insightful and of humble personality. Known as Tonye to most of his friends; he is a professional engineer and a business magnate who did not take politics as a profession for lack of means of livelihood but as a result of his concern for his people and personal attempts to help them. Even as a private businessman, he has been a people-centered person and has always been critical of corrupt regimes in the state that wasted the enormous resources at their disposal on selfish desires, instead of the empowerment of the people. Before contesting for the governorship position in Rivers state under the Action Congress in the 2007 general elections, Tonye was a senior technical project manager and business analyst of the highest caliber as well as a strategic thinker with an excellent problem-solving ability.

In addition to his educational qualification and being the youngest member of the Economic Think Tank of Rivers State Government that counsels the state on investment and good governance, he is also involved in most key investment decisions of Amaechi Administration. He was member, presidential technical committee on the Niger Delta and was the chairman Niger Delta subcommittee of vision 2020 which he resigned because of government troops bombardment of Gbaramatu Kingdom in Niger Delta

This excellent communicator studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is also a graduate of the Imperial College, London. He has a sound working knowledge of both ITIL and Change Management and has until quite recently, been a regular presenter on project management issues. In addition to his Information Technology and Oil and Gas interests, Tonye has a business empire that cuts across the aviation industry and haulage of petroleum products for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, and OANDO, a major oil marketing company in Nigeria. But more recently, with his just concluded agreements with several strategic investors, his company is involved in strategic placement of resources with the targeted placement of investments from outside and within Rivers state. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states (including Rivers State), and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

In an unemployment ravaging society and being an employment agent, Princewill has been able to employ women, youths and graduates through his investment initiatives and connections which cut across oil and gas, telecommunication, information technology, environmental sanitation etc. These women, who sweep major streets and roads and the youths in particular would have been unemployed, indolent or at worse dregs of the society. Princewill is the brain behind his father's Pet Project and Scholarship Scheme where commendable numbers of Rivers State natives are given scholarship to study one course or the other in the higher institution.

In addition, he has not relented in giving arms to the less privileged individuals, groups or organizations either morally, financially or otherwise. He had in the past donated a bus to the National Association of Ijaw Female Students NAIFS (an umbrella body of Ijaw female students both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora), set of computers and undisclosed cash to the Rivers State Chapter of NUJ, three laptops to the tide newspapers, sponsored twenty youths of Niger Delta stock, plus a few journalists to watch and cover the match between Portsmouth and Man U in Abuja in 2009 where cosy accommodation, feeding and daily allowance were generously provided for two days, sponsored the likes of Mr Valentine Ohu in Broadcast Journalism, Miss Crystabel Goddy in Acting, Mr Telema Senibo in 3D Graphics, Miss Mercy Akudo also in Acting and Mr Stanley Kotey in 3D Graphics to the Del-York Film Academy. The above persons are currently owners of million Naira worth of standard studio that will aid them practice all they were taught at the Del-York Film Academy.

According to the Prince, it is one thing offering scholarships to people and another thing providing them what to do after acquiring the training; that is why I have to go a step further by providing a Studio to make these youth's employers of Labour and not liabilities to the society. “I wish the Nigerian government, major multinationals, other businesses and blessed individuals will take a cue from this by providing jobs for most of the students enjoying support to acquire knowledge which cannot be channelled.

As one of the prominent facilitators and sponsors of the first movie (NNENDA) to be premiered in Port Harcourt, Rivers State in October, 2009, Prince Tonye Princewill ensured that the orphans in Port Harcourt were part of the great event. It was indeed a remarkable treat for different orphanage homes in Port Harcourt at the time, when the movie captioned “Nnenda” which highlighted the plight of orphans in Nigeria was unveiled. More than one hundred orphans who had resigned themselves to fate were given red-carpet reception and assured that the future is still bright for them. The orphans were drawn from Lifetime Caring Orphanage Home, Seventh Day Adventists Homes and Port Harcourt Children's Home and given a treat comparable to the one given to the elites' children by Prince Tonye Princewill.

In his additional attempt to reveal to the world the plight of the less privilege, the Melody Shelters Nigeria, a Prince Tonye Princewill backed brainchild with a mandate to raise awareness for the plight of the less privileged in the society especially orphans, set up its first TV Reality Talent competition for orphanages in the country, tagged the Melody Shelters Singing Talent Show. Melody Shelters Singing Talent Show, was a live-in reality programme, where participants were sheltered in a house for a period of one month, which featured singing groups drawn from eight orphanages in the country: Lifetime Caring Orphanage, Rivers State; Rachel Orphanage, Abuja; Susanna Homes, Abia State; Gidan Bede Orphanage, Benue State; Godswill Orphanage, Kogi State; Compassion Home, Abia State; Adonai Orphanage, Kaduna and Our Saviour's Orphanage, Delta State. The performance was judged by professional musicians and viewers at home.

The final event saw Godswill Orphanage of Kogi State clinching the coveted trophy and the Championship Prize of N10M while the Runners-up, the Lifetime Orphanage of Rivers State got the Prize of N5M. Rachael Homes, Abuja came in third carting home the N3Mprize.Five Hundred Thousand each was given to the other remaining five Homes as co-champions and what the Prince called “combined winners”.

Given all these good works that have endeared Prince Tonye Princewill and the political acceptance and popularity that he enjoys among his people, he has not yet come out publicly to declare his intention to run for the gubernatorial post.

While doing a comparative analysis on the strength and weakness of four likely aspirant who have not yet declared their intention to contest for the gubernatorial office in 2015 to wit; Engr. Tele Ikuru, Dakuku Adol Peterside, Sen. Abe and Prince Tonye Princewill one Mr. Bekee Anyaleweichi at the tail end of his piece captioned Amaechi’s fears for 2015 wrote: “Princewill is Amaechi’s friend but had not been in the governor’s caucus. Once the leader of the Action Congress, AC in the state, Princewill did a carpet-crossing prior to the last national polls. He had said he did so because his political mentor, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, had earlier done the same. At recent media events, the Kalabari Prince denied upped activities had something to do with the politics of 2015. However, his denials are familiar with men of his class".

"Yet Princewill stands the strongest contender for the governor’s office from the riverine area but Amaechi’s fear in Princewill, The Neigbourhood gathered, is that his core loyalists and associates would label him a traitor should he hand-over to Princewill considered an ‘outsider’ to the camp".

Prince Tonye Princewill may not be everybody’s ideal politician or business tycoon. This is because in the realm of active and or passive politics or entrepreneurship one must have stepped on allegedly perceived untouchables but touched toes who are believed to be kingmakers or installers of governors, state house of assembly members as well as their national counterparts, chairmen and councillors of council areas who can constitute an obstacle to those who are seeking elective posts. The above may be the challenge the Prince of Niger Delta politics as he is fondly called by his associates will surmount in the coming years if he declares his intension to vie for the governorship seat in Rivers State.

For now, the question on the lips of political pundits, analysts and observer in Rivers state is whether 2015 national polls with particular reference to Rivers State is really the moment for Prince Tonye Princewill. Time will definitely reveal.

Nwaorgu Faustinus writes from Port Harcourt. Email:

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Nigeria: My Hero Pastor Is A False Prophet (Part 2)

-Masterweb Reports

The false prophets of Nigerian extraction have the notion that they are gods, therefore when a religious faithful happens to get wearied of their antics and decide to leave the congregation for another; they use the pulpit to castigate such. They make no effort to know why people are leaving, rather they heap curses on those escaping for their lives. Some of them go on to pray witchcraft prayers for their fleeing members such that all the seeming breakthrough, security and finances obtained from their place of worship disappears after a while and the parishioner is left in a sorry state as evidential lessons for others who want to toe the same line.

A popular prophet in Nigeria had a cousin whom he healed of blindness and after some years the said cousin discovered that his prophet used to disappear into the streams near the worship centre, perturbed by the constant discoveries, he decided to leave the church. The prophet warned him that the blindness will return if he leaves. He ignored the prophet and left and his blindness came back months after. He was carried from church to church in the South West and South East between 2002 and 20003 until God intervened. However, they do not frown when others abandon their former church for theirs.

These false prophets usually pay more attention to the wealthy and influential members of their churches at the expense of the poor and hungry ones. Once the tithe and offerings from the parishioner is not fat enough, they are not given attention. Apprentice pastors are assigned to look into matters concerning their poverty stricken members while they devote hours, days, weeks and months of fasting, prayers, and deliverance for the influential members and release all sorts of anointing on their head. Their spiritual eyes always watch over the wealthy ones while the impoverished will have to contend with evil spirits without any help. They forgot that Jesus groomed groups of fishermen and others until they became a force to reckon with. ( Continues below….. )

Holy Bible

Photo Above: Holy Bible

These false prophets equally reserve special seats in their churches for these influential members and their families. These rich men are quickly converted to pastors, elders, deacons, deaconesses due to their financial maturity rather than spiritual maturity. When other church members see how spiritually empty moneybags are granted pastoral and presbyterian privileges, they develop an impression that without money the Church and even God does not recognize them. That is partly responsible for the craze of Nigerian church goers to loot national treasury to impress their pastors, priests and prophets and receive titles in the church.

These false prophets live a life of sexual immorality. They have sexual affairs with choristers, ushers, sanctuary keepers and different categories of church workers in the church. It is part of conditions for release of strange powers to a pastor. Since the powers used to do miracles are not of God, they more they commit sexual sin, the more anointed they become to see more visions, prophesy and do wonders. When concerned members draw their attention to their immoral life they rebuke them and quote copiously verses like ‘’ touch not my anointed...’’( psalm 105 vs 15) , ’’ there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus..’’( Romans 8 vs 1), ‘’judge not that ye be not judged..’( Matthwe 7 vs 1)’ among others. Instead of repenting and asking God for grace to overcome sin as Jesus told the adulteress in Matthew 8 vs 11’’11 … And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.’’ Jesus also said to the man He healed of sickness of 38 years at the Pool of Bethesda in John 5 vs 14 "…See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you’’

Therefore. Jesus enjoined sinners to sin no more while the false prophets conjecture excuses while iniquity should be tolerated. In the past when a pastor or church member misbehaves, the senior pastors gives them back sit for a while until it is proven that normalcy has returned. Those so sanctioned equally accept their punishment and will be absorbed back into the fold at the end of the suspension period. This serves as example to others that iniquity is not part of the church. The system has changed and nobody has control over others and the church members are getting confused the more. ( Continues below..... )

 A Christian Church service

Photo Above: A Christian Church service

There are false prophets in every denomination. The Roman Catholic Church has a strict process of determining whether a priest or brother exhibiting charismatic gifts is of God. Priests with charismatic powers like Rev Fr’s Ede, Njoku, Mbaka and others in Nigeria passed through some scrutiny before their Diocese and their Congregational Orders gave them clean bills of health to operate beyond the normal limits of the church. In older Pentecostal fellowships like Assemblies of God, Grace of God, Apostolic Church, Scripture Union, etc some level of scrutiny is given those operating charismatic powers to ensure that strange powers are not in operation. The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, in recent times, is finding it difficult checkmating the activities of strange powers among people claiming to be Pentecostals. Some of these people are actually converts from some white garment churches and some shrine attendants and native doctors who refused to relinquish strange powers they used before they turned their enterprise to church-they are not Pentecostals and they refuse to submit to PFN authority.

A Church member who has doubts over the genuineness of his pastor should go through the check lists earlier enumerated in part 1 and 2 and if still in doubt, should pray, fast and seek God’s clarifications. God is ever willing to shine light through darkness and once seriously solicited would find a way of confirming it through the revelation in the Word of God (2 Timothy 3 vs 16), inner witness of the Holy Spirit (Acts 11vs 12), dreams (Matthew 1 vs 20-21), visions (Acts 10 vs 9-18) counsel from matured Christian leaders (Proverbs 12 vs 15), audible voice of God (Acts 9 vs 4-5), angels ( Luke 1 vs 26-38) among others.. Once there is enough confirmation from God that your Hero Pastor is a False Prophet, then it is time to escape for life as lot and his family escaped from Sodom and Gomorrah. The church member should prayerfully ask God for an exit strategy especially to avoid the satanic curses and vendetta emanating from these servants of devil whenever their secret is exposed.

Obinna Akukwe

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Nigeria: Governor Obi Seals Two Buildings Linked To Kidnappers

-Masterweb Reports

Governor Peter Obi has sealed off two more buildings suspected to be linked to a kidnap racket. The buildings were a one storey structure under construction at Uruoji, Agukwu-Nri and a bungalow at Obeagu village, Agukwu-Nri.

When the Governor and his entourage entered the compound of the building at Uruoji, they met a middle-aged man who identified himself as Mr. Banabas Masamu from Adamawa who claimed to be a security man in-charge of the compound since January this year. Mr. Masamu confirmed that before he assumed work, he heard that some kidnap suspects were arrested by security agents. ( Continues below..... )

Obi sealing off one of the buildings

Photo Above: Governor Obi officially sealing off one of the buildings suspected to be used by kidnappers

Speaking in a similar vein, one of the uncles of the owner of the building, Chief Christian Obidike said the kidnap suspects were arrested last year by joint police and military team and identified one of the suspects as a trader occupying a shop beside the building.

At the building at Obeagu village, one of the cousins of the owner of the house and a native doctor, Mr. Sunday Okoye said one of the nephews of the owner of the house, one Mr. Okwudili Okoye was on the run from security agents because of suspected involvement in the kidnap racket. ( Continues below..... )

ANIDS symbols

Photo Above: Anambra Integrated Development Strategy ( ANIDS ) symbols

Governor Obi said security report confirmed that the buildings were linked to heinous crime of kidnapping. He announced that the two buildings would henceforth be sealed off in line with the policy of the state on kidnapping whereby structures determined to be used by kidnappers are to be sealed off and confiscated by the State Government.

The Governor said the government would now determine the owners of the building, their sources of livelihood and degree of involvement in the crime and made clear that at the end of the investigation, government would either demolish the buildings or put them to government use.

Governor enjoined property owners to take full ownership of their buildings and remain security conscious to ensure that their facilities are not compromised.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Ohanaeze SG Writes On 'Association of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Presidents-In-Diaspora'

-Masterweb Reports


31st July 2012

Re: Association of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Presidents-In-Diaspora

The attention of Ohanaeze Ndigbo National Secretariat has been drawn to the divisive activities of a group that calls itself “Association of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Presidents-In-Diaspora” led by one of the Chairmen of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Branches in the South-West Zone who claims that the group was “inaugurated” by the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State.

2. For the avoidance of all doubt, all Ohanaeze Ndigbo Chapters/Branches, as well as Affiliates, are alerted to avoid dealing with this group without clearance from this Headquarter. The Constitution of Ohanaeze Ndigbo (worldwide) has no provision for Presidents-In-Diaspora. Its structure provides only for ONE President-General (worldwide); SEVEN Chapter Presidents (in the core Igbo States of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Delta (Anioma) and Rivers; and Chairmen at the Branch/Local Government Levels as well as States outside Nigeria. Ohanaeze Ndigbo also has affiliates such as Igbo World Assembly (IWA), Igbo World Congress (IWC), Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA), Igbo Communities eg. in Ghana etc where Ohanaeze Branches do not exist.

3. Therefore, any Chapter/Branch/Affiliate that allows itself to be destabilized by this illegal/unauthorized group should be aware of the risks there-to its solidarity and stability.

Thank you.


Chief Nduka I. Eya fcipm
Secretary-General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Copy to: The President-General
“ “ All Members of the National Executive Committee (NEC)
“ “ All Chapters/Branches/Affiliates of Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Chief Nduka Eya

Photo Above: Chief Nduka I. Eya, Secretary-General (SG), Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Nigeria: Governor Obi Presents Cheque for Heart Centre

-Masterweb Reports

Governor Peter Obi has presented another cheque of ten million naira for continuation of work on Dr. Joe Nwiloh Heart Centre at Saint Joseph Hospital, Adazi-Nnukwu. Governor Obi presented the cheque after inspecting the project at the weekend.

The Governor said the State Government embarked on the project in honour of the renown world surgeon Dr. Nwilo, to encourage the up-coming generation to emulate positive role models who have contributed to the growth and development of the society.

He explained that his administration will continue to recognize and honour those who have distinguished themselves in various fields of endeavour. ( Continues below..... )

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Peter Obi

Governor Obi who said he was encouraged by the pace and quality of work and, promised to initiate more projects in the area soon.

Receiving the cheque, the Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor, while thanking the Governor for the gesture, noted that people of the area are major beneficiary of the project. ( Continues below..... )

ANIDS symbols

Photo Above: Anambra Integrated Development Strategy ( ANIDS ) symbols

Most Reverend Ezeokafor who described Obi as the best Governor Anambra has had, observed that the Governor has remained steadfast in his drive to develop rural areas and provide them with basic necessities of life with his policy of pursuing the common good of all.

The Bishop assured that the funds will be judiciously used, while the church will uphold the existing partnership with the State.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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