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*Re: Obienyem A Merchant of Lies

By Valentine Obienyem

I laughed to my heart’s contents as I read the above piece published by Dr. Okey Ndibe. He writes: “Last week, Mr. Obienyem wrote and distributed a piece titled ‘entitled’ {sic} “Anambra: May God Help Okey Ndibe!” in response to his piece. In his usual offensive language devoid of civility, he was at the crest of his curve pouring vituperations on the Governor. Though he poured it more on me, I do not care for he seems helpless in his penchant for vitriol. I am often worried when he speaks unrestrainedly about the Governor because it is not about Mr. Peter Obi, but about the exalted seat he occupies which Ndibe delights in desecrating.

Whenever I read the type of language he uses against eminent people of the State, I wonder at his lack of maturity. Okey went to school, (Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu), but what influence has that had on his life if he could be so petty and childish in his outbursts. If at his age, and supposedly exposure, he could write with such a cavalier contempt about constituted authority, we wonder if he understands what he is doing.

A distinguishing feature about Okey is to attack anything that has to do with Governor Obi like a frolicking puppy dog gamboling with children. If you recall, the world-revered Prof. Dora Akunyili was an object of his rabid attacks for identifying with Governor Obi, whom she calls “my Governor”. As part of activities celebrating Anambra @ 20 on the 27th of August, those that attended took a day to visit Obi’s projects and returned a common verdict that he remained the best thing to have happened to the State. Based on this, Okey disparaged Chief Emeka Anyaoku, one of those that commended the Governor, in his column of 27 September. If he could do this to these two illustrious Anambra citizens on the pages of the newspaper, why are you surprised over what he did to Igbo leaders on the site he jointly owned and manages with Sowore, Saharareporters? A Governor who does not have anything on ground cannot invite people to inspect his projects. Governor Adams Oshimohole did it with the Guild of Editors when they recently held their meeting in Edo Sate. Governor Godswill Akpabio did it when Akwa Ibom celebrated its 24th years of creation. Many Governors are doing it now – another innovation in governance introduced by Obi and embraced by those that are proud of their accomplishments.

Okey said that I ran Obi’s “Sordid Propaganda Machinery,” and described me as Obi’s “Man Friday.” I have done a long treatise on propaganda, but from what Okey writes, he is not interested in understanding its meaning. As for calling me "Obi’s Man Friday"' a term, which through strange odyssey that characterizes philology entered into English lexicon through Daniel Dafoe’s Robinson Crusoe, I do not actually know what he intended to achieve. If Man Friday is a faithful male assistant as I understand it, that is what I will remain to Obi until... I am not afraid of identifying with him. If you have been privileged to deal with him or serve him as I am doing, you will agree that the Governor is an institution. By daily contact with him, one, willy-nilly, gains wisdom by osmosis.

In my career progression, I have remained grateful to those that helped me climb the rungs in the ladder of life. As a young school leaver seeking admission into the University, I was Personal Assistant to Dr. Okey Ikechukwu. He mentored me when I was barely out of diapers. I cut my ‘journalistic’ tooth under him. I worked closely with him and when he had to move to Abuja, he took me along. When President Olusegun Obasanjo suddenly removed Chief Chukwuemeka Chikelu as the Minister of Information, we lost our jobs. But like a great man who suffered shipwreck and had all his property burnt but still confessed that he had lost nothing, counting on the intellect, we lost nothing. A week after that incident, a Senator approached me to come and be his Special Assistant but I declined. I confided that in Mallam Abukakar Jijiwa, who was just confirmed as the substantive Director General of the Voice of Nigeria(VON), who quickly signified interest to have me as his Special Assistant. I obliged for the man is whatever positive point one looks out for on people – courteous, affable, intelligent, and supremely humane.

The day I told him I was invited to join the Government of Mr. Peter Obi, he told me that he would certainly miss me, but that since the appointment was for my growth and development he offered me his prayers and said he was not entertaining any fears about me. Today, whenever Ikechukwu, a real intellectual and my mentor I am always proud of and with whom I always feel at home discussing metaphysical realities of death, eternity, being, the nuemenon and phenomenon as well as the unseen real and the unreal seen, he jokes: “Val, I have refrained from asking the Governor to pay me for having you, because no amount will pay for the services I am sure you will render to him .” Okey referred to me as lacking in intelligence, but I can go on and on, while apologizing for my immodesty, to tell him the schools I passed through to inquire what they think about me. His Parish Priest at St Matthew's Catholic Church, Amawbia, Fr. Jonas Okoye, was my teacher, he may wish to start from him. I do not intend to blow my own trumpet but since in his usual thoughtlessness, Okey has elected to put my character in question, I only helped him out.

“Thank God that Valentine Obienyem never made it to ordination as a priest.” In ancient Hebrew society that valued men, men would always thank God for making them in His own image; while women thanked Him also for making them according to His will. I thank God for taking me where I am today according to His will. Perhaps, I might have made a bad priest, I thank Divine Providence for making me whatever I am today. I hope Okey is satisfied. Let me even go further to tell him that my younger brother was in the Seminary too. Upon completing his philosophy, he said he would not continue. At our family meeting, we asked him to pray over it and allow the will of God to be done. It is better, infinitely better not to become a priest, alter christus, another Christ, and become a scandal to Christendom in any way as Okey has become to the pen fraternity. I hope I have explained my stand to my friend, Okey. Rather than use the pen to do havoc to people, Okey should have prayed to God for other callings. All arts, including writing, are designed for the greater glory of God.

Okey said that he refrained from responding to rejoinders to his column to allow others right of reply. What was he saying? The aim of writing is to barter ideas. In the cross fertilization of different opinions through whatever medium, thoughts flourish and beget nobler and more rarefied thoughts. Any writer who refrains from responding to rejoinders is intellectually weak even though he may write in florid language or know how to rephrase in courteous elegance the unvarnished utterances of people. These are not and cannot be substitutes for wisdom and deep thinking.

I refer Okey to the history of civilization and he would discover that philosophy regarded as the custodian of all knowledge, Regina Sciantorum (Queen of Sciences) debated over so many things. Those who proposed nonsense did not keep quiet when they were challenged, otherwise knowledge would have remained becalmed in its transition. When Al-Ghazali wrote the “Incoherence of the philosophers”, where he talke about transcendental dialectic; Ibn Rushid(Averroes) countered in his “Incoherence of the Incoherence.” Ideas fight and cancel out one another, otherwise it would not develop from its inertia. Having been reading him, does he think I will rightly invite him to an intellectual joust, if any?

Thank God that Okey has dissociated himself from the aspersions cast on the people of Anambra State. It raises hope that he may still wake one day and denounce all he has written castigating Governor Obi. It is not necessary for him to devote his time digging where I had nursery, primary, secondary and university education. The earlier he starts thinking positively about Anambra like our people in Canada and ASA USA are doing, the better for everybody. We know his history in African Guardian, Guardian daily and Next newspapers and how he was booted out. We will not leave more edifying issues to spend time on his misadventures.

When Okey first wrote his nonsense, our people in Canada on October 1 donated books, for the new Library at Awka. Such a gesture does not appeal to him. When ASA USA people who joined in the inspection of projects during Anambra @ 20 celebrations came to the new Amaku Teaching Hospital, they cried in amazement over structures Okey said were not fit for prisoners. Clearly something is wrong with him as all evidence point to that.

As to the 200 Million Naira Okey was referring to, I do not want to dwell much on that as I was not even at the scene of the event as could be verified. If he wishes to continue drawing news from Internet gossip, good luck to him. In any case, the incidence has long been buried as the truth has been discovered.

Hypocrite, A beg commot for road!

Obienyem wrote this piece from Awka, Anambra State.

Valentine Obienyem

Photo Above: Valentine Obienyem

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

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*Nigeria: To The South-East Governors I write

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Your Excellencies, It is with all human humility yet in the immutableness, emphaticness, and fearlessness of the spirit of truth that I address your honors this day as captains of the five (5) Igbo-speaking South-Eastern states in the present Nigeria. I write, not as to a people with limited wisdom and knowledge, but as to a people refined with all wherewithals to both reason and apply wisdom in leadership-as to captains who, through frequent plying of this route, have mastered the compass of history and the future as far as leadership is concerned. I write to a people who have forever lost their rights to excuses, to irresponsibilities and to unaccountabilities. I write to you this day, not just because I’m concerned, but because you are more concerned.

Where there is leadership, there are, unequivocally, the led. When a leader is either appointed or elected by his people, his first and only allegiance lays to his people-to those who saw him fitting for their voice. It therefore goes to say that the politics and policies of the governors in this zone should and must revolve around getting the best from Nigeria for your people, and making your states icons of your names: Excellencies. I have reiterated, with renowned sages, that “history is bound to repeat itself when men refuse to learn from it.” As the Holy book says, “The days of ignorance, God winked at, but He has now commanded all men to repent;” even so I say to you this day: the days of ignorance are past, and we have entered the generation where everyone must be accountable for his actions and everything accounted for-not only to the public and the government, but to self and to God. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states, including South-Eastern States and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

In Africa, Igbos are a unique race in every sense of the meaning of uniqueness; and in the whole world, Israel becomes a clear partner in our many sorrowful experiences. While the whole of Arab world and parts of Europe worked towards the extinction of the Jews, the whole of the Arab world, with Britain and Russia, worked with the Nigerian government to wipe out our generations from existence. Those were the days of great ignorance, not on the part of the enemies who never stopped in their hell-and-failure bound agenda, but on the part of those who needed deliverance, the Jews and Igbos. As Israelis fought from June, 1967, to defend their statehood, Ndigbo fought from July of that same year to defend their humanity in a new state. And while America and Britain were in support of Israel’s right to statehood, the Russians and this very Britain opposed vehemently the Igbos’ right to life. Now, these were also days of Ignorance.

Whoever dreams that Biafra will be erased from our memories? Whoever imagined that Igbos, even those yet unborn, will ever, even for a split second, regard the Biafran genocide as a history of the gone-world? And whoever calculated that 2020-2023 would produce only Igbos with no information, history, and zeal for an Igbo nation worthy enough to be integrated into the Nigerian leadership? It’s a hell-bound ignorance to imagine that Igbos of any generations ahead would ever forget the Nigerian genocide against us. The events of the Biafran war have become one with our blood, one with our spirit. Let it be known and clearly understood today that no amount of restructuring, delocalization, renaming, rebranding, coercion, disintegration, denial, or killings, amongst which have become legalized ways of trying in vain to reduce Igbos In Nigeria-both in number and in self-belonging, will ever erase the 1967-1970 imprinted memory, and the eventual consequence. On the contrary, the more Ndigbo are denied, hated, cheated, maltreated, called names, and killed by Nigeria, the faster our resolve to never forget or forgive and to gain our freedom from dominance by any becomes. The events which carved this present Nigeria have, not by our choice, become indelible imprints in our souls; they have become the “Uli” of mourning and eternal determination. ( Continues below..... )

 Map of Igboland

Photo Above: Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria )

Biafra represents what your Excellencies have not dreamt or had the courage, hitherto, to do for your people since after the war; Biafra stands as the only true representative Igbos have and will ever have in the polity of nations. And Biafra will only die when every other creation dies in the hands of the creator. Biafra is Igboland and, therefore, will never leave nor be forgotten. And let it be known to you that, while you are working for one Nigeria, (which has been anti-Igbo from its creation) you are working against the land upon which you stand and are housed. Upon this very land many innocents have laid in death. Upon this land older, weak, and sick family members have been tortured to death.

On this land children have been starved until they turned into animals, before being devoured by the kings of carnivores. Upon this land many sons, brothers, and husbands, even many days after the war, watched torturously and helplessly while Gowon’s and Obasanjo’s murder machines raped, before killing, their mothers, sisters and wives. Upon this land the plane carrying humanitarian aid workers was shot down. On this land humans were dehumanized. Upon this land children’s mouths were forced at gunpoint to become pit toilets for Nigerian soldiers. Against this land a man, who had a family, declared that “hunger is a necessary tool in winning wars.” And on this land, Nigeria defied, defiled and ridiculed God and all He stands for. Upon this land the end of Nigeria was born.

The UN states it clearly that a race may become independent if they choose, provided the methods are observed; Biafra qualifies for this. Nigeria’s unrepentantness for what was done Ndigbo has rubbished its credit as a sovereign state. Every tribe in Nigeria, with their governors and leaders deeply involved, has been forcing their way through to their rights in Nigeria. MEND of the Deltas gained relevance through violence; Boko Haram now issues ultimatum and the government scampers to carry them out. While they do these, the Nigerian government begs for reconciliation and amnesty; why have peaceful and non-violent MASSOB members been attacked, killed, and imprisoned in all your sates and on your watch? I make bold to state here that Nigeria is not Igbos opposition to freedom, all of you are. ( Continues below….. )

Hon. Amb. Ralph Uwaechue

Photo Above: Hon. Amb. Ralph Uwaechue, President General Ohaneze Ndigbo

You have been the enemy of Igboland and Ndigbo whom you swore to defend to every level. By your silence and nonchalance, you have declared where your allegiance truly lie. You have used the mercies of the land and the people of the land to attack the land and the people of the land. You have joined hands with Nigeria to defy, defile, and ridicule the God of Ndigbo and on Igbo soil. One of the you who, though may have seemed philanthropic at first when, in reality, he was deceitfully and treacherously trying to work his way into leadership by his numerous charity claims, said some days ago that “Nigerians should be patient” and that things will be fine.

I address your Excellency, as an elder and not as a leader of his people: you ought to be ashamed of yourself for making that statement. If you have learnt nothing from the one who gave birth to you, or you simply decided to throw his elderly advice to the bin of modern life and politics, then you have no right leading clan at all, let alone an Igbo state. Whoever deceived you into thinking, believing, and now, selling it to all Ndigbo that Nigeria will ever be good without settling the case of genocide carried out against us-even if you claim to be a Nigerian and not an Igbo son any longer? ( Continues below..... )

Uwazuruike being led into Federal High Court, Abuja

Photo Above: Chief Ralph Uwazuruike (middle) being led into Federal High Court, Abuja., Tuesday, November 9, 2005 to face treason charges.

This day, there are sites, organizations, funds, and websites dedicated to the Holocaust memorial all over the world, and anyone who denies the fact of the Holocaust simply stands in the wrong; where then is a memorial in Igboland marking the over three (3) million Igbos killed during Nigeria’s genocide against Biafra? What measures have been put in place to teach our children our history and journeys so far in schools? How many of our children are told the history of their generation? Many families were wiped to a remainder of one (1), who tells them what happened to their people? Many Igbo artifacts have been stolen and stored in the museum of the western countries, who shall ask them back? Only Ndigbo, out of the three (3) major tribes, has only five (5) states; who asks for our rights to more? And now that you are coming up to do so, shall you not follow it through?

Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi equally have the oil which makes Niger Delta a favored son, living our state governments with barely enough to run; who will stand and stamp his feet on the ground and demand that we be included also? Igbos control commerce in Nigeria and Africa, yet we have been denied direct access to international sea and airports; who shall stand and oppose all these wickedness? Nigeria has not adopted state policing, yet the federal government has turned Alaigbo into police states-close to states of emergency; why has that been so and who allows it? The federal government has refused, for decades, to build (not repair) federal roads in the South-East, and has refused you to do it; whose work is it, then, to kick against these wicked policies against Ndigbo and rectify them? Boko Haram kills at will without seeking any justifiable cause, yet their leaders blame the federal government in every move to contain them; is MASSOB a wrong movement, are they illegal; whose work is it to defend them and their pursuit? ( Continues below..... )

Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

Photo Above: Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

The Muslim North has added the killing of Igbos who cannot recite the Quran as another feather to their cap of wiping out the Igbos; shall we remain silent and unconcerned? Since they have succeeded in their previous threats to keep Nigerians frightened, they have now gone further to state that “the country would not have peace until there is 100 per cent implementation of Sharia law in the country as enshrined in the holy Quran;” now, who is a leader who is silent?

Your excellencies, if you believe that your leadership roles in these South-East zones cover these, then the time to speak up and be personal in favor, not only about the rights of Igbos in Nigeria, but about the eventual actualization of a sovereign state called Biafra has come. But if any of you claims not to have anything to do with these matters pointed out above, or insists on remaining a secret believer in the Biafran course, then, you can be sure that no one hides from Ani; no one escapes from the land which received him at birth, contained him, supported him and watched him grow-no one. If judgment shall start from the house of God, then those in Igboland who hold relevant authorities but used them to slow the Biafran dream, terrorize Igbo remnants and try to compel us to give up our dreams of being free from Nigeria shall lie down on the foundation of justice when it speaks in our favor. Nwa agu apughi ita ahihia m’oli; go and ask the Haitians which values of life our fathers taught their generations. I rest my case.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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*Nigeria: Okey Ndibe - May God Help Him

By Valentine Obienyem

On the 27th of August, 2011, Anambra State turned 20. Ordinarily, other leaders would have celebrated such an accomplishment through boisterous merriment. Not given to such indulgence, Gov. Obi celebrated it differently by assembling the people of Anambra as has not been witnessed in the past. Those who attended, included Igwe Alfred Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha who led over 100 Traditional Rulers; Francis Cardinal Arinze; the first Papal Nuncio from Nigeria, Archbishop Jude Okoro; Bishop Owen Nwokolo of the Diocese on the Niger; Mustapha Chike Obi; Prof. Dora Akunyili; Dr. Oby Ezekwesil; Chief Emeka Anyaoku; Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala(She also delivered a paper); Prof. Charles Soludo; Innocent Egbunike; Mary Onyali-Omagbemi; Stella Oduah, the Minister of Aviation; Prof Barth Nnaji (delivered a paper); almost all Anambra people at the National Assembly, among many others. In fact, it had the setting of the ancient Greek Agora, where men congregated to take decisions on weighty State matters.

As the Governor himself said, the event was not to celebrate vanity, but to celebrate five years of peace in Anambra State and subtly call the attention of our people to their State and invite them to take possession of her. Since the State was created, she has been in the hands of thugs who visited her with rape and rapine thus injuring her in body and spirit. As could be observed, everybody in the State liked what the Governor did. As a result of their harkening to the Governor’s clarion call, a lot of things are happening in the State. I can even use an example to buttress that. As recently reported in the papers, the Managing Director of Genesis Food, Ichie Nneto Orazulike, a big name in the food and catering industry visited the Governor with three white men. Orazulike said that the speech of the Governor appealing to the people of the State to come and assist in her development touched him, and because of that, he had decided to invest heavily in the State with his expatriate counterparts. ( Continues below..... )

Okey Ndibe

Photo Above: Okey Ndibe

Orazulike has a lot of successful businesses in States other than Anambra. During discussion with the Governor, as further reported in the newspapers, he said it was particularly painful to him that he had not been able to establish something really big in the State. He said that people like him were not to blame, but the past political leaders in the State who were totally antithetical to development. He went on to give an example. In his words: “my Governor, it was under a particular leader that the entire patrimony of the State worth over 30 billion Naira was burnt down by the very agents of the State and reactionary forces. If they could do this to the property of the State, what would they not do to the investment of people in the State?” As Orazulike spoke, one could see the pain he was undergoing at what Anambra State used to be. His position mirrors that of many Anambrarians. He capped it up by saying that investing in Anambra before the advent of Governor Obi was like asking somebody to invest in Afghanistan.

Today, under Governor Obi, the entire scenario has changed. We now have quality investment springing up in the State following his tireless efforts. It is glorious that we now have in Anambra State a pharmaceutical company such as Juhel Parenental Drugs manufacturing, Innoson Motor manufacturing, Orange Drugs. The most celebrated is the on-going construction of what will become the biggest brewery in Nigeria, the SABMiller facility in Onitsha. In the first phase of the SABmiller foray in the State, it is investing over 120 million Dollars and it is expected that it will expand quickly. ( Continues below..... )

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Obi's high performance score symbolized on photo     *Click here to Read Full Story of Gov. Obi’s High Rating

I do not in this article intend to regurgitate what the Governor himself has done in Anambra State that has made him the darling of everybody: donor and international agencies, the Presidency that appointed him into the Economic Management Team and named him an Honorary Adviser on Finance. Apart from the peace that has returned to the State, we experience the hands of a man who really understands what development is. Under him, Anambra has become a state of many firsts. We now have the first teaching hospital nearing completion (Okey Ndibe and his mentor, Ngige, are not happy over the development for the simple reason that it is Obi who is doing it and they made it clear, Okey in his column; Ngige in an Interview that appeared in the Daily Independent of 23rd of September); the first library, the first Secretariat; the first time roads are constructed in places without roads since Anambra was created; the first time buses, internet, computers, laboratory materials were given to schools, among many other firsts. Some of these things may be called insignificant by critics, but they were not there before.

Even the deaf and dumb can agree that Anambra is a lot better than it ever was. Thus, during the 20th year anniversary, Emeka Anyaoku, the man without cant said that he could now see a more focused development in the State. Every speaker, including Oby Ezekwesili and Chike Obi said the same thing. Interestingly, Dr. Ngozi-Okonjo-Iweala said what was very significant. According to her, Obi is the most fiscally responsible Governor. She went on to urge him to continue doing what he is doing for his State in spite of many wicked and sometimes ignorant and uninformed critics who are always at work.

As she predicted, these critics are at it again! First they did not consider it worth the while calling Anambra people together to discuss the progress of the State. The Saharareporters medium owned by one Sowore Omoleye and Okey Ndibe said that the Government spent 1.5 Billion Naira to stage the event, when, on the contrary, it was mainly sponsored by corporate organizations on the intervention of the Governor. When this could not fly, because everybody in Nigeria knows what is possible or not with Peter Obi, Okey, the nwa nza, after eating to his satisfaction, started to challenge his Chi. In his last piece (Sun of 27/9/11), he berated Chief Emeka Anyaoku for attending the event and for pouring encomiums on Obi.

From the foregoing, one could see how, blinded by passion some people thought to be reasonable, are utterly unreasonable. That his mentor, Dr. Chris Ngige attended the event did not mean anything to him, but for Anyaoku, Okonjo Iweala, Oby Ezekwesili and their likes attending was sacrilegious to him. Is this the Okey that we all thought that we knew? He is the living proof of the saying by Plutarch in his Lives that sometimes you discover the real lives of great men not through the greatest wars they have won or the greatest sieges they have undertaken, but through minor acts of them. Through Okey’s recent writings we now discover him for what he is: a hypocrite “Saint.”

Because Okey is supporting Dr. Chris Ngie, whom a friend told me, without surety though, has promised him some political appointments if he becomes the next Governor of Anambra State, he does not see Ngige’s failings anymore. When Ngige illegally usurped the Governorship, he defended him on the reason that he was building roads. He even boasted that it was because of him that Ngige built the only road around Awka, the Amawbia by-pass, for Okey is from Amawbia. That Dr. Chris Ngige went to shrine naked, made one Ego from Abatete pregnant who died while carrying out abortion in the USA, was a major factor while in the burning of Anambra state in 2004 were nothing to him. On the contrary, anybody who does not belong to the same political camp as Ngige is a demon that must be exorcised. This is why he has been on the offensive. His articles are derisive, written in periodic sentences whose clauses are lashes. He delights in seeing those lashes fall upon the likes of Akunyili, Andy Ubah, Soludo and Peter Obi. These are people he considers as possible stumbling blocks to his mentor, Ngige, becoming the next Governor and subsequently his grabbing a political appointment. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Because of Ngige, Okey has lost the sense of decorum and the sacred. For him to castigate those that attended the Anambra at 20 celebration in the pages of the newspapers (Sun of 27/9/11) and more pungently in his article on Saharareporters where he called Obi of Onitsha a king out of touch with his Kingdom; Soludo, a pseudo professional; Francis Cardinal Arinze, a failed Cardinal; Mustapha Chike Obi, a prodigal that betrayed his illustrious father; Oby Ezekwesili, a pretender; Dora Akunyili, a confused one; Archbishop Maxwell Anikwenwa, a retire cleric in search of rehabilitation; Bishop Owen Nwokolo, a new Bishop seeking friendship of the governor for whatever it is worth; Dr Dozie Ikedife, a candidate for senility; Chukwuemeka Ezeife, a canonized goat; among others names, is shocking, utterly shocking. As one read him, one could observe righteous indignation here and there. When people reacted angrily or perhaps on the advice of saner minds, they quickly removed the offending piece from Saharareporters. He has finally succumbed to the type of pride that made Lucifer to fight the Army of God in heaven. Indeed, he whom the gods want to kill, they first make mad. May God help him!

We all know the circumstances under which Okey was shown the way out at the Guardian and Next Newspapers – they are at play again. We commend the Sun for rehabilitating him, even though we believe that he is taking the rehabilitation too far. He is a bad case of what maintaining a column should be. Columnists principally discuss issues. Columnists use their columns to draw attention to what should be done for the good of the society. Columnists use their columns to engage political leaders in manners that are edifying and even ennobling. For using his column as an instrument of blackmail and for settling political scores, Okey has presented himself as one who is unworthy to maintain a column. Perhaps, the judgement of Guardian was right.

Anambra @ 20 celebration remains one of the best things to have happened to Anambra State. After the event, I have been privileged to study its after effects. The celebration drew Anambra people closer on the need not to forsake the State. Today, I know what Mustapha Chike Obi has promised to do in the State as his own support. I am privileged to know that Mr. Okey Ezeibe and his foreign partners have equally hit the ground on investment in the State. I can go on and on. ( Continues below..... )

Gov. Peter Obi flanked by Dr. Mmaduka and Mr. Emuwa

Photo Above: Gov. Peter Obi flanked by two Anambrarians honoured as part of Anambra 20th Annioversay celebration: The Chief Executive Officer of Coscharis Group, Dr. Cosmas Mmaduka (left) and the Managing director of the Citi Bank, Mr. Tony Emuwa (right). Click For Enlarged Photo

Okey has become a case of an individual moving against the tide of development because of vested interest. We can do a rejoinder to his jaundiced pieces; we can frown at his futile attempt to attack the cream of our people; we can indulge him a little because his thinking is beclouded by passion, but we must continue to pity him for attempting to do violence to Anambra State as he has since done to himself.

Why has Okey taken everything that has to do with Obi with malice? The other day, when journalists visited Anambra to see what Obi was doing, Sowore and himself used their jointly owned Saharareporters outfit to publish the names of the journalists that came as if they had committed a crime? As for his vilification of the likes of Okonjo-Iweala, Obi of Onitsha, Francis Cardinal Arinze, the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Jude Okolo, the Anglican Bishop on the Niger, Owen Nwokolo, Mustapha Chike-Obi, Dora Akunyili, Oby Ezekwesili, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, among others. Since it is not in his character to yield ground or apologise, we as Anambra people collectively apologise to them. There is this old saying that it is a mad man’s relations and not the madman that will be ashamed of his madness.

Ironically, while he was at his sadistic and pessimistic best, some of our people in Canada led by Mr. Chidi Asidanya were donating, on the 1st of October, over 20,000 volumes of books to Prof. Kenneth Dike Central Library, Awka. These young men who he knew when they were borne are shining example of how our people in the Diaspora can contribute to the development of the State.

May I take this opportunity to also call on those who have answered to the call of the Governor for collective efforts towards driving the development of the State not to be dampened. May those that are still prevaricating, jump on the bandwagon of development for our collective progress.

Anambra adibago nma; nye aka ka odi nma.

Obienyem wrote this piece from Awka, Anambra State.

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*Nigeria: Port Harcourt Chamber Decries Absence of Members On RSBoPP Board

[ News Roundup ]

Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, PHCCIMA has decried the non-inclusion of its members on the board of Rivers State Bureau of Public Procurement, (RSBoPP).

President of the PHCCIMA, Engr. Vincent Adonye Kingston Furo made this observation last Wednesday when a delegation of the Rivers State Bureau of Public Procurement, (RSBoPP) visited the office of PHCCIMA in Port Harcourt . He stressed that the constitution of the body is faulty considering that the role of the chamber as the mouth piece of the organized private sector was not taken into cognizance. ” The significance of the chamber cannot be over emphasized, especially in an economy as huge as that of Rivers state” he said, underlining the need to actively involve PHCCIMA in the affairs of the board.

The PHCCIMA helmsman maintained that Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce has the capacity and array of professionals cutting across all fields of endeavour to merits its pride of place in the RSBBoPP board whose responsibility is that of setting standards, regulating, monitoring and overseeing public procurement in Rivers state. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing Port Harcourt

Her also told the delegation to work in synergy with the chamber to ensure that all establishment, including construction companies doing business in Rivers state embrace, register and identify with the chamber to enable it assume its oversight function for the business community in the state. Engr. Furo urged the Director General to take the message back to the relevant authorities to make them see the need to have the chamber members among the RSBoPP board.

Director General of the Rivers state Bureau of Public Procurement, Barr. Franklin Nlerum who had spoken earlier said the objective of the visit to PCCIMA was to share with them the essentials of the public procurement reforms in the state. He said it has become expedient to visit to introduce the emergent regime from the public procurement Law which entered into force in May 2008 and to seek input from the chamber as a critical shareholder group in the implementation plan for the regime.

Nlerum defined Public Procurement as an overall process of acquiring goods, works or services by government or anybody funded from the public resources which he said covers the entire spectrum from identification of needs through selection of the apt alternative for meeting the need, and timely in a cost effective manner. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states, including Rivers State and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

He said the reforms are not entirely new but is particularly concerned with essential aspects derive from existing but ignored practice, explaining that the objective of the regime is to ensure that public expenditure results in value. “ PHCIMA is to further the business community and the interest of the business community are better served in an environment as contemplated by law in transparency, equity and competition.

The Director General stated that PHCCIMA as the second oldest chamber in Nigeria is not only strategic but also an important body considering its role of advocacy for the business community and its resolve to unlock new vistas of business opportunities in the state.

“RSBoPP has the mandate of ensuring transparency accountability, competition, economy, fitness for purpose and to achieve value for money through the public procurement reforms” Nlerum was quoted as saying, asserting the need for integrity, good character and discipline in our attitude to service and work as attributes that largely determines our progress and accomplishment.

Though Barr. Nlerum promised to take the Chamber observation to the Rivers state House of Assembly and other relevant authorities that were involved with the constitution of the body; he urged the chamber to do more by contributing their quota for the overall progress of the state.

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*Nigeria: Position of Anambra State Elders Council On Labour Crisis In The State

[ News Roundup ]

An emergency meeting of the expanded Anambra State Elders Council met in Awka on Monday October 3, 2011 to examine the difficult situation created by the trade union crisis in the State and by the strike action embarked upon by all civil servants since Friday September 17, 2011.

1. The Council noted that the shutting down of schools by the labor unions has forced school children into the streets while the closure of public health services has put the lives of hospital patients in peril. The Council regretted that the attempt to bring the State to a standstill was made without waiting to exhaust all avenues of negotiation, mediation and reconciliation between the State Government and workers.

2. The Council recalled that even before the strike began, the Council had summoned a roundtable meeting of the Anambra State Government, the Nigeria Labor Congress and the Trade Union Congress on Friday, August 12, in the effort to head off the looming battle. The State Governor and the labor unions had presented their positions to the meeting; after which a technical committee of the two parties to the dispute was set up to examine peace options, harmonize their positions, and report back to the Elders Council. Unfortunately, the workers embarked on the strike action without respecting the agreement to report the outcome of the Technical Committee's work to the Elders Council.

3. On Monday September 19, an all inclusive Summit of Traditional Rulers, the Chairmen of Town Unions, the Churches, the leaders of Women, Youth and professional organizations was summoned in Awka to douse the fires and resolve the conflict between Government and the workers. In presenting the case of the State Government, the Governor told the meeting that the State Government had fully complied with the minimum wage law by paying N18, 500 to the lowest grade of workers. On the basis of this assurance the meeting asked the labor unions and civil servants in the State to return to work immediately while negotiations would continue on all outstanding claims and entitlements.

4.The Anambra State Elders Council noted therefore that the labor conflict in the State had nothing whatsoever to do with the minimum wage law since the State Government has fully complied with the stipulations of the law. The matters which are now in dispute are: (i) the demand for a general review of salaries across board for workers in the senior reaches of the civil service; (ii) the demand that salary increases and allowances granted by the Federal Government to its workers before the minimum wage law came into force should be implemented in the Anambra State civil service; and (iii) the larger question of using most of the resources of the State for the payment of salaries while leaving very little for capital development and public services. These are serious and weighty matters which cannot be decided in a hurry as a part of implementing the minimum wage.

5. At the end of the meeting on Monday, October 3, the Anambra Elders Council met again with union leaders and told them that patience, peace and negotiations were their best ways to victory. The State needed peace and quiet to re-position itself politically and economically. Everyone was aware of the financial austerities which workers faced and of the need to enhance the living conditions of workers. But paralyzing the State by shutting down essential institutions was not the way to reach this goal. A general review of salaries and allowances particularly for workers in the higher echelons of the civil service was not a part of the minimum wage issue. Workers must therefore return to their duties without further delay. Negotiations for general improvements in remunerations and working conditions should continue in an atmosphere of peace. The Elders Council pledged to use all its influence to improve workers' pay packets provided that they called off the strike immediately.

Chairman of the Elders Council

Secretary 03/10/2011

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Enlarged Minimum Wage Table
Enlarged Minimum Wage Table

Photo Above: Minimum Wage Table

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*Boko Haram, Islamized Nigeria…Really? Thank God!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Thank God! At last, it’s coming closer to home. I thank God because no one could now comfortably continue to feign incognizance of the goings-on since most Nigerians, though educated, active and wise, oftentimes prefer nonchalance and unserious approach to realities until their dangers come knocking on the bedroom doors. Islamic extremists have spotted Nigeria as another fertile ground for blood spillage-the likes which are common in the some Arab countries; but they shall spill their own blood only. However, the height to which this madness may climb will be entirely dependent on the choices the government of the day and the people decide to make from now. Their methods often seem unserious until grounds begin to fall to their favors through acts of terror. And, hey! Never mistake those who champion this course for the uneducated and uninformed; don’t even dream of thinking that these Jihadists lack roots and supports within their people; most leaders in those lands are signatories to what they do. It’s a beautiful thing that the Northern branches of Nigeria are now speeding up on their catch; this way, Nigerian would be forced to sit up. It all started with one callous and hell-borrowed strategy introduced by the British as a means of checking the Igbos to avoid being questioned or opposed while they milk Nigeria dry. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

A people were called out of their self-satisfying nomadic and cattle-rearing lifestyle and had leadership thrust upon them. Then, they were aided to flush out Igbos in a genocide which claimed more that three million (3,000,000) lives, leaving us with remnants. Yet they were not satisfied. Oil were sucked from the South but transferred through underground pipelines to the North. Next, all national arsenals were shifted to the North-leaving other parts, especially the South East, with nothing but a division with only a name. Next, it was registering Hausa as the national language of Nigeria on BBC, claiming that Hausa is the only language worth hearing from Nigeria by the outside world. Further, these people who arrogantly called one of their states a “born to rule” went on to register Nigeria in the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) as an Islamic country. Next, their battle axe, Al-Qaeda, came in to register its bank but was advised that such premature move would blow up their cover. So, instead, they decided to implement one of their agenda which involves the Naira currency; they started writing Arabic/Islamic inscriptions in the Naira notes which only a closer and keener look could observe. When they were spotted and complaints threatened their resolved plan to Islamize all of Nigeria, they removed those inscriptions and replaced them with those from the three major tribes. As the anger died off, they secretly reintroduced these same Islamic Arabic signs to the national currency. In their timing, they installed a chronic Sharia enforcer as the CBN governor in the person of Mallam Sanusi. At the same time, they supplied and kept on supplying Boko Haram with all they needed to kill at will and terrorize the entire nation in an attempt to create diversions from their true agenda and sympathy which would lure Nigerians to unsuspectingly tolerate these schemes. And while they go on terrorizing the country and excitedly making President Goodluck Jonathan sweat in his sleep, the CBN Mallam used the federal money to start championing the Al-Qaeda banking in Nigeria in the guise of Islamic Banking. One of their spiritual leaders even went as far as openly boasting and vowing that all Muslims in Nigeria would go to war should the plan for an Islamic banking system be stopped. While their agents, Boko Haram, kills Igbos and peoples of other different tribes at will, their Northern leaders openly and unashamedly revealed that they have personally authorized the killings by blaming it all on the government. And in commenting, one of their governor even claimed that those who died were bound to die as they did. ( Continues below...... )

Late Boko Haram Leader

Photo Above: Late Boko Haram Leader, Mohammed Yusuf. Police said Yusuf was shot while trying to escape.

Recently, their scheme shifted to the killing of Igbos and anyone in Nigeria who cannot recite, offhand, the Islamic Quran. While they embark on this, the Nigerian government keeps seeking means to bribe them off their lifelong dream of Islamizing Nigeria but at the same time rounds up, beats, kills, arrests and detains without reasons the non-violent MASSOB members. As it is today and true to the maser plan given them by their leaders, Boko Haram has rebuffed every attempt by the federal government of Nigeria for any peace deal. Their condition for truce in Nigeria, however, has now been made evidently clear: Nigeria must be totally Islamized-from the East of the country through every other angle to the entire north; every Nigerian must become a Muslim by choice or by compulsion-in life or after being killed. Thank God again, the time for the inevitable decision has come; the moment to determine whether or not to let these unfeeling and hell-sent zealots Islamize all of Nigeria and compel every Nigerian to become a Muslim has come in its time. Every Nigerian, in line with the culture of selfishness, had kept silent and unconcerned while all these above-mentioned steps were taken against us and without our consent; but as it has come to a matter strictly of the heart, Nigerians have lost the privileges of keeping mute and unconcerned. Either way, Nigeria must shake. By the way, Nigeria was never built to stand and it was finally nailed to the coffin on the Biafran soil filled with the blood of all those killed in the genocide. According to America’s prediction, Nigeria is due for a breakup by 2015, but it looks like these Islamic extremists have no respect for predictions or patience; Al-Qaeda has waited longer than necessary, in their calculation, to pounce of Nigeria. ( Continues below..... )

Mohammed Yusuf's bullet-ridden body

Photo Above: Mohammed Yusuf's bullet-ridden body shown to journalists in a video hours on July 30, 2009 after Nigerian police announced they had captured him alive. Police said Yusuf was shot while trying to escape.

Whichever way the federal government chooses to take against these developments, a Sovereign National Conference remains the choicest and only peaceful alternative. It does not really matter if the name ‘Nigeria’ is replaced with ‘Islam’ and it means nothing if Nigerian currency’s name is changed into Boko Haram or Sharia; any country may choose any language for whatever they desire and they could write the name of who they worship in every material, every home, each meal, and every skin. It, however, matters deeply if these plans are being moved forward in Nigeria as long as Nigeria remains politically one. AS LONG AS NIGERIA REMAINS HINGED TO AND DEPENDENT ON BIAFRA’S PRESENCE, MEMBERSHIP AND SUPPORT TO SURVIVE, SHARIA LAW WILL NEVER HAVE RELEVANCE BEYOND THE NORTH. Nigeria will never be Islamized and Igbos will never have to read any portion of the Quran involuntarily. Unfortunately, Ojukwu will eventually be remembered by all Nigerians who may ever find their path to accepting and loving truths. It would be an unfortunate thing because, by the time everyone who is human enough in Nigeria sees the truth, the loss would be unbearable. I thank God, once again, for giving Nigerians another time to choose whom to serve: A God of love, tolerance, and freedom, or that of compulsion and destruction; the God who created life and treasures it, or the one who was created but lost his place in God’s blessings, who, as a result, goes about seeking unsuspecting, undiscerning, and weak souls to enslave and to devour. The crossroad is here and the moment of decision has come; everyone has lost the privilege of remaining silent and unconcerned, including you.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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*Nigeria: Anambra Labour Strike - Our Informed Opinion
( A Joint Statement By Intersociety, CLO & Human Rights Club )

By Intersociety, CLO & Human Rights Club

(Onitsha-Nigeria, September 29, 2011)-The leaderships of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law-Intersociety, Civil Liberties Organization-CLO and Human Rights Club of the Legal Research, Resource & Development Center in Anambra State, view with uttermost concern the circumstances that led to the ongoing indefinite strike action embarked upon by the State leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress. We dare say that the strike action is ill managed and poorly handled by both State Government and the leadership of the Labour in the State.

While remaining collective sticklers of decent minimum wage for every Nigerian worker, our worry is that the passage of the Amended National Minimum Act of March 2011 was hasty and shoddy. Apart from inherent peculiarities in the capacities of the States and LGAs to pay the new minimum wage, it also appears that the amended Act is ambiguous in its letters, which has given room for various forms of interpretation by stakeholders including the leaderships of the Labour and various levels of government in the country. The Act, apart from few exceptions or defences with regard to business establishments with few employees, etc, also covers the employees in the private sector. The economy of the country was also not made to accommodate the new wage Act in terms of macro and micro growth. Instead, the recurrent expenditures of the Federal Government and most States of the Federation have jumped to over 75% of the national and States earnings, at the utter mercy of the all-important capital expenditures, which have fallen to less than 25%.

In Anambra State, a “win-lose” strategy, in place of a “win-win” strategy has been employed by both State Government and the State Labour leadership to have an edge over each other. The State Government sees the State Labour leadership as having malicious intents and being political in its approach. For instance, the Labour was accused of embarking on seven days warning strike, instead of traditional three days. It was also accused of being remote-controlled by Senator Chris Ngige and using foul and discredited languages against the person of Mr. Peter Obi, the Anambra Governor, as well as calling on citizens to stop paying their taxes and foreign donors to turn their back on the Government and People of Anambra State.

Why Dialogue Would Have Been And Still The Best Option:

Our findings across the Federation show that Anambra industrial dispute is as a result of “percentage calculations”, and not the usual blanket refusal by some State Governments to implement the “National Minimum Wage”, which has been the case in other States engulfed by strike actions. In the case of Anambra State, workers at the Grade Level 01 to 06 (core NLC members) have had their minimum wages increased to N18,000.00 (increase of additional N10,000), in compliance with Section 2 (1) of the new National Minimum Wage Act 2011, which provides “As from the commencement of this Act, it shall be the duty of every employer( except as provided for under the principal Act as amended) to pay a wage not less than the national minimum wage of N18,000.00 per month to every worker under his establishment”. The increase has since reflected in their August 2011 salaries. For workers in Grade Level 07 to 17, about N15,000 each was added to their monthly earnings across board and this also reflected in their August 2011 salaries paid to them. The 2000 teachers recruited recently also benefited from the increase by receiving additional N10,000.00 each.

Point Of Departure:

According to the Government of Anambra State, there are 15,000 employees under its employment, sharing the personnel and over-head monthly wage bill of over N2Billion, out of the State’s monthly average receipts of N3Billion. The recent wage adjustment has added additional N400million to the State’s existing monthly wage bills. In July 2011, the Government said it received highest allocation since its creation, of N7.4Billion because of accumulated non-released earnings arising from excess crude oil earnings, etc. The remaining 35 States also benefited according to their earning percentages in the national revenue sharing formulae. Some core oil States received over N40Billion each. The main point of departure or disagreement between the Government of Anambra State and the State Labour leadership is the latter’s insistence on “percentage increment”, that is to say: if the N18,000.00 minimum increment translates to 150% differential from the previous wage of N7,500.00, then Grade Level 07 to 17 workers should have theirs increased by 150% as well. For instance, if a director was earning N2Million per month before the 2011 amended Wage Act, he or she should have his or her pay increased by 150% or N5million, an increase of N3Million, this, the State Government sees as untenable.


The consequences of the foregoing are far-reaching. The very foundation of Social Contract is seriously under threat. Government exists not to sustain government machinery alone, government workers inclusive, but to ensure greatest comfort and happiness for the greatest number of the citizenry. Fulfilling social responsibility obligations are more important than spending billions of naira in sustaining the security votes, commissioners, SAs, First Ladies, legislators and their PAs, governors and their deputies, judges and magistrates and other government employees.

It is very unfortunate that mere “15,000 government employees” and few hundreds of top public officials in the Anambra State Executive, Judiciary and Legislative arms have continued to spend over 70% of the State’s monthly earnings or over N2Billion on recurrent expenditures, while less than N1Billion is left for the maintenance of the remaining 5million People of Anambra State through the provision of key infrastructures. There are at least three new live gully erosion sites in the State, courtesy of the outgoing raining season. Many strategic roads, especially urban/city layout roads in Iyiowa-Odekpe and Okpoko/Nkutaku(Ogbaru), Awada and Ugwuagba (Obosi), Nkpor and Odume, Woliwo, Omagba Phase 11 and Fegge(Onitsha), Nnewi, etc are begging for urgent attention. A number of hitherto good roads, defaced by the outgoing raining season are also begging for re-attention. This is not to mention the numerous ongoing projects with regard to inter-community/LGA roads, bridges, erosion controls and other key infrastructural projects requiring billions of naira from our lean commonwealth.

The Government of Anambra State is also not helping matters in the area of Internally Generated Revenues. Anambra State’s IGR capacity averages N5Billion per month, but arm-chair syndrome and corruptive tendencies of some Government aides and workers have steadily reduced the actual earnings to less than 10% or N450million to N500million per month. The inability of the State Government to embark on data mining that would have ensured sound or credible database for its collectible or generate-able revenues is also part of the problems. Another aspect of the problems is duplicity of revenues and criminal conducts of middlemen. Data mining helped the Government of Lagos State to identify and effectively manage over 1,300 revenue windows, fetching it about N17, 5Billion per month. To ensure sanity and elimination of duplicity of revenues, etc, there should be a joint revenue collection body for the State Government and the 21 LGAs.

The regulation of the Anambra State workforce is very porous. The “15,000-Man workforce” is also very unproductive and corrupt. An average Anambra worker demands tips before treating a file. The e-civil service has continued to erode the Anambra State Civil Service. Its methods are analogous and outdated. Falsification of age appears to be very rampant in the State Civil Service. Many “panel-beating” faces and bodies abound in the State workforce. There is need for thorough age or profile verifications of the State workers especially from 2002 downwards. The possibility of many ghost workers existing among the State workforce is also not ruled out.

However, we wish to kick against threats by the Government of Anambra State to disengage the workers, who are not from Anambra State. Instead, they should be made productive, loyal, and patriotic and committed to the cause of developing the State. We agree with the State Government that “many” of the workers from outside the State are working at the cross-purposes with the State’s ideals, but disengaging them would amount to “jungle-justice” and violation of the national cohesiveness and integration. That Enugu and Abia State Governments have done it should not be a credible guarantee, because Anambra State is a melting pot, where people from all walks of life are melted and reformed as first eleven in commerce and intellectual artistry.

While viewing the ongoing strike action in the State as unwarranted, we call on the leadership of the State Labour Congress to embrace dialogue and shun hard stance attitudes. The accusation of partisanship leveled against it, if true, should be discontinued. The period of dialoguing with the State Labour leadership should also be used to resolve the impasse between the Government of Anambra State and its health workers. It is our insistence that the principle of “not serving two masters at the same time” should be invoked to make medical personnel working in government hospitals to either face their private practice or work in government hospitals round the clock, otherwise expatriate doctors should be hired to ensure uninterrupted and quality public healthcare delivery. In legal practice, once made a judge or magistrate, he or she is barred for life from practicing as a private counsel even after retirement.

Lastly, it appears that the minimum wage “tsunami” is sweeping away the traditional social benefits and threatening the all-important Chapter Four (Fundamental Human Rights) provisions in the 1999 Constitution as amended. In Ebonyi State, for instance, the all-important bursary and internal and external scholarship awards for brilliant indigenes of Ebonyi, an effective human resources development strategy commendably initiated by former governor Sam Egwu, which produce hundreds of postgraduates annually from the State through further studies overseas in key academic disciplines, are under serious threat, no thanks to controversy surrounding the new National Minimum Wage. In Abia State, not minding that the State workers have not gone on strike nor have their new minimum wage been paid, yet the State Government is going ahead with its plans to disengage the workers of the State, who are not indigenes of Abia State. Above all, the inflationary rates and worthlessness of our currency arising from naked wage adjustments without corresponding growth signs in the economy are socially disastrous. The Federal Republic of Nigeria and her components parts should not continue to run stomach economy or economy of intestine, as these clearly defeat the very idea of post Hobbessian styled government, which is to ensure security and welfare of the citizenry as well as greatest comfort and happiness for the greatest number of people.

While commending the present Government of Anambra State for its fiscal ingenuity, particularly its zero- loan culture, we call upon it not to relent at ensuring effective social services delivery especially in the area of provision and maintenance of key infrastructures including roads, bridges, erosion controls, health and education. The intervention of the State House of Assembly and the State Elders Council in the ongoing industrial dispute is very commendable. They are called upon not rest in their oars until the industrial dispute is equitably resolved. The leadership of the State Labour must be reasonable, focused, selfless, creative, non-partisan and considerate in its approach.


Emeka Umeagbalasi
Chairman, BOT, Intersociety
+234(0) 8033601078

Comrade Aloysius Attah
Chairman, CLO, Anambra State
+234(0) 8035090548

Comrade Samuel Njoku
Coordinator & Para-legal In-charge
Human Rights Club, Anambra State

Comrade Aloysius Attah

Photo Above: Comrade Aloysius Attah

Emeka Umeagbalasi

Photo Above: Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Intersociety, 41, Miss Elems Street, Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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*Disintegration of Nigeria Cheapest Means To Containing Islamic Extremism In Africa

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

No one ever solves a mathematical equation without a formula; no one finds the solution to a problem without first finding the root of the problem. Terrorism didn’t just happen; it is the result of decades, and perhaps, centuries of subdued disagreements and misunderstanding. Wisdom demands that prevention often be preferred to a cure. These truths inform this timely advice to the United States of America, Britain, France, and all other affected countries of the world to accept without delay that, in order to contain this virus called terrorism which is speedily spreading all over Africa, Nigeria must be disintegrated without further delay. Like a mustard seed, terrorism only has to have a point of contact-no matter how small. Whilst the Nigerian genocide against Igbos from 1967-1970 have remained no business of the world ruling interests (those who champion human rights) to this date, terrorism in Nigeria shall force everyone to ask this very vital and inevitable question which has until now been mumbled in different quarters: “Does Nigeria has to remain one?’ Of course, the obvious answer to this is a resounding NO! Setting aside the unthinkable amounts of money which the US and other nations have wasted so far in the fight against terrorism, lives threatened, with no one sure where and who it may be next, pose greater worries for the world at large. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Nigeria, a country with over one hundred and sixty million (160,000,000) people, have proven itself ungovernable as one federal state. A foolish leader is not one who makes a mistake but one who refuses to accept his mistake and learn from it; the amalgamation of Nigeria by her majesty’s authority was the worst mistake ever made by the British government. Even with the many lives of Igbos wasted, with the backing of Britain, for no justifiable cause, and the corruption which has corrupted everything in Nigeria, until now, the British authorities have not accepted that their “Project Nigeria” was a fatally destructible and failed one. Nevertheless, Islamic terrorism is about to change all that arrogant denial. Until now the pursuit of a Biafran state out of this failed project called Nigeria has not won all the duly needed attentions and interventions from the United Nations, America, and the rest of the world. However, it will be noted here that Biafra is not the only nation in Nigeria that wants to secede; the entire Northern states of Nigeria have obtrusively been agitating for their separate state, even before the Nigeria-Biafra civil war, where Sharia law shall be the constitution of the day; and at the other end stands the Niger Delta movement. While MASSOB represents the Biafran movement, MEND fights for the Niger Delta and Boko Haram, the Muslim North. And while MASSOB resorted to a non-violent approach to assert and obtain the rights of Igbo nationhood, MEND uses violence to claim their rights, while Boko Haram diversifies terrorism in Nigeria. ( Continues below..... )

Map and Flag of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map and Flag of Nigeria

According to Gen. Andrew Owoye Azazi, the Security Adviser to the Federal Government of Nigeria, “Terrorism has come to stay in Nigeria.” This was in confirmation of the British secret service’s report that Al-Qaeda has planned to use Nigeria as their African headquarters to attack the west. And true to it credentials, Boko Haram, the extension of Al-Qaeda in Nigeria, has now sworn that “the country would not have peace until there is 100 per cent implementation of Sharia law in the country as enshrined in the holy Quran.” This therefore leaves no question as to whether Nigeria will metamorphose into a Pakistan, an Afghanistan, or even another African Somalia; the question the west and indeed the rest of the concerned member states should be asking now ought to be: “Should we let Nigeria evolve into a Somalia, or an Afghanistan, or even a Pakistan in Africa?” Considering the effects of fighting terrorism and mostly the damages it has inflicted so far, the obvious answer to this, again, should and must be a resounding NO! ( Continues below...... )

Late Boko Haram Leader

Photo Above: Late Boko Haram Leader, Mohammed Yusuf. Police said Yusuf was shot while trying to escape.

Having considered the conditions of Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, South-Sudan, and Somalia, I have come to the only wise and workable conclusion and solution to a terrorism-free Africa: A disintegrated Nigeria. If British intelligence claims Nigeria to be the proposed African headquarters of Al-Qaeda, then it could be since the sings are on the increase. One of the many reason large sums of money are wasted and lives lost in combating this international crime is the precautions and cautions taken by America and its allies to avoid killing innocent citizens, and the sole reason terrorism has lasted this long is because those involved take advantage of civilian-populated zones , both to hide and to attack. In the case of Nigeria and, by extension Africa, knowing the source of the problem would lesson the degree of wastes always envisioned and encountered. The economic instability in all of the western countries today is the effect of fighting terrorism-the effect of refusing to prevent from occurring and, instead, preferring to cure when the whole system has been effectively affected. ( Continues below..... )

Mohammed Yusuf's bullet-ridden body

Photo Above: Mohammed Yusuf's bullet-ridden body shown to journalists in a video hours on July 30, 2009 after Nigerian police announced they had captured him alive. Police said Yusuf was shot while trying to escape.

Not everything has immediate cure if and when not initially prevented from occurring. Lastly, I’d like to advice the US and all concerned that, before the decision to send drones or to come in to fight terrorism (which has actually gained legal residence in Nigeria) is made, please help Nigerians to help you. Nigeria has truly shown the final sign of a failed state when it lost the capability to provide security to protect its president; how much vulnerable can an ordinary Nigerian be? But before the west comes in to increase our pains as a means of reducing yours, give us the help we need to reduce yours without having to increase ours; help us to dissolve this lethal mistake of an experiment called the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A stitch in time saves nine.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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*Nigeria: Masterweb Team Scores Governor Obi High

By Masterweb News Desk

Masterweb Breaking News Logo

Masterweb team was on the ground in Awka August 25 to 27 for celebrations marking the twentieth anniversary of the creation of Anambra State. Anambra was created on August 27, 1991 by the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida. Our team operating as independent observers travelled across the state on August 25 inspecting projects by Governor Obi’s administration. The team began their trip at 9.00 am ending at 7.00 pm when it was getting dark and did not completely cover all the targeted projects. Our team returned to Anambra on August 30 after the celebrations to visit remaining projects.

It took us this long to file a report on our assessment of Governor Obi’s performance which we are rating “excellent”, because we employed both visual, common sense and scientific methodology in arriving our rating. We visually saw the projects and not a third party describing them to us, used common sense to assess them and scientific methods to cross-check assumptions and conduct accurate analysis.

In our analysis we compared Anambra State under Governor Obi to other states in Nigeria and not in the United States nor anywhere-else in the developed world. Comparison of a Nigerian city or state to any place in the developed world can not be made until the federal government delivers on her responsibilities. The infrastructural and power supply situation in Nigeria is shameful, to say the least. These are constraints among others, in the ability of a non-corrupt efficient governor doing his best.

In our statistical comparative analysis, the performance of Governor Obi was above the mean (average) and significantly too. Using a confidence interval around the mean of 3 standard deviations, Obi's score was determined to be statistically significant. This ranked him one of the best governors in the country.

In the analysis we rated the projects by Obi’s administration assigning each project a number between 1 to 10 (10 for excellent), adding up the total and deriving the mean value. We came up with mean values for other states from figures from members of our team and reliable contributors, in a survey organized for that purpose. These were the numbers we used in our statistical analysis.

In the next couple of days we will commence the release of our inspection reports and photos. Our reports will be on few projects at a time, to enable readers devote more time and attention on each project.

Projects visited and inspected by our team include:

1. Amaku University Teaching Hospital

2. Anambra State Ultra Modern Fire Service Headquarters & State Emergency Management Complex, Awka.

3. New Anambra Govt. Secretariat (Twin Building)

4. Roads: Dualized Awka-Enugu Road (Zik’s Ave); Ora-eri-Obeledu-Akwaeze-Igbo Ukwu Road; Anambra State University, Uli Campus Road;

5. Alex Ekwueme Square

6. Prof. Kenneth Dike Library

7. Hydraform Block Industry

8. Anambra State Housing Development Corporation

9. Anambra State College of Agriculture, Mgbakwu

10. Obibia Bridge linking Okpuno and Mgbakwu

11. Neem Fertilizer Company

12. Otuku Bridge linking Umueze Anam – Nmiata

13. Faculty of Law, Moot Court, Library & Dept of Mass Communication –Anambra State University, Igbariam.

14. Onitsha Business Park

15. Onitsha Judges Quarters

16. Ministry of Justice

17. Onitsha North Local Govt. Headquarters

18. Onitsha Governor’s Lodge

19. Kidney Dialysis Center & Resident Doctors Quarters – Onitsha General Hospital

20. Justice Chuba Ikpeazu Stadium Onitsha North

21. Onitsha South Local Govt. Mini Stadium

22. Sabmiller Brewery (South African Brewery attracted to Anambra by Gov. Obi)

23. Obizi Water Scheme (Main Station at Uga, Booster Station at Uga, Reservoir Tank at Uga & Booster Station at Nkpologwu)

24. Ekwulobia Erosion Site Gully

25. Agulu Aguinyi Water Scheme

26. Odor Bridge linking Awgbu and Amaokpala

27. Comprehensive Secondary School, Nwafia (rebuilt by Gov. Obi)

28. Amansea-Ebenebe Road Bridge

29. Women’s Development Center (Rebuilt by Gov. Obi)

30. Okija Road Project (Okija to Ogbaru) & Okpu Bidge, Okija.

31. Dept. of Biochemistry - Anambra State University, Uli Campus

32. Lilu Road Project

33. Anambra State Judiciary High Court Complex

34. Umunze Cottage Hospital

35. Ekwulobia General Hospital (upgraded by Gov. Obi)

Anambra State is one of the names that can not be omitted in the history of Nigeria and Igboland. It has always been at the forefront of issues in Nigeria and South East Region. This is the reason why Anambra is among the places Masterweb has reportorial interest. Masterweb independently covered Anambra State Association-USA (ASA-USA) ‘09 Convention which held in Washington DC on October 24, 2009. In 2010, our team in conjunction with citizen reporters monitored (live) Anambra 2010 gubernatorial election. This year we were on the ground in Anambra touring the state and independently inspecting projects by Governor Obi’s government. Yes, eventually we touched down in Anambra to report the true situation of things in the state in terms of development. Masterweb is renowned for the authenticity and accuracy of her investigative, fact-finding and reportorial works. We do not operate based on hearsay, vindictive or tabloid reporting as some news media and authors have done in Anambra in the past.

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Obi's score symbolized on photo

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

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*Nigeria: Anambra Labour & Minimum Wage – The True Story

By Concerned Anambra Stakeholders

The raging issue today in Nigeria is the implementation of the minimum wage and Anambra State is not different. Workers have every right to agitate for better welfare. They also have every right to embark on strike. But what matters is the way such agitation is carried on.

Since the wage palaver in Anambra State, the public has been fed a lot of half truths by the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) which sometimes have bordered on downright lies against the state government.

It is in the light of this that it has become necessary to put things in their right perspective and to let the public know the true situation.


Simply put, it demands that no worker should earn less than N18, 000. It is not a wage increase as many people seem to interpret it. It does not also mean across the board increment.


The Anambra State government has fulfilled the requirements of the Minimum Wage Law by ensuring that no worker in the state now earns less than N18, 000 monthly. On top of this, government has also added money to all categories of workers, with the least being N10,000. ( Continues below….. )

Minimum Wage Table
Minimum Wage Table

Photo Above: Minimum Wage Table ( See Enlarged Table Below )

Out of 36 States, 6 States receive an average of N20 billion monthly; another 8 States receive an average of N6 billion monthly; while the rest, including Anambra State, receive an average of N3 billion monthly.

It is clear that the leadership of labour is being manipulated by opposition politicians who want to create anarchy in the state, by deceiving their innocent followers.

Labour should not be allowed to recklessly hold the State to ransom, this is why we call on government to fully implement the "no work no pay" law as well as other measures the Governor said she would implement. We call on workers in their own interest to return to their duty posts. We also call on Anambrarians of goodwill, including the clergy to add their own voices in calling them to order.

Workers must be condemned by all for asking the people of Anambra State to stop paying taxes and for writing letters to all the donor and international agencies working in the State to stop supporting Anambra State. As we write, it is painful to discover that they have been going to all the sites where Government is working, stopping contractors from doing their work. This is strange as it is wicked.

We wish to commend the patriotic disposition of judicial staff workers who have continued to work and we urge other workers to emulate their patriotic example. We equally thanks all those who have contributed so far in moving the state forward in these trying times. Anambra adibago mma, nye aka ka odi mma.

Enlarged Minimum Wage Table
Enlarged Minimum Wage Table

Photo Above: Enlarged Minimum Wage Table

Concerned Anambra Stakeholders wrote from Anambra.

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