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*Nigeria: Pastor Chris Okotie, Abortions & Injurious Church News

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Tuesday, July 24, 2012: Pastor Chris Okotie is the owner of Household of God Church, a unitary church located on a vast expanse of land in Oregun Ikeja in Lagos. This pastor whose edifice has proximity with another edifice belonging to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Believers Love World Fellowship and Christ Embassy have been enmeshed in controversies dangerous and injurious to the Christian faith bordering on second failed marriage, abortions and abandonment of a little girl allegedly fathered by him.

Chris Okotie was the first cerebral personality to embrace Christ in the early eighties. His first album ‘I Need Someone’ released in 1980 made him the most celebrated Nigerian pop musician. Himself and Jide Obi’s album ‘’Kill Me With Love’’ released in 1981 made the duo the most popular young musicians of the eighties. Therefore when news went round that the two law students of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus are now preaching the Bible, it caused a stir and groups gathered to discuss the evil that had descended on the music industry while the church people rejoiced that Jesus had captured a hell bound soul. At that time parents would prefer a drunkard in the family than a born again, bible believing and bible preaching embarrassment. Chris Okotie , Jide Obi and later Felix Liberty’s repentance opened the door for a lot of young men and women, drowned by life of sex, drinks, dance, clubbing and western culture to begin to consider ‘born againism’ as an alternative lifestyle. ( Continues below..... )

Pastor Chris Okotie

Photo Above: Pastor Chris Okotie

Chris Okotie, after his Law degree programme, proceeded to a Bible School in the US, came back and formed the Household of Love Fellowship in 1987. This pastor equally ventured into the terrain of eschatology where he delved into the unfamiliar terrain of explaining the book of Revelation, The Apocalypse, and related topics in his popular television programme, The Apokalupsis. There is also the Karis Award where he gives One million naira (N1, 000,000) annually to Nigerians who have distinguished themselves in acts of patriotism and national service; the past recipients included late Gani Fawehinmi, Pa Michael Imoudu, Gen Murtala Muhammed, Mallam Aminu Kano, Mrs Magraret Ekpo among others.

Chris Okotie was the first known Pentecostal pastor to venture into the murky waters of Nigerian politics in the order of late Rev Martin Luther King whose foray into U.S politics was instrumental to the eventual liberation of Black Americans of which Barrack Obama was a beneficiary. This pastor claimed that God told him to vie for the Presidency of Nigeria and went ahead to contest on the platform of Justice Party in 2003 where the ruling party allocated him 119, 547 votes coming eight out of twenty contestants. Independent electoral observers believe that if the 2003 elections were to be devoid of rigging the results, the order of number of votes cast would have looked like Buhari, Ojukwu, Obasanjo,Fawehinmi and Okotie plus 15 others. Therefore, Okotie had some level of political followership in Nigeria. In 2003 he formed Fresh Democratic Party with the intention of infusing fresh ideas into the recycling sickness afflicting Nigerian politics and he came eight out of seventeen contestants with 74,049 votes allocated to him. ( Continues below..... )

Seal of The President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Photo Above: Seal of The President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the official symbol of the Nigerian President, first used in 1979 by President Shehu Shagari.

Chris Okotie’s entrance into the political turf was an apostolic move aimed at breaking the jinx of the Pentecostal brand of politics which involves a spirit filled Christian hiding inside the comfort of his wardrobe, staircase or rest room and commanding God to fish out leaders that will transform Nigeria while excluding self from being part of the change makers. Since his foray into politics, a lot of Pentecostals have broken the bondage of timidity and decided to partake in the act of politics and national transformation, a turf earlier controlled by Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, and Presbyterians and their Muslim counterparts.

However, it is obvious that an evil arrow had hit Chris Okotie. The Bible said in Ephesians 6 vs 11-16 ‘’Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints’’ Chris Okotie failed to put on all his armour and now we have a case of failed marriage, abortion and abandoned child hanging on his anointed head. The theory of touch not my anointed does not suffice here because a spiritual icon that made invaluable contribution to the expansion of faith in Nigeria have been seriously found wanting and need to be reclaimed back from darkness. ( Continues below….. )

Holy Bible

Photo Above: Holy Bible

King David did not know when Bathsheba was planted to rubbish his credentials as a righteous king until he lost four sons, including Amnon, Absalom and Adonijah as a result of the adultery and murder. Samson did not know how Delilah was planted until he lost his sight and subsequently his life in the hands of the Philistines. Reuben lost the right as a firstborn because he got messed up with his father’s wife. Therefore, every Christian who has caused a stir to the kingdom of darkness should be very watchful or else the devil will patiently wait to rubbish all your contributions. The bible said that once the shepherd is struck, the sheep will scatter. Chris Okotie had the honesty to tell his members that his focus on natural beauty was responsible for the failure of the marriage instead of pointing accusing fingers at a witch somewhere. Other pastors in his shoes would have branded the woman a witch sent from the devil to destroy his church. In fact that was the story making rounds in the church but the pastor put the blame on himself.

Barely two weeks after the announcement of the dissolution of the four year old second marriage, a lady by name Oluremi Adesola surfaced, claiming to have a child for Chris Okotie. This Lady claimed thus ‘’ I was a young Pastor desperately looking for a good church where I could worship and God led me to the Household of God. Then, I had a music ministry, and because he was an ace musician, I took him as my mentor and strongly believed that he would help me one day. Along the line, something happened. We started seeing each other and I’ve done abortion for him three times before I decided to leave the last one’’ . It is only God who knows who seduced the other but it is obvious that the girl’s action could break a home and dry up the anointing and spiritual sensibility of an anointed pastor and as such is inexcusable Every spirit filled Christian knows that abortion is evil. The Roman Catholic Church condemns it in its entirety and this position had brought the Papacy in conflict with a lot of organisations and occultist groups like freemason etc. Pentecostals condemn it and see it as murder.

Those who had opportunity of being momentarily granted privilege of seeing Heaven and discoursing with Jesus Christ like Choo Thomas, Korean American and author of the bestselling novel ‘Heaven Is So Real’ wrote that in reaction to issue of abortion, Jesus shouted ‘’I do not like abortion’’ Therefore, there is nothing to celebrate in abortion and any woman who desecrated her dignity doing it for any man, or pastor or archbishop have committed murder and need to repent. It is only a Christian who does not know the value of his salvation that will be cajoled into this. Therefore this Lady is as guilty as the pastor in the act of desecrating the name of God and should equally repent from bitterness and follow to redress the negative image their sexual flings had brought to the name of the Lord. If that girl is actually Chris Okotie’s daughter, he should not abandon them in penury.

The Church belongs to Jesus Christ and whosoever destroys his Church, God will destroy no matter who is in involved. Christian women should deliver the devil out of randy pastors by rejecting indecent sexual overtures and refuse to be used to desecrate the work of God. Pastor Chris Okotie should refute the abortion and paternity claims if it is not true or else he should start the process of repentance as David did to redeem the name of Jesus Christ which has been dragged to the mud. Chris Okotie should go further, he should like David ask God to help him reclaim his life, soul and that of all the members and followers who have returned to the backslidden state as a result of the dangerous bad news . Members of Household of God Church should know that the roaring lion(devil) have struck and while not hiding nor excusing any malfeasance, they should collectively save this man whose humanity is overpowering his divinity so that hell will not have the last laugh.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Nigeria: Why We Must Sustain Assistance To Church Hospitals -Obi

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Monday, July 23, 2012: Gov. Peter Obi has assured that his Government will continue to assist hospitals owned by the Church because, according to him, besides rendering affordable services to the people, they are also better managers. He said this yesterday, during the laying of foundation of hostel blocks his Government is building in many hospitals owned by the Churches. Those visited yesterday are St Charles Borromeo, Waterside and Iyienu Hospital, Ogidi.

At all the hospitals, where the Governor laid foundations for one project or the other, the Governor said he was satisfied with the progress of those buildings already begun and asked the owners to pursue with vigour the building of those he laid their foundations, assuring them that money will not be the problem. In his words, "I am happy over the progress of work, if it were Government work, I am sure all manner of variations would have been introduced by now."

Speaking at St Charles Borromeo, Archbishop Valarian Okeke thanked God for the Governor, whom he described as God's precious gift to Anambra State. He said that his love for the State and unmatchable efforts to leave the legacy of peace and development for generations yet unborn was not in doubt. ( Continues below..... )

Obi laying foundation

Photo Above: Gov. Obi laying the foundation for the construction of a hostel Block by Anambra Government at St Charles Borromeo Hospital, Onitsha. On the left is Archbishop Valerian Okeke.

In his own remarks, the Anglican Bishop of Onitsha, Owen Nwokolo, at Iyienu Hospitals said the people of the State were delighted at the partnership between The Government and the Church for the moral health of the State. He thanked the Governor for using the resources of the State to work for the people of the State.

The Governor had earlier visited St Christopher School owned by Anglican Diocese of Onitsha and Dominican College owned by the Catholic Diocese of Onitsha. At both schools, he vowed to continue visiting schools against the advice of those that want him to visit those that are politically relevant, insisting that those students were the future of the society.

It will be recalled that Mr. Chudi Offodile condemned the visit to schools as too pedestal for a Governor.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*President Atta Mills of Ghana Is Dead

-Masterweb Reports

President John Atta Mills of Ghana is dead according to news reaching Masterweb Reports and Masterweb News Desk. Atta Mills aged 68 and serving his first term in office died Tuesday afternoon at the 37th Military Hospital in Accra, Ghana. Details of the cause of his death is pending until the completion of an autopsy. He celebrated his 68th birthday this past Saturday. Atta Mills was elected in a 2008 presidential vote runoff that was described as the closest in the history of Ghana. He was to seek re-election for a second term (full term) in December this year.

Atta Mills spent much of his career teaching at the University of Ghana before being elected president. He earned a doctorate from London's School of Oriental and African Studies before becoming a Fulbright scholar at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. He travelled to the US in March and April this year as rumours about his health began to circulate amongst Ghanaians both at home and in the Diaspora.

On July 4, 2012, a Ghanaian author, Daniel Danquah Damptey ( 0243715297, ) wrote:- “Ghana: The President is sick. Take it or Leave it.” The article is republished below and can be read at its original web link at


July 4, 2012: Ghana: The President is sick. Take it or Leave it.

By Daniel Danquah Damptey

Sickness is not something we wish for ourselves, not even for our worst enemies. As long as we remain mortal, sickness and diseases will remain part and parcel of our life. I see nothing wrong with someone falling ill. An Akan axiom says that “Se woton wo yarea a na wonya ano aduro”. Translated literally, it means if you tell people your ailments, you get medicine for it.

The prevalent disease in both my maternal and paternal families is diabetes. Almost every sibling of my mother suffered or is suffering from that disease. Two out of my seven surviving siblings are known carriers of that disease. I went for the test and it came out negative. But that was a little over a year ago.

The diabetic trait in the family has made us all conscious of how we lead our lives. We have also become each other’s keeper. Personally, I like sweet things and my family is always on me to cut down on the quantity of sweet intake in my diet. But this is something which affects the Damptey family and the ordinary people of Abomoso. I cannot say so about other families.

Thus, I find it difficult to comprehend all the secrecy surrounding the health of our President. His health status has become a “No go area” during public discourse, for the moment you broach on the subject the NDC will unleash its attacking dogs, vampires, vultures, sharks, snakes, wolves, foxes and eagles on you as if you were a notorious criminal who should be destroyed at all cost.

President George H.R. Bush Vomiting Incident: The President fainted after vomiting at a banquet hosted by the then Japanese Prime Minister, Kiichi Miyazawa and attended by 135 diplomats. The date was 8th January, 1992 at 8.20pm. The incident was widely reported and quickly became a fodder for the nation’s comedians. It caused a wave of late night TV jokes and ridicule in the international community, with the coining of “Bush-suru” which literally meant “to do the Bush thing”. Can you laugh over such an incident involving the President, if it had happened in Ghana? Definitely, not! The Security officials will skin you alive!! ( Continues below..... )

George Bush

Photo Above: George H. Bush, US President 1989–93

The Dick Cheney Shooting incidence: He was the Vice President during the George Bush administration. On February 11, 2006, he shot Harry Whittington, a 78 year old Texas Attorney while participating in a quail hunt on a ranch in Kennedy County, Texas. The first public news was called in to the “Corpus Christi Caller Times” on February 12, 2006 by ranch owner, Katherine Armstrong. The Bush Administration disclosed the shooting incident to the public in the afternoon of February 12, 2006. Local authorities released a report on the shooting on February 16, 2006 and written statements on February 22. Cheney spoke publicly about the incident on February 15, 2006.

Could such a thing have happened in Ghana? Definitely not! Any person or newspaper reporter who commented or wrote about the incident would have been hounded and hunted by the BNI. Who born dog?

When Kweku Baako’s intelligence unit intercepted a police extract in which the “wayoman” had made some incriminating statements against top members of the government, the NDC Police CID went after the ace journalist, not the criminals.

President Woodrow Wilson suffers a stroke in 1919: He had sold the concept of the League of Nations to European Powers. But the US Senate blocked the idea. His attempt to speak directly to the American people ended in a fiasco.

On October 2, 1919, the President suffered a stroke. The wife quickly summoned Dr. Grayson, the President’s Personal Physician and the conspiracy began. The two formed a bulwark between the invalid President and the rest of the country, hiding his condition from the rest of the country.

President Andrew Jackson was in pain emotionally and physically. He had lost his wife and was also suffering from rotten toothache, chronic headaches, failing eyesight, constant pain and internal bleeding from two bullets lodged in his body.

President William Harrison: He faced election rumours that he was unwell. To discredit those rumours, he waged a very active campaign that left him exhausted. The Inauguration Day was bitterly cold but the new President wore neither overcoat nor a hat. His inaugural address lasted almost two hours. He developed a severe chest cold, from which he never fully recovered.

President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills: Truth, though is bitter, it must be told. It is an acknowledged fact that the President has a problem with his sight. Earlier on in his presidency, he had a problem reading from his prepared written addresses. The font sizes of the letters were increased almost five hundred times. The pronunciation of “ecomimi” and “ofumfuo” instead of “economy” and “Otumfuo” stems from the fact that he had problems with his eyesight.

Sekou Nkrumah told us that when he met the President for the last time after he had been sacked, it dawned on him that the President did not recognize who he was. A school mate of the President once confided in me that he realized the President was going blind during one of their Old Students’ Re-unions. In earlier times, anytime he shook hands with the President, the latter had one special mantra for him. But the last time they met, the ritual wasn’t performed. It was only when the President heard his voice that he recognized him for who he was and the “usual ritual” was enacted. He then realized the President had not recognized him when he greeted him. ( Continues below..... )

President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills

Photo Above: President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills of Ghana

He who is healthy does not need physician: Nii Lante Vanderpuye, a Presidential Aide at the Castle told us that the President had the Juju ring made for him to counteract the effect of a spell which a Chief from the Western Region cast on him after the President had shook hands with that chief. He told us that the President received some blisters on his palm after shaking the chief’s hand. If the President is not spiritually sick, why should the juju ring be made for him?

And will this perhaps explain the death of the Ghana High Commissioner to Canada who died three days after playing host to the President and shaking his hands? Will it perhaps explain the strange happenings in the country …suicides, murder, ethnic clashes, accidents both on land and on air? Could it perhaps explain why the NPP activist refused to take the outstretched hand of Baba Jamal at Akwatia? Will it also explain why Betty Mould changed everything at the office of the Minister of Education when she was made the substantive Minister? By the way, where are those items that were carted away from the office?

Where was the President? For nearly two week before the President went for his so-called “routine medical checkup” he chose to remain “out of coverage area” whilst various parts of the country were engulfed in turmoil. Where was the President? They cannot tell us his whereabouts because the President was indeed sick. The only alternative is that, he like Nero, the Mad Emperor of Rome might have resorted to playing the fiddle whilst most parts of the country were on fire.

Routine Medical Checkup: The President told us he was going for a routine medical checkup. Something that is routine but it took nearly two weeks! Okudzeto Ablakwa also told us he was going for a second opinion. Which was which? This same Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Chemical Ali of Ghanaian politics had some time ago told us that the President’ palm had turned dark due to the effect of the drugs used to treat the President’s throat cancer. Has the cancer been cured? Did the routine checkup have anything to do with Cancer?

Now listen to the President. “I am able to sit down with the doctors and talk about things” Which things? And then, “I am able to sit down” What does he mean by that statement? The fact that he omitted the word “now” does not alter the meaning. What he was telling Ghanaians was that he was now able to sit down with his doctors; something he couldn’t do before.

Now listen to the President and tell me if you could make head or tail out of it. “Let me tell you in six months, we are going to work very very very very very hard. I remember the last time when I came back from the G8. He (VP John Mahama) had been in Sunyani and when I spoke with him, he wasn’t well at all and when I came back from the G8 and as far as I am concerned, this is nothing I will say calls for something by all Ghanaians. I am only going there to make sure that yes, we look at this that … and come back to continue …” Does this speech make any sense to you? And you tell me the President is well!

And for the First time in his presidency, the President publicly announced that in his absence, the country would be administered by the Vice President. What do you think was going on in the mind of the President at that time?

As I have stated somewhere before that the New Patriotic Party, (Nipa Pa Party) does not wish the death of President Mills. We wish him well. We want him to be alive to witness God’s prophecy about setting a table in the presence of our enemies come true. Yes, the NPP will surely run roughshod over the NDC. We will demolish them. Yes, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo will “maul” John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills on 7th December, 2012. We want the President to be alive so that he will see how God will use Nana Addo to move Ghana to greater heights.

Those who do not wish the President well are the very people surrounding and holding him hostage. What was the essence of the physical torture they put the President through by making him jog and trot before his departure and after his arrival at the airport? It wasn’t a wise thing to do. If they believe they are deceiving Ghanaians by giving the president increasing dosage of “steroids” to enable him undergo some physical actions which ordinarily he wouldn’t be able to do, then they have something worse coming. They are putting the health of the president in jeopardy.

The President is not well and should call it quit. But for nefarious reasons, those with skeletons in their cupboards and would who might be negatively impacted when there is a change of guards are forcing the man to go beyond his endurance. And it is such people that I am making this passionate appeal to. Please, the life of our President is valuable to us. Do not, in the name of God Almighty and for your own selfish interest do the unthinkable by flogging a willing horse to its death.

And if the President loves this nation, he should not allow his “aides” to lead him astray. Mr President, you must be conscious of your health. Call it quits when the ovation is loudest. You will regain the love and forgiveness of Ghanaians. Do not act like the Mohammed Allis and the D.K.Poisons of yesterdays.

You may not like me. You may call me all sorts of names. You may even crucify me. But I remain unruffled in my quest to ensure that the right things are done. I am only performing my patriotic duty by alerting Ghanaians to the fact that our President, Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills is seriously ill and must step aside.

Daniel Danquah Damptey ( 0243715297, )


Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*An Open Letter to Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

By Dr. Sunday Adegoke

His Excellency
Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
President & Commander-in-Chief
Federal Republic of Nigeria
The State House
Three-Arms- Zone


In reaction to your directive as the Visitor of University of Abuja that political students should be screened out and sent back to you politicians, it is a welcome development. However the style and manner in which the screening exercise is being carried out in the university will make it fruitless at the end of the day. If you want the right thing to be done, set a committee made up of people with unquestionable characters so that the vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Adelabu James Sunday Adebowale will not have any influence on the screening exercise. As someone who was involved in the screening of new students in the university this academic year, there were cases where applicants have not even written UTME and the Vice Chancellor gave an executive order to register them. Also, the screening form does not contain anything on Post UME. I know that admission of applicants into University of Abuja since Adelablu’s administration is purely on cash and carry basis.

So, if you want proper screening exercise to be carried out, you can ask that people with integrity should carry out the screening exercise possibly from outside the university because the rate in which Adelabu’s administration is giving out bribe to staff of this university is unimaginable. If a student who paid substantial amount of money to be given admission is screened out, then Adelabu knowing the role he played towards such admission will not allow the result of the screening exercise to see the light of the day because he can go to any length to bribe the person who carried out the screening exercise.

I am sure the Visitation Panel report was presented to you as the Visitor, is it not surprising that one university has ninety-seven (97) accounts? Well, some of those accounts were opened for applicants to pay in money towards their admissions by Adelabu’s administration. It is very unfortunate that this university has this character as its Vice Chancellor. After the kangaroo screening exercise by Adelabu’s stooges, he will only bribe them so that no student is screened out. Within the past few weeks, Adelabu has actually spent so much money meant for the university to bribe people to support his administration.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Sunday Adegoke

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

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*Jonathan, Gusau, Azazi And Boko Haram Sponsors

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Saturday, July 14, 2012: President Goodluck Jonathan had once again showed that he can bite and this time around the victim was Andrew Azazi, his erstwhile National Security Adviser. President Jonathan understands Southerners so well that when he slowly delivers a killer punch, his victim will know that 'Warsaw saw war'. However, he is yet to master the secret of striking at Northerners.

The first Southern Nigerian casualty of Jonathan biting exercise was Bola Tinubu, the National leader of ACN. The Code of Conduct Bureau dragged Tinubu to court for maintaining foreign account barely three months after both of them were wining and dining in Lagos and negotiating how to prevent Buhari and Ribadu from making any impact in the 2011 presidential election.

The next casualty was opposition parties like APGA, Labour Party and others who sold their presidential ambitions to the PDP with the hope of being incorporated into his government. By the time he threw them out of the window, those party chieftains dreaming of being appointed cabinet ministers were left in the cold waiting for the next election.

His next bite victim was the subsidy protesters especially from the Lagos axis. When he sent fierce looking soldiers to the streets of Lagos to harass protesters and teargas some elder statesmen, Soyinka, Bakare , Falana, Agbakoba and other leaders of the popular Occupy Nigeria protest knew that there is fire on the mountain. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Still basking in the euphoria of his defeat of these NADECO chieftains fabled to have pressurized Head of State Abacha to his graveyard, President Jonathan turned his full attention on Sylva and finished the suffocation project he earlier initiated. This Governor of his home state of Bayelsa had earlier threatened to snuff life out of his lame duck presidential kinsman and for that his second term governorship ambition was snuffed off despite all the pastors, bishops and seers hired to send fire in the direction of rampaging Jonathan.

This time around it was the turn of Azazi to receive the bite from Jonathan. He was sacked without the courtesy of prior information. Jonathan was obviously fed up with Azazi. Azazi’s fate was sealed during the long holiday that preceded the May 29 Democracy day celebrations. The public protests that greeted the Mauling of Unilag delayed the announcement of Azazi’s sack. The delay enabled Azazi to get enough intelligence information that Gusau is being drafted to replace him and a worried Azazi made efforts to save his position. He spoke with both the President and some leaders of South South over the issue and was given the impression that the matter has been suspended.

Azazi’s problem with Jonathan had to do with the tactics of arresting the security situation. Azazi believes that the sponsors of Boko Haram should be fished out and prosecuted for terrorism while Jonathan believes that the names involved are too weighty that a political backlash could occur which is capable of affecting permutations for 2015. There is a reasoning that some of those involved may be handy in the next election. The names that frequently pop up in every security reports as sponsors of Boko Haram included a few from opposition party and majority from the ruling party. ( Continues below..... )

PDP Logo

Photo Above: PDP (Nigeria's ruling party) Logo

Azazi had sought permission to quiz people like Buhari, Babangida, Ciroma, some serving and retired senators, ministers and governors who have links with Boko Haram but most of these people were those who helped Jonathan one way or the other in the past. Jonathan wants his NSA to tackle the footsoldiers of Boko Haram and leave the sponsors alone. This position of President Jonathan was a source of frustration for Azazi and he used the occasion of the South South summit in Asaba to vent his frustration.

The security chiefs were finding it difficult cutting off the terrorists because the more they are arrested or killed, the more others join the group, and the sect has fragmented in such a manner that they have numerous recruitment, training and logistics centre and more centres are being opened up daily. Though the insurgents looks disorganised, it is obvious that the there are high level coordination of their operations even in their fragmented cells. Malam Shekau, leader of the terrorists have escaped arrest on four occasions in matters of minutes in a manner that evokes suspicion even when his territory was cordoned off by security agents. While some blamed Azazi for poor analysis of real time operations, others still believe that high level sabotage leaked information to the sect leader.

However, President Jonathan believes that with all the billions budgeted for defence, the security agents have enough to root out members of Boko Haram without touching any elite linked to them. There is fear within PDP that if their culpable members were arrested, they could point embarrassing accusing fingers the manner Senator Ali Ndume recently did in his affidavit before the Federal High Court in Abuja told the court that '' the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Namadi Sambo is also aware that he was in contact with Jammatul Sunna -Walid Jihad-Boko Haram'' This will attract public opprobrium to the party. ( Continues below..... )

Mohammed Yusuf's bullet-ridden body

Photo Above: Mohammed Yusuf's bullet-ridden body shown to journalists in a video hours on July 30, 2009 after Nigerian police announced they had captured him alive. Police said Yusuf was shot while trying to escape.

President Jonathan had always maintained a chummy relationship with Aliyu Gusau despite the fact that Gusau was one of his opponents in the PDP presidential elections. The president believes that Gusau had a sort of magic wand which broke the security strangehold of the cabal that wanted to deny him the full exercise of his constitutional duties when late president Yaradua was sick. Gusau, a three time NSA was one of the few political appointees who wanted to save the career of late Senate President, Chuba Okadigbo when Obasanjo received reports that the former wanted to contest for presidency in 2003, and thus marked Okadigbo out for victimization. This attempt to help Okadigbo earned Gusau a reprimand from his boss.

The appointment of Sambo Dasuki was a fast dribble on those who were waiting to crucify President Jonathan in the event of reappointment of Gusau. In addition to Dasuki being an in-law to Gusau, it was the later who influenced his rehabilitation with the position of Chairman of Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company in 2002. Gusau does not defer to Babangida, in fact he is never known for pretentions and has always engaged in frank discussions with all the military leaders he served in the past including Obasanjo. His relationship with them was more of mutual respect than servitude. Therefore, if Dasuki were to switch loyalty to Babangida, whom he served as ADC, it would not diminish Gusau's influence over his life.

The ouster of Azazi and replacement with Dasuki, was a clash of tactics on how best to curtail the insurgency. The changes would have been more sweeping but the political think tanks wanted to gauge the opinion of stakeholders before any further action. The president had already charged the new NSA to reign in his people who are trying to destabilize his government or a break up will ensue. Intelligence strategies could differ but the bottom line is result. Dasuki, being a Sokoto prince is expected to use his knowledge of fellow northerners and muslims to analyse security reports and bring in strategies capable of checkmating the terrorists.

Those who still believe in Nigeria are hoping that the new helmsman comes up with fresh ideas to prevent another civil war. This is a narrow escape for Boko Haram sponsors because it is most likely they will never be named nor prosecuted but it may not be so for the footsoldiers because someone who knows them is coming for their head and the north will not blame Jonathan again for not doing enough to protect their region.

Obinna Akukwe

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Nigeria: PHCN under Lock and Key over Nigerian Army Action

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Friday, July 20, 2012: The Power Holding Company of Nigeria nationwide is under lock and key over Nigerian Army’s action of sealing their offices in Abuja, sources said on Friday.

The action was taken because of the PHCN anticipated workers' strike action, to protest the Federal Government's plan to privatise the PHCN.

In a telephone conversation with one of the junior staff of PHCN (name withheld), source told Master Web reporter that the negotiations between the union and the government has dragged on for so long due to the inability to agree on basic issues in line with the condition of service of employment. Stating that, one of the basic issues is that the PHCN want the federal government to pay them their 50% increment on workers salary before the commencement of PHCN privatisation by the federal government. ( Continues below..... )

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It was equally observed that during this period, the PHCN still left power on and stable.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) intervened by appealing to the federal government to withdraw soldiers from facilities of the PHCN, and resume meaningful dialogue with the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) towards resolving the stalemate between them. ( Continues below..... )

PHCN Staff demonstrating

Photo Above: PHCN Staff demonstrating

All efforts made by Masterweb Reporters to reach with any of the executive staff of PHCN proved abortive, as the whole offices of PHCN were under lock and key, and their environment deserted. *Latest Report - PHCN Staff have now resumed work.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Nigeria: Anambra State to Strengthen Revenue Collection

-Masterweb Reports

Masterweb Reports - Saturday, July 14, 2012: The State Government is to reorganize and strengthen the State revenue collection machinery for more efficiency. Governor Peter Obi announced this when the Change Team of the Unique Taxpayer Identification Number Programme of the Joint Tax Board paid him a courtesy call at the Governor’s Lodge Amawbia.

Governor Obi said the revenue office had performed below expectations and should be reinvigorate for better results. He noted that the State has enough potential to generate reasonable revenue if people can make sacrifices to carry out their civic responsibility as payment of taxes, which he described as critical component of development of any country or society. ( Continues below….. )

Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Peter Obi

The programme Manager, Mr. Chinedu Eke explained that the Unique Taxpayer Identification Number Programme was initiated by the Joint Tax Board to provide effective and innovative solutions to proper tax administration. He explained that the programme will, among other things, provide reliable and centralized data base of taxpayers in the country and automate tax registration activities for all levels of government than will enhance sustainable revenue generation.

The Chairman, State Board of Internal Revenue, Mr. Nwanne Ejikeme said the new initiative would revolutionalize Tax administration and collection in the country. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State

Mr. Ejikeme said the programme would help government to plan, eliminate trouble taxation, ensure accurate tax assessment and efficient tax administration as well as boost government revenue profile.

He disclosed that five staff of the Board have already gone for training in Lagos.

Also speaking the Special Adviser to the Governor on Internally Generated Revenue, Lady Victoria Obinwa said the programme would encourage people to appreciate that payment of tax is a civic responsibility for every citizen. She stressed need to diversify sources of revenue in the country to reduce dependence on oil and mono economy in order to sustain development.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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*Jos Airport Incident: Arik Air Pilot Blames Self

By Nosa Osula-Aituamen

The pilot of Arik Airlines who crashed into a parked C-130 aircraft belonging to the Nigerian Airforce at the Jos Airport last week Saturday, 14th July, 2012 has accepted full responsibility for the incident. According to investigation conducted by the Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, the pilot of the aircraft blamed the mishap on his inability to see the parked aircraft because the rain blocked his view from the window of the cockpit.

In a statement signed by the Commissioner, AIB, Captain Usman Muktar, the Aircraft was cleared to taxi to runway 10, during taxi the winglet of the Arik Air Boeing-737 hit the stationary C-130, embedded a portion of its severed winglet on the structure of the C-130. ( Continues below….. )

A landing Arik Plane

Photo Above: A landing Arik Plane

He said no injuries was recorded on any of the passengers on the Arik Airplane, adding that the said aircraft was airworthy, manufactured in 2001 by Boeing and certified to fly.


The Report reads thus -

On the 14th of July, 2012, Arik Air 201, on a scheduled passenger flight touched down in Jos at 1313 hrs and parked at 1320hrs. The Jos bound passengers disembarked.

Lagos bound passengers embarked and the aircraft taxied out at 1335hrs. The Aircraft was cleared to taxi to runway 10. During taxi to the runway, in rain, the aircraft winglet hit the wing of a parked C-130 aircraft which was at the fourth parking slot during the impact, a portion of the winglet of Arik Aircraft was left embedded in the wing structure of the C-130 aircraft. There was damage to both aircraft, and the time of this incident was 1340hrs.

The C-130 aircraft was duly authorized to park at that position. There were no injuries recorded.

The aircraft was manufactured by Boeing in 2001. Initial findings

1. The winglet of the Arik Air B-737 hit the stationary C-130, embedded a portion of its severed winglet on the structure of the C-130. 2. The C-130, NAF-197 belongs to Nigeria Airforce. 3. The pilots were certified to fly the Aircraft. 4. There were no injuries recorded. 5. It was raining at the time of the incident. 6. The Arik Air Pilot had an entry point into Runway 10 opposite where he was parked, but decided to use the other entry. 7. The captain of Arik Air aircraft confirmed that when he tried to look out, rain had covered his window. 8. The Arik Air Captain accepted responsibility for the incident. 9. The Apron markings were visible.


Photo Above: An Airborne Plane

Nosa Osula-Aituamen (Aviationreport)

Nigeria Air Force One - Presidential Jet

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*To The Christian Leaders in Nigeria I write

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

What humbling yet glorifying experience it is to be called and chosen in the ministry of reconciliation! What great honor the Lord has bestowed on simple man, making him special; and on the least to be counted, making him a light to the nations! The love of God has bought us and has set a foundation for His church. It’s this love also which bares all things to men who truly seek His perfect will in all of His creation. There can be no true love until and unless there is true understanding, and love will not be perfect unless and until that very understanding of His love for us is born even in our spirit by His Spirit. His love perfected His creation, His laws, His prophets, the unveiling of our savior, and the victory which came to all His church through His death, burial and resurrection. In this love of God lie both the fruits of His Spirit and the whole amour of God for a truly glorious life in His calling upon us. Perfect wisdom is found in perfect love.

I write to you this day, all Christian leaders in Nigeria; I address all of you who stand, in your various chariots, as co-laborers with God in His vineyard. I write to you as men who also build upon the foundation which has already been laid which is Jesus Christ. I write to you in remembrance to, especially this time, be cautious of how you build and what blocks you add to the glorious manifestation of His saints because there can be no other foundation which will stand except that which has been truly founded in Jesus Christ. From Him issues forth perfect truth which is able to revive and to keep His church, and which is able to give answers to every question the world may throw at His church. I write to remind us all that the life in Christ is founded upon confessing with our mouth and believing in our hearts that Jesus is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead. The knowledge we have graciously received in Christ enables us to settle every matter which regards to foundations before any building which will, in all truth, bear His glorious name can be laid. ( Continues below...... )

Boko Haram Orders Christians Out Of Northern Nigeria

I write to you today regarding Nigeria, a country which came about by the will of men, and sustained by actions which oppose, in every way, the very God who has called us. I write to you because you know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; and He is the light. There is no darkness in Him all His words are established as the only eternal truth. I write to you because you, above all else, stand in the grace of understanding the mighty importance of foundations. While we were founded, Jesus spared nothing; His love, His truth, His shame, His fears, His pains and His deaths. He spared nothing because He knew that, unless we are truly founded in Him and by His blood, we shall all likewise perish. Now, I do not write to preach to you or to remind you what you already know. No! I write to remind you the power, responsibility and accountability of what you already know; what you were entrusted with when you came into Christ. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing some major cities, including the Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

How do you tell God’s people that they are free when you continually bound them with lies? The eternal Word of God says that it’s by knowing (taking to heart, accepting for ourselves, and speaking it forth) the truth will we be free, and then totally free. The foundation of the truth was based on the truth which was not only known but uttered by Apostle Peter, which truth is that Jesus is the Christ, son of the living God. While we pray the prayer Jesus taught us, do we forget that the third supplication which comes after His place centers on manifesting Him on earth? Today, every believer is called into the ministry of reconciliation; it’s an unequalled privilege. Yet the reconciliation is to God and not to us. Apostle Paul once said, “For I could wish that I myself were accursed, separated from Christ for the sake of my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh, who are Israelites, to whom belongs the adoption as sons, and the glory and the covenants and the giving of the Law and the temple service and the promises, whose are the fathers, and from whom is the Christ according to the flesh, who is over all, God blessed forever. Amen.” His wishes were a perfect display of an inner knowledge of the working of a truly founded love. He knew that his salvation comes first for him, yet he willed that the unbelieving Israel would take his place, if only they could believe and be saved! ( Continues below….. )

Holy Bible

Photo Above: Holy Bible

The truth upon which the love (which we claim to be full in our hearts) of God stands has long been compromised in the Nigerian society. The foundation of our service is not based upon the foundation of Christ; its based of greed, selfishness, self-serving boasts, prayers and compulsions! Nigeria, as a country was founded and is sustained by your false services and disobedient to the very foundation which founded you. Christ did not yoke unwilling men; He tabled the truth and ASKED ALL TO CHOOSE. He said “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers,” yet it seems that this very thing is what the churches in Nigeria have continually stood for: that those called and chosen must be destroyed alongside those who have insistently chosen the way of the Antichrist. When you compel to reconcile men to themselves, do you not know that the reconciliation to God then is defeated? You pray that Nigeria remains one because you have ignored the position of foundation in the building of a true church. You have shunned the grace of God and the assurances His Word brings, and instead have chosen to compel, to yoke and to found Gods children upon false foundation and promises by praying for unity where abomination is continually planted and watered. You pray for peace when men can no longer sleep because of the reign of the antichrist. And you insist that Nigeria remain one even when it’s clear to all that its oneness has become a breeding ground for hell: those who have come boldly and willingly and committedly unto Christ have become the targets of the spirit which holds Nigeria together. You claim that Nigeria needs unity and peace but you refuse to declare likewise that no foundation of falsehood, injustice and bloodshed can hold. And for the love of Mammon, Nigeria has continued to rise in unbearable abominations. Every sin is sin but an abomination is when man, with the help of the antichrist, stands in direct opposition to God and all He has created in perfection and love. Nigeria is an abomination and those who champion its continued existence are abominable before God. Not even you can deny that you do not worship this Mammon. You argue that ‘there are tribulations in the world” yet you forget that woe is to that man who causes any of God’s children to fall.

Nigeria is founded and run by the sprit of the Antichrist and he will never stop until and unless he wins all to hell, destroys all, or the country is dissolved. I do not have to recount the many reasons why Nigeria stands against God’s design for our people; you already know the truth even when you have blinded yourselves with greed and falsehood. There is no love of God in a man who prays, wishes, or compels an impossible and abominable Nigeria to stand; and there is no love shown for those who are thus unwillingly bound. It’s not about success; it’s neither about unity nor about peace. The desire to “keep Nigeria one” was borne out of greed and callousness, the very gifts from that serpent of old. And even you have continually watered these even in the church of Christ by your falsehood. Not all of you are thus guilty, but the majority of you and those of you to whom many of God’s children look up as shepherds are not innocent. Why else would the Spirit of God declare that judgment would begin from His temple if not because you corrupt the anointing and use it to yoke those whom Christ has saved? ( Continues below….. )

An assault rifle
Photo Above: An assault rifle. *One of the tools of evil in Nigeria and around the world.

It is time for you all to see that the ministry of reconciliation cannot be based on falsehood. It will not come by compulsion. Jesus Christ is the head of the church and we, the church are members of His body. The eternal government lies on His shoulder which is a part of His body. Although the church does not carry guns and chains, we do not only have the power to reconcile, we also have the power for discernment and for separation. Those who believe, we reconcile to God; those who reject the message of truth, we bear witness against. It’s time to speak about the foundation of Nigeria and how it stands against everything the foundation which founded us stands on. We, as elders in God’s house, must admit that Nigeria is neither heaven nor is it God’s promise to His people on earth. We must admit that a One-Nigeria destroys our children and the future of the gospel through us. We must admit that, as God has given man the freedom to choose whom to worship, we, as co-laborers, must also know that those bound under Nigeria have the rights to exercise their freedom to choose whether to remain bound by a spirit which produces nothing but all the fruits of hell out of those thus bound, or to move away, go to the mountain and worship their God. You cannot expect the gospel to prosper in Egypt – a place where Christ has been rejected in every way; not even Jesus, our model, was ABLE to help His native people while they disbelieved and doubted Him. The people who want to worship must be allowed to do so; Nigeria must utterly dissolve so that people will be free to make conscious choices - even as it’s obtainable in every other country of the world: Islamic or circular.

Sometime in May, during the year’s “Democracy Day” Interdenominational Church Service held at the National Christian Centre, Abuja, titled “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” the former president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and former primate of the church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Rev. Peter Jasper Akinola, spoke words which are closest to home regarding the question, “Nigeria,” among others ever spoken by those who see themselves as the “Big Nigerians.” No one amongst these topnotch has ever spoken words which are closer to the truth that Rev. Akinloa dared to utter in this May, 2012. Yet, what he said was just a partial truth because, until those who lead God’s people in different regions in Nigeria (no matter where you serve God from) begin to declare convincingly and openly that Nigeria was not made to be one country, that Nigeria has become an abomination before God, and that it will be better, in every way and for everyone, that Nigeria dissolves, then they only have proven to be representing themselves and the father of lies who anointed them: satan. All the shame and sorrows and pains and the deaths which have become norms in Nigeria are charged to your accounts, all you preachers who preach everything except the foundation; except the truth! Know you today that even if man refuses to praise God, He is able to raise stones and make them worthy. If you refuse to speak the glaring truth of Nigeria’s abominations in remaining as a country, and if you continue to preach and pray (whether or not you are paid to do so) for unity, peace in a continued One-Nigeria, God will remove you from your places and send you home. And He will put people who are grateful; He will put them in your places and make them worthy. Yet Nigeria is already divided. Your silence and your falsehood will not change that; it will only affect more people for whom you were called to save. But you will not go unrewarded. God is faithful to honor His Word.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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*Obi: What Is He @ 51?

-Masterweb Reports

Thursday, July 19, 2012: Today, July 19th, 2012 the Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi is 51, but he loathes celebrations, especially when they have epicurean dimension. He would rather preach to you on the futility of presenting to him a gold wrist watch worth millions of Naira when such an amount would equally buy some computers that when donated to schools, will help in moulding the young ones. But since the world is not guided by his own thought process, many people are bound to celebrate him according to their preferences and fancies. In my own case, through this piece.

As far as we can pry into his journey on earth since July 19th, 1961, he was puffed out into the world; one can rightly observe that it has been a life where actions that ought to take place in one full life time are clouded into 51. This eventful life started with good education at Christ the King College, Onitsha and the University of Nigeria. He was naturally born with many faculties and he may have acquired more as could be attested to by his wit and cleverness, a ready tongue and inexhaustible and exhausting vivacity. ( Continues below..... )

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Peter Obi

We cannot here recount his achievements, which he stared recording during his days in primary school, where he successfully formulated the famous egg theory, which, though beyond this piece, has to do with the recording of gains in egg business. The climax of it being that at the age of Forty-Two, he won the gubernatorial election in Anambra State, but the victory was denied him. As if Providence has always had interest in his affairs, that denial of victories, which he had always fought and came out unhurt – indeed, triumphant, was the challenges he faced that made him to become a noted name in politics in diverse ways. His fame was accentuated by the fact that Nigerians in similar circumstances either sold out or abandoned themselves to cynical pessimism. Thus, one can say that he is a man capable of taking in his strides the natural difficulties of life.

Obi was the first person, who, through pertinacity of will, recovered his stolen gubernatorial victory through the courts. It was from one victory to another victory he always pursued to correct obvious injustice. This was how he ended up being the first person to come back from impeachment, to go for tenure interpretation and to get a second term to govern our great State many think ungovernable.

Beyond his trials and triumphs, at 51, he is a life worthy of Homer as the herald of his achievements and the virtues he represents.

Writing about him, one of the things that readily come to mind is the reward for hard work. In his private life, he worked so hard to reach where he was, becoming the Chairman of a Bank before entering into public life. There is something about him that seems strange, he has the passion for business and making money and he has made a lot of it, yet he prefers the life of stoic simplicity. As far as he is concerned, money and material acquisition are good but cannot become the epicentre of existence, only as an instrument to solving the problems of life. Thus, buying of private jet, jetties, yachts and houses in choicest parts of the world and flaunting riches in a manner that is offensively conspicuous, do not appeal to him. However, the people he has helped through inconspicuous philanthropy are legion. He believes that money is to solve problems and not to live in a manner inconsistent with rationality. Tell him about the need to have houses in the Maitamas and Ikoyis of Nigeria, and he will remind you that one of the richest men of all times in the World, Warren Buffett has been living in the same house and driving the same vehicle for donkey years. He has no useless taste to burden his life. ( Continues below….. )

Valentine Obienyem

Photo Above: Author Valentine Obienyem

One annoying phenomenon among the Igbos is the misplacement of values. Today our pristine values have all been bastardised. Looking at our people you will ask where our love for excellence has gone. Igbos cherish excellence and are known to strive to achieve that in any of their chosen endeavours even if it means wearing themselves out . That is why he strives to be dimgba, the master wrestler; diochi, the master wine tapper; dike, the master of strength; di this and di that in many fields. Can we say that about the Igbos today?

Today things have all changed. Our people have jumped on the band wagon of those who want to record phenomenal successes through shortcuts punctuated by frauds. Today, kidnapping, 419 and other crimes, foreign to us are all here with us. Today, rather than build public wealth and contribute to the development of the State, our people prefer easy access to the common kitty. Those in Government no longer see governance as public trust and a vocation, a call to serve the people. This is the society Governor Obi met in 2006, amidst fiscal chaos and administrative indolence. Today, he has done a lot trying to restore the values of our people. At first, when he became governor and in his resolve to change the mindset of the people, he turned himself into a preacher, but the people, accustomed to the eroding morals of the time, listened to him in sceptical apathy. Undaunted, he continued. In the 51st year of his life and 7 into his governorship, he can look at his people with happiness on the realisation that his words to them which appeared frozen are now thawing and its meanings are gradually permeating their subconscious.

Until Obi became the Governor, Anambra was a battlefield and the war plan was scripted by Bedlam. There is hardly any aspect of life in the State that the touch of confusion was not aglow. At a point, the entire State was burnt down. As an Abuja based Anambrarian at that time, hardly did any good news come out of the State. I recall how we greatly felt dejected reading stories of primitive tortures by the Bakassi group, the people hailed them because they were the lesser of the many evils in the State. Though what we had was a de facto Governor, but it was injurious to our sense of pride that he was slapped and buffeted. We read stories of Okija and generally, rape competed with rapine for supremacy. As a result, the State collapsed. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State

Today as Obi turns 51, part of the achievements that should be credited to him is the restoration of the pride among Anambra people. You need to experience a grim situation where your pride is wounded to understand this. Today, we read of our Governor belonging to many Federal Committees, travelling with the President and parleying with development partners. The other day, after a presentation at the World Bank 2012 Spring meeting on Anambra State, the Bank, impressed, sent some Oxford Professors and other experts to understudy what Obi is doing in the education sector in the State with the aim of presenting it as a model to other African countries. Today, Ambassadors and investors see Anambra as a place to be at. To whom do we credit all this epochal liberation of Anambra? To Governor Obi, of course. At 51, this is his gift to Anambra State.

In spite of his achievements, he has not rested. He has continued to search for what will be of benefit to the State with a mind clear, inventive, restless. Like the old Julius Ceasar, counting nothing done if anything remains to be done. With this mindset, he is stimulating, facilitating and multiplying through visionary leadership, industrial and commercial activities in the State. .

Today, multinationals are building their facilities in the State as it has not witnessed in the past. It is a mark of Governor Obi’s vision that he identifies those things that will contribute to the expansion of the industrial base of the State and pursue them religiously. One commendable thing is that the state also invests in those businesses. Thus, from deficit on investment, he has, within 6 years, invested over 13 Billion Naira for the State in many businesses. ( Continues below….. )

Obi receiving the award

Photo Above: Gov. Obi (middle), with his wife, Margaret(right), receiving the award of the "Good Financial Planning Governor of Our Time", from Enugu Anglican Church and presented by Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma during the First session of the 15th Synod of the Diocese at All Saints Church, GRA, Enugu, Enugu State.
- CLICK for Enlarged Photo

In terms of General development of Anambra State, Obi has unarguably done better than others. In the health sector, Anambra now have accredited health institutions and a teaching hospital. In education, he was courageous to return missionary schools taken from them for 40 years with the grant of 6 Billion Naira. He may not be the most desirous for a developed Anambra State, but his vision is incomparable. Thus, he remains the only Governor that take the Millennium Development Goals into account in whatever he does. ( Continues below..... )

ANIDS symbols

Photo Above: Anambra Integrated Development Strategy ( ANIDS ) symbols

But in spite of his giant strides he is more vilified by the people of Anambra State. But this is not surprising. As Nicollo Machiavelli said “It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things; for the reformer has enemies in all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order; this lukewarmness arising partly from the incredulity of mankind who does not truly believe in anything new until they actually have experienced of it. ”

We have the political class that benefitted from the old order, now they are not benefitting, they see anything happening in the State through negative prisms, the phenomenon has been aptly captured as Offodile Syndrome, that selfish urge in us to support only those things that feather our nest. Because of the governor’s good nature, they do this with a liberty which is unbridled license. When these people write, one is usually amused by their histrionics, confused by their digressions and appalled by their ungracious scurririty.

For the sake of those suffering from Offodile Syndrome, that is barbarians waiting for inroads into the State to destroy all what the Governor has built, friends, contrary to his protestations, encourage him to show interest in who comes after him. I cannot join the debate only to add that we must at all times guard against civilisation which normally takes centuries to build, but can be destroyed by barbarians in a day.

As our Governor is 51, we thank God for his life, while reminding ourselves that any descent into barbarism will be disastrous for us as a people.

Valentine Obienyem sent this piece from Awka

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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