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*Nigeria: Why Some Northern Political Leaders Fear Jonathan
( Article submitted April 5, 2011 )

By Kali Gwegwe

For the very first time in many decades, northern political leaders were told the home truth. This was made by no smaller a personality than the Sultan of Sokoto himself, His Eminence, Alhaji Muhammad Saàd Abubakar. He was of the strong opinion that northern political leaders have failed the north; pointing out that the late premier of northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello, “sacrificed his life for the North and Nigeria in the pursuit of the ideals which bind us together as a nation.” He was therefore forced to ask his northern brother this direct question: “...what has happened to Sardauna’s cherished legacy of unity in diversity and being your own brother’s keeper?”

In the Sultan's opinion, hatred has taken over the place of love while violence has become very fashionable. The same sentiments have been raised by youths from the northern part of the country. Under the leadership of Mallam Ibrahim Waiya, the Northern Youth Assembly blamed political leaders from the north for being responsible for the sad tale of underdevelopment and widespread poverty in the region. Since assuming the presidency about nine months ago, President Goodluck Jonathan has made concerted efforts to reform the nation's social, political, and economic sectors.

Unfortunately, many individuals and organisations have hidden under different platforms to sabotage these noble efforts. The opposition of Jonathan's candidature even after the PDP primaries is one of the efforts aimed at salvaging the north from the claws of a few but powerful cliques that has for centuries thrived on the ignorance of the masses. One can clearly see the influence of Robert Greene and Joost Elffers' "48 Laws of Power" in the way and manner northern political leaders have related with the masses. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria (2010 - present)

In the book, law 11 states that, "To maintain your independence you must always be needed and wanted. The more you are relied on, the more freedom you have. Make people depend on you for their happiness and prosperity and you have nothing to fear. Never teach them enough so that they can do without you." The ongoing reforms will put an end to all of these and the apostles of "48 Laws of Power" in the north are not comfortable with this emerging trend. Fearing that their foundation would be unearthed, they resorted to hiding behind all sort of banners to derail the good intentions of the president.

Education is a foundational effort to fight ignorance and poverty. President Jonathan appreciates this fact and decided to liberate the Almijiris with a special educational programme aimed at improving literacy in the north. In order to reduce poverty in the region, the president also approved the release of about N30b to bail-out the textile industry based mostly in the north. A similar fiscal policy has been extended to the leather sector also in the north. The lower Niger is being dredged to stimulate massive economic activities in the north. President Jonathan has also directed that oil and gas exploration activities be intensified in the north.

This is aimed at increasing the nation's foreign exchange earnings and also indirectly improve the federation account allocations to mineral-producing states in the north. Furthermore, President Jonathan has sent an executive bill to the National Assembly seeking to establish a Hydro-Electric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (HYPADEC) to cater for the needs of the host communities of Nigeria’s hydro power plants just like the NDDC is doing for the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta region. With all the above and other noble efforts of the president in mind, it will be safe for one to argue that Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is more Hausa/Fulani than the immediate past and present generation of northern political leaders. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing some major cities, including the Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

He has shown enough will to liberate the north from social, political, and economic bondage. It will be rewarding therefore for the north to support his presidential ambition. Unknown to many, one of the strongest reason why a section of northern political leaders are against Jonathan's candidature is the latter’s choice of Architect Namadi Sambo as vice president. Right from the onset, Sambo has shown that he is not prepared to promote the "old order" in the north.

Groups like the NPLF would have preferred a northern vice president that will be in Aso Rock to pursue the interests of a few northern elitist "old brigades." The average northerner is now wise enough to read the hand writing on the wall and has decided to jettison the “old order” that has confined them to the dustbins of their few selfish elites in the corridors of power.

This is a new Nigeria. This is the reason why most northerners are singing, “I am Goodluck Jonathan. I was not born rich. If he can make it, I too can!”

Kali Gwegwe (CEO, Nigeria Democracy Watchtower 2) writes from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State and can be reached at ( 0806 407 4810 )

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*Zimbabwean Woman Strips Naked in Public

By Nehanda Radio

A woman suspected to be ‘mentally-challenged’ brought traffic to a halt in the Harare suburb of Epworth on Monday after stripping naked in front of on-coming traffic. “Ndinokurovai mese nhasi. Handipedzese kuvaka imba iyoyo, (I will beat up all of you. I will not finish building that house),” she ......Read More

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Zimbabwean Woman Strips Naked in Pubic


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*Nigeria: Voodoo Scare At Lagos Airport

By Lateef Lawal

What is the state of alertness of Security agents, especially those trained as Aviation Security officials at the nation's premiere international gateway-Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos? If it had been a bomb that was neatly wrapped and kept in a corner of the departure hall, what assurance is there that passengers and officials would not have been at high risk for lapses in security surveillance at the airport?

These and many more were the questions agitating the minds of many passengers, airlines and airport officials early on the 6th of this month following the discovery of Voodoo materials wrapped in white clothing and dumped in one of the check-in counters of the departure hall of the international wing of the airport.

The propitiation materials were reportedly discovered at check-in counter number 37 when ticketing staff of a ground handling company were about commencing the checking of passenger tickets for Middle East Airline flight. ( Continues below..... )

Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos

Photo Above: Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria.

Consequent upon the discovery, an alarm was raised which attracted several passengers and officials, while others who could not bear the sight scamppered out of the departure hall. However, officials of the Aviation Security of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) later came to the scene and neatly packed the Voodoo materials for keep at the exhibits unit of their security detention cell popularly reffered to an 'Tango City'.

When contacted on phone, the head of Public Affairs of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Mr Ola Ogundolapo though confirmed the discovery of the said voodoo materials, but told our reporter that it was not a big deal and that it could have been removed from a passenger's luggage as prohibited items. But he could not come up with the name of such a passenger and whether or not security men were able to apprehend any suspect.

Lateef Lawal (NigerianAviationNews)

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*Safety: Nigeria's CAA Acquires Aircraft Tracker

By Lateef Lawal

Aircraft Tracking equipment was early this month added as part of the safety valve put in place by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority(NCAA) to further solidify the country’s recent attainment of Category 1 safety status.

At the official unveiling of the instrument at the Aviation House, Lagos which drew a large number of stakeholders, the Director General of NCAA, Dr Harold Demuren told the gathering that, “We can track aircraft movements within our airspace. The system is a satellite-based integrated flight tracking and weather forecasting tool, independent of terrestrial radar facilities to improve safety and surveillance functions of NCAA". ( Continues below..... )

Dr. Harold Olusegun Demuren

Photo Above: Dr. Harold Olusegun Demuren

Demuren added: ”It is a real-time oversight and surveillance tool we are deploying for tracking all civil aircraft in our airspace.” Dr Demuren noted that since safety is the watch-word of the industry all over the world, the authority would not want to experience the sad episode of the Bellview air crash at Lisa village in Ota, Ogun on 6th November, 2005 and the missing Beechcraft 1900 at Bebi on 15th March, 2008 which took some time to locate.

With the aircraft system, he explained, ”We can know that a particular aircraft is flying in our airspace, if it is taxiing on the runway, we know it is on ground; even if you switch off everything, we will still see the aircraft as it is packed in the apron. It is a leading-edge technical solution to enhance NCAA’s safety oversight in Nigerian controlled airspace.” ( Continues below….. )

United Airlines Airborne Plane

The Director General further explained that the data generated from the system will also be useful for Search and Rescue mission and that it is a dependable tool for accident investigation. Enumerating the benefits of the the Aircraft Tracker, Dr Demuren noted that airline operators in the country have a lot to gain from the system as it would assist them tremendously in:

1. Improved fleet management.
2. Flight fuel management-automated collection of fuel burnt reporting.
3. Enhanced safety of flight operations through the use of real-time flight operations data.
4. Automated engine/airframe exceedance reporting (flap performance, hard landing).
5. Meteorological Data Reporting.
6. Real-time flight following and cockpit voice services world-wide.

Lateef Lawal (NigerianAviationNews)

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*Niger Delta: NDDC’s Wake-Up Call To Local Councils
( Article submitted April 13, 2011 )

By Ifeatu Agbu

Listening to the chairmen of local governments in the Niger Delta as they discuss the developmental challenges in their councils, one gets worried but in a way begins to understand why they have consistently failed to execute any meaningful projects in their domain. They are all lamenting what they called the huge burden of paying salaries to their staff, especially primary school teachers. It was disturbing, sitting in the midst of local government chairmen, who are supposedly controlling huge budgetary allocations, but were bellyaching over the strangle-hold of re-current expenditure on the resources available to the local governments.

It was an absurd situation as the issue of bloated salary bills was not the business of the day. The Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, had invited the chairmen as key stakeholders in the development of Nigeria’s oil-rich region to work out a partnership arrangement that would spread development to all corners of the region. The commission had set aside N1.35 billion to kick start its proposed collaboration with the local government councils across the Niger Delta region on joint funding and management of projects.

Under the scheme, N150 million would be spent on five identified projects per state at 30 million per local government council. However, while the NDDC would provide the N30 million counterpart funding, the local governments were expected to contribute N15 million to bring the total to N45 million. Raising the N15 million became an issue for many of the local government chairmen. Dr. Omene Odafe, the chairman of Ethiope West Local Government Area in Delta State, lamented “that teachers’ salary alone takes over 50 per cent of the Federal Government allocation to the council and the salaries are deducted at source, such that at the end of the day, my council has virtually nothing left to pay for capital projects”. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria's Niger Delta Region showing Port Harcourt

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria's Niger Delta Region showing Port Harcourt

Going by his experience, he wondered whether many local governments would be able to benefit from the NDDC scheme. Another council chairman, Prince Timothy Nsirim, of Obio-Akpor Local Government in Port Harcourt metropolis lent his weight to the assertions of his Delta State counterpart. He said that the saving grace for local governments in Rivers State was that the government of Governor Rotimi Amaechi has taken the burden of teachers’ salary off their shoulders. Before then, he said, the council could not execute projects as small as boreholes. He therefore advised other state governments in the Niger Delta to assist their local governments in paying teachers’ salaries so that they would have money to spare for projects.

The position of the local government chairmen would certainly not sit well with most people but that is the reality. Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State confirmed this at an International Conference of the World Mayors Summit held in Osogbo recently. He said that some governors deliberately impoverish local governments through diversion of council funds for other purposes. “Councils have become cash cows as council funds are always within reach. State governments commit council funds for all kinds of projects and at the end of the day, there is little or nothing left for them to embark on anything tangible in their domain”, he said As one would expect, Mr. Chibuzor Ugwoha, the Managing Director of NDDC, was taken aback by what the chairmen put on the table.

He said that it was worrisome that the local governments spend all their money to pay salaries and leave development projects unattended to. “This is very regrettable”. Perhaps, the collaboration the commission was offering would help them to at least contribute something for the wellbeing of their people. Mr. Ugwoha informed the chairmen that NDDC as an interventionist agency does not own projects, stressing that ownership of every development project embarked upon by the commission automatically reverts to the people. Thus, he stressed the need for the involvement of benefiting communities all through the life span of the projects. He said the commission was prepared to assist the local governments to deliver on their mandates. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states and capital (Abuja or FCT)

He underlined the fact that NDDC gets only 7 per cent of the funds coming to the region. This point, which has been echoed by other leaders of the Niger Delta in the past, is important to bear in mind. The plain truth is that a sizeable chunk of the funds made available for the development of the region come through the states and local governments. For instance records show that between May 1999 and December 2006, the nine states making up the Niger Delta region received a total of N2.16 trillion, while local governments got a total of N671 billion. Over the same period, the NDDC received only N241.5 billion, representing eight percent of the total amount of N3.07 trillion from the federation Account. With this huge disparity in the distribution of funds, one would expect the two tiers of government to be in the forefront of development projects in the region.

Sadly, that is clearly not the case, as the NDDC with its meager resources is more visible on the ground than some of the states and local governments. Local governments in the Niger Delta cannot blame their poor performance in human and infrastructure development solely on the payment of primary school teachers’ salaries. In most local governments in the country, there are clear signs of poor financial management. Some LG chairmen treat the revenue accruing to their councils as their personal money. They appropriate whatever amount they like to themselves and share the remainder among the councilors. Worse still, some governors, as rightly stated by Gov Aregbosola, hold back LG funds for their personal aggrandizement.

This is most unfortunate. LGs should be held accountable for the money they receive and be compelled to embark on projects that positively impact the lives of their people. That is the only way their existence will be meaningful. What we have from the state and federal governments is more of abandoned projects. Recently, the Niger Delta Professionals for Development, a non-governmental organization, conducted a study with support from the European Union and the National Planning Commission. Its report, called the Citizen Report Card, shows that no fewer than 287 projects have been abandoned in 120 oil producing communities in six states in the Niger Delta region. The nagging question is: where have all the monthly allocations gone? Where are the roads, schools, clinics and hospitals? Where are the libraries and the science laboratories? Where are the waterworks, the bridges and the industries? Where are the social services these governments are supposed to provide their people? These are some of the questions begging for answers. Although some have argued that the current revenue allocation formula is unfair as it is not proportionate to the contribution of the region to the national purse, still the region continues to receive hefty amounts when compared to other regions. The truth is that some governments in the Niger Delta have not judiciously spent what they have been receiving since 1999.

Looking at the projects on ground, it would appear that a huge chunk of the monthly receipts have ended up in private pockets or used to finance poorly executed projects deliberately designed to short change the citizenry. While it may be easy to blame the failure on corruption, there are other critical elements that should also be looked at. For instance, there is evidence that planning and coordination of projects are inadequate. This is where partnership and collaboration come to play. Despite the myriad of financial problems confronting the local governments in the Niger delta, the chairmen should take the offer of partnership by the NDDC seriously, so that they can leave behind projects that people can see and cherish. There is no doubt that developmental agencies in the region need to properly coordinate their activities. It is, therefore, paramount that the various tiers of government, private companies and donor agencies synergize to stop unnecessary waste and duplication of projects in the region.

This was the problem that the Niger Delta Regional Development Master Plan was designed to solve. The core objective of the plan is to promote partnership and harmonize the activities of all development agencies in the oil-rich region. Keying into the plan is still the best option for the region’s rapid socio-economic transformation.

Mr. Ifeatu Agbu ( ) writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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*Nigeria As It Is Just Wont Do Anymore
( Article Submitted April 15, 2011 )

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Nigeria, as it is, as it has been since it became a name, just wont do anymore. The established structures just wont do anymore. Its history just won’t suffice for our children any longer, and the status quo is no longer a choice. Election is, and both disciples and Judas Iscariot are all in a queue. But, all these-the history of hell and the so-called former leaders in Nigeria-will fizzle out this season; they will die from their roots-be the men, principalities, and powers.

Nigerians went, and are still going to the polls to determine their future; this action is well required of men for what they expect. Having mastered the Nigeria politics of the old(which, of course, doesn’t need any degree to lay hold on), I hereby wish to advice, once again, those who would want to lead in any capacity in the Nigeria setting, to reconsider their plans, ambitions, and schemes before going ahead for the post they seek. This also goes for those already elected: I’m starting, of course, with the incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Your desire to lead Nigeria into a better future is a good thing. Many Nigerians would readily agree that the nation needs the youths for a change as it seems that the old ones are struggling to carry our nation to the grave when they die. However, your name-Goodluck-, and your youthfulness are not exactly what will make a better leader for our dear nation. Your conscience is what will. So, instead of rooting your hope of becoming your dream in these two factors, it would be wiser to place your hope for victory in your truest conscience. What your conscience has determined to accept and reject where Nigeria is concerned is your score points in the new Nigeria, not just the votes.

To our retired general, Mohammed Buhari, I’m also saying that it’s a great thing and a good decision to run for this election, as you have clearly seen that many stones were left unturned years back. Many people who still remember your regime with Babatunde Idiagbon believe you can create the change needed. However, I’m here to advice you not to place your hope in whatever you may or may not have achieved in your time with Babatunde Idiagbon because, then, you were a military man and all you used was force, not democratic principles. And, even at that, the root of corruption was rather protected while the ordinary men suffered, not the other way round.

The people who destroy the country are not the little robbers in the streets or those deceitful in business, the root of corruption lies within the government that runs everything else. And you sat on it in your time but didn’t uproot it. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states and capital (Abuja or FCT)

Now, to all those in this race, to everyone who has come out to run for any elective post in Nigeria, from the councillorship to the presidency, I passionately advise and sternly warn:

1. You are cursed when you are coming in to use Nigerians again.
2. You are cursed when you have determined how to embezzle the money in your office if elected
3. You are cursed when you believe that it’s your godfathers who will elect you and not the people.
4. You are cursed when you have a tribe, group or sect that you have mapped out to neglect and marginalize if and when elected.
5. You are cursed if you would encourage nepotism, bribery and corruption if and when elected.
6. You are cursed when you refuse to listen and adhere to godly advice, advice that will drive the nation’s dream upward and forward.
7. You are cursed when you have it in mind to appoint the very people who have embezzled their constituents and offices’ money into your cabinet, especially those who still have different questions to answer in different places.

You are cursed with a great curse that will take effect on you and your entire inhabitation and possession. And, if you are already elected by mistake or ignorance, you are cursed with the plagues of the Egyptians right from the day you allow yourself to be sworn into any of those offices till few days later that your corpse will be carried out. But, to all those who have really come out to make all things new, to bring equal rights for all, and to use the nation’s resources and wealth to develop Nigeria and Nigerians; to fight corruption from its root without fear, and to make yourselves available to bear the burdens of the country and its citizens as your own burdens, I say this:

1. You are blessed and your seeds are blessed.
2. Your works shall establish you and your name shall always precede you.
3. No one will successfully be able to weigh you down, though they keep on standing against you.
4. Peace shall be your and that of your household all your days, the kind of peace that stolen money and false securities will never be able to provide for any evil man.
5. You will have the rare privilege of discovering that the best way to safeguard your future and that of your families is to safeguard the future of your neighbors and that of the country.

You will be blessed from your root right from the day you enter the office till the day your soul goes to rest. The Nigeria of old just wont do anymore for me, my children, my neighbors, and my country; it just wont do for hell, and surely, it wont do for the great heavens above. To all of you would-be leaders, you are now adequately advised…and conclusively warned. A word, it’s rightly said, is enough for the wise.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at

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*ANALYSIS-Nigerian elections seal major power shift

By James Jukwey

A decisive election victory by President Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria has shifted power firmly to the largely Christian south from the Muslim north and could reopen political fissures in Africa's top energy supplier. Violence swept northern cities, leaving hundreds of people dead and many homeless after Jonathan's crushing victory over his northern opponent Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler. "Jonathan's landslide, though on the surface it appears like a resounding pan-Nigeria mandate, has brought back with a vengeance all the religious and sectional cleavage, not to mention ethnic bitterness," Olakunle Abimbola of The Nation newspaper wrote in a column. Many people see the riots as a reaction by the north to being cut adrift from power and say Jonathan will have to tread gingerly to avoid ......Read More

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Nigerians casting their vote


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*Live Report: Nigeria Governorship/State Assembly Election Results

By Masterweb News Desk

[ Time in Nigerian Time ] - Election results update from the general public in Nigeria (may be truthful, biased or false) and The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) annoucements.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011
( Scroll down for Wednesday to Saturday Updates )

9.15 am: Three bomb blasts rock Maiduguri, in northeastern Nigeria as polls opened for the country's gubernatorial and state assembly elections. No casualty reported. 24 of the 36 states vote today, with that of Kaduna and Bauchi scheduled for Thursday. Elections will not take place in 10 states that await clearance by either the court or INEC. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

12.10 pm: Voting about to start across the nation. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

2.00 pm: Fake soldier arrested by combined team of police and army at a polling unit in Amukoko, Lagos. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Lagos ]

2.30 pm:
--Election materials (sensitive & non-sensitive) distributed to almost all the LGAs of Abia State & voting in progress since 12.00 pm in just few polling units.
--Brother to Hon. Stanley Ohajuruka(Abia LP Govt. Candidate) tries bridging electoral peace at Ward 5 Umuahia Urban I Unit 20 Ndagbo Etiti, Afara Umuahia North, but Men and officers of Nigeria Civil Defence restored peace there.
--Group of boys with bus claiming to be PDP monitoring group instituted by the TC Chairman Arochukwu (Sampson Orji) attack ASETA & they are arrested by a team of Police, Civil Defence and Army. They are now in police net as 5 matchets were recovered from them.
--All ballot papers at Amaeke 1 Unit 002 Otutu in Arochukwu LGA thumbprinted in advance (for PDP). Team of NSCDC, NPF & Army arrest youth copper at that unit who claims guilty that it was done under duress.
--Ikechukwu Uwadinma (26yrs) & Joshua E. Ezebuiro, both PDP members are in NSCDC net for manhandling a voter Kalu Igwe C. (24yrs) at Urban School Rd. Primary I, Umuahia North. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

2.45 pm:
--Unknown policemen attempted snatching a ballot box at Umuogba Village Square Unit 008, Ward 4 Ngwa Ukwu, Isialangwa North, Abia State but were interrupted by a group of Police monitoring team.
--An ACN agent pours condemned oil on voted ballot box at Ujari unit 002 Amannagwu, Arochukwu & disappeared, but the EO replaces the ballot & voting continues. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Abia ]

4.38 pm: Nigeria's lucrative state races turn violent as gunfire, ballot box thefts plague polls - Gunfire, ballot box thefts and fleeing poll workers plagued Nigeria's state gubernatorial races Tuesday, as the oil-rich nation struggled to vote amid violence after the country's presidential poll earlier this month left at least 500 people dead. The stability of Africa's most populous nation is at stake as it concludes voting that began on April 9 with parliamentary elections. The gubernatorial races, being held in two-thirds of Nigeria's 36 states, draw politicians hungry for control of state budgets that dwarf those of neighboring nations. In the southern Nigerian village of Ikot Efum, witnesses said gunmen stormed a polling station, fired Kalashnikov rifles into the air and stole the yet-to-be-used ballot papers and ballot box before dragging off an election official as well. The two police officers assigned to the polling center carried no weapons of their own and merely sat down after the attack.( To Read More Visit: ). [ info by Jon Gambrell, Associated Press ]

5.15 pm: In Item, Nkporo, Abam and parts of Isiukwuato of Abia State, no voting has taken place there as at 5.15 pm. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Abia ]

5.26 pm: Election peaceful in Ibadan ward 6 north west. [ info by a Nigerian blogger in Ibadan ]

5.48 pm: In Ikola via Ipaja - outskirt of Lagos everything went smoothly. [ info by a Nigerian blogger in Lagos ]

7.12 pm: APGA wins governorship in Aboh Mbaise, Nwangele, Umuaka/Njaba, Owerri West, Owerri Municipal, Oru West and Ideato North South. Ohakim (PDP) wins Ahaiazu LGA. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Imo ]

9.00 pm: CPC winning Nasarawa governorship vote. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Nasarawa ]

9.30 pm: Gunmen invade Obowo collating center in Imo State shooting sporadically and carting away election materials as results were about to be announced. APGA leading in 8 local governments so far released. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Imo ]

Wednesday, April 27

12.10 am: Anambra Central Senatorial District Unconfirmed Results: Akunyili (PDP) 2998; Ngige (ACN) 4199 - 'Ngige is Senator-elect'. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Anambra ]

9.00 am: ACN wins in Lagos, Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun - Details: With results outstanding from only Oshodi/Soomulu in Lagos State, ACN has 1,373,987 votes and PDP second with 251,556 for governorship polls. ACN wins all Lagos House of Assembly seats and governorship polls in Ogun and Oyo; buy default of winning 24 out of 26 seats in the state assembly elections in Ekiti also wins its governorship. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

11.00 am: Imo Gubernatorial Election: State Under Siege As Ohakim Plans To Manipulate Figures From Okigwe - With Rochas Okorocha, the governorship candidate of the All People’s Grand Alliance (APGA) leading comfortably in yesterday’s polls, embattled Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo has put the state under siege, using police and the army to harass and intimidate opponents in a bid to steal the election.( To Read More Visit: ). [ info by SaharaReporters ]

3.00 pm: Confusion in Imo State as contrary election results announcement give APGA 11 LGAs, PDP 11 LAGs and AC 2 LGAs. Tensions high in Imo. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Imo ]

6.00 pm: Imo election cancelled and declared inconclusive by INEC's Returning Officer for Imo gubernatorial election, Prof. Enoch Akobundu. Based on results declared so far, Ikedi Ohakim (PDP) polled 268,927 votes. and Rochas Okorocha 281,297 votes. Tensions high in Imo. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Imo ]

Thursday, April 28

12.03 am:
--Governorship Election: PDP wins Enugu, Ebonyi, Abia, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Katsina, Kano, Kebbi, Jigawa, Gombe, and Kwara states; ACN wins Ogun, Lagos and Oyo states; CPC wins Nasarawa; ANPP wins Yobe, Borno; Labour wins Ondo; DPP wins Delta State
--Many members of PDP did not make it back to the state assemblies in the southwest even though they were in the majority in most of the states going into the polls. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

11.15 am - 1.30 pm:
--Vice President Namadi Sambo in company of his wife, Amina arrived at their Kabala Contain 005 Polling Unit, Kaduna at 11:31 am for accreditation and later came back for voting at 1:28 pm. Security operatives at Sambo's polling unit far out numbered the voters; of the 1,148 registered voters, 488 were accredited.
--Voting underway amid tight security in Kaduna and Bauchi states. Early voter turnout in the two states smaller than during the presidential poll. Some Buhari supporters destroyed their voter cards after declared the presidential poll rigged. Buhari says their action is a mistake and is calling on them to come out for the poll, which he says is an opportunity to "disgrace your oppressors who have stolen your votes". [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

2.00 pm: "It is rigging galore here in Bauchi," Yussuf Tuggar, the governorship candidate for the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), told Reuters by telephone. He said armed men in uniform had attempted to steal two of three ballot boxes at his own polling unit and that he had given chase, filming part of the pursuit on his mobile phone. [ Read Full Article at:- ]

2.10 pm: INEC says Imo to have runoff gubernatorial (governorship) election between Ohakim (PDP), incumbent governor and Rochas Okorocha (APGA). Tensions remain high in Imo. INEC voids elections in Zamfara. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

6.05 pm: In Abia State gubernatorial (governorship) election, T.A. Orji (PDP), the incumbent governor polled 641,158 votes and Reagan Ufomba (APGA) trailing him with 49,421 votes. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Abia ]

Friday, April 29

12.20 pm: Speculations (unconfirmed reports) ripe that incumbent governor won Kaduna polls. INEC guarding results for release at the appropriate time, in order to minimize rumour mongering that may trigger deadly protests. CPC alleges massive rigging in Bauchi and is pushing for the cancellation of Bauchi polls and not just in 2 LGAs as INEC intends doing. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

1.56 pm: INEC cancels elections in two Bauchi councils - The Independent National Electoral Commission has cancelled the governorship and house of assembly elections in the Misau and Ningi local government areas of Bauchi State. A statement signed by the state’s resident electoral commissioner, Iliya Audu, said INEC’s election monitoring team observed several irregularities during the elections in the two councils. According to the statement, there were cases of ballot box snatching and stuffing, and other malpractices. The actions, Mr Audu stated, contravened the Electoral Act. [ Here's Link (URL) To Article:- ]

6.00 pm: Soldiers deployed in Owerri, capital city of Imo State as tensions mount from the inconclusive state gubernatorial election. People are angry and want the results of the election announced amidst accusations of widespread vote tampering, rigging and manipulation. Soldiers are in strategic locations in the capital, some stationed to guard government buildings. They are with camp beds indicative of readiness for prolong stay. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Imo ]

9.00 pm: PDP declared winner in Kaduna & Bauchi guber polls - In Kaduna Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa (PDP) polled 1,339,487 votes to beat his closest CPC rival, Haruna Saeed who polled 1,114,987 votes. In Bauchi the results were:- Isa Yuguda (PDP) 771, 503 votes; Yusuf Maitama Tuggar (CPC) 238,462 votes; Baba Tella (ACN) 157,237 votes; Suleiman Nazeef Mohammed Gamawa (ANPP) 102,093 votes. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

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Nigerians casting their vote

Photo Above: Nigerians casting their vote

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*Tuesday - Day To Vote Out Corruption in Nigeria Locally

By Ps. Charles O. Okereke
for People's Mandate Movement (PMM)

Nigerians must rise today, April 26 to take the bull by the horns and vote out all corrupt public office seekers in all states. The closest elections to you (governorship/state assembly elections) come up today and this presents a golden opportunity for you to get rid of corruption in your state once and for all. If you fail to do this, your suffering will go on for another four years. It only costs you your vote to enjoy prosperity, security and freedom in your state -your vote is your right and added together is the people's mandate/power. Do not allow a thief that should be hiding like a pantry rat deprive you your mandate and power. No violence please! PMM is completely against any form of violence no matter the circumstances. You are to take records if you witness any electoral malpractice or fraudulent activity. Deploy what you already legally possess - your hands, your legs, your eyes, handsets, digital cameras, Internet, etc. in teaching corrupt politicians the lessons of their lives. Send all documented evidence of electoral fraudulent activities to These may be in the form of write-ups, photos, videos or any combination of the three.

Criminals do not make good leaders, all they want is your money and resources. Do not allow them any leadership or political role in your state or community. If you do this, your state will prosper which will improve your quality of life. People will then talk of the "Nigerian Dream" which is prosperity when criminals are rejected at polls and honest competent men and women voted for.

Accept enticements in cash or kind aimed at buying your vote, but vote for the right candidates. The right candidate will not try to buy your vote, but has a good track record behind him. Look at how people lived their lives in the past to determine what they will do in future as leaders. If they give you money, rice or any commodity for your vote - know they are not good; reject them. If you do nothing, evil will rule Nigeria.

We are all victims of corruption, which has broken homes and ruined lives. We all have our lengthy tales of abuse, injustice, predation and subjugation in Nigeria. Today I received a tears-causing email from one Dr. Mary A.T. Anigbo, an American Nigerian mother on her untold hardship in Nigeria caused by corruption. I share this email with you below.


[ Below Is A Copy Of Dr. Mary Anigbo's Email ]

Dear Mr. Okereke,

As a citizen of the Sixth Region, mother of children raised half their lives in Nigeria, and formerly Professor at University of Port Harcourt, I salute your efforts to fight Nigerian corruption. I taught at Uniport, worked hard, devoted myself to the progress of my students (psychology, education) and suffered painfully at the hands of corrupt Nigerian university and government officials.

Firstly, arriving in Port Harcourt expecting to be taken to the house that was part of my contract's fringe benefits, I was not met at the airport - 8 p.m. with three kids - had to find a taxi on my own, only to learn that there was no place for us!! Apparently, money exchaged hands and my house was assigned to somebody else. Then, I found that my monthly pay was at first "delayed" and finally not paid at all!! The bursar took the money and left for Europe!! I finally left and returned to the U.S. - not only because of our suffering, but also because half the time the teachers at my children's schools were busy making money somewhere, and I was forced to fly to the States to buy books so that I could homeschool them. By the time I left I had decided that enough was enough!!

I want you/all to know that my family spent a lot of money tracing our roots and learned that we are of Yoruba heritage. I learned to love Nigeria in spite of the insidious , pervasive corruption. I would return tomorrow if opportunity permitted - but only if I had a return ticket so that I could escape the corruption if necessary.

Nigerians don't seem to understand that it is a giant in the Black World. More of us are in Nigeria than any other place on earth!! Yet Nigerians behave like clowns, casting their pearls to swine and giving up their place in the sun for a few trinkets and a big car. Those of us living in the Sixth Region feel ashamed and, yes, a little angry and disgusted that Nigeria can't seem to get itself together. The world looks at Nigeria's foolishness and ALL OF US are treated with scorn and disrespect as extensions of Nigeria.

Again, I salute you sir. I pray that your efforts will be successful.


Mary A.T. Anigbo, Ph.D
( Email: )


PMM Logo
People's Servant (Ps.) Charles O. Okereke
for People's Mandate Movement (PMM)
Click here to Visit Our Website

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2011 is the year of the people => Click here to listen to National Call To Action
Rigging election is rigging your destiny. We must challenge election rigging => Click here to listen to Election Rigging Riot Act audio clip

People's Servant Charles O. Okereke

Photo Above: People's Servant (Ps.) Charles O. Okereke

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*Nigeria Presidential Election Results Live Report

By Masterweb News Desk

[ Time in Nigerian Time ] - Election results update from the general public in Nigeria (may be truthful, biased or false) and The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) annoucements.


Saturday, April 16, 2011 ( Scroll down for Sunday, April 17 )

6.30 pm: Results so far in Kano has CPC winning masively. In one polling unit CPC had 607 votes to PDP's 15. In another CPC had 2,260 to PDP's 129. There is hope for CPC in Kano. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Kano ]

7.30 pm: PDP won Tinubu's ward in Lagos with 82 voles, trailed by ACN with 80 votes. CPC came third with 27 votes. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Lagos ]

8.00 pm: Jonathan (PDP) leads in early results in Ogun State with Ribadu (ACN) in second place. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

8.30 pm: Buhari (CPC) winning most of the north and Jonathan (PDP) winning most of the south. Buhari winning margin in the north higher than that of Jonathan in the south. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

8.40 pm: Buhari (CPC) leads in all the seven polling units in Kano government house, scoring 2,478 votes, ANPP trailing with 456 votes, PDP coming third with 234 votes and ACN fourth with 41 votes. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Kano ]

9.15 pm: Jonathan (PDP) wins 413 of the 424 votes cast at his Otuabula ward. Buhari (CPC) wins his local ward with 494 votes - the other results of the ward were:- ANPP: 4 votes; BNPP: 3 votes; ACN: 2 votes; ADC: 1 vote; PDP: 0 vote. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

9.45 pm: Fashola (ACN) loses ward to Jonathan (PDP) and Buhari (CPC). In his ward Jonathan came in first with 141 votes; followed by Buhari with 90 votes and in third place Ribadu (ACN) with 77 votes. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

10.30 pm: Namadi Sambo loses polling unit - PDP lost Sambo's Kabala polling unit in Kaduna State to Buhari (CPC) that amassed 435 votes to PDP's 208 votes. All the other parties had a total of 13 votes. CPC vice presidential candidate, Pastor Tunde Bakare, loses at his Opebi Polling Unit, CPC getting 91 votes and PDP 181 votes.[ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

11.00 pm: Ribadu (ACN) loses polling unit to Buhari - ACN lost Ribadu's polling unit in Adamawa State to Buhari (CPC) that amassed 250 votes to ACN's 85 votes. PDP came in third with 64 votes. [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

Sunday, April 17, 2011

12.05 am: Early results suggest close election that may lead to a run-off election between Jonathan (PDP) and Buhari (CPC). [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

1.30 am: Jonathan (PDP) sweeps Lagos and Ogun states. In 10 polling units in Lagos, Ogba and Ifako-Ijaiye PDP got 1161 votes, ACN 363 votes and CPC 259 votes. Buhari wins Kano, Nasarawa, Adamawa, Bauch, Katsina, Niger, Zamfara and Kebbi states. Winner of Sokoto State remains unclear. In polling booth in Giginyu ward in Nassarawa local government of Kano State, home of Shekarau, Buhari amassed 231 votes, PDP 67 votes, ANPP 67 votes and ACN 8 votes.[ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

6.30 am: Tensions high in the north amongst Buhari's supporters of plans to rig the vote count. Uncomfirmed reports by SaharaReporters claim PDP is having a field day rigging the presidential polls ( refer to: ). [ info by a citizen reporter in Nigeria ]

7.45 am: Notwithstanding early results released so far from a fraction of polling units nationwide, the picture of the margin of victory by each candidate would be clearer in the afternoon today, when more figures would have been released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). By all indications, it was a close vote that would be decided by the margin of victory in the north for Buhari and the margin in the south for Jonathan, and the extent of votes for each candidate in his opponent's winning section of the country. This would determine if there is an outright winner or a run-off election to decide a winner. [ info by an independent observer ]

4.00 pm: Reuters tally from votes counted so far (mainly in the south), shows Jonathan won enough votes that may avoid a run-off election - that is if he also wins majority of the overall votes cast nationwide. Under the constitution, the winner of a presidential election must have a simple majority as well as 25 % of the votes in two thirds of the states. According to Reuters tally, Jonathan has already won 25 % of the votes in 24 states (17 in the South and 7 in the North). The only way there would be run-off election is if Buhari has majority of the overall votes cast nationwide.

6.00 pm: Below Are Some INEC Official Results:

SOUTH - [ Abia: PDP 117,5954; ACN 4156; CPC 3608; ANPP 1418 ] - [ Abuja (FCT): PDP 253,444; CPC 131,576 ] - [ Ogun State: PDP 309,177; ACN 199,555; CPC 17,654 ] - [ Enugu State: PDP 882,144; CPC 3753; ACN 1,755; ANPP 1,111; Fresh 228 ]

NORTH - [ Kano State: CPC 1,624,543 votes; ANPP 526,310 votes; PDP 440,665 votes; ACN 42,355 votes. ]- [ Abuja (FCT): PDP 253,444; CPC 131,576. ] - [ Sokoto: CPC 540,759; PDP 309, 057 ] - [ Katsina: CPC 1,154,000; PDP 424,527 ] - [ Kaduna: CPC 1,334,244; PDP 1,190,129 ] - [ Kebbi: CPC, 501,453; PDP 369,198 ] - [ Bauchi: CPC 1,315,209; PDP 258,404 ] - [ Jigawa: CPC 663,994; PDP 491,252 ] - [ Nasarawa: CPC 278,390; PDP 40,897 ]

9.00 pm: Results announced by Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) in the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)gave PDP a total of 22,496,157 votes; CPC 12,214,529 votes; ANPP 917,365 votes; and ACN 2,088,791 votes. Total valid votes are 37,716,842 out of 73 million registered voters, representing 51.7% per voter turn-out.

Below is summary of the results:-

2011 Presidential Election Results

Monday, April 18, 2011

3.00 am: Heavy violence in Kaduna with possible spill-over to other areas. WAEC exam sitting affected in Kaduna. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Kaduna ]

10.00 am: Violence spreads to most of Muslim northern Nigeria, including Kano and Zaria. Government and security officials meet in Abuja to discuss the post-election riots. [ info by a Nigerian reporter in Kaduna ]

1.00 pm: Mark Asu-Obi, an Associated Press reporter describes his harrowing situation in Kano trapped inside his Kano home with his wife and three children. In Asu-Obi's words: "What I am looking for now is rescue, the mob is still outside. I need rescue. There are hoodlums all over the place. It's not just my place that they are attacking. I am not a politician. I am an independent observer."

6.00 pm: Buhari lodges formal complaint over election results - Speaking on Aljazeera, Monday, in reaction to questions on the rising protest and violence in the North where he has a large number of supporters, Buhari said the announced results were false and that he had laid his complaints before the electoral body. He said the body has agreed to check the score sheets manually and compare with the results they inputed to their electronic system. [ info by Link: ]

8.32 pm: Jega declares Jonathan winner of presidential election - Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega at 8:32 pm today declared the presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), President Goodluck Jonathan winner of Saturday’s presidential election. According to Jega, Jonathan amassed a total of 22, 495, 187 votes, Muhammadu Buhari of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) 12, 214,853 votes, Nuhu Ribadu of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) 2,790,151 votes and Ibrahim Shekarau of All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) 917,012 votes. Only the PDP representative signed the final results as declared by Prof. Attahiru Jega.

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Huge crowd trail Buhari during a campaign rally

Photo Above: Huge crowd trail Buhari during a campaign rally - displaying "Power to the people" sign which is part of PMM logo (photo insert).

Goodluck Jonathan waves to the crowd on arrival at a campaign rally in Kano

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan waves to the crowd on arrival at a campaign rally in Kano, northern Nigeria, March 16, 2011.

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