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*Ohanaeze Ndigbo: Speak Up & Act! Your Divine Purpose Is Here

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

My elders, my fathers, ekenem unu! Ndi ichie, nke onye chiri, ya zalu! My people, it’s time to speak. I’m talking to my fathers and mothers of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in all of Igboland and all over the world. I’m addressing all Igbo leaders in different levels of the Nigerian federation, be you a chief, traditional ruler, king, commissioner, minister, governor-whatever position you hold, and to all Ndigbo in Diaspora: it’s time to stand for your fathers. Ani Igbo has been silent and quiet for long but now is the time to speak up and speak to this federation called Nigeria. Now is the time to gather and wrap tightly our loins around our waist and act. You either speak and act now or stand forgotten forever by history.

After the thirty (30) months civil war which saw to the genocide perpetrated against Ndigbo by the federal republic of Nigeria led by the then commander-in-chief, General Yakubu Gowon, Ndigbo were relegated to the background, ignored, and yet used as a taskmaster uses his slaves. Even though Yakubu Gowon, at the end of the war which inflicted much pain on Biafra with the help of the Britain while the USA looked on, declared it to be a “no victor, no vanquished” result, he as the head of state started his show with separating the Igbo from their brothers in other states around. ( Continues below….. )

Hon. Amb. Ralph Uwaechue

Photo Above: Hon. Amb. Ralph Uwaechue, President General Ohaneze Ndigbo

It’s been more than five decades since Nigeria got her independence and over four decades since we fought the civil war which result was declared to be square, yet Ndigbo has endured more than is required from Nigeria and its government or any government for that matter and has paid enough price for her freedom. It will do my stomach no justice in recounting the much wickedness perpetrated against the South East since the war ended. It’s true that we have brothers in places like Cross-River, Delta, and Rivers, etc who were also affected as a result of the federal government’s unwritten decision to reduce Ani Igbo to nothing, but in this piece I’m zooming in on Ndigbo in the said five states of the "South East" because of her obvious strategic position, both to vulnerability, ability, and grace. ( Continues below..... )

 Map of Igboland

Photo Above: Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria )

Ohanaeze Ndigbo, I humbly wish to ask you these few questions:

1. Since OHANAEZE stands for us all and represents us as true fathers and mothers, what then are you waiting for? What have you been waiting for?

2. Don’t you see that it’s time to truly carry the burdens of your inheritance, speak and act out?

3. What do you call “unity,” or does the word mean something different but acceptable when it comes to Nigeria? Every one of you has his individual family, how do you apply the word “unity” in your homes?

4. Do you really believe that Nigeria, as it has been and still is, will sit up and do what is right for Ndigbo?

5. It’s no longer a hidden thing that we are known in Haitian history, in the USA, and even in some other parts of the world as a people who would rather die trying to keep their freedom than give in to slavery and wickedness because we are legitimate in our birth, why do you all then attack your root by your silence? Tufia! Akum efuna!

6. Igbo is a family, and when people define “Igbo enwe eze” (sadly, in their context and chronic ignorance, unwillingness and, in fact, inability to assimilate the truth) as “a people without direction,” they fail to note the root, meaning, and reason of proverbs, "the palm oil with which words are eaten." We have always known that ours is an established, democratic, and functioning society from the onset. We came from an organized heritage. We are a people who do no fear change; what then do you fear now?

7. Even though Gowon made his deceitful speech after the war about Nigeria being one and all those, Nigeria actually went on to deprive Ndigbo of everything, including the right to live and thrive in their homeland, and left our children running from pillar to post for alternative means in the quest for survival. In some parts of Igboland, some people answer Igbo names, speak Igbo language, and maintain Igbo tradition, yet claim not to be Ndigbo as a result of the many wicked plots by Nigeria against Ndigbo-trying without obvious success to pitch a brother against his brother. Look at how the Nigerian government has turned Ani Igbo into a police state with uninformed people waving guns around and threatening the peace and progress of Ndigbo in our land all in a failed bid to further frustrate Igbo generation. No one is a stranger to the pogrom and genocide against Ndigbo by Nigeria, yet the federal government never deemed it fit to sincerely ask Ndigbo for forgiveness and make retributions as required, even when it went ahead to recognise Gowon, the war criminal who must be tried in the Hague, as a great leader and granted him medals for spearheading the Igbo-Biafra genocide, while at the same time, ignoring the great Ikemba of our time, Ojukwu as if he never fought for his people. If Nigeria has neglected the Ikemba Nnewi since after the war, is it not a clear pointer to all of us that Nigeria still sees Ndigbo as strangers, because if they disregard the one who led us in our quest for freedom, they have disregarded all of us? Do you not know that Nigeria's total disregard to General Ojukwu who led us during the days is a total disregard against all of Igbo, which thing tells on us all? Do you really believe you fought in vain or that the purpose for which you sought and still seek a land of freedom and equality for your generations was not right and divine? Any Igbo son or daughter who does not hold to heart the sacrifices of Ikemba Nnewi is an “unrecognized bastard” and has no inheritance in our fathers because our fathers never accepted slavery without a thorough fight. And anyone from among Nigerians who still thinks that Ojukwu is a failure, such person is born in great iniquity and ignorance, and shall die therein-he is only a man without foundation, a man without any family root.

8. Tens, hundreds, thousands, and millions of your children whom Ani left in your care have systematically been killed in the North and in Nigeria on your watch; what did you eat since after the war that your slumber seems unending? The North kills your children at will, yet all you do is lie prostrate like a Black Mamba with undigested elephant in its belly. Who ever told us that cowards inherit the "Obi?" Some of you in a show to display your richness have even gone as far as erecting great Obis in your father's lieu without knowing or asking what it stands for. They have killed enough Ndigbo and we have sacrificed more than anyone else in Nigeria for her unity, peace, and progress; in fact, no single Igbo blood should drop on any part of Nigerian ground ever again in the name of unity. Now that they are dispatching another batch of your sons and daughters to the North to be maimed again, why are you silent? No true son of his father ever remains silent in the face of an enemies’ attack, only unrecognised bastards do so. Is that our story? God forbid! You are our great fathers, the sons and daughters of our great ancestors. It’s time to stand and show Nigeria and the whole world your height. We have tried hard enough to convince our neighbours of the truth, to let them treat us as we treat them all to no avail, now is the time to “gather your chicks together."

9. Ndigbo, what is your crime in Nigeria? Why is it thought so strange that we should ask for and have our freedom, and why does Nigeria fight against our being free? Is it not obvious that their very wickedness against Ndigbo is the frustration Nigeria has been going through and that nothing meaningful will be achieved until Ndigbo are given their rights amongst which is the choice to remain in Nigeria as slaves, or to have her separate state?

10. Why do you still believe the testimonies of those who hate you for no reason? Whoever told you that the devil will, one day, come to his senses and let you be unless you stand your ground in what you know to be the answer and the truth? Whoever deceived you to believe that Ndigbo have no voice? We have the voice that strikes its every target. When Enugu coal was the oil, no indigene attacked the government for anything, and Ndigbo were seen as fools. Mend and other groups came up, destroying everything and Niger Delta Development Commissison (NDDC) was created to listen to them-simply by sharing and wasting money instead of building infrastructures and factories to engage them positively. When some have killed lives and destroyed property, they were pleaded to and invited by the government, paid off and sent to different countries for all sorts of trainings. Boko Haram kills anything they care to kill and, even when some of them are caught, they are immediately released with apologies. The governors beg, the police die, the judges fear for their lives, and the government shakes like a leaf under the influence of the wind. But when MASSOB comes out for peaceful and non-violent demonstrations, its members are shot without restraint by the police, arrested and jailed. What the hell! Where are our fathers? May Ani (the land) not remember and judge you through your children and their children for your silence and wickedness.

Ndigbo are a noble family, we are what other people are not: we have numerous qualities but, perhaps, one of the outshining ones is that we treat strangers in our midst like dignitaries. We honour our elders, and we are law abiding. Before Nigeria was, we already had our traditional democracy. It’s a waste of time to listen to our critics and their numerous charges against us because it’s obvious to all how jealousy manifests. And if Nigeria truly believes that Ndigbo are bad eggs and no-goods who spoil the society, why do its leaders still insist on an illusory “one Nigeria?” In this generation that women in most countries have the right to divorce their husbands for no reasons, claim children and property, should anyone still think it robbery that, decades after active war against us ended, Ndigbo would still rightly want to be on their own? What you do to the one you hate is to part ways with him, but Nigeria has proven to the whole world that it’s an evil entity, a blood sucker and a sham; who made you gods over others? Unless you repent today and do what is right, just like other gods that are no gods, you shall fall for your numerous atrocities against God’s people, against your neighbours. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states and capital (Abuja or FCT)

Now is the acceptable time, now is the day of freedom. I implore you, as to true fathers, to speak up as and with one voice now and call without delay for a Sovereign National Conference (SNC). And, if the federal government still insists on enslaving your children, proceed as a nation to the UN, the USA, and other world powers, and demand they recognize the Republic of Biafra because we have paid every price for it. Nigeria has done her worst against Ndigbo and cannot do anything more. In fact, Nigeria has received her full price for our freedom and peace-as if it ever depended on her. Ndigbo has rich traditions and every elder knows that one cannot maintain a societal unity if he cannot maintain family unity.

I implore you to come together as we truly are and stand for Ndigbo all over the world. A son rarely assumes the throne while the fathers still is, that's why you must take the lead. We need our freedom, we need our peace; we need to exercise our rights in a country where everyone will be treated as equals. We need our pride, honour, and destiny back. Your children are scattered all over the world, suffering for the sins they did not commit and God is saying that it’s time for our freedom. Rise up, you fathers, rise up Ndigbo, and stand for your family.

Ndigbo are not slaves, and even if slavery were still a system, Nigeria is too small to make the great Ndigbo her slave. We are a great people, a great nation, blessed and kept by the God of faithfulness. We are free, we were born free and we shall live and die as free men. Enough is enough. I call on all our fathers serving in different positions starting from individual positions, through religious offices, political seats, to conglomerates: stand up, be sober! Rise and defend your inheritance. Look! The enemy is not done with you yet, but we shall wait no longer. We are ready for the blood suckers. There is no more time to wait. Ndigbo, without a second thought, voted this government in, yet, like every other time, we are treated as second-class citizens; WHO ARE YOU TO LOOK DOWN ON NDIGBO?

From today, the God of all creation will look down on any soul, individual, family, government, or country that looks down on our precious presence. God will ignore the prayers of anyone who ignores our presence and who plots, by presence or proxy, the downfall of Ndigbo; He will destroy those who destroy us in different ways. He will stop the enemy and get him enchained in his evil plots against Zion. Ohanaeze Ndigbo, speak up now or forever hold you peace. But know that, if you choose to ignore this call, and like other times, feel unconcerned, then our sun shall rise from a new horizon and God shall swiftly send deliverance, but none of your seeds shall be planted in this inheritance. I love you fathers. I have only told you the truth and if my words were not respectful enough, forgive me; the blood of Jesus is the "nkata" that covers my face. What every true father should live and/or die for is his inheritance-his generation. Any nation that forfeits its heritage is gone for good. I will never forget my blood, I will never forget Igboland, and I will never forget my great fathers and mothers. Ka Chineke gozie Ndigbo n'uwa nile. May God bless Ndigbo all over the world, and may He hasten His word to perform it for us in Christ Jesus, I pray. Amen. UKPANA OKPOKO GBURU, NTI CHIRI YA; ONYE NWERE NTI, YA NURU O!

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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Map of Nigeria


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*Nigeria: An Al-Qaeda Country Led By An Al-Qaeda President?

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

“Each country gets the leader it deserves,” a quote attributed to many great philosophers of the past, men like Joseph-Marie, Alexis de Tocqueville and Abraham Lincoln, may yet prove itself before our very eyes in Nigeria if Nigerians everywhere do not speak out and challenge the seeming and vexing inert posture of the no. 1 man in Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, on core issues which directly challenge our natural rights-not just as Nigerians, but as individuals born free in a free earth. This old quote, which in its original context could mean: “'a people should have a leader as tough or as soft as they,' 'when people do not stand up for themselves, they are forced to sit down,' or 'when the citizens are corrupt, they can only have corrupt leaders,” and in today’s world, another way of defining “democracy,” is now taking a more serious monarchical and caliphal turn in the confused Nigeria, dancing towards what I call “Shaihu Usman dan Fodism.”

Without recounting the many woes some religious fanatics have thrown us into over the decades, a new chemical which aids Nigeria’s putridity is now added as a result of the insatiable quest by many “unmohammedic” zealots in Nigeria to compel Islam on all and sundry. This chemical is in the persons of this Islamic radical they call Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who controls the federal financial destiny as if they are proceeds from offerings in the mosque where he is the Imam, and the president of the much paraded “federal republic of Nigeria,” Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, who sits on the nation’s highest seat of power as if he is the “ceremonial Shonekon” of our time. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing some major cities, including Enugu and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

Nigeria, even with its foundational wrongness, was set up as a secular state which will accommodate diversities that are functional within the national wheel. Although the British did not hide their glutinous heredity for covetousness which eventually graduated them into “masters of encroachment,” a glutinous heredity which made BBC broadcast in Hausa alone as if the North has the largest population or people who listen to news, Nigeria, as an independent state, was left to run an accommodating society for every Nigerian. Yet in 1986, Nigeria, under this generally abhorred Hitler of Nigeria called Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, was registered as a member of The Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) for no reasons that justify our celebrated nationality and unity. Every Nigeria is a witness to the dividends of that decision; it literally gave our Northern “brothers” the impression that Nigeria and its wealth belongs only to them, no wonder one cattle-rearer, on being made a governor, immediately declared his state as “born to rule” state. And the result of OIC and many more is 50 years of stack darkness.

CBN governor, Sanusi, recently revealed in one of his childish rants that Al-Qaeda requested to be formally registered in Nigeria in 1999 and was refused, however he did not tell us that the real reason for the much displayed “refusal certificate” could be because a radical like him was neither the president nor the CBN governor at the time. At a time when the Nigerian polity is on fire and the Islamic radicalism is the celebrity of death, one wonders who this Sanusi is: a CBN governor, or an Al-Qaeda recruit and representative in Nigeria. In this age when Islamic radicalism is hated by all true Muslims, a time when terrorism is mostly associated with the misinterpretation of Islam and a period when Islamic radicals are terrorising the whole country, it still amazes me why a “central bank governor,” an egoistic mallam and a core Muslim, should even consider uttering such gibberish and unintelligent talks like: “No one can stop me from the Islamic banking decision” and “I owe no one any apology” when he should be serving the country in his capacity as a federal employee to avoid making worse mistakes than his fingers accuse others of. ( Continues below….. )

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Photo Above: Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Sometime ago when Arabic inscriptions were secretly introduced into the National Naira, people cried out and it was later removed and replaced with the major unity signs. This day, as it has been revealed, that very Arabic inscriptions have come back and replaced the legally accepted inscriptions. Is this another step towards world Islamization or what? Lately and just as Boko Haram, an offspring of Al Qaeda, had started its ground and territorial campaign for Islamic radicalism in the Northern states of the said federation, it was learnt that Al- Qaeda is now planning a massive “homecoming” in Nigeria. Who would refute that? They first registered Nigeria as an Islamic state, which is what it should be if they are not cowardly enough to fear their emptiness and extinction in the event that Ndigbo becomes a separate state. Next, they registered Hausa as their “Dan Fodian” country language in the BBC. Then they proceeded to Islamize the national currency. As if that is not enough, in their planned time, this mad mallam was schemed into the CBN to pave way for Al Qaeda funds for a total showdown against the world. Now, it will be Al-Qaeda announcing that Nigeria belongs to their radical mentor, whoever he is. It’s the seeming silence of the Yoruba, known for their political wisdom, and the Igbo, known for the wisdom to always come out unscathed in all, that still baffles me. It’s on this note that I ask these questions along with recommendations:

To President Goodluck Jonathan: Sir, the truth of democracy is not that the president sits silently and allows other evil foundations be built on top of the ones built by colonialism and military dictatorship; the beauty of such leaderships is the responsibility which enforces courage, determination, and unwavering resoluteness. President Obama never cowers from responsibilities as longs as he is sure of the way to go, even when he knows that the Republican and some redundant critics and oppositions are always on their toes for his head. Being what some call “black” could not make him think less or act in fear. If you believe that Nigeria needs change and that you can bring that about, you ought to SIT UP! This is not a call to callousness and wickedness, but a call to bravery in the face of illusory dangers and ever growing threats of enmity and failure. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Everyone knows that Sanusi’s childish obstinacy will not only burn Nigeria up in more ways, the fire will start from your very house, sir. If mallam Sanusi, because of his faith, finds it impossible to accept the fact that, as long as Nigeria remains a country, the CBN is not for Muslims or any other religious body, but for the nation; if he is daft enough to start his militancy’s first assignment with the lives of all Nigerians in CBN, or is simply showing arrogance and laughable defiance, let him be recalled and removed without further delay. However, if you did ignorantly (in these days when a well trained boy of 23 can successfully lead a nation of millions) consent to the North on an Islamic banking as one of their leverages in any support you may have sought from them during elections, then that would enlist you in the book of records as the worst president the world has ever seen. Apart from the presidency which you are comfortably occupying as “the newest Shonekon,” you have given out all other sensitive positions to the North, leaving your office porous before people who believe they are born to rule, and making yourself vulnerable to impeachment and/or even assassination. The entire Igbo, despite the uncalled-for hatred of your brothers on Ndigbo from the active war days, voted for you en masse without demanding the compromise of your seat or the insecurity of Nigerians.

If you allow Nigerians to drift further down the drain of hopelessness by your dormancy, cowardly posture and indecision to make use of your democratic presidential power to veto the wicked man’s plan and rewrite the story, posterity will not only abhor your generation for that, you will have succeeded in convincing the whole world that “minority in Nigeria is not limited to human population but to the smallness and near-dead states of the minorities’ brains.” Wake up! Stop this mad man Sanusi! What you portray as “good leadership” by your silence when you should act is nothing but childishness, timidity, betrayal, and a life-time mistake. But I hope that we get what we bargained for in the context of a true democracy.

To Malam Lamido Sanusi: Where did you get your many degrees in economics and management? Who was your teacher? Did you ever find the meaning of Central Bank before running for the post of a CBN governor? At this point, I do not wish to speak to you any further because you are not a case as long as the president wakes up from his slumber and show his manliness in the face of unwarranted threat to his duly elected office. Your boasts, threats, and gallivanting are only a match to the president’s silence, not because you are anybody of refute; after all, the Naira has seen worse days on your watch. A tiny lawful and presidential rope is enough to tame you and bring you to your senses forever. ( Continues below….. )

Nigerian Naira Notes

Photo Above: Nigerian Naira Notes

To All Christian/Religious Bodies: I highly commend all the steps which CAN leadership has taken so far in dissuading this mad man from carrying out his antichristic mission. As long as Nigeria is still one on paper, the CBN which is the headquarters of all Nigerian papers, must not have any religious undertone. The said Arabic inscriptions in the Naira is not only an affront to all other religions in the country, it’s a blatant and glaring show of “born to rule” mentality-the mother of hell and its inhabitants. However I still believe that more stringent measures should be urgently taken by all religious bodies in Nigeria and explicit and emphatic demands made in the event that these demonic ploys linger.

Christianity seems a religion for the weak, confused, and defeated only in the heart and minds of those who have been confused, weakened, and defeated by their unbelief. If Muslims in Nigeria demand a right to imprint trademarks of Islam on everything, is it not right that Christians also demand, without mincing words, a right to imprint Jesus Christ even in the air that everyone breathes? If it should not be so, then let the country split this day! Let everyone live by his beliefs since you can’t separate a man from his deepest convictions unless he changes it. No one who pursues his freedom and rights while denying his neighbour of his will ever be free or have any rights.

ll Nigerians: To all who voted for GEJ with every belief that he would do justice, I say: Do not keep silence, do not let it slide this time. If he is wimpy enough to worsen our situation, at least he should call for a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) where people who are men and women enough would speak and stand for their people if he no longer stands for us but PDP and his pocket. Do not, please, be deceived by the political twist of the word “time;” TIME IS NOW! A lion is known by its look and no one dares him. From the look of his leadership so far, he truly is “the peoples’ president” which means that he sits there to wait for our push or pull. Let’s push and pull him in the right directions when duty calls. But if after all, he still insists on his indifference and prostrate state, we can then animate him by massively calling for his impeachment.

A MAN WHO IS BELIEVED IN SHOULD EQUALLY BELIEVE IN HIMSELF. I reiterate this: If Muslims in Nigeria demand a right to imprint trademarks of Islam on everything, Christians also must demand, without mincing words, a right to imprint Jesus Christ even in the air that everyone breathes. It’s no longer a secret that Nigeria shall be divided, but how the separation will be is the matter we should all consider: shall it be in maturity, justice and all rightness, or shall it be a repeat of the terrible past? Looking at the president’s silence, Sanusi’s mad ranting, Boko Haram’s ground and territorial “Al-Qaeda military drills,” and the planned invasion of Nigeria By Al-Qaeda, one can’t help but ponder the meaning of all these and wonder: "Is Nigeria a formal Al-Qaeda country, and is president Goodluck Jonathan its first Al-Qaeda president?" I hope not.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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*Nigeria: Future Lawyers Appeal To Fashola To Pay Bursary

By Bola Odus

Students have called on the Lagos State Government particularly the Governor of the State, Babatunde Fashola to pay up their Bursary in order to acquire more reading materials for their study.

Speaking with Nigerianmail at the Lagos State Law School, Victoria Island, the Students appealed to the government to assist in making their study easier for them.

As part of Lagos State government’s passion for education, it put up a Bursary Scheme where indigenes of the state in all tertiary institutions get a refund of their fees annually. Also, in order to reward hardworking students, the State Government also provided a Scholarship Scheme where students of Lagos State University as a whole that meet 4.0 (GP) at the end of the session get N25,000 which is also equivalent to a refund of their fees. ( Continues below….. )

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, Nigeria

Photo Above: Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, Nigeria

This means State Indigenes of Lagos State University that meet 4.0 at the end of the session get double payment, which is the general bursary of N25,000 and scholarship of N25,000 also.

In this, the Lagos State Law School Students are not left out as the government decided to assist them by refunding the sum of N250,000 to them having paid about N300,000 for their law fees. ( Continues below..... )

The Law

According to a student of the School, Fadekemi who stated that after paying about N300,000, she cannot go back to her parents for books allowance. She said: “My Parents have tried by paying N300,000 for my fees, now I would be an ingrate going back to them to demand for money for books and our books are pretty expensive. Though we heard the Government has paid to the bank, but it’s the bank holding back our money.”

Another Student who pleaded anonymity said: “Even as we round off the session, we appeal to the government to please help in getting the money."

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*Nigeria: "Basic Needs?" No! We Need All Our Needs Met

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

It’s no longer just a mistake to dream small in our time, it’s become a crime committed against oneself. And as a country, it’s not just insulting to keep pressing and demanding for crumbs from our leaders and from democracy, it’s sheer stupidly; it’s a show of foolishness and acute ignorance. From inception, we have magnified and eulogized our “basic needs” in this country until they have become contrabands for the common man. This phrase “basic needs” has become “gold rush” only in the hearts of Nigerians to a point that providing electricity seems to the federal government as difficult as being demanded by the world to provide a cure for HIV; perhaps, even as impossible as raising the dead through scientific means.

“Basic Needs” need not be used anymore in the course of advancement. It’s become both archaic and redundant in a land that must yield because it’s good at maintaining the status quo-the rich getting richer and the poor becoming poorer. What is this jinx of a phrase which has held our leaders bound and has kept them moving round the circle? What does it have with letting every Nigerian living like every other human being on earth? When one carefully considers this phrase as it concerns Nigeria, one cannot help but see that just as “Giant of Africa” should be replaced by “undeserving father,” “basic needs” should also be replaced with “all needs.” ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

The gun becomes a self-threat to a man given many bullets without a good number of pointers. When a lecturer has no real work assigned to him, he joins the school cult; when the police have no true challenges to tackle, they resort from road collection as a hobby to making it a permanent stay. No matter what needs should be met, as long as they are not stated emphatically, then the people saddled with such jobs might as well resort to anything fanciful. That tells why the government of the day looks like the gathering of colleagues-the governors create commissions for almost anything imaginable why the federal duplicate offices. The police is now dancing a higher tune of ignorance.

We need “all our needs” met, Nigerians need every human need met. We have outgrown basic needs and are no longer interested in the “basics” after 50 years of self-governing. It’s an insult on Nigerians when any political leader comes out to speak of things like power, road, and water. These small minds with their absolute lack of will to be creative are exactly the very reasons we have remained where we are. Why, after 50 years of independence, has power supply remained a basic need in Nigeria? Why is it still considered a miracle for us to have good roads after these decades, and water has remained the “rich man’s drink? “ No! We do not need basic needs anymore, we need all our needs met: we need power and water running in every place, roads, rails, seaports, factories, mechanised agric products, raw materials, jobs, justice, good leadership noted for prompt delivery, responsibility, accountability, etc. We need our own pride as fellow humans in this life’s journey.

It is such a small thought as “basic needs” which has kept our so-called leaders non-competitive, drooling, and intoxicated by failures: they lack creativity-most of them, and carry great prefixes like Dr., Chief, Honourable, etc as if they know their meanings or can defend them. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what they veil their faces with whenever they sit before other world leaders, considering their peacock pride which made them think that a name as magnificent as “the giant of Africa” is big enough to frighten away the punishment for ignorance, stupidity, nepotism, and levity. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

It has become clear that small prospects make our leaders even smaller, just as asking for “basic needs” has made Nigerians live with basically nothing. Therefore, henceforth, let us do away with this smallness, with this jinx of a phrase, and sit up to harness our bests. Let’s make our leaders understand that, though we may walk about, we know the value of driving around; that, even when we queue for kerosene as if it’s a ticket to heaven, we know how much better life would be with electric cookers in our homes. Amnesty should no longer be lucrative; it is an insult to every sensible Nigerian. Instead of crumbs in the name of amnesty and rehabilitation trainings, we need establishments that will make us not seem insane-we need our normal lives back. And if Nigeria can’t afford that now, let it divide!

Away with “basic needs” list! Away with leaders who champion the “basic needs” agenda! Away with mediocrity-with this generational numbness! Let us rise above the desires to survive unto the wills to live and thrive. God has already given us the “basic needs” when He gave us life, air, and the resources with which we have to live out our fullest potentials. Any leader who still centres his political astuteness on “basic needs” is not just an ignoramus, he is showing both his ignorance and his inability to lead anymore, and such persons should be uprooted from offices and places of responsibilities, and their works given to people willing, able, and ready to deliver.

What’s all this celebration of blindness in the midst of a beautiful light? Why do we seem to derive the great joy and feeling of having done something simply by playing the monkey games day in, day out? If any of our leaders claim to be even slightly educated, or even trained by a good father, let him simply shine and illuminate all areas. For some time now, Prof. Barth Nnaji has been shouting at the top of his voice that power availability in Nigeria will not be feasible before 2014, what a shame; however, whenever their house generators give any sign of being unstable, they simply replace them without any second thought. It’s time for our youths to challenge their numbness and their claims to knowledge when, indeed, they know nothing.

The general air of joy and "a goddess has come to our rescue" attitude all over Nigeria as a result of the good Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's coming into this new government should be a thing of shame to the supposedly “Giant of Africa” where people like her are all over the land while the government goes about picking people notorious for looting and callousness. We are tired of and worn out with your slumbers, but if you must wallow in your small minds, step down from those seats and retire to your beds!

We want all our needs met, we no longer ask for basic needs since God had made them available to all. Better still, we demand you assent to the people calling for their freedom from Nigeria since it’s no longer news that Nigeria has no iota of space for unity, tolerance, peace or progress. It's left for Nigerians to decide whether they would galdly remain in a forced-country where unity is compelled in the absence of life or to gain their freedom, go their separate ways, and establish themselves in a truly united state.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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*The Art & Culture of Living Above One's Income

By Kali Gwegwe

Corruption has since turned into an art following the sophistication of anti-graft protocols by national governments and the global community. The reason for this development is not far fetched. It has been acknowledged globally that corruption is mostly responsible for the many cases of poor political leadership, pandemic poverty, snail-speed economic growth, decaying socio-economic infrastructure, and political instability especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It has also become an acceptable norm for people who occupy public offices to acquire fleet of expensive automobiles and own landed properties in major cities across the globe. Those who fail to meet this mark are hurriedly dismissed as dull or out of tone with current realities. This is most regrettable. ( Continues below….. )

Map of the World

A careful analysis of this sad development has shown that people are forced into living above their incomes for varying reasons. Chief among them are weak national socio-economic framework which is too feeble to support citizens survive on their legitimate incomes. People are therefore forced to seek alternative means of finding funds to take care of their basic necessities such as shelter, food, clothing, health care, and educational needs of their families. This is one of the many ways corruption grow in developing societies.

There is no gainsaying that in addition to the high level of unemployment, close to 50% of Nigerian subsistent farmers, artisans, and junior workers in the public service earn barely $1 dollar daily. Another 30% earn about $2 daily while 20% earn close to $5 daily. The percentage of Nigerians that earn up to $100 daily is less than 10%. With such realities staring us in the face, one can rush to the conclusion that most Nigerians are living above their legitimate incomes going by the cost of imported cars, household equipments, and sprawling mansions springing up every minute of the day across the country.

Disturbed by the near boiling-point anger of the masses, the political class has now devised some strange mechanisms to launder proceeds of corruption. These are in the form of outrageous allowances, over invoicing of contracts, frivolous travels and seminars among others. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

As part of efforts to discourage people from living above their legitimate incomes, government must act fast and address the following issues:

1. Reduce to the barest minimum, the percentage of unemployment and poverty
2. Carry out Socio-cultural re-orientation
3. Redesign the nation’s anti-graft protocols

In order to achieve these three fundamental objectives, government will need to energise the organized private sector to stimulate rapid national economic growth with specific emphasis on agriculture and other non-oil sectors of the economy. This will not only expand the employment market but also help to reduce poverty significantly. With this development, crime rate will fall drastically.

Furthermore, government will have to embark on the revitalization of all national socio-economic infrastructures like roads and power in order to reduce the high cost of doing business. Government should also pursue the inland waterways and railway transport infrastructure as part of efforts to reduce the high cost of moving goods and services around the country. Insecurity is another problem threatening the nation’s economic growth. ( Continues below..... )

Tafa Balogun, Nigeria's former Inspector-General of  Police in cuffs being taken to court  April 4, 2005,  after arrest for corruption.

Photo Above: Tafa Balogun, Nigeria's former Inspector-General of Police in cuffs being taken to court by EFCC April 4, 2005, after arrest for corruption.

The various security agencies should collaborate and invest massively in intelligence gathering mechanism. More than that, government should strengthen existing specialized banks like Bank of Industry and National Agriculture and Cooperative Bank to provide cheaper access to funds for farmers and those that desire to establish new businesses. The commercial banks are usually not ideal for these kinds of enterprises.

The National Orientation Agencies to me have not been doing enough to service its mandate. The agency should liaise with religious, social, and community based organisations to re-orient citizens on the importance of hard work and integrity.

In addition to all the existing anti-graft legislations establishing and empowering both the EFCC and ICPC, there is still the important need to establish a National Wealth Verification Commission (NWVC). Whoever- citizen or foreigner that intends to spend N3m or more should be required by law to approach any recognized court of law to swear to an affidavit indicating the sources of the fund and lodge the original copy with the NWVC. Within a maximum of 24 hours, the deponent will be issued a clearance certificate with which to spend the said amount.

However, the issuance of the Clearance Certificate must not be tied to confirmation of facts deposed to by the deponent. NWVC will however within a period of not more than 12 months carry out thorough investigation of sources of funds and issue a Certificate of Confirmation of the previous Clearance Certificate. Where the deponent is found to have sworn to a doubtful or false affidavit, such person will be prosecuted in a specialized court set up to try cases of financial corruption alone. It is my belief that the introduction of NWVC will go a very long way to reduce the menace of corruption in Nigeria.

Kali Gwegwe, CEO, Nigeria Democracy Watchtower writes from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State and can be reached at ( 0806 407 4810 )

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*Nigeria: $800b To Rebuild The East

By Azubuike Ekwueme

Our Eastern ethnicities, the Igbo, Ibibio, Ijaw, Efik, Oron and others, this initiative is for you. We must rise and come together to implement this peace project. In this bid to repair the damaged Eastern third let of the Nigeria tripod, we must never be seen to be afraid or perceived to be afraid. We, the Eastern democrats are not alone, and will never be alone. We need to listen Basil King, when he advised that; Be bold and resolute, and mighty forces will come to your aid. The East being natural democrats, should entertain no fears whatsoever. Democracies all around the world are waiting for us to begin, waiting for us to just say the word. They do understand that East has been hurt in Nigeria, that Niger Delta had been robbed, decimated, poisoned and irreversibly harmed. They understand that the East had been eviscerated, mocked and dumped. We have friends, we have to have our nerves and our thoughts. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria defunct East

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing defunct Eastern Region(East)

Fixing the East

The future of Nigeria could have belonged to the East. But the civil war robbed the East of its future. With its ebullient and hard working citizenry, economic drive, a natural democratic DNA, the old Eastern Region could have become the Dubai of Africa, even without OIL. We could have become the shinning region on a hill. However, that was not to be, we have been robbed. Instead of becoming a Dubai, we've became an Ajegunle conclave. When compared to the Western or Northern Nigeria, Eastern Nigeria has returned to the bush. We were and are still defeated, marginalized and robbed. The East has been denigrated, divided and poisoned. Nigeria milked our OIL and decimated our land. They stole from us and allowed us die hungry in the midst of plenty, in our marshes and creeks. So, they deliberately kicked in the eastern third leg of the stool, and dared us to say a word. Soon, they are down in delta to kill and destroy our villages.

Now, we are going to address these problems with a view to fixing the East. This clear-sighted epiphany was imbued in us by our creator, when he made us natural democrats. We have the imprints of Democracy in our DNA. It is a fact.

The time has come for the Igbo ethnic nation to hold hands with Ijaw ethnic nation, Ibibio ethnic nation as well as Efik ethnic nation across the East. Our purpose is to each send a powerful delegation for the unity of the East. Our brother the president, GEA Jonathan will be listening. It is time to fix the broken third leg of our national tripod. This is the time to rebuild the East, all the East. This is the time to uproot the evil tree planted by the last war. Folks, this is what the doctor has ordered. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

The Delegation

Delegation members will include all the constellations of stars and great men and women of the East. Great names like, Ambassador Uwechue, Pat Utomi, Donald Duke, Rotimi Amaechi, Oyibo Odinanmdu, Gov Akpabio, Gov. S Chime, Gov. Obi, Gov. Orji, Gov. Okorocha, People’s Servant Charles Okereke, The Obi of Onitsha, The Obi of Asaba, Obi of Agbor, Sen. President Nnamani, Jim Nwobodo and our Catholic, as well as our Protestant Bishops. Let us point them to the reconciliation bar. Let us send these people to President GEA Jonathan to talk unity, unity of all the East. We will fix the East. If necessary, Obama people might be able to help. Fixing the damaged third leg of our tripod is job number one. Tam David West, Edwin Clarke could be invited if they promise to be statesmen in good behavior.

A necessity

Take a look at the INECS statistics of registered voters below.

South West Nigeria 15 Million
North East Nigeria 8 Million
North Central 8 Million
South South Nigeria 8 Million
South East Nigeria 7 Million
Total 64 million

What do you see in the statistics below? Northern and Western Nigeria are absorbing populations from the S/South and S/East at an alarming rate. This forced migration from the East is the intentional policy of the Federal government to under develop the East, to depopulate the East, and make them inconsequential as a conquered region. The people that fought the war, the East is still paying dearly for that war. That is why fixing the East is vitally necessary at this point in time? With respect to time, there can be no better time than now. Jonathan is key. With regards to why, we must uproot the evil tree planted by the defeating army. It has held the East down from real power. This evil has forced us to become second class citizens. We must refuse to become thirsty in a stream of flowing natural water. Nobody has the right to break up the East. They do not have that right. We will take our East back. Nigerian army destroyed the Eastern region and handcuffed our cohesion. They did this not because of the coup majors, but for the sake of OIL. When they got our OIL, they did nothing for us. Instead they built Abuja, and they built Lagos, and nothing in the East. They took the golden eggs from the Eastern goose. As far as I know, before the war, there had been no major instance of misunderstanding between the ethnic communities of the East region. If there were any, they would be very minimal indeed. The East has got be fixed for the future of the East and its people. ( Continues below….. )

Azubuike Ekwueme

Photo Above: Azubuike Ekwueme (Author of article)


The people of the East are going to ask the president, Jonathan to literally, drop $800 billion dollars to rebuild the East from the ravages of the civil war. Eastern region has paid an inordinate price for the war it did not cause. This initiative is vitally important for these two reasons;

1. The quickest way to redevelop Nigeria is to help Lagos with its aggravating population density. If we effectively develop the Easter part of Nigeria, the crowd of unemployed youth will evacuate Lagos or Abuja and head for the East. Employment seekers will have another alternative other than Lagos or Abuja.

2. All Southerners and Middle Belt people in the danger zones of Jos, Plateau state, may now relocate to the East, to jobs and to businesses without fear. Depopulating Lagos and Abuja is vital for wider economic development of the nation. High unemployment index in the East, makes "kidnapping" attractive. This initiative will manage our problems and keep it to acceptable levels. Eventually, problems will go away as the things of the past. The East would then bounce back as the beacon region again.

SENEC (Southeast Nigeria Economic Commission) has its work cut out for it. SENEC, hopefully will have done its job of articulating the infrastructural needs of the East. It will have the opportunity to present the EASTERN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR initiatives. These initiatives are for all of the former members of the Eastern Region. You may read more about this initiative in the link below.

This commission will advise and persuade president Jonathan's administration to give the East a much needed infrastructural development. The northerners and Westerners had this odious policy of starve, and humble the East. They blatantly refused to build any infrastructure in the East. Take for instance, the much needed second Niger Bridge at Asaba-Onitsha. This is a federal project for interstate commerce. Because if connected Igbo people across the Niger, it was denied. It took an Easterner, an Ijaw man to make Enugu and international airport. The ethnicities that won the war, that had ruled Nigeria since after the war are bad for the East.

From the Onitsha river port to Onne port, from Port Harcourt port, to Calabar port, all the ports in the East will have to be re-developed to the same level as the Lagos ports. Tinapa that is renowned as a world class entertainment destination, must be revived and make to shine. Akanu Ibiam International Airport must be rebuilt to reflect the new international designation and status. Enugu Coal mine will have to be resuscitate and made to provide alternative power source. Mega Mall of the Africa will replace the current Onitsha market. The biggest mall in all of Nigeria, indeed West Africa has to be built at Onitsha. Second Niger Bridge which ostensibly had been a federal project, but then neglected, will have to built to a six lane thoroughfare with zeal and speed. Let us then ask president Jonathan for the first time, to look eastward, and let it rip. It is time to spend $800 billion dollars, not Naira, to develop the patched, hungry, and marginalized Eastern peoples. The Eastern Airspace, and Eastern ports must be completely up-developed. The north has got theirs. The West has got theirs. It is the time for the East, all the East.

Minorities not to fear

One of the great things that emerged after the war is the 36 states structure which has remained a solace for all ethnicities. You know you're in your own state and no one is coming to boss you around. This state structure of Nigeria shall remain inviolable. It gives every ethnicity the sense of belonging. They can now better manage their own people. It has to remain sacrosanct. The states has made each ethnic minority masters of their own domain. There'll no longer a question of the majority riding rough shod over anybody or dominating them. Having own state frees up the East for political, economic cooperation. Such venture will be in the task of creating a fresh ideological based polity. What we are talking about is willful participation in an arbiter summit, to bring the people of the East back together. The East is the fertilized soil from which true Democracy should rise and flower to all Nigerians. We remain the only proto-Republican region in all of Nigeria. We'd hone in on our DNA and become a sub regional Democracy. The East is neither feudal like the Hausa-Fulani, nor monarchical like the Edo and the Yoruba. We are democrats in the making. But this is a matter for another day.

A Plea to the Igbo

Umuigbo, in God's name, please do not ridicule this article, or tear it to shreds, do not call anybody any names, do not insult anybody. Let us remember that if the Igbo ever expect to reconcile with our minority brothers and sisters, we must be seen and understood as "not threatening" either with our words or deeds. We, the Igbo must show the world that we are a compassionate people, as the older George Bush will have it, "kinder, gentler" Igbo people.

The Igbo will find it harder to prosper without Port Harcourt, so reconciliation is extremely vital.

Let the Igbo understand that " a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still" . So, verbally beating an unconvinced Ikwerre man or Ibibio man over the head repeatedly, will never make him or her see things our way. The opposite is the truth. It'll drive them further and further away from us. Let us become more adroit, more compassionate, less confrontational, and while doing this, keep our site on our goal. Our goal is or should be, establishing the Eastern Economic Corridor with Port Harcourt, Calabar, Onitsha as key ports. On the internet, please let us hold back our fire and become less pugnacious. Think of it this way - Ndigbo must understand the burden of being a big brother, a prudent big brother, with the knowledge of how to handle intra-ethnic human relations.

I have said it before, I'll say it again. Let the Igbo become a kinder , gentler big brother, to the Ijaw, Ikwerre, Ibibio, Efik and other minorities of the East. It is in our vital economic interest. Imagine if your brother or sister runs away from home, and says he or she no longer belongs to the family, what'd you do? Prudence will will demand that we go the "kinder, gentler" route. Dragging them by their hair, slapping them, cursing them is definitely NOT the way to go? That is illogical. A thinking person will choose his or her words carefully, obviously. Ndigbo gee nti.

There is no better time than now to rebuild the East. 2011 is the year, our year.

Azubuike Ekwueme can be reached at

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*Peter Obi: The Risen Sun At Fifty

By Valentine Obienyem

On the 16th of March, 2006, through a piece entitled Obi: the Rising Sun, I joined other Nigerians, especially the people of Anambra State in celebrating what I called the epochal liberation of Anambra State from the jaws of election riggers. At that time, Mr. Peter Obi was pronounced the winner of the Anambra State 2003 gubernatorial election. Part of that article reads: “The week before the judgement of the Court of Appeal on the gubernatorial case between Mr. Peter Obi and Dr. Chris Ngige, all the newspapers carried the news of the impending judgement. In our circle, we discussed that up till the 13th of March, when one Mr. Paulinus Adike wrote a rejoinder to my article. Reacting to my friends who called my attention to the article, I said: Ngige’s sun is setting, let us focus on the rising sun.”

I went on, by way of advice, to tell Mr. Peter Obi what awaited him thus: “The rising sun, Mr. Peter Obi, has a Herculean task ahead. Now is not the time for this or that article, it is not even a time to be carried away in the euphoria of victory, but the time calls for deep reflection, especially on the part of Mr. Peter Obi. Though he has long articulated a programme of action, now is the time for soul searching and re-dedication of oneself to the task ahead.”

Worried that he might not have enough time to prove himself, when his full tenure of four years was still a moot point, I wrote: “As Obi takes over the mantle of leadership in Anambra, he has an onerous task of surpassing Ngige’s achievements. In fact, when people were asking him to rest his ambition till the year 2007, I was one of those that disagreed, on the reason that he should prove himself not to be distracted by the clamour of some calling on him to give up. Some people got annoyed and even transferred their support to Ngige. A good lesson that may be drawn from the entire thing is that eternal vigilance and commitment are the prices to be paid for justice. A man should be able to stand for something. As for Obi, he is faithful to the practice of honour and virtue according to the dictates of his inmost voice which is, in some mystic sense, the word of God in the hearts of men; he kept faith with the people of Anambra state.” ( Continues below..... )

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Always generous to Ngige, I continued: “I particularly commend the passing words from the former Governor, Dr. Chris Ngige, who pledged to support him. Beyond this, Obi should quickly come to terms with the fact that Ngige has set a kind of high jump for him, which also is a challenge. The only way he can prove to the people of Anambra that Ngige actually stole his programme of action is to strive to perform better than he did. Thus, besides repairs and construction of roads, he should look at other areas that Ngige neglected and do something about them. A good case is the issue of an airport for the state. Do not tell me that Enugu and Imo have airports that can service Anambra. Anambra has a lot of distinguished people in business and other areas, who need air transportation to meet their mounting needs.

Another area Obi would have to look at is the issue of some people thinking that Anambra has become their birthright – a version of godfatherism. At the inception of his administration, he should face the task of re-building with his usual puritanical zeal of a Hebrew prophet and the broad calm of the Greek sage. He should choose men of like minds as Commissioners, Special Assistants, and Special Advisers to help him. He should shun the friendship of those that would have eyes on the fortunes of the state. To be steadfast on this would mean making some enemies, but the God that saw your triumph would be with you.”

Not happy with the way Awka looked, I said to him: “Awka, the capital of our state, is developing but needs a facelift that calls for the review of its Master Plan (as at the time of writing, I did not know that no Anambra city had a master plan, which have been provided by Gov. Obi with the support of UNHABITAT). As a new town, Awka is a new city and developing it is relatively easy from the point of view of architecture. Unlike towns such as Onitsha, what should be done is to build roads, provide electricity and water and behold the people of the state would erect buildings and a modern town is built.”

I had some words for him on APGA: “Obi has to realise that All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) remains a party through which he realised his ambition. Unfortunately, crises after crises succeeded in tearing the party apart. While we give kudos to people like Chief Victor Umeh who were steadfast in upholding the principles of APGA, we regret the lack of moral fibre in some that was APGA’s undoing. In the spirit of a new beginning, Obi should be concerned with reconciling various APGA factions and returning it to a happy family that it used to be, especially as election season draws nearer.” ( Continues below..... )

Governor Peter Obi And Wife

Photo Above: Governor Peter Obi (Left), Wife (Right)

On attracting industries I wrote: “Obi is an international businessman and a lover of education. We expect him to use his international connection to attract one or more serious factories to Anambra state. We commend the refinery being built at Anyamelum Local Government Area by the Orient group. We need more investment of that proportion in Anambra state and the South East. We also need people who can build Universities in the State, especially in this era of private universities. With Madonna as the only private university of big capacity, we are seriously lagging behind.”

On how to keep track with his Government and on a general note, I submitted: “As Obi settles down to work, we shall follow him closely and, by and by, offer more advice and input for the success of his administration. With time, the travails of Mr. Peter Obi need to be documented for posterity. It exposed the nature of man, to see how those who knew about the truth shamelessly decided to be on the part of falsehood. Though their defences suffered from empty amplifications, deceptive analogies and rhetorical tricks, some of them managed to rationalise, here and there. It is a lesson that with logical minds, even evil can be rationalised on that some may be tempted to accept it. Man’s infinite capacity to rationalise made somebody to even condemn forks as contrary to the will of God, who “could not have given us fingers if He had wanted us to use forks.”

But after everything is said and done, we are glad that the truth has triumphed. Once again we commend those who are not from Anambra, but showed more than a passing concern on the travails of the state. Their actions remind one of Terrence’s Self Tormentor, where a father forbade his son from marrying his choice girl. When the son persisted, the father disowned and banished him. A neighbour wanted to mediate; the father asks why he takes so kindly an interest in the troubles of others. He replies – Homo sum; humani nihil a me alienum (I am human and nothing human is alien to men). The rationalists tried to warm some non-Anambrarians to keep off, but they commendably acted like characters in Self-Tormentor.

Beyond all this, as it is now, the new reality has overcome everything. This reality calls for all of us to rally round Obi and move Anambra forward, I mean rationalists, idealists, realists and even utopists.”

Now in the 6th year of his tenure as the Governor and in the 50th year that he burst into the world, how shall we describe him?

At fifty, he is in the July of his life. We can no longer call him the rising sun for his sun is risen. What he needs now is to keep the sun aglow as fire keeps water simmering and I am quite sure he is determined to do it.

Today, he is not a member of the PDP, but the chieftains of the PDP prefer to deal with him on matters of values and integrity. He represents the zingiest, what the Germans call the “spirit of the time.” He is bravely championing those things the times require for Nigeria to move on, including cutting the cost of governance, respect for the sacredness of elections, using public funds for what they are meant for, respect for the rights of man and many more. Due to his commitment, he is poised to leave one of the best legacies in governance in Nigeria through his work. Shall we recapitulate them?

On assumption of office, the Governor adopted the Millennium Development Goals as the vision of Anambra State and went on to adopt the Anambra State Integrated Development Strategy (ANIDS) as a vehicle through which the vision will be achieved. Today, he is passionate about the MDGS and is doing everything possible to achieve it by the year 2015. With ANIDS, he is working on all sectors, developing them simultaneously. ( Continues below..... )

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Anambra State Governor Peter Obi ( Photo 2 )

Thus, through ANIDS of Peter Obi, Anambra has made a significant leap on development. Today, among other states, Anambra is regarded as a State of many firsts, because it has a governor who has done many things that ought to have been done in the State a long time ago. It will be difficult capturing all he has done in Anambra State; nevertheless, here we go even if only to clear the doubts intentionally created in the minds of those genuinely looking for what the Governor has been able to do.

Gov. Obi has completed the construction of the 1st and 2nd phases of the Ultra modern State Secretariat – the first Secretariat in the State since creation. He built the Onitsha Business Park adjudged as the first of its kind in the country. He has started another one, now nearing completion because 75% of the cost of the first one realized from rent fees, was ploughed into the second. He has constructed the Faculties of Law, Engineering, Mass Communications and Social Science buildings at the State University. He has started the development of the permanent site of the University’s campus at Igbariam: a 7-km perimeter fence has been completed; three giant buildings are rising up to the sky - faculties of Management Sciences, Agriculture as well as the Administrative/Senate buildings.

Obi has rebuilt all the structures burnt down in the State during the mayhem of November, 2004, when reactionary forces set the State on fire. He started and completed from the scratch, the burnt Umueri General Hospital, and over 20 different buildings in our Hospitals and Medical Institutions. Examples are: Heart Centre (Onitsha General Hospital), Kidney Dialysis Centre (Onitsha General Hospital), An Administrative Block (School of Nursing and Midwifery, Nkpor), Classroom Blocks (School of Nursing and Midwifery, Nkpor), Resident Doctors’ Quarters (Onitsha General Hospital), Medical and Pharmaceutical Stores (Amaku General Hospital), Maternity Complex (Onitsha General Hospital), Special Medical Ward (Amaku General Hospital), Hostel Block (School of Nursing and Midwifery, Nkpor), New Auditorium (School of Nursing, Nkpor), Classroom Blocks (School of Health Technology, Obosi), etc. As a result of this, Anambra State which did not have any accredited hospital and health institution as at 2006, now has Onitsha General Hospital and some health institutions accredited, while the accreditation of Amaku and Ekwulobia are being pursued.

Gov. Obi started the dredging of Nwangene, the first time this is being done since Independence. He also facilitated the on-going dredging of Sacamori. He provided over 40 new buses for the State Transport Corporation (TRACAS) and bought 90 vehicles for ANIDS Transport, which has, through plough back of profit, risen to 185 vehicles. He started and completed two mini-stadia at Onitsha North and South LG Councils.

Gov Obi was the first to start the planned equipping of all Secondary Schools in Anambra State with complete laboratories and computers. He has so far covered about 200 schools. He has also bought over 120 brand new buses for Secondary Schools in the State, the first of such a gesture since the state’s creation in 1991. He is systematically providing computers to schools in Anambra State, apart from providing them with INTERNET connectivity and water.

When he came, no Water Scheme was functional in the State. He has revived the Amawbia Water Scheme; presently he is working on 17 water schemes some of which are: Obizi Water Scheme, Agulu-Aguinyi, Dunukofia, Nibo, Nimo, Ukpor and Azigbo Water Schemes.

Pre-Obi, no international or donor agency operated in the State. Having restored confidence and integrity in Government business, they are all coming back: European Union, World Bank, UNDP, UN-Habitat, USAID, DFID, among others. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Through deft diplomacy, he has attracted Federal Agencies to open shops in the State, such as the Corporate Affairs Commission, Central Bank, Standards Organization of Nigeria, among others. He started and completed the Prof. Kenneth Dike Central Library, the first library in the State since 1966. The Obi administration is committed to the building of human infrastructure and is championing training and retraining of civil servants and value re-orientation.

He has asphalted over 500kms of roads, the highest by any administration since the creation of the State. He is also building about 15 bridges in different parts of the State, some completed, others on going. He has also distributed over 300 transformers as part of the measures to tackle energy problem. He has completed the Ministry of Justice Building and Judges’ Quarters in Onitsha and Awka.

Gov Obi is tackling the menace of erosion in the State with the seriousness it deserves; working on over 27 erosion sites, he recently commissioned the Nkpor (Agulu Avenue) and Ebenebe erosion sites.

In his desire to open up the State to foreign investors, he has attracted two fortune 500 companies to Anambra State, one of them SABmiller of South Africa is already building its facility in the State. But rather than appreciate these, some people have vowed to hound them out of the State. But how can we explain this?

Apart from prompt payment of salaries and pensions, he paid all the arrears owed during Dr. Mbadinuju’s Government. He has paid all gratuities up to 2010 to retirees, with promise that gratuities will be paid within three months of retirement.

Obi remains the only Governor to visit schools in the State, including primary and secondary schools. He has sustained the routine grant-in-aid to institutions owned by voluntary agencies that serve the interest of the people of the state such as hospitals and schools.

He has donated communication gadgets, over 200 patrol vehicles and some Armoured Personnel Carriers to security agencies in the State as well as offering them logistics support. Recently, he inaugurated the State Security Trust Fund for the security of the people of the State. He has provided Government Functionaries, Ministries, Agencies, Commissions, etc with official and operational vehicles.

Above all, the State Government does not owe any financial institution, a feat possible only in Anambra State under the man Thisday newspaper acknowledged as the most financially prudent, Peter Obi.

The result of all these and more is that Obi is silently re-branding Anambra State through good deeds that have made the State to be gradually shedding the toga of war for the toga of peace and development.

In private business before becoming a governor, he proved himself in the corporate world chairing many companies, including being the Chairman of Fidelity Bank plc.

With all the foregoing, one can say that it has been 50 quality years. Those that gaze at crystal balls, like our own Igirigi Achusim, will tell us that his future is still greater than his past. Those of us without crystal balls agree with him when we see him through his work. What more dues can history demand from him that he has not paid? We wish him many happy returns.

Obienyem wrote this piece from Awka, Anambra State.

RELATED ARTICLE => Nigeria: Peter Obi Holds Post-Election Press Conference

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*Reuben Abati: Why Snakes Change Skin

By Kali Gwegwe

I grew in an environment surrounded by thick forest on all sides. Seeing snakeskins was therefore not strange to me because there was never a week I did not stumble on one or more while playing in my dad’s then beautiful and serene landscaped compound. In my childhood innocence, snakes meant just one thing to me: a shy crawling creature that loves changing cloths always. I was however not jealous because my father succeeded in making his children to accept the fact that unhealthy desires were sin against God and man. Mind you, not many parents were that lucky.

As years continue to take the better part of my sojourn on earth, my childhood opinion about snakes began to melt like ice-cream on a sunny afternoon in Kano or Sokoto. Interestingly, I have come to realize that snakes mean different things to different people. While some snakes are poisonous, others are not. Even though, many will detest the presence of snakes around them, some keep them as pets. There are others- snake charmers who are believed to possess the ability to manipulate the mind of these multi-specie creatures. ( Continues below...... )

A python snake

Photo Above: A python snake

Since I appreciate how much space religion occupies in the consciousness of Nigerians; let me take a plunge into the deep waters of the Bible to appraise the unique place of snakes in the lives of Christians, which I am one. While commissioning His disciples in readiness for the task of spreading the gospel of hope and salvation in an unfriendly world, Jesus Christ said in Matthew 10:16: “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” What will you find if one takes down the walls surrounding this counsel? Two mysteries. The first one is wisdom if in the midst of unfriendly people. The second mystery is magnanimity in victory. ( Continues below….. )

Holy Bible

This brings me to the foundation of my piece. There are usually two camps in human life. You are either on the defensive or on offensive. Whichever camp one finds him or her self, there is a moral code of engagement. This is where many people- especially newspaper columnists have failed. The fact that the media is the conscience of the society is no longer in doubt. The problem has been that many newspaper columnists and reporters only celebrate failures and ignore excellence. They believe that it is unprofessional to clap for political leaders even when the need becomes obvious. Those that sing praises of the excellent efforts of politicians are quickly tagged “corrupt” or “derailed.” Funny enough, the apostles of “anti” and “attack” brand of journalism will not bother to point their high beam torchlights to dry grounds in order to enable the masses walk through hard grounds. This does not make sense.

As a commentator on contemporary issues, I do admire the philosophy behind the “attack” brand of journalism. I however do complement writings with quite a handful of “how tos.” Every criticism must come with one or more alternative ideas. This makes it positive and healthy for the growth of democracy.

Unarguably, Reuben Abati is among the small community of Christian journalists that heeded the counsel of Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew 10:16. He has lived most of his public life as a snake when the situation demanded and like a dove if it was necessary. This is one reason snakes change skin. ( Continues below...... )

Reuben Abati

Photo Above: Reuben Abati, Chairman Guardian Newspaper editorial board & Senior Special Adviser On Communication To The Presidency

Now that Reuben Abati has just changed skin, I want to hope that the unambiguous job prescription of a spokesperson of the president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria will not make him live all his days in Aso Rock only as a dove. No doubt, the snake in him will help his charmer- the president to be on his toes always. Benefit? Democracy would be energised and the masses will have many reasons to rejoice.

However, while I was on the last paragraph of this piece, a close friend of my family called to inform me that a snake has just bitten its charmer at the market square. I tried to find out what happened afterwards but his line went dead. Each time I made attempt to get back to him, a mysterious feminine voice kept on reminding me that my friend’s number has been switched off. Because of the nature of his job, my friend will never switch off his phone. Could it be a problem of flat battery? Immediately, my mind flashed to PHCN. Abati- sorry, God help Nigeria!

Kali Gwegwe, CEO, Nigeria Democracy Watchtower writes from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State and can be reached at ( 0806 407 4810 )

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*Nigeria: Ikemba Nnewi, Ndigbo Remembers You!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

A nation without men is not. Any family without a son needs divine help. But sons are born while men are made. Chief General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was born a son, and having been trained by his noble father into manhood, he became a man with a difference. Because he had a noble birth and knew himself when other sons where busy playing in the sand, God became involved in his life. When he was sent to the United Kingdom by his father to take a seemingly lucrative course, he, knowing his relevance in life on time, decided to read history instead.

As Ikemba returned from the Great Britain to “Ala nna anyi,” and to his father estate, he, having seen the need to be relevant in the history of a great people called Nigerians, he immediately told his father he was going to join the army. But his father, being one of the richest in his time and having built enough business empire for his children, urged, ordered, and threatened his son to give up his ambition of joining the Nigerian army. But Ojukwu wouldn’t bulge. At this time, he has seen clearly his relevance in life. ( Continues below….. )

Charles O. Okereke and Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

Photo Above: Chief (aka People's Servant) Charles O. Okereke( left ), Chief (General - rtd.) Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu( right ) Click For Enlarged Photo

As a result of his refusal to chicken out and fall under the fears of his father, the fear every father has for his son’s future, he plunged into the army without delay. But he soon discovered that his father, being influential in the society, had asked the officer in charge of recruitment to reduce him to an ordinary private, in one of his efforts to dissuade him from his ambition, even though his qualifications warranted an automatic promotion into an officer. And so, Ojukwu, undeterred by this treatment, went ahead and became a private in the Nigerian army, thus becoming the first graduate to enter the armed force as a “nobody.”

As a result of his many abilities and graces, he climbed to the position of a lieutenant colonel and became the governor of the then Eastern region. But after the first coup which saw Major General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi Ironsi as the first military leader in Nigeria, a coup which came about as a counter-measure to the killing of the Yoruba in the North, the entire North started a killing spree on all Ndigbo and the South Easterners amongst them, claiming the coup to be an Igbo thing even when it was the military agreement in favour of the Yoruba. Many attempts by Ojukwu and the South Eastern leaders to get the Gowon-led government to stop this pogrom proved abortive, while he, Gowon, the commander-in-chief, was happily watching in silence while his brothers main innocent people in their midst.

It was as a result of this wickedness in the face of a seemingly well-orchestrated plan by the North, in agreement with Britain, to wipe out Ndigbo and their brothers that moved our fathers to long for freedom even when we were trying to manage the wrong and unholy union called Nigeria. Knowing fully well that the best way to deal with an enemy who has sworn to destroy you and everything you stand for is only to cut off from him and protect yourself, Ndigbo, led by Colonel Ojukwu, declared the Republic of the Sovereign state of Biafra on 30 May 1967. And through the years of resistance against evil, strength in the face of danger, faith in the midst of famine, determination in the face of the combined threats of the Nigerian-Gowon-led government and its colonial master, and resilience in opposition to the spirit of defeat, Lieutenant Colonel Ojukwu rightly rose from the insulting rank of a colonel to his rightful place as a general, the general of his beloved people. ( Continues below..... )

 Map of Igboland

Photo Above: Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria )

Many years later and when it was clear that the Western world were still wallowing in the ignorance of the sanctity of human existence, Biafran elders decided that, as is usually the case, the general leave the new country for a while. When the war was forced to an end by a combined strategy of denial and genocide by the Nigerian government, and many years after the Nigerian government declared it to be a “no victor, no vanquished” affair, the Ikemba returned home.

Forty years has come and gone since the civil war which was declared square, but Chief Ojukwu has been openly and systematically frustrated out of the Nigerian wheel. The result of the war which left us all with N20 each, no matter how much you had, altered Ndigbo. Yakubu Gowon was later, in many places, recognised by the Nigerian government and awarded many medals as a great leader who committed war crimes against the very people he claimed were “fellow Nigerians.” However, not even a deserved recognition of bravery, heroism, and selflessness in his sacrifice for his people whom the Nigerian government still insists are part of them was given to Ojukwu, who was and has since been looked upon by fools and worthless people before whom the Ikemba is a glorious giant were the British brave enough to let men fend for themselves as inconsequential. ( Continues below….. )

 Ojukwu and Okadigbo

Photo Above: Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu( left ), Chuba Okadigbo( right )

To the Nigerian government, I say: if indeed the civil war was a “no victor, no vanquished” affair, why did you honour and still honour Gowon while you disregard Ojukwu? Do you not know, or perhaps, see that it’s no longer a secret your plans to disregard the generation of Ndigbo in the Nigerian government by your complete disregard to the one who led the fight for our freedom and that of our children? If you insist that you were right in ignoring him because ”he lost the war” or because “it was a no victor, no vanquished,” why do you feed on the fear of an independent Ndigbo, a Sovereign state of Biafra?

To Ohanaeze Ndigbo, to all sons and daughters of Igbo land, I say: give honour to whom honour is due. Let it be known all over the world that we are not a forgetful and ungrateful people. General Odumegwu-Ojukwu fought for our freedom with all of him- his conviction, determination, wisdom, freedom, peace, wealth, and that of his father, is it an impossible thing for Ohanaeze to openly and formally recognize this great icon and insist that all his full rights and entitlement be restored to him, rights stolen by the Nigerian government? ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states and capital (Abuja or FCT)

To all Igbo sons and daughters, I say: Whoever amongst Ndigbo thinks that any mistake Ojukwu may have made in the course of this quest for freedom disqualified him from being who he is? It’s unfair and a wicked thing to turn around and condemn your father when all he has been doing all his life is think of you, and work tirelessly for your better future.

To our great father, Chief General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, I humbly say: you are a blessed man, sir; blessed from the womb, and your seed is blessed. We are blessed as a people to have you, both as a son, a father, a leader, and a friend. Ani Igbo will never forget your commitment to her, our children shall always sing you in our songs. No single father in all of Ani Igbo who has sacrificed for his clan what you have for Ndigbo. If you had not stood up for us, we may have been totally swept under the carpet in Nigeria by now.

What you did for us has been a very difficult task for the whole Ohanaeze body to comprehend. But I say: your expectations will not be cut off, your children will be free and your land will bring forth crops again. May God bless a great man who deserves great honour. In the midst of your enemies, may God prepare a giant table of varieties for you. My people and I shall count ourselves honoured to sit with you in your exulted place. Long live the peoples’ general! Long live Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu! Ise!

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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*South-South Govs & Niger Delta Challenge

By Ifeatu Agbu

The creeks and streets in the Niger Delta region have been relatively calm and safe in recent times. The isolated case of five youth corps members, who were kidnapped and released a few weeks ago, does not substantially subtract from this fact. Of course, the new found peace is attributable to the amnesty programme, which has so far, reined in the hitherto restive youths of the region. How long this tenuous peace will hold is a matter of conjecture. However, it would help if the post-amnesty programme is pursued with greater vigor and urgency. In this wise, development projects meant to create jobs and fully engage the youths must be executed with dispatch to prevent any resurgence of violence.

The political leaders of the region seem to have read the ominous signs and are frantically raising the red flag. The apparent unease among the elite stems from the sluggish way the development challenges of the region are being confronted. This tardiness manifests in one of the star projects, the East-West road, which traverses most states in the South-South zone. At the rate the construction is going, it may take another ten years for it to be completed. This fear is confirmed by Mr. Michael Hachenberg, the Managing Director of Setraco, one of the contractors working on the East/West Road.

He told the South-South caucus of the House of Representatives last year that it would take 10 years to complete this very important road link. Reason? The Federal Government is not releasing funds as and when due. This nonchalant attitude of the government if not seriously addressed will have dire consequences for the region. Perhaps, determined to ensure that the gains of the amnesty programme were not eroded, governors of the six states of the South-South zone, converged in Port Harcourt recently to chart a new way forward. They met under the aegis of BRACED, an acronym for the states; Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Edo and Delta tates, and signed an agreement for the take-off of a Regional Economic Cooperation Commission. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria's Niger Delta Region showing Port Harcourt

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria's Niger Delta Region showing Port Harcourt

According to the Governor of Cross Rivers State, Senator Liyel Imoke, who is the chairman of the group, they also agreed to conduct feasibility studies on regional economic projects. However, the immediate concern of the governors was the execution of projects that would hasten the development of the Niger Delta. Apparently, the people they represent must have been putting pressure on them to rev up action on tangible projects that would impact positively on their lives. So, the governors turned the heat on the Federal Government, asking it to quicken the pace of work on the East-West road as well as kick-start, the actual construction of the coastal road and the East-West railway. Now that the rains have started, the road between Port Harcourt and Warri, two main cities in the Niger Delta, is almost impassable.

There are several gullies that make life unbearable for commuters. Serious accidents and avoidable deaths are common occurrences. Though Setraco is on site, the withdrawal of Julius Berger from participation has adversely affected the speed. What now calls for urgent attention is to fill the gullies and pot holes while the main work continues. The Federal Government should give strong directives to Setraco to immediately fix these death traps. Niger Deltans cannot wait for the East-West road to be completed before they can move from one part of the region to the other. Last year, it took the intervention of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, to save the road from total collapse. All the while, neither the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) nor the Federal Ministry of Works lifted a finger to help. Isn’t that the height of negligence?

Today, we are back to square one and those using the road in this horrible condition are cursing and swearing. As if to douse the rising tension, the nation’s number two citizen, Architect Namadi Sambo, quickly put in a word for the President when he attended the convocation ceremony of the University of Port Harcourt just five days after the governors gave their warning signal. He re-assured the governors and leaders of the region that extensive work (the designs) had already been done on both the coastal road and the East-West railway. The leaders of the region have continued to advise that there should be more action and less talk. Thank God that during his inaugural speech President Goodluck Jonathan acknowledged the dangers of further delay. He said: “The time for lamentation is over. This is the era of transformation. This is the time for action.” ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

The president had in the course of his campaigns said that the lofty plans captured in the Regional Development Master Plan, facilitated by the NDDC would be pursued with renewed vigour. “Let me assure you that I am irrevocably committed to the development of the Niger-Delta. We must develop the region to restore confidence and hope among our people and children. To this end, let me assure you that the Niger-Delta Master Plan for development is on course and we will assist the NDDC and all the state governments to faithfully implement it,” the President said.

The NDDC on its part is working through its Partners for Sustainable Development [PSD] Forum to get all the stakeholders fully involved in the development process and also use the body to harmonize projects in the region as enunciated in the plan. Indeed, the first official assignment of the present NDDC Managing Director, Mr. Chibuzor Ugwuoha was the attendance of a workshop by the PSD Forum in Port Harcourt. His remarks at that occasion underscored the importance he attached to partnership. He said: “We know that the task of developing the Niger Delta is enormous. We cannot do it individually but together we can do it.” Ugwoha’s emphasis on the PSD Forum as a platform for collaboration is in line with his desire to engender further buy-in and commitment of all stakeholders to the Master Plan.

It is encouraging that the state governors in the region are beginning to take keen interest in the affairs of the commission which drives the master plan process. Recently, the hitherto dormant Advisory Committee of the NDDC, which comprises the governors and the principal officers of the commission, sprang into life after many years of in-action. The advisory committee intervened in the internal challenges that have confronted the interventionist agency of late. The long expected meeting of that moderating body also deliberated on how to aggressively implement the master Plan. It is good to have the governors on the same page with the NDDC in the onerous task of bringing rapid development to the long-neglected people of the Niger delta.

They should also work in synergy with the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs. Such cooperation of all main stakeholders is imperative for the rapid socio-economic transformation of the oil-rich region. The governors of the region should show more commitment to the development of their various states. With prudent management of their resources, they would make by far more impact on the lives of their people. True, a few of them have done creditably well. Others are, however, laggards because there is no comparison whatsoever between the revenue they have received and the development on ground. None of them should use the implementation of the N18,000 minimum wage as an alibi for dissatisfactory performance. There is no doubt that there is a justification in the governors’ demand for an adjustment in the revenue allocation formula to put more money in the coffers of the states to enable them pay living wages and provide more basic infrastructure which would spur development in their states.

The Federal Government currently takes 52.68 per cent of the centrally collected revenues, leaving the states and local governments with 26.72 and 20.60 per cent respectively. Meanwhile, the states and the local governments are saddled with more responsibilities like paying teachers and funding health care services. Redressing the badly skewed allocation formula should engage the attention of the National Assembly as it settles down to business. In the meantime, the Federal Government, which takes the lion share of our collective wealth must rise to the occasion and respond immediately to the infrastructural deficit in the Niger Delta.

Mr. Ifeatu Agbu ( ) writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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